Source: Peyton will play in 2012, probably not for Colts

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Get used to seeing Colts quarterback Peyton Manning in a uniform other than the one worn by the Colts.

Per a source close to Manning, the long-time Indy starter will play in 2012.  The source also has predicted that Peyton eventually will be the comeback player of the year next season.

But will he play for the Colts?  The source fully expects that the Colts will cut Manning before March 8, at which time he will be owed another $28 million, in addition to the $26 million he received in 2011 without taking a single snap.

Former Colts coach Tony Dungy, who previously couldn’t fathom Manning playing for another team, said during the Super Bowl XLVI pregame show that he spoke with owner Jim Irsay on Thursday night, and that Irsay seemed to be under a lot of stress regarding the question of whether to keep or cut Peyton.  Dungy eventually said that the info appearing above “could be right,” and that Peyton will be playing for another team.

We’ll know the answer soon enough.  We may know it even sooner, especially if Peyton requests a meeting with Irsay as soon as everyone clears out of Indy — and if Peyton demands an answer during that meeting.

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  1. Peyton Manning will be a Dolphin. He already has a house there and Stephen Ross will back up the wheelbarrow filled with money.

  2. LOL: “The source also has predicted that Peyton eventually will be the comeback player of the year next season.”

    MY source predicts Manning won’t be the Comeback Player of the Year in 2012.

    My source predicts Manning will be stroked on a blitz and that, my friends, will be that.

  3. I think a quick divorce will help both sides.

    Irsay can say that he wasn’t satisfied enough with the progress from the injury… and he saves $28 million

    Manning can look for his next team and an incentive laden contract (like every 10% of team snaps will get him 1.5-2 million, so that if he does play all the snaps, he earns $15-20million)
    him signing for another team also helps the new team in free agency.. Wayne could follow him there or somebody like Colston will be interested in catching balls from Manning

    Miami and Washington could go mental for him

  4. If only he could get his name out there a bit more, someone would probably take a chance on him. Way to gracefully let your brother get his well deserved attention, Peyton! I’m sure if they win there will be stories floated by all his crew how he was just trying to take some of the pressure off Eli.

  5. There is an art to knowing when to be silent. You’ve put the word out, now let the fans digest the message. And that’s not even to mention spewing your BS during the marquee event. Clowns.

  6. Is this really something you need to tell us every freaking day? And not just that but its the 3rd time you’ve talked about him not being on the colts TODAY!

    This site is going to be unbearable after tonight.

  7. Please Join the 49ers Peyton. There’s only a few of us real 49er fans left and an 8th straight year of Alex Smith is unprecedented. No other QB, not in the top 10, has been on the same team for this long.

    We need you Peyton. The real 49er fans are sick of QB passes thrown to the feet of able bodied receivers. The real fans are sick of our TE leading the team in receiving yards. We are sick of overthrown and non-existent deep balls.

    We trade Alex Smith to Washington for a 5th, aand we give them a 2nd next year for Santonio Moss. We bring Peyton in and we being a 5 year dynasty.

    They said the same thing about Drew Brees and Favre before the end, end was playing at mvp level near 40. Peyton has had much less wear and tear than Favre did at that point, so one can argue, Peyton has a full 5 years left in the tank.

  8. And just why would Irsay have to respond to a Manning demand for a meeting or an answer? Because Peyton has been so kind with all his media releases and statements??

    I don’t think so, Jimmy has till March 8th, actually could push it out till the 10th.

  9. Arizona sure seems like the logical choice. Domed stadium, a team on the cusp, and most importantly, Fitz.

  10. how come no one mentions seattle? good young defense, o line and running game. oh, and their starter is t jack. he’s used to getting pushed to the side for hall of fame qbs.

  11. After Eli wins a super bowl people will question who the better Manning is so he will go to the Skins who not once but twice beat the Giants this year and he will battle his brother twice a year.

  12. Remarkable that Peyton isn’t IN the Super Bowl but has upstaged it. Maybe Madonna will do something to knock him off his perch.

  13. Peyton Favre continues to make a fool of his brother by using surrogates in the media to keep his own story alive. What a jerk Peyton is.

  14. I’m surprised that no one’s yet mentioned that Dolphins and Jets will be playing the Colts next year, and that the Miami will be at Lucas Oil.

    Something to remember if either of those teams really does compete for him.

  15. As a Colts fan I hope he plays again ANYWHERE that gives him the best chance of a few more titles.

  16. first off, flynn to miami is a better scenario for the Dolphin organization. flynn knows the system. peyton doesnt. SIMPLE.

    Secondly NFL is about selling tickets. So i predict Peyton plays in D.C against Eli,Vick, & Romo.

