Peyton is willing be flexible on his next deal, but will he need to be?


If/when (when) the Colts decide not to pay Peyton Manning another $28 million on or before March 8, the question becomes the amount of money that will be required to get him under contract with a new team.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Manning is willing to structure his next deal in a way that will get him on a new team sooner rather than later.  He is, per Schefter, open to a deal that would entail little or no guaranteed money and significant performance-based incentives.

Possible features include a large roster bonus due on the first day of the regular season, and/or roster bonuses tied to the number of games in which he plays.

That said, a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that Manning most likely won’t have to resort to such measures, given the high degree of anticipated interest in his services.  With multiple teams expected to be breathing down Peyton’s surgically-repaired neck, he can sit back and let the market develop.

Implicit in these discussions is the ever-growing belief that the Colts won’t be paying Peyton $28 million.  Though owner Jim Irsay surely would prefer that Manning plays for neither the Colts nor anyone else, it’s hard to imagine investing that much money into keeping him away from another team.

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  1. Irsay really doesn’t understand that he has lost already. The problem with all of his tweeting is that he doesn’t have PR people to help him think about what he is saying.

    Though he was resorting to name calling when he called Peyton a politician, he made it a political battle. And he went up against someone who was/is a lot smarter than he is.

    Not to mention Peyton is an absolute genius at marketing himself. He is a brilliant salesman, look at his endorsements.

    Who actually thought Irsay would win against Peyton?

  2. Redskins… time for another old timer to save Shanny.

    Shanahan hasn’t won since Shannon Sharpe left.

  3. Peyton is the greatest QB of all time. Never ever had a true D in his entire career. Still went to playoffs 10 staight times. Thats just a piece of it all. Hey Nfl teams.. Want a world title? Hire PEYTON MANNING

  4. “Hey, Miami, we have a condo there…can you say ‘hometown’ discount? ”

    Sincerely, Peyton Manning.

  5. When did this turn into an Irsay vs Manning? Manning won? Irsay lost? Last I checked, Colts are about to get Andrew Luck. Cutting an injured player who hasnt played in 18 months is not a loss as far as I’m concerned. There’s no way to tell if Peyton will ever be the same, let alone play again.

  6. The REAL question here is whether Brandon Marshall, who has lobbied for a new QB, will give Peyton #18.

  7. I really think Peyton can write his own deal. I despise the Cowboys but doesn’t it sound about right. Imagine Brady vs (Peyton) Manning. That is ratings gold!!!

  8. voice of reason18–Signing Peyton Manning doesn’t guarantee anything. He’s been in the league since ’97, been in at least 5 AFCCGs and only one SB title to show for it. At this stage of his career–he’s what, 36, and with medical questions, he’s not exaclty a the height of his playing days. That’s like saying in baseball, the Phils signing Cliff Lee to go with Cole Hamels, Roy Oswalt, and the other Roy guaranteed them a WS title. Didn’t happen.

    bigjvde–Is this Archie posting???

  9. Who’s to say Luck is going to be the next Peyton Manning? He may be, but he may not. Manning is a proven guy. Again, the league wants to make QB’s that have never played an NFL snap, the next Manning. Ride the horse you are on for a little longer.

  10. I think if Peyton does leave the Colts he will go to a team in the AFC or if he does go to the NFC it won’t be the east he doesn’t want to be the guy to keep eli from making the playoffs or going to the super bowl he would rather they both be there and the best man win.

  11. There will no doubt be many offers in the near future for Manning. However I believe that realistic possibilities for his eventual destination will be limited. Manning is a very smart guy. In my opinion he knows it is very likely he is no onger the type of player that can carry an entire franchise on his shoulders. For that reason Manning will look to teams that have several pieces in place and not just go for the most lucrative deal. Manning may well have two or three season left in the tank so he won’t be willing or able to sgn up with a team that needs to spend a few seasons building a roster.

