Redskins considering Peyton, Flynn, Orton

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The Washington Redskins had two quarterbacks who played in 2011:  Rex Grossman and John Beck.

And so they are trying to upgrade.  Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Redskins have had internal discussions about pursuing (surprise, surprise) Peyton Manning, Packers quarterback Matt Flynn, and Chiefs quarterback Kyle Orton.

Flynn and Orton will be free agents in March.  Peyton likely will be too, and possibly sooner than that.

Per Schefter, they’ve also talked about possibly moving up to No. 2 in the draft, where they’d surely take whomever the Colts don’t select at No. 1 overall.

If the Redskins get Manning, offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan would have to find a way to adjust his style to Manning.  Kyle wants to control everything the quarterback does.  Peyton won’t be thrilled about being micromanaged.  Given the choice between having strings on Beck and Grossman and a real-life Peytonnochio, Kyle shouldn’t need Jiminy Cricket to help him make the right call.

54 responses to “Redskins considering Peyton, Flynn, Orton

  1. As a Redskins fan, I’m already bracing myself for the team striking out with Manning, Flynn and RGIII and deciding it’s a good idea to give Kyle Orton $20 million guaranteed.

  2. The Redskins sould sign Peyton Manning and then move up in the draft and get RG3 then they could develop RG3 for a couple of years.

  3. Peyton is going to Miami…. He already has a home there and he won’t go play in the COLD weather! Plus he and his wife love it there and he golfs with Dan Marino! And I’m sure he would love to go head to head with Brady twice a year!!!People have been saying they saw him a couple of months ago at Clarkes in South Beach with the Dolphins owner. HMMMMMM?

  4. Why Seattle not considering Peyton. I know Jackson played ok towards the end of the year but let’s be real here..this is Peyton Manning.

  5. If the gints win the superbowl, that means grossman swept the superbowl champs. He never should’ve gotten pulled after the eagles loss. Either give him a full offseason and another shot or he just earned a lifetime back up position somewhere in the NFL.

  6. As a Redskin fan, I’d hate to see them to give away what’s needed to move up to 2 to take a QB. They have too many holes. I’d rather have them move down and sign even Orton. All Hail!!!!

  7. Why in the world would Peyton Manning want to go to DC? That franchise has been an afterthought since the early 90s, and has shown a complete inability to make a dent in the post-season, which is exactly what Peyton is gunning for: another SB ring. He’s going to go to a contender.

    The paycheck doesn’t matter. He’ll be earning paychecks the rest of his life based on his legacy, and his legacy only improves with another ring.

  8. The Skins dont need another band-aid at a key position. And thats exactly what they would get signing Manning. Of course he’s a hall of famer but how many good yrs does he have left? How much would he actually help a Skins team thats a wildcard contender at best? Of the choices Id prefer Flynn and then trade down and draft a playmaker at wr (maybe Kendall Wright from Baylor)

  9. Peyton to redskins.. i don’t think Peyton wants to face his brother twice or even three times a year.. Reason Eli went to Giants was because he did not want to be in same conference as his brother.. If Shanahan wants to keep his job he will have to draft a QB.. RG3 or Ryan tannehill..

  10. 0% chance he plays in the same division as Eli. He’d retire first. Payton has too much class.

  11. christian,you’re a fool! I Remind you,the skins beat the giants twice this season badly! had they had even a decent qb this year,they would have won the nfc’s a shame blind fools like you exsist!

  12. Sorry redskins fans no RG3 for you my Browns are going to select him 4th. Its evident with the signing of Brad Childress, who has a knack for developing dual threat QBs as Heckert and him did with McNabb in philly. I wouldnt be supprised to see them bring in Donovan on a one year deal to help mentor Griffin either. So If i were a Redskins fan I would be hoping for manning or Flynn

  13. I am a HUGE Redskins fan. I was wondering how other Skins fans felt about Jimmy Clausen? Is it to late for him or is there a chance he could still develop? I really don’t think he had a chance in Carolina. I would rather see him in a Skins uniform rather than Orton or Manning. I like Manning but…. I don’t want to give the Rams everything just for RG3.