    D. Snyder is only other Owner with deep pockets desperate for a QB and to make a splash in FA. He has a history of it.

  17. I could see him in DC too, but they’ll have to promise to go after Blackmon or Flloyd in the draft and offer him more money than Miami and Arizona to get him. Now if San Fran went after him I think Peyton would definitely go to the 9ers. I don’t see him going to the Broncos. Their offense is awful besides Willis. He’s gonna want to go to a team that can compete right away and the 49ers, Redskins, Dolphins, and Cardinals offer that.

  18. He should retire rather than go to some other loser. If they wanted him they should have drafted or traded for him years ago.

    Montana just damaged his legacy going to KC at the end of his career. Peyton has done enough, retire and become a coach.

  19. Let’s not leave out dark horses… like maybe Cleveland. Right up the road from his house in Indy. Jets could be nice too since he would see his brother often.

    However… having a QB FRIENDLY coach in Miami is kinda cool

  20. It’s a win/ win for both parties. The Colts aren’t going to win anytime soon even with Manning so the will get their franchise QB. Manning will get to choose where he goes and challenge for a super bowl in ’12.

  21. IF Manning hits FA maybe the eagles make another “DREAM TEAM” move. Maybe vick gets traded for a OL or LB ans reid gets a QB that is smart enough and can play under pressure. As long as he doesnt end up on the Cowgirls…

  22. They say his wife likes Miami, so the smart money say Miami, they have a condo there, a practice dome, good weather, go fishing, make that deep sea fishing almost any time, still looks like Miami. Bill p.s. And he could make BM a super star .

  23. Sources tell me Peyton’s new team wears red, green & white and will only ask Manning to sling it 3-4 ft. in the air.

    Peyton Manning, pizzaback, team Papa John.

  24. I’m a Vikes fan, but logic tells me it’s either the Texans or the Cardinals.

    Mark it down.

  25. It is hilarious how many people are coming on here talking about how Manning is going to save their team – just by signing on the dotted line —

    When no one knows if he can throw a ball even 10 yds with a reasonable amount of force and accuracy. No one knows if he can move sufficiently to evade a sack or even buy time to find a reciever. For all anyone knows, he could be worse than Tebow!

    Now, signing him would certainly help the team by selling some tickets but last time I checked, selling tickets didn’t get you any closer to a win.

    I wouldn’t spend all my cash on a guy who could very realistically be done for his career the very first time he takes any kind of hit.

  26. Peyton to Dolphins?
    The last time Miami picked up a Colt “throw away”, it turned out OK.
    Some coach named Shula came to town when when the Colts thought his best years where behind him too.

  27. If you’re Manning and you don’t know how many games you have left in you, why would you choose Miami or Arizona?

    There will be a lot of potential suitors, and something tells me that another ring is more important to Peyton than more money.

  28. @theghostoflombardi

    Both Miami and Arizona have top 1o WRs. They both have the foundation to build top 10 D’s. They both have decent RBs. The only thing either team truly lacks, besides a QB, is an O-line. If either of them get Manning they’ll draft an O-lineman early and they’ll probably pick up 1 or 2 more in free agency. Both of these teams are a QB and a couple of O-linemen away from contending. That and the money are why he would choose Miami or Arizona. Any more questions?

  29. Like Rodney Harrison, Irsay seems very concerned about Peyton’s long term health more than the money he would have to pay to keep Peyton. Peyton would get killed playing for a rebuilding Colts team. My prediction is that Irsay offers Peyton an ownership interest in the team in exchange for Peyton retiring immediately.

  30. There’s a few places i’d expect Peyton to end up.

    I’m going to act under the assumption he wants to go somewhere where he can win, preferably while running his own system, and that money is pretty secondary.

    1) The 49ers appear to be in the same position the Vikings were 3 years ago. They have a young, Super Bowl-ready team that lacks a championship caliber quarterback. My only concern here would be whether Jim will let Peyton run his offense. Alex Smith’s contract is also up.

    2) The Jets, simply because their fan base has had it with Mark Sanchez. They love to gamble, and they would probably let Peyton run his own offense.

    3) There’s not a lot of other options of teams that are ready to win, now, and lack a quarterback. Maybe the Broncos, who would hope Tebow can learn something from Peyton, but they’d have a huge public backlash. Miami is the more likely option, though.

    I think he’d probably retire before going to anywhere but a championship-caliber team. He’s going to be 36 in March. He probably only has two years, maybe three left, though if he doesn’t have another injury he could probably play until he’s 40 or 41, like Favre did.

  31. #18 and Starting QB for the Pittsburgh Steelers…Peyton Manning. Big Ben cant keep his mouth shut and Peyton likes loyalty. A football family like the Rooneys would give him that.

