Robert Griffin III hoping Colts draft him, pass on Andrew Luck


Robert Griffin III, the Heisman Trophy-winning Baylor star who’s widely regarded as the No. 2 quarterback in this year’s NFL draft, was in Indianapolis on Friday for some Super Bowl media appearances. And he said he’s hoping to be in Indianapolis for years to come.

Griffin told Don Banks of Sports Illustrated that he’s still holding out hope that he, and not Andrew Luck, will go first overall to the Colts.

“It’s going to be a great experience at the combine, talking to all the NFL teams,” Griffin said. “Hopefully I’ll end up here via the draft.”

Colts owner Jim Irsay has mentioned both Griffin and Luck as the players the Colts might take first overall, and Griffin said it was gratifying to hear the Colts’ owner mention his name.

“That’s huge,” Griffin said. “It’s every kid’s dream. Every kid wants to be the first pick in the draft. I wouldn’t say no to it. I’m glad he at least put me in that conversation and hasn’t already made it a foregone conclusion that he’s going with Andrew, like a lot of people have.”

Griffin said he has nothing against Luck but he doesn’t hide the fact that he views Luck as his competition, and he takes pride in beating out Luck for the Heisman Trophy, even though Luck entered last college football season as the favorite for the award.

“He was the de facto Heisman winner and the de facto No. 1 pick,” Griffin said. “We already took one of those from him and we plan to continue to go out there and do that. Whether it’s with the first pick in the draft, a playoff win, or who goes to the first Super Bowl. I will use that as a driving force, whether I go first, second, third or fourth in the draft. The fact I wasn’t out there with people believing in me is going to be the key to drive me to be a better player. So it’ll always be a competition between me and Andrew, just because we’re in the same class and the media is going to paint it that way. I don’t have anything against him, and he doesn’t have anything against me. We’re just competitors.”

There’s no doubt that the team that drafts Griffin will have itself a competitor.

70 responses to “Robert Griffin III hoping Colts draft him, pass on Andrew Luck

  1. This guy’s hair looks terrible for someone thats gonna be a top 5 pick in the NFL making millions. If you’re gonna have dreads, don’t have them where it looks super skinny and like a lacefront that females wear. Get ’em re-twisted or just get a haircut.

  2. RG3 time for a reality check. You played in a conference that played little to no defense. Yes you are talented, but you are not Andrew Luck. Luck will be a superstar and you will probably have a decent pro career. You see on the next level motivation is huge, but talent is everything. Son your talent and the competition you went up against doesn’t indicate that you will a superstar on the next level. And please don’t give me the Cam Newton example. Cam played in a way tougher conference with NFL like defenses. He is 4 inches taller, about 30 pounds heavier and has way more talent coming out of college than you do.

    Welcome to the NFL. The truth hurts. My suggestion worry less about where you are going to be drafted and more about how you are going to survive a style of play you never even sniffed in college.

  3. Now thats the driving competitive force you wanna find in every draftee, regardless of position – maybe even more so from the so called ‘non-kill’ or more physical position players, especially on Defense.

  4. he also says he hopes a team does not trade alott to move up and get him. guess what you will be going to a team that sucks so be ready for it! if you are taken ahead of luck or a team trades to move up to take you then you better turn that team around now! no it takes time to learn or he is just a rookie excuse if he is as good as he claims to be then he better win now! he only won the heisman because the writers must have been bored with the steady numbers luck put up week after week. it shoould have gone to luck because he had more than 1 good year in college to prove he was the better qb.

  5. The guys a competitor, but lets look at the last Superbowl winning QB’s. Rodgers, Brady, Brees, Brady, P. Manning, E. Manning, and Rothlesburger.

    I know Rodgers and Big Ben are a little more mobile, but for the most part pocket passers win CONSISTANTLY in this league.

    The Colts need to stick with what works. These hypbrid QB/RB’s work for a game or two, or maybe a season or two… but for a long sustained run, they need to go with Luck.

  6. This guy is no Vick. He finished high school early and graduated college early all while winning the Hiesman. Cam proved that the stereo type cam be broken and I think RG3 will too!!

  7. If Colts were to trade the pick they would be playing with fire if their alternate plan was to draft RG3. Some other team could trade with the Rams and take RG3 right out from underneath them. That’s why no trade will happen. Irsay would never risk be made a fool of, missing out on both QB’s

  8. If he wants to play for the Colts, he has a funny way of showing it – he refused to speak with local media on Friday. I’d congratulate him for getting off on the wrong foot, but honestly, there’s no way the Colts take him before Luck, so it doesn’t matter.

