Indianapolis hospitality

The football world is about to get hectic over the next 36 hours. While there are a few minutes to spare this Saturday evening, I wanted to say thanks to the city of Indianapolis for a great week.

The city and Super Bowl planners went above and beyond putting on a great show. It’s easily been the smoothest of the five Super Bowls which I’ve attended. The town had a ton of energy, and it’s set up perfectly for a week like this.

The hospitality went beyond officially sanctioned events. Indy’s own Jason Whitlock hosted all comers for some complimentary barbecue at his father’s Masterpiece Lounge bar on Saturday, located far beyond where Super Bowl shuttles travel.

Whitlock made sure to tell everyone white people were welcome, so MDS, Mrs. MDS, and myself made our way across town. Whitlock greeted me by saying he thought I was MDS’ kid. It was almost like Florio was there.

(Florio was too busy at rehearsal for the “Super Bowl Pregame show on NBC.” Weak excuse.)

Whitlock’s dad apparently only cooks a handful of times every year, but he made some of the best ribs I’ve ever tasted. It put a personal touch on this exhausting, fun week building up to the game.

It wouldn’t surprise me if we’re back at the Masterpiece Lounge during another Super Bowl week sometime down the road.