More talk of Peyton Manning in Miami


The talk about the Miami Dolphins as the landing spot for Peyton Manning is not going away.

We’ve already heard that the Dolphins are interested in Manning if he becomes available, and now comes word from Omar Kelly of the Sun Sentinel, citing an unnamed NFL source, that Miami is on the short list of places Manning would like to play. Manning will almost certainly become a free agent before March 8 because the Colts will decline to pay him a $28 million bonus due that day.

Manning and his wife own a place in Miami, and they’d reportedly like to live there. From a football perspective, it makes a lot of sense: The Dolphins are a team that could win immediately with an upgrade at quarterback. On defense and special teams Miami was solid last season.

Perhaps the best news for Manning is that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has insisted the team will get better at quarterback and that he’ll pay whatever it takes.

Obviously, any time we talk about Manning’s future we’re getting ahead of ourselves, because we don’t even know if he has a future: Although doctors have reportedly told him that his neck is sufficiently healed that it’s safe for him to play, that doesn’t mean that he’s had enough nerve regeneration that his arm is — or ever will be — strong enough to play quarterback at a high level.

But if Manning can play, the chatter that he’d play in a Dolphins uniform isn’t going away.

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  1. Manning is done. He’s just trying to sucker another big payday out of someone. He’s worth well over $100 million but still he greedily wants more. He’d say that he’s interested in playing in Siberia if the NFL had a franchise there. Greedy swamp boy.

  2. Makes sense. I mean, go get an offensive minded head coach, and then get an aging QB that has become an unknown due to injury that has been known throughout his whole career for calling the shots on the field, thus kind of making the idea of getting a new offensive minded head coach kind of pointless.

  3. Miami should have taken Brady Quinn…. This is NOT the fix this teams needs…. Peyton cant throw and even if he gets “cleared” again he wont be the Peyton Manning everyone knew… Just retire man!!! ugh

  4. Be it Miami or NY, why would Manning go to the division of Brady and Belichick? So he can shoot for a wildcard? This is a guy used to home playoff games every year.

    There are a few teams with iffy QBs that would totally own their division by adding Manning. Why don’t we hear more about those scenarios?

  5. If he goes to Miami, he’s pretty much giving up on rings. New England controls that division, until their coach retires. If he wants to win more championships, since he’s pretty much a lock for the records, his home should be San Francisco. Also, think about this, wouldn’t the NFL like the prospect of it’s biggest game of the year featurong Manning vs. Brady?

  6. well as a texans fan im glad hes leavin the afc south but hes still a great quarterback and if his nerves can reginerate he has 2-3 good playin years left in him i dont see him goin to miami cuz there goin for matt flynn and with time he can be better than peyton but most likely hes goin to arizona

  7. I like Peyton but I’d rather have Flynn because he is alot younger and already knows Philbins offense.

  8. Ya I’m a raiders fan and he’s going to Oakland just because we have better and faster recivers, this is a joke to read I can name at least 10 other teams that can use him and make it to playoffs…give us all a break if you got a unnamed source well I got 10 of them and there at the bar every sunday…I got a good one let’s say he’s going to Denver cuz TEBOW sucks and PEYTON would have won it all in Denver and he’s wife loves to ski…LMFAO

  9. Manning’s offense grew as the years rolled by in Indianapolis until it morphed into his offense. I don’t know if that could happen again or that there is enough time in his NFL career for it to happen again.

    I pictured the Dolphins with a new young QB something the could build on for the years to come, their core is certainly young enough to do that. If they take manning and it doesn’t pan out 3-4 years down the road we are looking at the same scenario with an older core of players who’s window for winning is all but closed.

  10. I just hope that Philbin has alot of input here re our qb future.

    If he lobbies heavily for Flynn I’d much rather go with his choice. If he buys into Manning then so be it but……..

    Can the fins afford to risk all for a great qb who may be one hit away from being done for good.

  11. The only way I want the Dolphins to draft o-line in the 1st again is if Manning comes to Miami. I would also like to see Brock Osweiler drafted in round 5 to learn behind Peyton.

  12. It makes me absolutely sick to think of this class act going down to play in the Craphole city.

    Secondly, “Dolphins are a team that could win immediately with an upgrade at quarterback”…..really?

  13. Oh and lookie there, former University of Miami star Reggie Wayne also just happens to be a free agent.


  14. He wont go to Miami! Play Brady twice, Jets twice and should hav to play in New England, New York or Buffalo in Dec? Manning to AZ ina DOME, vs seahags, Yams and forty whiners and he has Fitz!!!