  9. all of the vick comparisons are apt except for in a few ways.
    1) RGIII has a good head on his shoulders. over a 3.5gpa at a school with solid academics.
    2) he speaks eloquently and is obviously not blown away by the hype or the stage.
    3) he has discipline. everything i have read says he is an insanely hard worker. this is probably from his military background, the kid has most likely had to work hard for everything he has gotten.
    4) he is far more accurate than vick. he throws the ball with impressive accuracy in the pocket and on the run as well. his release is high and quick.

    i see no reason (barring injury) that RGIII is not going to be a new generation of QB and a perennial pro bowler. to me he’s like a jeff garcia or a steve young only far, far more athletic. anyone saying otherwise is likely just looking at the color of his skin.

  10. I’m guessing that the real motivation here is that he doesn’t want to play for the Browns [don’t hate on me here, Browns fans, I’m a card-carrying member of the Browns Backers].

  11. You can hope in one hand and crap in the other and see which one fills up first. I hope I win powerball next weekend. Maybe we will both be happy come draft day!

  12. Griffin will be a solids starting QB in the NFL, even though he has a bit of a Rupaul look about him. I think Irsay was just being kind or putting up a little smokescreen when he mentioned Griffin and Luck as potential first picks. The Positioning, sandbagging has’nt really even started yet. After the combines is when it really starts getting interesting. I’d be willing to be RG3 ends up in a Redskins uniform.

  13. If RGIII plays like he did in college he will have about an 8 year career. Luck will have a 15 year career. RGIII’s body can’t take the NFL pounding for long. I wish him the best, but the NFL has big powerful players who hit hard every time.

  14. This guy has already proven to me that he is that Anti-Leaf or Anti-Russell.

    If I’m a Colts fan, at least I can take solace in the fact that it looks like you can’t lose with either guy you pick.

  15. This guy literally put Baylor on the map.

    Look at his game tape against TCU; RGIII has the heart of a warrior. TCU has a stout defense too.

    IMO Andrew Luck is a better base to build a foundation on (i.e. Peyton Manning) but that’s no knock to Griffin. I think he can step into a team like Miami be a winner. If he goes to Cleveland or Washington, it’ll be tough to show what he can do.

    Really can’t go wrong with either pick, both have fundamentals and apparently high character guys who graduated early.

  16. Cleveland WILL get him! …Unless- Washington gives up there future, which they are known to do! RG3 throwing bombs to D-Bowe, M. Floyd and G. Little!!!

  17. No draft pick is a sure thing, but Andrew Luck is as close as it comes. Pro-style passer, good size, smart kid, etc. RG3 has great potential, but he’s far from a sure thing.

    Jim Irsay just fired the Polians and it seems he’s about to let Peyton Manning go too. So he can’t afford to gamble on the draft.

  18. For the people downplaying his competition in college, I’d put the Big 12, even this past year without a couple teams, ahead of the Pac 12 any day of the week. He’s done extremely well for the last few years, not JUST last year, agaonst a much better conference than Luck. What we saw this year was that Luck is an amazing player, but not AS amazing without the right coach. Indy doesn’t have a coach of that caliber. Griffin and Luck will have stellar careers, and I look forward to a new QB rivalry.

  19. NEVER have a heard a draft prospect wish something like this, EVER

    Confirms what I already knew about Griffin

    And I get a kick out of all you know-nothing casual NCAA fans who come here yammering about Griffin after watch 5 minutes of highlights.

    Go watch Akili Griffin Highlights while you’re at it, Griffin a 2 years away from even coming CLOSE to becoming a starter, and when he does become one he is going to be lost out there and most likely bust.

    Ya ya you seen highlights and think you know something, try watching all him games and every snap, the kid is running a garbage offense that nobody in the NFL is going to ask him to play, he make bad decisions CONSTANTLY during games and gets away with it in the pathetic Big 12.

    I guarantee that RGIII is this years smoke screen and that only a handful of stupid teams are actually interested.

    Cleveland and Holmgren have ZERO interestand you can Book it

  20. All you ” experts” have short memories. Your the same ones who predicted Cam Newton being a complete bust. This kid is faster, smarter, and although not as big, a better athlete. I sure hope the Browns get him. Seems like a great competitor.

