Ocho active? Patriots release Underwood


In a strong sign that Chad Ochocinco will be active for Sunday’s Super Bowl, the Patriots released wide receiver Tiquan Underwood on Saturday afternoon.

The team activated defensive end Alex Silvestro from the team’s practice squad in place of Underwood. The undrafted rookie played in only one game all season.

It’s a surprising move, and unfortunate for Underwood. But we’re sure the Patriots will find him a nice place to watch the game. The Patriots must feel like they needed some extra depth on defense for Sunday.

Underwood is a special teams player and Ochocinco is not, but we’d be surprised at this point if Ochco isn’t active as the team’s fifth wide receiver against the Giants.

Wes Welker, Deion Branch, Matthew Slater, and Julian Edelman will all be active.

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  1. I’ve been sayin’ for a while “this is the week Ocho busts out.” Well I really mean it this time, since it’s the last week.

    No film on him. Perfect time for Belichick to deploy.

  2. I really feel for Underwood by the way the Patriots have been dangling him throughout the season and then to get cut again right before the Super Bowl. Tough sh!t..I wonder if they’ll give him a ring if they win

  3. I know that getting cut is a part of the game, but they day before the Superbowl?that is beyong heartless. Why not two weeks ago? Jeez.

  4. Ocho will be active, and he’ll be a factor tomorrow. Patriots didn’t keep him on board and pay him 6 million for nothing.

    Time to man up!

  5. But we’re sure the Patriots will find him a nice place to watch the game and we imagine he’ll remain with the team. The Patriots must feel like they needed some extra depth on defense for Sunday.

    I’m sure he would rather be on the field. He better get a ring!

  6. Predictions:

    (1) Ocho will definitely score a TD tomorrow.
    (2) Brady will have a near-perfect game. Pats will score at will.
    (3) Eli will be forced to go to the air – with some success – but will eventually throw INTs.
    (4) Vince will be the MVP. Can only hope that the big man runs in an INT.

  7. If he gets a ring he should just change his name back to Chad Johnson lol. Maybe he will catch more than one pass this year smh

  8. Cutting a player less than 24 hours before the Super Bowl? Amazing. All I’ve been hearing is how much Bob Kraft “cares” about his players.

    What a load of garbage.

  9. on a normal week he’d be released and then back on the practice squad 48 hours later, saddly he wont clear waivers till after the game. He’ll still be part of the team, just unofficially

  10. Released the day before the Super Bowl?

    that’s cold. Even for the Raid..ehh…Patriots

  11. Imagine calling your mom and dad and cousins and friends the day before the Superbowl they are all waiting to see you play in, even if only for a handful of plays and having to tell them, “I got cut from the team today”.

    Talk about humiliation.

  12. How sh*tty is that for Underwood ? Even if he didn’t expect to be active to be released on the eve of the SB. Wow.

    Feel bad for the guy.

  13. “Watch out for 85 tomorrow. He’s lying in the weeds.”

    Along with the rest of the discarded trash. Said it before and will say it again, if you can’t have a decent season as a WR with a first ballot HOFer throwing you the ball, you’re done. Add onto the fact that defenses had to try to cover Welker and Gronk and he should have had a 1,000 yd season easy.

  14. “packerswambulance says: Feb 4, 2012 7:08 PM

    Watch out for 85 tomorrow. He’s lying in the weeds.”

    He was active week 9. Didn’t catch anything if I remember right. I think he may have even been covered by Michael Coe in that game.

  15. How cold is that to cut someone the day before the Super Bowl? He’s living out his dream and then has it stomped on.

  16. I feel really bad for Underwood. That’s messed up to do to someone the day before the Super Bowl.

  17. I think its classless and inexcusable that a player is cut from a team 1 day before he is supposed to play in the Superbowl unless he did something to deserve it, which is not the case here. I hope the Pats get blew out.

  18. If Ocho steps up and has a big game (or even a big play) tomorrow it is a miracle. You really think Brady or Belichick trust him at this point?

  19. Feel bad for Tiquan but a decision had to be made. I hope it was within the context of the game plan and what was right for the team, and not based on sentiment. I would like to see Ocho play and play well, but onl if it was the right thing for the team. One has to assume that it is, because that is what the Patriots always seem to do, regardless of the personal feelings involved. I wonder if adding a D-end has anything to do with the Carter injury. I don’t recall them adding anyone after that injury, Alex Silvestro is a 6’3″ 267 lb D-End from Rutgers…..but that’s more outside linebacker size in the Pat’s style of 3-4 defense. He may be there as an extra pass rusher.

    Belichick may also be reminding his players that as always in NE, nobody’s job is safe. You have to perform WELL to play. Good message heading into tomorrow. Knocks the pride issues off the table. Humble and hungry is the way to go.