  14. Here are my choices:

    1. RGIII
    2. Peyton Manning + draft selection not RGIII
    3. Matt Flynn
    35. Kyle Orton

    I believe the Redskins saying earlier they weren’t interest in Matt Flynn is a smoke screen. Peyton Manning is a pipe dream, he’ll have better options and money probably will be the least factor. I like the upside of Matt Flynn… won a championship at LSU & has been in a very productive system for a long time, doesn’t matter he was the backup… Aaron Rogers was a backup too. The telling sign will be if the Dolphins push hard for him… because if they don’t… I would say “Buyer Beware”.

  15. Thats a good point Clausen could be a steal, I would go after someone like that then draft Tannehill. With the new rookie wage scale and teams needs trading up in this draft would mean a Ditka move

  16. With the 4th selection of the 2012 nfl draft the Cleveland Browns select… Robert Griffin III.

    Sorry Redskins fans… apparently you guys don’t follow football very well if you believe Shanahan would build his team around running qb. Doesnt fit into his scheme.

  17. “Kyle wants to control everything the quarterback does. Peyton won’t be thrilled about being micromanaged. ”

    LOL won’t be thrilled ? I’d say that’s a deal breaker from Manning’s standpoint. Does anyone really think he’ll put up with Shanny Jr dictating every last move to him ?

    If he plays he’ll get paid huge no matter which team it is for and the amount is almost irrelevant given how much he’s already made. Manning will be looking for a situation with a decent team that will let him do whatever he wants.

  18. Sorry, but any team that signs Manning is either completely in denial, inept, or desperate – or all of the above.

    The risk of him going down for good on every play is just so much higher than any other QB out there, combined with his reported lack of progress in recovery and the exorbitant pricetag getting him would demand – just not a smart move. Especially when there are several other good choices available to them.

  19. I hope they get Manning or Flynn now. Orton if the other two are unavailable/unhealthy, not b/c he is the answer, but he is an upgrade.

    Then they need to offer trade up to the #2 pick, but nothing more then our 1st rd, 3rd, and maybe Moss, or a veteran DL.

    If no takers, and RGIII is gone before their pick, they should fill other needs with that 1st rd, and draft Tannehill with their early 2nd rd pick [his injury should make it safe to wait that long].

  20. Not sure if this has been mentioned before. It’s possible the skins trade for Bradford from the rams. They would take on his huge (pre-lock out) contract and the rams would then draft Luck or RG3 at a low salary. Of course they would get the skins 6th pick and probably something else.

  21. I will beyond pissed if we sign sick of being irrelevant.a healthy manning would be fine but I prefer to roll the dice in the draft and have a chance at a superstar.RGIII would make me so happy!

  22. Yep sure enough at a karaoke bar just after that pic he performed the electric slide…thats when a couple of doctors in the crowd cleared him to play

  23. dawglbfan: The Browns may want RGIII, however I seriously doubt they get him at 4. They may still get him but they will probably have to move to get him, as there are multiple other teams that want him.

    Also you obviously haven’t watched Shanahan much for a Browns fan, Shanny beat you all multiple times with a running QB in Elway, then he traded for another one in Jake Plummer. So he has no problem building around a running QB.

    However in this situation as much as I like Griffin, I would prefer them to take a WR, and a QB like Nick Foles. He is a project, but at least he would have someone to throw to.

    I have also been a huge Peyton fan for years, however I don’t want him on the Redskins because of the cost to the team.

    Flynn is a bad option because he is a good QB in a good system. With a suspect line, and no reliable receivers he isn’t 1/2 as good as he looks in GB. I don’t think Rodgers could perform in DC without alot of work on the rest of the team.

    So don’t mortgage the future for RGIII, is he worth 2 1s, yes, however that probably isn’t what the cost will be, I don’t see multiple 1s, and other high picks being worth it right now as there are still alot of needs.

