Hines Ward recovering from ankle surgery


The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward is recovering from surgery to repair bone fragments in his ankle.

It’s the latest bit of confirmation that Ward intends to play football in 2012. He may have passed on the procedure if his career were over.

As to whether he’ll return to Pittsburgh, Ward has publicly put the ball in the Steelers’ court. He met face-to-face with coach Mike Tomlin and owner Art Rooney this week.

“They really didn’t say anything [definitively],” Ward told the Post-Gazette. “It wasn’t good, it wasn’t bad. We were just talking.”

In order to remain a Steeler, Ward will have to take a significant cut in pay. He’s owed a $4 million base salary, the Steelers are well over the cap, and Ward would enter the 2012 season as no better than the team’s No. 4 receiver.

12 responses to “Hines Ward recovering from ankle surgery

  1. Hope Hines recovers quickly, he needs to be ready for next season. The Dancing with the stars reunion show just would’nt be the same without him shaking his booty in sequin pants with that cheesy grin of his.

  2. This man HAS NOT fallen off as much as these Steeler haters say he has… The Steelers are lucky enough to have great players in keys positions… and plenty of YOUNG tallent at W/R… Hines is still a go to guy… hes NEVER been a burner… yet he has outlasted Troy Edwards, Plaxico Burress, and Santonio Holmes… o yea.. AND he has 1000 career catches.. as a 3rd round pick…

  3. Haters hate and most of the are BLT’s he was and still is the best at rippin your D and he can hit like Ed reed! You only wish he was on your team! He’d probably be playing D for y’all!

  4. my screen name is a reference to hines. I really hope i can still use it next year. One of my favorite players of all time. I really enjoy reading all the posts by people hating on him all the time because I know if he were on the favorite teams of any of the people that are constantly criticizing him, they would love him. I think it was phil simms that once said during a broadcast of a steelers game something along the lines of if you had a whole team full of hines ward’s no matter what sport it is in, they would be awful tough to beat. All you haters can say whatever you want, the guy has played the game the way it is meant to played his entire career. He may not be as valuable as a WR as he was a few years ago but ask antonio brown and mike wallace if they want him to come back for another year. I can’t think of ANYONE else i would want to have around for those young WRs to teach them how to play the position. You have no understanding of what a TEAM is if you don’t think he is still valuable to the steelers.

  5. If he were to act anymore desperate I’d swear
    you’d see him standing under an overpass with a
    cardboard sign that says:



  6. If Hines wants to play and meets the physical requirements, they’ll get it done. The Steelers owners and coaches love him, and he’s not going to try shopping himself to another team at this age. He’s still a great contributor in certain situations and the young receivers are vocal about how much he helps them. The key is renegotiating his contract. Hines isn’t a stupid man. He understands that we’re over the cap and have other holes to fill. He wants to retire a Steeler, so he’ll make it work.

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