  20. I’m a Pats fan…….and unless this kid screwed up royally, that is really cold! That’s every kid’s dream and they just cut his heart out!

    Has anyone noticed if he made the trip?

  21. I don’t think it’s that cold, actually. He probably knew about this a few days in advance. Belichick always makes pre-game roster moves on Saturday night.

    He’s getting a ring if they win. No doubt about that.

  22. You play to win the game. He’ll be on the sideline and get his full share when they win and he’ll get a huge ring to boot.

  23. You all are so knee-jerk in your assessments.
    Ever think that BB probably told them both two weeks ago
    It is an open competition? They have been battling for #3/4
    Receiver all year. They both probably knew whoever practiced
    Better would be in the game. We live in a knee jerk world.
    Assume the worst! Awwwwww boo hooooo!!

    Go pats!!!!!

  24. I really don’t think it’s “heartless”, but it’s semantics. If you sign someone off the practice squad, then someone has to get cut (Practice squad guys don’t go against the active roster. They have to be “signed” to the active roster.). While it sucks that he won’t suit up for the game, it’s simply semantics at this point. He’s basically “inactive” as a healthy scratch. If the Pats win, I’m sure he’ll get a ring and his playoff share too.

    That being said, I do feel for the guy. Plus, we won’t get to see the Kid n Play haircut of his with the Pats logo carved in the back of his head on the sidelines.

  25. ocho is gona stinko up the sildlineo for the pats o tomorrow lollllllll
    think the pats are gona find a way to win?lol lolol……..the giants have proven they can take a punch if the patriots wana winn there gona have to get nasty nastyer than the 49ers in short not gone happen

  26. cheesewizer says:Feb 4, 2012 7:29 PM


    (1) Ocho will definitely score a TD tomorrow.
    (2) Brady will have a near-perfect game. Pats will score at will.
    (3) Eli will be forced to go to the air – with some success – but will eventually throw INTs.
    (4) Vince will be the MVP. Can only hope that the big man runs in an INT.

    Eli forced to go to the air???????? You apparently have not watched too many Giants games. Going to the air is part of the plan, especially with the receivers the Giants have and weak secondary the Pats have!!
    Chad will be lucky to see the field. Just because they cut a a wide receiver that been inactive almost every game doesn’t mean they are going to all the sudden trust Chad.

  27. @doolinguineness–I doubt Underwood had any idea about his release….He was the one seen in photos with the Patriots logo cut into his hair….
    National sports media embarrassment for this guy…

  28. The Pats just wanted to hear Chad say that Crazy Chad isn’t coming back…if the Pats win (Please no I live in RI!!!) they should give him a ring.

  29. Fred says: Feb 4, 2012 7:26 PM

    Classy move Patriots. I hope Underwood is having a nice chat with Coughlin right now.


    Underwood SHOULD BE on the phone singing like a canary to Coughlin!!

  30. If I was him I would have told them to stick it up their a$$e$ And went right to Coughlin. Hire me as a consultant, I know the entire offensive scheme.

  31. “Fred says:
    Feb 4, 2012 7:26 PM
    Classy move Patriots. I hope Underwood is having a nice chat with Coughlin right now.”

    Can’t, has to clear waiver wire takes 24 hours. Sorry, thanks for playing though.

    Also interesting to see all these people many of whom likely make comments about the Pats cheating saying the Giants should cheat and talk to him before he clears waivers. The double standard rears its head again.

    To everyone calling this classless he would not have been active. He was cut 2 or 3 other times by the Pats this year and re-signed when no one else would give him a chance at all.

  32. Pats by 20 BEFORE halftime.
    Brady is in FREAK MODE and his wife is losing her mind too.
    Beyond focused.
    “I’m sorry I sucked” ? After a win?
    Brady is focused.
    His will be done.
    This is going to be a lights out blowout.
    I don’t even like New England… but the Giants will find out the slipper doesn’t fit.
    BEAT DOWN CITY for the New England Patriots.
    Sorry New York.

  33. dienavinjohnson says:
    Feb 4, 2012 8:21 PM
    Bill Parcells didn’t allow Troy Brown to dress for SB31 because he partied too hard the day before in New Orleans. I wonder if T.U. did the same?


    Given the situation he will be able to follow in Troy’s footsteps and party in New Orleans the day before the Super Bowl.

  34. doolinguinness,

    I agree with you, I think they knew about it well beforehand…..and, there isn’t much “tape” on Ocho….so, why not wait until the VERY last minute?

    I also think Ocho will have a BIG game (I have never had anything against him. IMO, he IS a “mouth” but has not had many real off field problems….so, I do not consider him an actual turd….just a little selfish and a showboater / mouth).

