Lawrence Taylor remains a hero with Giants fans

Walking around Lucas Oil Stadium a couple of hours before kickoff at Super Bowl XLVI, one of the most striking things I’ve noticed is the preponderance of Lawrence Taylor jerseys.

The only Giants jersey I’ve seen more times than LT’s is Eli Manning’s, and Manning is actually, you know, in this game. Taylor has been retired since 1993, and yet I’ve seen dozens of Giants fans wearing 56 jerseys today.

Taylor has had more than his share of off-field problems, and there may be some folks who loathe him personally. But based on the jerseys being worn this Super Bowl Sunday, it appears that many fans love him.

When you’re as great a player as Taylor was, you build up a whole lot of good will with your fan base. Taylor’s problems haven’t changed the fact that he’s a beloved figure to many fans of Big Blue.

11 responses to “Lawrence Taylor remains a hero with Giants fans

  1. I wonder if they would let him babysit their daughters?? A great football player, but if you had a “Turd” Hall of Fame he’s first ballot. Numerous incidents past the age of 45 for this guy. Hopefull he’s scared straight.

  2. Best i’ve ever seen, can literally, change the game from the DEFENSIVE side of the ball, and frequently did vs. my skins. just had to add that, I know that’s not the gist of the conversation but that’s what i’ve got to add. HAIL!

  3. How embarrassing that ppl started calling Tomlinson ‘L.T.’

    There is and will forever be only ONE L.T.
    – and that’s Lawrence Taylor.

  4. I saw almost every snap he played. He said it best with the ‘crazed dog’ comment. He was THE physical specimen of the day and quite the crazed dog on the inside.

  5. I love when Giants get on their high horse about “character” when they see I’m a Bengals fan. They have a blind spot for LT about a mile wide.


  6. Horrible human being, but one of the best to ever play the game at any position. Changed football and the way it’s played from his rookie year on. Also, literally, raised the Giants franchise from the dead. A decade of the Mara brothers at each other’s throats made NY one of the absolute worse teams during the entire 70s. The legends of Staubach and Landry were greatly enhanced by playing the god awful Giants teams twice a year.

  7. Don’t care about the other stuff, been watching NFL for 35 years and he is the most impactful defensive player I’ve ever seen. Ronnie Lott would be a distant 2nd, not close enough to be in the conversation with LT…who was so shockingly good no one could compare.

  8. Why would anyone expect anything different? As someone who watched all but his first three seasons, LT — the ONE AND ONLY — will be beloved until the world is no more, amongst Giants fans.

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