Ticket sales suspended for Rams game in London


Despite the optimistic words of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, the league isn’t certain that the city of St. Louis will allow the Rams to play in London next season.

The league has suspended ticket sales for the game in Wembley Stadium with that in mind, according to the Associated Press. NFL UK said in a statement on their website they expect ticket sales to resume soon. The Rams “have expressed optimism that a resolution is near.”

The use of the word “resume” indicates that tickets were available. We wrote two days ago that there was confusion about when the tickets would go on sale, and that ticket sales were delayed.

These are strange times for the Rams. Goodell gave a very tepid endorsement of the team’s future in St. Louis when asked on Friday.

“We want to keep our franchises where they are, so we’d love to have the St. Louis Rams stay in St. Louis,” Goodell said.

The Commissioner was asked if the terms of the Rams’ lease in St. Louis were realistic.

“Well, that’s what they agreed to, both the representatives of St. Louis and the team, when the team relocated back into the St. Louis market in the mid-’90s,” he said.

The London game issue looks like a separate matter, but it’s all part of the same problem. The city of St. Louis and the Rams organization are not seeing eye to eye.

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  1. Good for St Louis for taking a hard-lined stance against games in London. This is one of the worst ideas Goodell has had as commissioner. Send a preseason game over there, but not a regular season game.

  2. The continuing weirdness of the Rams’ situation has me very suspicious that The League is planning to let Kroenke move the team back to LA.

  3. Something tells me St. Louis won’t have a team in 2015 if they don’t forfeit a home game per year for the next 3 years.

  4. I’m glad that the city is not letting a billionaire bully them into the London games. The contract works both ways, if we loose the Rams it will be because a greedy owner and a flawed city/county government that built a stadium before we had a team. The local government let the NFL rape the tax payers to get a team after we weren’t awarded an expansion team. Now they are trying to do it again. To much drama, starting to not care.

  5. What I don’t get is that the Edward Jones dome is < 20 years old and is now considered obsolete. Just what kind of shelf life are NFL stadiums supposed to have? If you're going to spend $1 billion dollars on a new stadium (a lot of it w/ public money) how long do you have before you see the building literally go up in smoke?

  6. Thank you St. Louis! Stand up against Roger Goodell and his whoring out the NFL; watering down a once proud sports organization into a penalty laden, disjointed, flag football farce!

    The country is trying to get back on it’s feet, but Roger wants to move games to another country? The eff is this…NAFTA Part II?

  7. I really like the commish, I think he does a great job, but it is a lousy idea to put games in Europe.

  8. The countdown is on for the Rams return to LA where the belong, not St. Louis…and not Anaheim either!

    Carroll Rosenbloom never would have allowed this move.

    Unfortunately a certain trollop though otherwise.

  9. Being a Ram’s fan I’m sick of this BS. Maybe the team should concentrate on the DRAFT and actually try to put somewhat of a winning product on the field. Is that too much to ask for?

  10. I don’t think forcing them to play in London is a good thing at all, but if they do play there I’m definitly going. I’d rather go to a game in the States but can’t afford the plane…

  11. “The city of St. Louis and the Rams organization are not seeing eye to eye”

    Translates to –

    The city of St Louis refuses to let its taxpayers be raped for hundreds of millions of dollars to buy the NFL a new stadium.

    Good for the city.

  12. The reason they’re going overseas is to expand the fanbase. They’ve pretty much maxed out the fanbase here; or rather it’s gotten to the point where the marginal return of securing more eyeballs on tv sets in this country is exceeded by tapping into a whole new market like the UK and Mexico.

  13. If they keep playing games in Toronto and London and Monterrey, the NFL will have to change its name —

    It’s the IFL — International Football League — nothing “National” about it.

    Anything less is false advertising.

  14. I’m sure Kroenke and Goodell realize that the millions of displaced LA Ram fans will support the return to Los Angeles. Now that the show girl is worm food, its Prime Time!

  15. “The Commissioner was asked if the terms of the Rams’ lease in St. Louis were realistic.”

    you mean is it realistic that a lease requires all St Louis home games to be played in their home arena in St. Louis?? yeah i think i would call that realistic…. sheesshh

  16. Ughhh. I swear PFT will take anything and make it mean whatever they want. This is just a bargaining chip created by Kronke to get a better deal in St. Louis and now St. Louis is turning back on him. Hopefully it will get a deal done quicker,because the idea that the Rams would get more support in LA over the long term is hilarious.

  17. If money is the issue, just have the Rams give the city the same profits they would make had they played the game at home.

    If the city wants to keep the Rams, they should be flexible about the London game.

    Whether you know it or not, the world is going global. American football is not global (see World Cup). If the league doesn’t do something to maintain global interest, it will always be a small potato.

  18. May I live long enough to see the NFL dare try to send a Green Bay, Philly, or Pittsburgh home game to London, Mexico City, Jabip, BFE, wherever. That would be some real entertainment.

  19. eigglesnosuperbowls says: “Football in London is equal to MADE IN CHINA !”

    You only get to claim moral outrage if y0u’ve never ever made a purchase at Wal-Mart, you all-american patriot.

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