Hall of Fame ballot will be crowded in 2013

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Saturday was a tough day for those who just missed out on election to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Things don’t figure to get much easier for Bill Parcells, Cris Carter, Charles Haley, Andre Reed and the other finalists who couldn’t garner enough support to join those elected to the Hall. The ballot will add several big names next year, making it certain that some of those men will miss out on enshrinement once again.

The biggest names on the list are Larry Allen, Jonathan Ogden and Michael Strahan. Allen made seven All-Pro teams during his career with the Cowboys and was a member of the All-Decade team for both the 1990s and 2000s. Ogden joined him on the latter team and made nine All-Pro teams as one of the best left tackles the game has ever seen. Strahan was also on the All-Decade team for the 2000s, holds the single-season sack record and was the 2001 NFL Defensive Player of the Year. All three men have Super Bowl rings on top of those individual accolades and seem like good bets to wind up with yellow blazers in the future.

Once you throw in Warren Sapp, John Lynch, Steve McNair and Morten Andersen and any Seniors Committee candidates, you’ve got a ballot overstuffed with players who achieved great things during their NFL careers. The lack of transparency in Hall of Fame voting makes it hard to know how close some of the near misses came to getting elected or if they were even near misses in the first place. That makes it that much more difficult to predict who might be joining Curtis Martin, Chris Doleman, Willie Roaf, Dermontti Dawson, Cortez Kennedy and Jack Butler the Hall of Fame in New Orleans this time next year.

30 responses to “Hall of Fame ballot will be crowded in 2013

  1. they need to stop robbing our raiders and get them in there, t. brown, c. branch, j. plunkett, j. tatum, and many others deserve enshrinement.

  2. I don’t think Steve McNair and Warren Sapp will be taking anybody’s spot on the final ballot.

  3. Josh, All due respect but Warren Sapp is the biggest name on that list. His personality aside, he is a 1st ballot Hall of Famer!

  4. McNair, Anderson and Lynch are not Hall of Famers. Haley easily is but didn’t suck up to the media enough. Carter, Reed and Brown all deserve to get in. Can’t believe they haven’t yet.

  5. Strahan, Odgen, Allen and Sapp should all get in on the first ballot. At least the good news for those other guys is that next year is a very weak class of first timers (M. Harrison and Dungy are the only two up for induction).

  6. phillyphever says: Feb 5, 2012 11:40 AM

    Strahan, Odgen, Allen and Sapp should all get in on the first ballot.


    Completely agree. Every one of those guys were total beasts on the field week in and week out.

  7. Not including Sapp as one of the biggest names on the list is a joke. 6 time All Pro selection, 90’s and 2000’s All Decade team, 1999 NFL Defensive Player of the Year, and a Super Bowl Championship. Second most sacks by a DT of all time and even today he is what DT’s are measured against..

  8. I never understood the concept of a “first ballot” hall of famer. If the HOF is only for the best of the best, what’s the point of saying Player X deserves to get in the first year of eligibility versus those who have to wait a few years? It’s not like once a player is voted in, there’s anything to differentiate who was voted in when. I can understand those who may be borderline cases, but I don’t see why certain players are seen as first ballot guys as they approach eligibility for entry.

  9. If Parcells did not get in, they should not even waste space with other coaches. There is not a coach alive, besides Bellichick, who is more deserving than him.

  10. It’s “cute” Allen and Ogden had 7, and 9 probowls… That would be good if you were a anyone except Will Shields!!!

    Will had freakin 12 pro-bowls and was left off… How can a guy be selected 12 times as being the top 4 in his position each of those years and guys with 5 and 6 get in?

    Clearly the HOF voters aren’t watching the pro-bowls… along with the rest of us, but to be selected by your peers that many times… RIDICULOUS!

  11. Out of all the guys who didnt get in this year and are coming up for eligibility next year Sapp is by far the most deserving. I have been watching football since 1987 and i have never seen a more disruptive DT than Warren Sapp, he absolutely dominated games from a position that normally gets no recognition. He is light years better than Strahan.

    I also hope that Parcells and carter can finally make it in next year.

  12. I agree with Sapp, Strahan, Allen and Odgen. But I like how everyone is bashing John Lynch. 14 NFL seasons, 9x Pro Bowl Selection, 4x All-Pro Selection, Super Bowl Champion, 2000 NFL Alumni Defensive Back of the Year, 2006 Bart Starr Man of the Year Award. And stats wise for his career: 740 tackles, 16 forced fumbles, 51 passes defended, 26 INT’s. Maybe he’s not a first ballot Hall of Famer, but he sure does deserve a bust in the HOF.

  13. Rod Woodson the best DB in the HOF said Reed was the hardest wr he had to cover!!! Reeds stats would have been higher but he and Kelly were having relations with the same woman. Kelly didnt throw to him for a year and half.

  14. Kevin Greene deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. It’s sickening how he isn’t. Lots of guys belong, but the line starts behind Kevin Greene. Man was a monster and is now part of the monster that is Clay Matthews.

  15. The case for Sapp, Lynch (and ultimately Brooks) will likely be enhanced because they were key players on a defensive scheme that wound up permeating the NFL. Teams that adopted the Tampa 2 were looking for their own Sapp, Lynch and Brooks.

  16. All Pro is a select group of 1st teamers. Are you considered Pro Bowl as an alternate or when several players drop out??

    There are no votes released for Football like Baseball. They way I understand it someone nominates a player gives a presentation for them to convince their worthiness and then it is voted on to make the 1st cut. Of course that is when the downgrading comes from the other voters who want their player in. Voters can hold a grudge against a nominee and talk them down. Some voters are sports writers and look out if you ever dissed them.

    Kevin Greene was a monster but everyone thought it was roid rage and the voters are too influenced by the Steelers, Cowboys and other big name teams.

  17. @jbaxt
    Uh dude, Larry Allen had 11 Pro Bowls at three different positions, played 4 different OL positions, and was All Pro 6 different times. That kind of trumps Will Shields, who was very good.

    You need to take off the Raider goggles and examine Plunkett’s career a bit closer. 15 year career with only FOUR winning seasons. No All Pro teams. No Pro Bowl selections. 34 more INTs than TDs. Never led the league in passing (top 5 only once). Did lead the league in INTs. 52% career passer who finished with a .500 record. Being twice as good as Trent Dilfer doesn’t mean you belong in Canton.

  18. gaadr says:
    Feb 5, 2012 1:14 PM

    The case for Sapp, Lynch (and ultimately Brooks) will likely be enhanced because they were key players on a defensive scheme that wound up permeating the NFL. Teams that adopted the Tampa 2 were looking for their own Sapp, Lynch and Brooks.

    And Ronde Barber (who will also get into the HOF one day as well).

  19. If Shields didn’t make it, how can Allen? For that matter, until Jerry Kramer is put in, the Hall should just admit that they hate guards. Swann and Stallworth deserve to be there, but Kramer doesn’t? What a joke.

  20. If John Randle got in on the first ballot then Warren Sapp should get in on the first ballot

  21. Jonathan Ogden was the greatest left tackle of all time…. a true gentleman and friend to all his teammates and coaches…. going back to his UCLA days. He deserves the HOF honor in 2013. I look forward to his acceptance and speech. He is a class individual.

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