Chris Canty makes his prediction: Giants 28, Patriots 17


An ESPN producer named Jason Romano sent out a tweet on Sunday looking for predictions for today’s Super Bowl from all of his followers.

He probably didn’t expect one of the players in the game to respond.

“Giants 28, New England 17,” Canty responded.

It would be news at this point if a player wasn’t predicting a win, but the actual score is a nice touch.

Okay, it’s time to head over to the stadium. Finally.

24 responses to “Chris Canty makes his prediction: Giants 28, Patriots 17

  1. As a Giants fan, nothing wrong with being confident, but I would much rather him keep that thought to himself and just go out there and play hard like every other player on the field will do.

    Also, I doubt Brady will act the way he did 4 years ago.

  2. You just don’t get it- Goddess Nike has pre-ordained The Giants the winners no matter what; Last Super bowl Goddess
    Nike pre-ordained The Pack the winners no matter what; Last match-up Patriots vs Giants- Goddess Nike pre-ordained the Giants win- no matter what.
    Not necessary for you to believe; The Goddess Nike keeps no temple with mere humans but this game will be won by the Giants even if they are at the last 2 minutes.
    Goddess Nike is the most clutch Football player ever- eternally and that is more than you can say for any guy whose ever played any football at anytime.

  3. dd393 says:Feb 5, 2012 2:43 PM

    I’d like to root for the Giants. I really would. But they’re sounding more like the Jets.

    there are more than enough actual GIANTS fans who will be rooting for them….dont need ya bud.

    also….this team just WON a superbowl four years ago, and are going for their fourth title in 26 years. they are NOTHING like the jets and have EVERY right to talk.

  4. This game has the potential of a beatdown behind the woodshed…Patsies have beat two teams all year with a winning record. Bradshaw and Nicks did not play last meeting and we saw that result. Patsy secondary gets exposed… Bigtime! NY Roadwarriors 41- Patsies 20 (unless Belicheat brings his “camera crew” with him)

  5. Funny how the guys who always do the talking are the ones who’ve never won anything.
    Jints must be throwing a shutout in the 2nd half because the Patriots will have AT LEAST 17 by halftime. This game will not be that close.

  6. @jdandcoke

    Yeah? The Patriots are going for their 4th in almost a decade, they are nothing like the Jets and they have EVERY right to talk too, except they don’t, because they are not faux classy like the Giants.

  7. nyjalleffingday says:
    Feb 5, 2012 4:01 PM

    Yeah? The Patriots are going for their 4th in almost a decade, they are nothing like the Jets and they have EVERY right to talk too, except they don’t, because they are not faux classy like the Giants.

    Sorry, but do you hear EVERYTHING the Pats are saying? No, you hear what stories and quotes are being reported. I would assume that the Pats are just as confident as the Giants, and probably, amongst themselves, are saying the same things the Giants are saying.

    A Jets fan calling out a Giants fan for “talking too much”. What a world…

  8. There’s considerable debate about the Patriots being the favorites against the Giants who happen to have beaten them the last 2 times.

    I didn’t picture the Giants to be in this game. I really had either the Packers, Saints, or 49ers in mind.

    Coming toward the end of the season when it looked like the Patriots would get the no. 1 seed I really felt that if the Patriots make the Super Bowl, they’re so successful and too good of a story to be underdogs in the big game so I thought they could only face the 49ers. I was close.

    Instead, they face the Giants but they’re still favorites. I think part of that has to do with the teams’ regular season records both this year and in recent history.

  9. As for Canty’s prediction, well my prediction is a bit different to say the least.

    I predict that the Patriots will win and get off the 3 point Super Bowl win schnide but barely. Patriots 26, Giants 20. No team scores 3 touchdowns or more unless defense or special teams makes a big play.

    Sorry, not this year for an overtime Super Bowl. These 2 teams are very determined. The stars are not aligned for one.

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