Curtis Martin wants Bill Parcells to present him for induction

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Bill Parcells fell short of election to the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday, but it looks like he still might find his way to the induction ceremonies in Canton this summer.

Curtis Martin was elected and the running back, who played for Parcells in New England and with the Jets, hinted that he was going to ask his former coach might be the man he chooses to present him for induction. In the days leading up to the vote, Martin said that he would delay his own induction if it meant Parcells got it but things wound up working the other way around. On a conference call following the announcement of the voting, Martin discussed Parcells, who has often called Martin one of his favorite players, once again.

“I told him that I would call him after the show was over, but there’s no one more befitting to introduce me or present me at the Hall of Fame.  Parcells has meant everything to my career.  There’s God and then there’s Parcells, as far as the meaning they’ve had on my career.”

The outpouring of praise for Parcells was indicative of the entire conference call. Martin spent more time talking about his old coach, his mother, the owners of the teams he played for, his teammates and the fans than he talked about himself. That fits for a player who has been described as unselfish by just about everyone who ever coached or covered him.

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  1. the list of haley, tim brown, cris carter, parcells, and the ppl who did NOT get in,

    are WAYYY better then the ppl who DID get in,

    the ppl who didnt get in had more impact on the game, better players/coaches, better numbers, and more rings ( CHARLES HALEY HAS THE RECORD WITH 5!)

    the HOF system and voters LOST a lot of credibility this year.

  2. Give the man his creds.

    Curtis Martin is a 100% class act who gave it his all every Sunday for years with both the Pats and the Jets.

    His entry IS well deserved.

    Don’t blame him if the HOF froze out others who should be there.

  3. Cris Carter is by FAR one of the BEST WR you will ever see who played the game! Remember that we are looking at his PLAYING career, not his MEDIA career, so he should’ve gotten in.

  4. ahp1 says:
    Feb 5, 2012 9:55 AM
    Congratulations to a great player and an even better human being.
    Well said.

    Martin was the opposite of Chris Carter, quiet and a real team player AS WELL as being very talented.

    Way to go, Curtis.

  5. So happy for Curtis Martin. I think that Martin, was in many ways, a throwback type player. He just showed up and played at a very high level. He didn’t have to be a “look at me” self-promoting jackass. He just performed at an exceptional level year in and year out. This is coming from a Cowboys fan.

  6. He was on the Jets for the roller coaster years of playoff seasons followed by 4-12 years and he never complained or let anything get in the way of his job.

    He was the perfect running back, a machine of 4YPC and 1000-yard seasons up until he got hurt, and absolutely deserved to go to the Hall.

    The only surprising thing about it to me is he had to wait a year.

    Also, Tim Brown is more deserving than Cris Carter among the Wide Receivers.

  7. Curtis was always underrated because as one of the commenters stated above he wasnt a “look at me jackass”. As a lifelong 30 year old jets fan, i watched him game after game make yards out of nothing. He was a great runner, and very good blocker and a very good receiver. He never got the respect nationally because those jets teams flew under the radar and Curtis preferred to show up his do his job and go home rather than throw himself in the spotlight. His election is well deserved.

    I agree some of the people who didnt get it belonged in. Doleman was a beast in the late 80s, and waited a long time i have no problem with him going in.

    I do think one of Carter/Brown/Reed should have gone in over dawson or roaf. I think both, especially roaf deserved to be in but i think one of those wrs should have gone in this year.

    Congrats to Curtis!

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