Coughlin still uses Kurt Warner’s advice

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Once upon a time, Kurt Warner was Tom Coughlin’s starting quarterback in New York.

The two men shared a very close relationship for a coach and player, talking privately several times a week in Coughlin’s office. When Warner’s time with the team was up, Coughlin asked for a favor.

“Go home and make a list of all the things you think I need to do better as a coach, and don’t hold back,” Warner remembered Coughlin saying via the Newark Star-Ledger.

Warner took him up on the offer and wrote “page after page.”

“There were times when I was worried that I would hurt his feelings or damage our friendship,” Warner said. “But deep down I knew he’d never hold it against me as long as I did it with his best interests at heart.”

Coughlin said this week he still refers to Warner’s words. Warner focused on Coughlin explaining to players his reasons for doing things. He asked Coughlin to connect to role players and stars alike.

It’s worth noting that Coughlin may have changed less than the team around him. The Giants have learned to trust Coughlin implicitly.

“Let me ask you this: Do you think they question him for a second now?” Warner said.

10 responses to “Coughlin still uses Kurt Warner’s advice

  1. It’s amazing how many people clearly don’t know football. I’m refering to all the people contending Coughlin should be fired about 6 weeks ago. It was very clear he was one of the 10 best coaches in the NFL.

  2. Most fans just look at the won/loss record, and over look how players can make a coach look bad, look at the fumble at SF, I would say that the coach didn’t do that, however he has to take the loss. Bill

  3. By “people” you’re obviously talking about all those Giants “fans” who are all of a sudden parading around in blue jerseys. The same people who were screaming for him to be fired a few years ago….until they decided to jump back on the bandwagon.

    Maybe the most fair weather fanbase in the NFL.

  4. Coughlin will have bad years too & eventually Bellichek will too. This league is just too good to be able to be successfull year after year. Look at what happened to Andy Reid this year. It’s astonishing the Patriots have been as good as they have for as long as they have.

  5. It’s hard in the NFL for any player or coach not to be on the HOT seat…especially in NY. It’s expected, but clearly coach is one of the best.

    What amazes me is how much support retired or Ex-players and coaches help their former team. You would think if a coach or player is no longer with the team that any ties to the team are cut off. These last two weeks are a perfect example of how much support is given for each team from former players or coaches. That’s what makes the NFL that much more better as a sport.

  6. Its amazing how much the media hates on Coughlin and loves on Parcells. Isn’t Couthlin on the way to wiping Parcells out of the Giants record book?

    ps. Who was Coughlin’s backfield mate in college?

  7. This piece reflects on the biggest untold story of the Super Bowl — what a great coach Coughlin is [and I’m a huge Redskins fan]. There is a reason he has taken two teams, years apart, to the big game.

  8. There is still room in this game for no-nonsense coaches, as seen by this matchup. These are 2 coaches that get their guys to buy into a concept of team. I’d say BB has more in regards to the unselfish team players, but the work both these coaches has put in is fabulous. Well done. I hope this means Coughlin’s name wont be on the “hot seat list” by week5 next year.

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