    But, then again……I’ve always been liontomyself….lol

  35. Hey Chad!! Go ahead and pay that $1 mill unlike Peterson. Don’t change the number, just change the name. You have not been the same since you went away from Johnson. I want to see Chad Johnson not that guy who has to buy headphones for everyone to get on the field.

  36. With Gronk hobbled Chad JOHNSON might actually catch a ball tomorrow. This is the Super Bowl NOT Mexico.

  37. Show you what as sorry as team the Pats are with things like this. I feel someone needs to kick some as tonight before the game tomorrow and maybe take someone out of the game in the process. Pay back’s are ell

  38. BB does everything he feels gives his team the BEST chance of winning. If that means a defensive end like Silvestro is more of a gameday asset, then so be it. I like the coach who puts the good of the team first.

  39. The cut him today, but they let him know 2 weeks ago or at the very least let him know there would be the possibility. It was a strategical move to give the Giants absolutely no time to react. May seem insignificant, but any and everything helps.


    Brady sacked 4 times in the first half
    Gronk ineffective
    Edelman dominated by Cruz in the slot
    Jacobs 2 TDs and does his skeet skeet dance each time
    Belichick and Brady run off the field in defeat just like they did in SB 42.
    Drunken irish idiot pats fans beat their fat ugly irish wives wearing ortiz t-shirts and pink or green sox hats
    Eli Manning becomes a lock for HOF

  41. Circa 22Jan 12 BB: “Hey Tiquon, you know it’s between you and Chaf, right? How you practice between now and the super bowl decides who is active and who is released. Cool?”

    BB: “Hey Chad, you got two weeks to get it or I’m gonna half to let Underwood play in the big game. Think you can make it happen?”

    To all the idiots who say classless, cold, etc, you have no idea how the NFL works. Let’s face it, Beats headphones trumps a Pat Patriot haircut!!!!!

  42. Moves like this are made prior to every NFL game. Do all of those players run to the enemy too?

  43. He’ll get his due. And I’m sure a ring. I bet he got sneaked in a 24 hr window where he still counts for a ring? Or something. He has worked hard (and rocks the Kid hair, awesome?) and I know he wouldn’t have just been cut cold on SB eve.

    According to Roger, that must be worthy of a fine.

  44. Tiajuana will get a ring. In fact, he will be with the team next year. Plus another team can’t pick him up until he clears waivers. They didn’t just kick him to the street

  45. Brady throws 4 TD’s in the first half
    Gronk effective
    Edelman dominated Cruz in the slot
    Jacobs 2 fumbles and does his skeet skeet dance each time
    Belichick and Brady run off the field in gracious way
    Drunken irish idiot pats fans and their irish wives wearing ortiz t-shirts and pink or green sox hats
    Eli Manning hopes to becomes a candidate for the HOF

  46. Chad is going to get a ring tomorrow. No miraculous David Tyrie helmet catches this time around. The Patriots are going to win.


  47. “rmfields says:
    Feb 4, 2012 9:11 PM
    Pretty sure he won’t get a ring if the Pats win. That hurts.”

    I think you’re wrong about that. He was with the team the bulk of the year. Yes, they cut him a couple of times and resigned him. I think he gets a ring if they win. The Pats are always generous with things like that and Kraft will be grateful to anyone who was on the team this year if they win with MHK looking down on them.

  48. to get cut one day before the superbowl..the one game that is every football players dream to reach to and play in is heartless..i pretty sure Underwood even got the patriots logo shaved on his head for the game…cold!!!

  49. Feel bad for Underwoood, but I’m sure he was made aware that this could happen. This is Gronk related as he plays on special teams and they would need a player of his size to take his special teams position and limit his potential to aggravate the ankle. Sure, it’s a bummer, but makes perfect sense. I would imagine the Pats aren’t going to just dump the guy on the street for the SB, but if it gives you guys another ridiculous excuse to hate the Pats….have at it.

  50. Gronk’s injury forced the pats to take him out of his special teams role so silvestro swings in to replace him and help a d line that will see heavy rotation tomorrow. Sucks for underwood and his awesome kid and play hair cut though; bet he got tix for his family from the team and was in the team photo as it happened yesterday.
    As for Ocho I bet he gets cut before next year and they use that $6 mil on welker extension and possibly Brandon lloyd. If u really wanna dream big Reggie Wayne, but he will command a much higher price and more suitors.
    Underwood gets a ring, comes back next year as Ocho leaves. Mcdaniels snags Lloyd as pats host ravens on the Thursday night opener of 2012.

  51. Must of been the fact that this is the super bowl week, Ocho suddenly found more concentration in the playbook and showed more understanding of the gameplan THIS week more than Underwood. Seeing that Gronkowski will be a 50/50 option of helping the team out, that 3rd WR might play a bigger role than expected. I saw this move being Ocho FINALLY showing just a little more than Underwood for the 3rd WR spot. And that’s not saying much as I don’t envision him doing anything more but to be there in case Gornk is a liability.