  12. Sounds like the Manning camp is speaking out of both sides of their mouth. On one hand, Manning is supposedly “open to a deal that would entail little or no guaranteed money and significant performance-based incentives” but in the next sentence we hear “possible features include a large roster bonus due on the first day of the regular season”…. So being on the roster by the beginning of the regular season is a performance-based achievement now… even if he still can’t play?

    If Manning is indeed willing to push his first big “bonus” to next September, why doesn’t he restructure his deal with the Colts to push that $28 million to September? I’m not privy to everything going on behind the scenes…. but this certainly seems to look more and more like Peyton trying to force his way out of Indy rather than work with the organization to stay…

  13. I have heard that Manning’s injury leaves him at risk for possible paralysis. Why would anyone with millions of dollars in the bank want to risk that?

  14. If I were the owner of any team besides, New England, NYG, Green Bay or Pittsburgh, I would take a serious look at hiring Manning to run my Offense. Besides those few teams, which have good to great QB’s, every other team would receive an upgrade by adding Manning to their roster.
    He will be pricey, but in the end you are almost guarenteed to at least reach the playoffs, which you cannot say for the current QB’s on those teams.

    Peyton Manning still has at the very least 2 years left in the tank. To me, he is pretty much a sure thing.

  15. @moonischasinme,

    Do you not have the common sense to ask yourself how many snaps Andrew Luck has taken in the NFL? Statistically, the data is against him producing anywhere near the career Manning has had.

    Common sense?

    Go Lions! Go Badgers!

  16. Several teams in the NFL need this football wizard deserves to fulfill his ……Montana wanted to remain a 49ner- didn’t happen-they cut him- Montana took his remaining potential to the KC Chiefs and got that 4th SB Ring. Colts franchise didn’t deserve Peyton to begin with.

  17. Montana never got to the super Bowl in KC but he did take them to the playoffs. What will Peyton do? Who knows but I hope he doesn’t get hurt. That would be foolish. Have to agree no NFC East for him, AFC makes sense, he knows those teams the best and NFC he has to fight Rodgers, Brees and his brother. AFC is Brady and maybe Big Ben. Heard people screaming in SF for him, I’m not saying Alex Smith is the answer, but a 2nd year in the same system will surely help that kid. I think he has too much class for the Jets. Which leaves Miami, with talent in place that was never used properly. Kansas City, a question mark on rebuilding and no real weapons. Denver, once again same as KC. Tennessee would make some sense, help Lockher learn behind him and decent talent. Houston has the tools, however Schuab is there but a great backup if Peyton gets hurt. Oakland, they can’t be married to Carson, once again a very good backup, tons of talent. However, you have to go back to Miami with that low draft pick that they can use on another weapon for him and a low 2nd for protection on the line to complete their line. Then you have Moore who can handle his own if Peyton gets hurt. Besides Brady and Manning 2 or 3 times a year who wouldn’t want that? That’s just my opinion I could be wrong.

  18. Manning won’t be healthy by the March deadline. Unless Peyton offers to restructure his contract with the Colts, he’ll probably be released.

  19. Now he wants to be flexible.

    I’m starting to see some truth in the selfishness claims floating around.

    I hope Cleveland ends up signing him. That way he will be back on IR by week 4 and the Browns will continue to be the non-factor we all know and love.

  20. When did this turn into an Irsay vs Manning? Manning won? Irsay lost? Last I checked, Colts are about to get Andrew Luck
    First off let me say, enough of Manning to Denver, that wont happen. i could see Arizona (though i still dont think that makes much sense), but i think the team that makes most sense is Miami. no proven QB, no QB that was traded up for or gave up alot for.

    Now as for the Irsay vs. Manning thing, i agree. really (as of right now), no one has won anything here. Now if Luck turns into a star QB who’s great, then in my book Irsay didnt lose a thing and if Manning is traded and wins a super bowl or just plays another 3 great years, then he didnt lose either.

  21. Payton manning is vastly overrated. He will not play with the same tenacity due to the medical condition is has. The Indianapolis colts should just cut him and save 28 million.

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