  24. The Redskins should sign a veteran QB, WR and DB in free agency, then trade down and acquire more draft picks, then draft Ryan Tannehill in the second round and let him grow for a couple of years behind whoever they choose. This will allow the team to continue to rebuild and still be competitive. Peyton Manning will be getting an incentive based contract on whatever team he plays for…so if he goes down then it’s a minimal financial risk. Kyle Orton would be a decent one or two year option, Matt Flynn is unproven and could be Kevin Kolb 2.0. Since Bruce Allen and Shanahan have been in DC, the spending philosophies have changed dramatically…besides the McNabb trade, they’ve done a good job at rebuilding this team. Next year (year 3 of the Shanahan era) will be the year that they gain the league’s respect…Year 4 they’ll be a playoff team.

  25. LEAVE PEYTON ALONE! Don’t you know he doesn’t want any attention on his lil’ bros big day? Guuuuyyyyyyooooosssssshhhhh!

  26. Of the three, I would truthfully have to say that Orton would be the best bet. Manning’s health & Flynn’s inexperience are factors that are too big to gamble on, especially for the price it will take. Orton is a safe & relatively inexpensive option.

  27. I’d be ok with a trade for Clausen if they can’t get RGIII. I don’t want Peyton and he is too afraid to play in the NFC East so he won’t come here. They are not going after Flynn. I could see Orton if none of the other options don’t work out for another year. If Orton had been a Skin this year we likely would have won the division and would not have to suffer the agony of watching Eli Manning in the SB.

  28. No way Manning is considering them, he’d be better off retiring than the heartbreak of a season the redskins are poised for

  29. RG3 is locked in at #4 to the Browns. Yes other teams want him but they have no one to trade with. Colts cant pass on Luck, Rams cant pass on Blakmon, and the vikings cant pass on Kalil… sorry to hurt you feelings but if you want Griffin you’ll have to give up the house like Ditka did for Ricky Williams. The top 4 players match exactly the teams need at that selection. Its in the teams best interest to grab a good free agent cause barring the biggest trade in Redskins history

  30. @dawglbfan…nobody is going to have to give their whole draft away to get one player…no one knows what’s going to happen in Free Agency and if the Browns get Matt Flynn this whole scenario changes, so no one is locked into anything until the draft actually starts.

  31. I think Peyton could easily be a better offensive coordinator then Kyle…..well maybe even a better head coach than Shanny………..

  32. i would LOVE Peyton Manning here, BUT he wont be a Redskin. i dont see him playing his brother twice a year, look for him in either Arizona or Miami. out of all the teams i think Miami is the best fit for him, he will go in, start quickly, have Marshall to throw to, have Bush to throw to and hand off to, if the Dolphins are wise, they then draft a QB in round two and draft a WR in round one and make this offense scary good.

    As for Washington, i have ideas about who i want for my favorite team, but Kyle Orton is NOT that guy!!!! i dont know if Clausen will ever be good, but Orton is in my book another Campbell if he comes to Washington. just average. Flynn is a thought and maybe he becomes great here. i personally though would love RG3, he fits best here when compared to the other 3. Flynn is the 2nd best fit. Manning isnt a great fit, but he would make this team much better. Orton isnt a good fit and on top of it, is a slight upgrade.

  33. Currently I own several hats, a #59 Shawn Barber jersey, a #12 jersey with no name and a #48 Chris Cooley jersey. I promise to sell or burn all of that if the Redskins try to sign Manning. Why on this earth would we want that broken down buzzard with the current crop of ego maniacal coaches.

  34. Why do people like danny…whatever, always get on here and talk about Danny Snyder and his money. These people obviously have no idea what they are talking about, and frankly it is out dated comments. Snyder has disappeared for 2 years. He doesn’t operate the same. This is a different team, with a different front office, and a different plan. Please stop with the 2009 comments, that are not funny, witty, or relevent anymore. You don’t know what you are talking about.

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