  52. Why not two weeks ago???
    Because if they released him two weeks ago, giants would have created a ‘coaching’ spot for him, just like bellichik (sp?) did with mcdaniels.. Can’t help but feel bad for the guy

  53. What is the problem here? Underwood still gets a pay check, and he knew going in that there was a distinct possibility that this was going to happen.
    There are people out there that have a lot worse problems than Tiquan has.

  54. If the quantum physics theory of thought is true, the PATS lost the game tomorrow TODAY when they released Underwood THE DAY before the Super Bowl. I hope that Underwood’s gracious and magnanimous character will carry him, as well as our prayers and well wishes.

  55. QUESTION: Did he have to be released? Does this mean he still gets a ring? Thank you to the intelligent sports folks who are making this clearer.

  56. The winning SB team receives 150 rings from the NFL to be handed out as they see fit. Any amount over 150 the team pays for themselves.
    As far as Underwood being released, yes it’s tuff but it’s business. Life is all about getting back up and dusting yourself off after falling down and enduring a setback. BB made a decision as HC that in his expert and professional opinion would give the Pats a better chance to win. That’s all, don’t make more out of it than that.

  57. First off ppl he will get a ring, not being on the game day roster doesn’t determine who gets a ring, the team decides who gets a ring.

    Second they felt they needed another defensive lineman, that meant someone had to go, what were they supposed to do? Hurt their chances to win just to be nice?

    Third, for the whole he should be on the phone with the Giants, that is illegal, besides how much you want to bet that he is on the Pats sideline for the game?

  58. I’m sure it was the flamboyant hair cut. For someone that was cut 2 or three times this season by the Pats, why get a haircut like that?

  59. Giants will sign him the morning of the super bowl and he will play the part of david tyree. Yes, not likely, but would make for a story.

  60. he clearly gets a ring as would practice squad players and a lot of staff. Seems related to spec teams and Gronk as others have said. They have rotated the 53 rd man all year based on need, injuries and matchup. Most likely there is a legit reason that we can only speculate on. Timing is awful for him but what a gift for the Sylvestro. Remember a player got called up here as well.

  61. I feel for the guy but hey.. being in a position to be cut from a team the day before the superbowl still is > my real job 😛

  62. “Maybe they should’ve let Underwood play”

    (Antrell Rolle following Giants win)

    Pro Football Talk Headline

    February 6th, 2012

  63. That’s a pretty cold move, even for Belicheat and the
    Patsys to do. To wait that long and let this guy get
    his hopes up then to dash them like this is a new low.

    I guess they grew tired of pulling the wings off of flies
    and decided to do something else that’s more cruel…

  64. Needed a replacement for Gronkowski on special teams.

    Smart move, gives giants no prep time for silvestro.

    God, some of you guys out here are so damn emotional. This is the NFL…Underwood knows the score. Moves made to better team, no matter how minute. No room for bruised feelings.

  65. Let’s hope Oucho Stinko is inactive for the game ’cause if he is the Patriots will loose.

    As for the guy that got cut; it’s heartbreaking. Imagine finding out that the coaching staff thinks you’re less useful than Lousy Stinko on the eve of the SuperBowl! That’s like finding out your GF was been with everyone on the team last night ‘cept you!

  66. Mistrezzrachel..
    The guy got canned the eve of the SuperBowl. Imagine getting canned from your job the eve before the biggest event of your career.

  67. This game will go like every other game Ocho stinko has played with the patriots. He’ll go out there, run the wrong routes and drop the ball.

  68. bcgreg:
    I’m either not following or you have an odd definition of the word “semantics”.

    The title of the article says they “RELEASED” him.

    That is NOT the same as simply “inactive”

    Released means he was RELEASED from the Roster. Which means, technically he becomes a free agent. Not on the team. Not employed. Not a Patriot.

    He’s NOT on the team if he’s “released” from the team.

    Unless just yesterday someone came up with a new definition of the word “released”…

  69. I hope Chad has a big catch! 85 will come out of nowhere and surprise the Giants, all part of NE master plan! Wow really mean to cut a guy the day before???? Damn

  70. Counting on Ocho to have a big game? Man, Pats fans are hoping for anything, huh? That’s like me saying” watch out for Bear Pascoe, he’s gonna have 10 catches 208 yds and 4 tds!”

  71. Belichick thinks he has his hidden gem…
    Hasn’t used Ochocinco much all season, so there is not much game tape on his route running.
    The only thing is, CO is going to try too hard to make up for what he didn’t accomplish during the year and drop passes and do nothing but annoy Tom Brady.

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