  15. If he goes to Miami…..that would put Buffalo one step further from the tournament cause signed guys like ya know….Pears, Lindell, Fitz& Williams before guys like ya know….Jackson & Johnson…..pathetic! !!

  16. ANY team can win now with a healthy Manning. That Colts team was horrible this year yet they won 10 games and a division title with him the year before. The only key is IF Manning is healthy. If he is 100%, pencil in wherever he goes for the playoffs.

  17. The ability of the neck to heal was never really in question. It’s going to heal. The question is whether or not the nerves regenerate. So far, they haven’t. Let’s see Manning throw the ball and not look like Shane Matthews before spreading rumors about where he’s going to play next.

  18. Miami is a craphole city? I guess that’s why numerous athletes and stars live there and is a major vacation spot secondly the dolphins only huge need is quarterback and pass rusher if peyton is healthy the dolphins could compete f.rom point one

  19. It would be a perfect time for him to go to Miami.

    They have a rising defense, FINALLY multiple offensive weapons (with the biggest question mark being whether Daniel Thomas can develop), and the rest of the division is the Jets, who perpetually self-destruct, the Bills, who never bothering waiting to self-destruct, and the Pats, a semi-dynasty (small-d) on the verge of its dotage.

    Ask the 80’s Niners fans and the 90s Cowboy fans how “dynasties” (small-d or not) do get old and fall apart.

    Peyton, if healthy, could put a 2-3 year run together in Maimi as well as anywhere else in the NFL. He has, hopefully, that left in his career. And, if I’m not mistaken, no QB has ever won the Super Bowl on two different teams.

    C’mon, Peyton…warm weather and history awaits!

  20. If he’s healthy it would make a lot of sense… Aside from the fact that the Dolphins have had awful luck trying to replace Marino.

    Manning needs some good luck right about now…. As it stands Marino is probably in better shape to start throwing than Manning.

  21. well as a texans fan im glad hes leavin the afc south but hes still a great quarterback and if his nerves can reginerate he has 2-3 good playin years left in him i dont see him goin to miami cuz there goin for matt flynn and with time he can be better than peyton but most likely hes goin to arizona

    U obviously have been drinking the flynn juice.. He is not and will not be better than either manning!

  22. I am sure this won’t make much sense to most people but if watch football and are completely unbiased you the the best place for Peyton, if he ever plays again, the best place is AZ. Weak division and that team literally is a Qb away with their defense playing the way it did towards the end of the season…oh and a guy named Fitz.

  23. Peyton Manning and Jerry Jones in Dallas in 2012.

    Romo to Miami. Manning makes Cowboys an instant playoff team.

    The Dallas receivers come alive

    Jerry makes his mortgage payments on his palace.

  24. This article implies that Matt Moore was the problem for the team last year. I disagree as he had a good (not great) season. If Manning does come to Miami, the Jets or someone else should trade for Moore as he is definitely one of the best 32 QBs in the league.

  25. Manning is not going to waste his time going to miami. He needs a team that is ready to compete now, not later. He needs to go to a team like the 49ers, Ravens, Cowboys or Jets. So Miami has nice weather, big whoop. Besides, they have to play in Buffalo(blistering cold)the NYJ(freezing cold) and New England(pretty cold)every year. So right off the bat you can take away at least three of those warm Miami Sundays. They have a decent defense but, again its only decent. They have Bush and Marshall but they are the only sure weapons on their offense. So Manning to Miami is most likely a sure no.

  26. If i am Peyton I go to the Texans or 49ers, but the colts will trade him. How else are they gonna rebuild?

  27. Omar Kelly is the worst reporter of a group of terrible reporters in Miami. I’ll take it more seriously if Sheffter or Glazer reports it.

  28. “Manning will almost certainly become a free agent before March 8 because the Colts will decline to pay him a $28 million bonus due that day.”
    Everyone keeps saying that the Colts will decline to pay the $28 MIL bonus on March 8th, but why couldn’t Indy pick up the $28 MIL option to retain his rights, and then trade Manning to someone for, say, a First Round pick and $28 MIL in cash ???

  29. “If Manning is healthy”

    He’s had 3 shoulder surgeries, as of this August 18 months will have passed since he threw a pass in anger, he will be 36 years old, he’s one big hit away from a wheelchair,

    do the math

  30. Forget about the Dolphins getting Manning! No way! No How! Why? Dolphins’ GM Jeff Ireland is why! That man will somehow try to insinuate himself into that equation and piss off Manning and his people and the next thing you’ll see Manning signing with some other team. Jeff Ireland’s history here in Miami shows just how poor his people skills are and how big his ego is. That man always wants to be seen as “The Man” at all times. Steve Ross are you listening? First Harbaugh, then Fischer and next up is Manning. If Manning is capable of a comeback it will not be here in Miami. Cardinals or Jets maybe; but Miami no way.