  21. RG III is a very underrated passer, but his frame is small, he honestly looks to be injury prone whereas Andrew Luck is 6-4 240. Nobody doubts that Griffin will light up the combine, but I am still uncertain about him lighting up the NFL

  22. Akili Smith had a great year in college as well. although i do like the fact that you listen to him and he comes across as articulate.

  23. Robert Griffin III is not even going to be good he is a option QB now you don’t believe me then don’t comment hes transition will fail this is a first round bust its all potental i mean look Jamarcus Russell was potental Mark Sanchez was potental Newton will probably will do worse cause of an easy schudule in his rookie year. And the person took before Peyton Manning Ryan Leaf you know the guy that was suppose to be Peyton Manning he went 1-15 his first year and was out of the league shorter than Russell was. Seriously Griffin will be a bust so people should move on like the browns,my vikings hopefully,miami theres better prospects such as Quinton Coples, Trent Richardson,Morris Clayborine, Matt Kalil watch these guys and many more will be better.

  24. I like him as a person, but Im not a fan of the running QB. Don’t mind a scrambler but I want a pocket QB overall. Buying time with your feet is one thing, doing the “Vick” is another.

    I can see this kid in Miami, Cleveland, Oakland or Washington. Luck is going to be the Colt.

  25. To all the geniuses knocking RG3 for playing in the big 12, its not like Luck was facing elite defenses in the Pac12 and when he faced decent defenses, he made plenty of mistakes.

    I’m not sold on Luck – he has to earn it like everyone else. Who knows, maybe when he starts to see an NFL defense, maybe he will be the one to bust. If I were RG3, hope Luck goes to Indy – they will suck for a long time and he may be damaged goods enduring that rebuilding process.

  26. He’s just another Donovan McNabb or Daunte Culpepper. He’ll do pretty good for awhile, but won’t win the Super Bowl. And will see his talents regress when he hits about 30 or 32. And he’ll only be good for the first team he plays for.

  27. What a slick bit of gamesmanship by the savvy Griffin. Like him or not, go ahead and parse his words.

    “I’d like to end up here [Indianapolis]” via the draft.

    …compare that to worries that if Luck is taken, he’ll pull an Eli and force a trade out of Indi. Griffin is basically saying, “Draft me, I’d love to play here. I won’t force a trade.”

    And all of that talk about being motivated by competing with Luck, no matter if Luck is taken before him… going for the first playoff win, the first Superbowl… really strikes me how Tom Brady views the QBs taken before him in the draft. In effect, Griffin is subtly saying, “Go ahead and pass on me. I’ll make you regret it for years to come.”

    Whether or not he can deliver on that remains to be seen, but he quite skillfully sent the message without creating a lot of drama. That’s got to say something about the head on this guy’s shoulders.

  28. The only thing that separate this kid from Luck besides the color of his skin, is the fact that the media already choose Luck to be the next great whatever. Luck will be given a long behind leash to fail even thou he’s number one. While RG III will have to prove himself over and over again just like Cam Newton.

    Luck is no better than this RG III. He’s another Jimmy Clausen with a few less Ints.

    And for the many ignorant posters on here, quit with the same old stereotypical bs. Every black
    QB’s desire isn’t to run first. So tired of the same brush that is used to paint QBs like Cam and RG III.

  29. huh i wonder why the media is going to “paint” it that way.. maybe bec ur already painting it for them lol. so even if it wasnt going to be compared that way u just made sure it will…u better hope u have a better career now.. and in 3-4 years dont be saying to the media..why do u guys always compare us or why do u always say this and that..setting himself up.

  30. Why can’t both Luck and Griffin end up as great players. They both seem to be bright accuratehar working have great family backgrounds and great leaders. Dumb to say its either one or the other…

    I think they both will be great players. Luck is bigger and mor prototypical. Griffin throws an amazing deep ball and has speed…

    People hate black QBs because they cant Stan to see a black man as the leader and face of the franchise.

    Cam had one of the best rookie seasons ever statistically and people say he will fail. We don’t know if he will be great but he is off to a good start…

  31. Stuff I watched his mechanics look solid and he is quick as lightning and pretty accurate. Not a guarantee of anything that he won the Heisman, though. Last QB Heisman to win a Super Bowl? That’s it’s a Cowboy! Roger the Dodger Staubach. Still think he was a better QB than Bradshaw. Terry’s receivers made acrobatic catches and they got the benefit of phantom calls and non-calls. Plus if Roger starts their first Super Bowl vs. the Colts, game is different. Morton lost 2 Super Bowls if you can recall.

