Chad Jones in the house with the Giants


It’s been two years since the Giants drafted Chad Jones in the third round of the NFL draft, and he still hasn’t played in a game. But he’s here at Lucas Oil Stadium today with the Giants, and his presence is a reminder that he’s continuing to make progress in recovery from a devastating car crash, and still holding out hope that he may play with the Giants some day.

Two months after he was drafted Jones (on the right in the picture, standing alongside backup defensive lineman Adrian Tracy on the field at Lucas Oil Stadium) suffered injuries so serious that there were fears his leg would have to be amputated. But Jones has steadily been improving and said in November that he ran a 4.84-second 40-yard dash. After two full seasons on the non-football injury list, Jones is hoping to participate in training camp in six months and make the active roster.

Jones is an outstanding all-around athlete who won both a BCS national championship and a College World Series on LSU’s football and baseball teams. He surely didn’t dream about making it to the Super Bowl under these circumstances, but he’s here with the Giants today, and he may just beat the odds and make it onto the field with the Giants next season.