  31. august1969 says:
    Feb 4, 2012 9:25 AM
    I saw him at Clarke’s with Ross months ago. Looks like its going to happen. Matt Moore should start somewhere though. Maybe New York.
    Moore definitely has the right personality to play in NY, just like Eli does. Laid back, doesn’t get all hyper over stuff. I like the kid.

  32. people dont realize that the cardinals may have an easier division than the fins but the NFC playoff schedule has muchhhh greater potential to be tougher than the AFC playoff schedule. plus the pats didnt exactly blow the fins out of the water this year as it is. trust me, peyton isnt afraid of playing the pats’ defense.

  33. Henryd3rd: The majority of us Dolphin Fans did not want JF so whatever JI and SR did to not get a just above average washed up JF our hat’s are off to them. Joe Philbin is our man, no remorse.
    Go Fins, with PM or without.

  34. Like most folks Flooro, you forget the Dolphins play in the AFC east, not the AFC west. AFC east defenses kinda get after it, “IT” being AFC QBs.
    36 yr old, slow footed, Heclif or Lurch(Manning) wouldnt last half a season before that nerve would be injuried again and Manning would be placed on IR. And again the Dolphin front office wants to dance with the devil. Why not stick with Moore who is a very good QB, give Marshalls wife some ham carving leasons and see what happens. The Dolphins arent smart enough to rebuild the OL or get a pro bowl TE and another speedy WR(who can catch). They will stick with the left overs from Dallas. Sparanos’ gone but not Ireland.

  35. How about less talk of Manning, more talk about Pats/ Giants.
    After all that is what this weekend is all about…right?
    You can go back to this useless Manning stories next week.

  36. Matt flynn to Miami, Peyton Manning to Jags. Jags to trade away Gabbert and a 3rd round pick to Denver for Tim Tebow and make him the backup. Everybody wins!

  37. I think the Pats and Jets will gladly welcome Peyton to the AFC East and send him into a proper retirement. I wonder what the over/under will be for how many games he lasts in those 4 nasty games each season.

  38. Miami already tried out two washed up quarterbacks (Dante Culpepper and Trent Green) and look at how that turned out…. In 13 years playing in the league, Peyton has only made it to 2 superbowls, that’s an average of 1 every 6 years and I guarantee he will not be playing for another 6 years to possibly make it to a 3rd superbowl with the Miami.

  39. Peyton Manning should think about his family and his future health and retire. One hit and he’ll be in a wheelchair. He can make plenty of TV and/or coaching money.

  40. I’ll believe it when I see it. What Ross promises and what Ross does are usually two different things. He’s not the NFL big spender he pretends to be. We’ll see.

  41. I love these yankee fans…. errr i mean jet fans stating he wont go to Miami…. like he would go to the jets?? Cmon man. He will be in Arizona or Miami next year …most likely Miami who is pretty solid on D and ST. Hell…. get Flynn as well Ross and have Manning show him the way!

  42. If Miami goes for Manning that means they are all in for the next 3 years….As a Fin fan there are two more moves that make sense to me.

    1.) Sign Reggie Wayne-He can no longer carry the load which makes playing opposite Brandon Marshall the perfect setup. Plus Miami get probably gets him at a discount because Wayne will be coming home to Miami and also playing with Manning.

    2.) Sign FA center Jeff Saturday- This will make Manning more comfortable and Saturday while on the decline can still play for 2 or 3 years. This will allow Mike Pouncey to slide to guard which he is very comfortable playing. This move would solidify Miami’s line for the next 3 years.

    3.) Use the draft to put the finishing touches on an elite defense. 1st pick elite pass rusher and use several picks on safeties and corners.

  43. A half Manning, is still better of what Miami has @ this point. Should get rid of Ireland, ASAP.

  44. Peyton has more money than he can ever spend, a super bowl ring, and an intact legacy. He just came off of a horrific injury. One brutal hit, especially from the blind side, and he could be in a wheelchair. You didn’t have to tell Michael Irvin twice. You didn’t have to tell Eric Dickerson twice.

    There is something to be said for not taking chances you don’t have to take. For God’s sake, Peyton, It is time to go to the house and enjoy your family and your wealth! One wrong hit, and your quality of life is history! You have a great future in the broadcast booth. It is time to move on to the next chapter of your life.

  45. Peyton will end up in Houston. Houston has great running game, great defense, best receiver in the game and at best an average Qb. “Houston we have a Solution”!

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