    But, I digress. I’d be lying through my teeth if I said I don’t want to see this guy in Cowboy Blue instead of Colts blue. He will be a great back-up for Romo compared to McGee and if he is at least as good as Cam Newton, he will be exciting anyways. But, not going to happen. Oh, well, that’s the way the draft tumbles.

  32. I like it!!! I actually saw people talking about his hair, when Luck looked like the guy from the caveman commercial all year. That’s funny. RG3 beat Luck in every QB category. Paser rating 192 vs. 169. Completions 74% vs. 70%. Yards per pass 11.34 vs. 8.64. TDs/ints – you name it, Heisman – what?

  33. Rg3 come to the redskins we really want you. Indy does not want you the owner of the colts is just being politically corect. you will be welcomed with open arms come be my Brady and win me 4 superbowls.

  34. Browns fan here …

    There’s a lot to like about RG3, but at present I’m kind of hoping that the Browns don’t draft him, for 3 reasons:

    (1) He seems a little frail, not a good fit for the NFL.
    (2) The best NFL QBs are pocket passers (Brady, Rodgers, Brees, both Mannings), which RG3 is not.
    (3) RG3 seems to be a boom-or-bust type of guy, and considering the Browns’ luck, if they get him, he’ll be a bust. I’d prefer to see the team just draft the best available player and sign Matt Flynn as our QB.

    RG3 might become an NFL star, but I’d rather let some other team roll the dice on him. If the Browns roll the dice, they’ll come up snake-eyes.

  35. i have a feeling most of the people making negative comments about RGIII never even saw him play. Stop comparing him to vick first of all. He can run like vick but he is a much better passer. I watched baylor all year after seeing the TCU game at the beginning of the season. This kid can play. He can run there is no doubt about it but he can throw the ball! Seriously, you weren’t watching if you keep throwing the old you can’t run like that in the NFL. The kid can pass!! You weren’t watching if you are telling us all how ridiculous it is to consider drafting him over Luck. I am not saying the Colts should definitely take him first but they should definitely at least consider the possibility. Personally i would take Griffin. If you think that he is vick 2.0 and you are convinced already that he is a bust, you didn’t actually watch him play.

  36. I just hate running QB’s. When the league allows defensive players to throttle them again (which they don’t do and will never do again) then perhaps I’ll feel differently.

    Allowing guys that can not only throw well but run like Barry Sanders and then slide so nobody can destroy them is a joke.

    Take away the slide….if you run you get hit, and you get hit hard, end of story.

  37. I wouldn’t really refer to him as a running QB. He is a great runner, no doubt, but he doesn’t look to run if his first option isn’t open. He is looking to throw first and run only if he has too and i think he will run less in the NFL. He can beat you with his arm and is only going to get better as a passer. Most of the guys out there that have been considered running QBs would not have been nearly as successful without their ability to run. His ability to run certainly makes him much more dangerous but if you take that ability away, he still has the tools to be a successful QB. I look for him to be pretty good at the NFL. The truth though is that NO ONE knows how it will turn out. To me it seems that Luck is definitely more NFL ready but RGIII has the potential to be every bit the passer that Luck could become. It will be interesting to see how he develops with NFL coaching. Luck and Griffin both have the potential to be exceptional NFL QBs but its a little early for people to assume that Luck is going to be a star and Griffin a bust. How many times have we heard all this before? Does being the first pick in the draft guarantee that a player is going to be great? Not at all. I hope they both turn out to be great.

  38. eightysixisback says:
    Feb 5, 2012 11:05 AM
    I wouldn’t really refer to him as a running QB. He is a great runner, no doubt, but he doesn’t look to run if his first option isn’t open.

    Yea eightysix, didn’t mean to refere to him as a running only QB. I never liked Steve Young either, and I remember my old man bitching about Tarkenton, but at least when he ran you could hammer him. I just think when QB’s run, they should lose all the hands off protection, this should include the silly slide.

  39. This seriously just reminds me all too much of how people were reacting to Cam Newton last year and talking about him.

    Warren Moon – where you at?

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