  32. i only see two teams that may get him, Miami and Arizona. now with that said, i think the only team that should get him is Miami. if Arizona gets him, it makes their trade for Kolb look so dumb that it’s not even funny. if Manning goes to Washington, he will play his bro twice and that’s not what he wants, so eliminate them. if Manning goes to the Jets, then i think it’s a bad fit for Manning, though it is a good place for a championship try, but another thing. would Peyton want to go to NY and take more hype off his brother?? plus, i think that the Jets keep Sanchez and sign Campbell to backup and possibly take his job if Sanchez struggles.

  33. – how many superbowls have the patriots won since they got caught cheating? Oh that’s right, ZERO!!!

  34. OMG…. Clowns! (stevenfbrackett)

    Worse than Tebow?? Have you watched Tebow throw a ball? Manning might throw a better ball left handed.

    gdpont LOL yeah ok. I wont even post your comment….

    OK it’s Miami and Arizona. (possibly SF but I don’t think so )

    The problem is Miami gave up the 3rd most sacks and 4th most QB hits this year… not good considering Manning usually doesn’t need to get his jersey cleaned….(he stays upright behind the colts O line) Indy had 20 less sacks in 2011 (with whats his name @ QB) than Miami. (Last year {2010} with Peyton, 16 sacks 47 hits)…ummmm unheard of!
    I don’t think Miami can do this (protect Manning with colts like stats) although they might be better with their new coaching staff. That being said, Arizona is second last in both categories for the last 2 years. Problem is with the Fins is they can’t seem to stay healthy (O-line and RB)

    B-Marsh and Fitz have very similar stats the last 2 years (with about the same QB output which makes it a warranted stat).

    The Dolphins have hands down had a better D than the Cards the last 2 years.

    Miami had better special team stats last year… not so much in 2010.

    So where does Manning go? With salary and bonus, Manning is 35.4 million dollars of love in Indy. Yeah…. you have to cut him! CAP room gives both teams an edge (over the jets….yeah good luck foot fetish clown.. you are over the CAP rexy) but Arizona could really pay him as they are 20 million less under the CAP than Miami.
    With Ross wanting to fill the seats in south beach, I think he goes there ….well he has a house there for the love of God…. makes it a lil easier….don’t you think? We shall see. I look forward to the thought of RB and BMarsh catchin passes from one of the greatest!!

  35. Let’s quit fantasizing about a young Peyton Manning saving the franchise. He is probably as brittle as Chad Pennington! I wonder if he can pass a physical!

    Ersay made a statement that Peyton has not passed the team’s physical yet. I am sure that Irsay wants him too though. You give Peyton his money and trade him to the highest bidder, as is. Buyer beware! You might get three years or you might get three quarters before he has a neck injury or something career ending. There goes those picks!

    Peyton needs to be a bargain. If the Colts cut him and the new team can negotiate salary based on performance ( reduce injured reserve payments to league minimum) You got yourself a hell of a deal! The final deal must be a compromise of these two scenarios if everyone is going to be happy!

    Why would Manning select the Dolphins? New coach and staff, average offensive line, Brandon Marshall (the kook!) , only 1 TE and an underachieving WR corps! Do the Dolphins have any better chance at going to a Super Bowl than the Jets or San Francisco, Washington or the Cowboys?

    Okay! The Guy has a condo here! So, what? If you told me he owns a mansion on Star Island, I might listen. A man with serious injuries only works through the pain that hard to get back into playing shape so that he can make another fortune and win one more Super Bowl! The question is, Which team that is willing to pay the rate is close to a Super Bowl? Is that the Dolphins?

    The last time I went through the roster, there were 23 positions up for grabs. If everyone on the roster improves that can do so, and we resign our free agents; you need two off. linemen, another TE on offense and at least two Def. backs! Even with a soft schedule next year, the conference championship goes through New England! Can Peyton Manning take the current Dolphin Team and beat New England twice?

    Okay! See my point! Relax, and let this play out!

  36. Irsay did an interview Saturday night with Indy’s local station and stated that if Manning wants to be a Colt, then he will be a Colt. But his health is the first concern. He wants Peyton, Peyton wants to be a Colt. But it all boils down to health. Yeah, his neck is fine, better than before, but his arm is the concern. Guarantee ESPN wont say a thing about the interview Irsay gave saturday night, that would hurt the possibility of ‘The Decision Part Deux’ that they are so eagerly awaiting for.

  37. Since we are talking about pure entertainment value here…and that’s what the NFL is, entertainment…I can’t think of anything more entertaining than watching Manning throw balls to Fitzgerald. Bill Bidwell–are you listening?

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