Tom Brady: “We just didn’t make enough plays”

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For a player who built much of his reputation on playing great in the biggest of games, Tom Brady has had a lot of recent playoff disappointments. With Sunday’s loss to the Giants in Super Bowl XLVI, the Patriots have now lost four of their last six postseason games.

Brady certainly didn’t have a terrible game against the Giants — he was a lot better tonight than he was two weeks ago, when he admitted that he “sucked” against the Ravens in the AFC Championship — but he didn’t make as many plays as his counterpart, Eli Manning.

And that’s exactly what Brady himself said after the game.

“We just didn’t make enough plays,” a subdued Brady said after the game. “First quarter we didn’t have the ball a ton, second quarter was a little bit better. Third quarter we started well. it came down to the fourth quarter, and they made some plays at the end. We just didn’t make the plays.”

One play Brady did make — a bad one — was an intentional grounding penalty on the Patriots’ first offensive snap. Brady said he was throwing the ball away because he felt pressure from Giants defensive end Justin Tuck, and he understood why the referee ruled it a penalty in the end zone for a safety.

“It’s a referee’s judgment call,” Brady said. “I was looking down the field and Tuck, I think, was coming to get me. I tried to get rid of it and the ref made the call.”

Brady said the loss hurts, but that he’s rather lose the Super Bowl, as he has twice now, than not get to the Super Bowl.

“I’d rather come to this game and lose than not get here,” Brady said. “Hopefully we’ll be back at some point. We had a great year, we just didn’t make enough plays.”

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  1. I dont think he played bad. Wes Welker dropped a huge pass late in the game. They didnt lose this game because of him. Their defense has been a problem all year and there was no way they were stopping 3 elite WR’s. Brady was picking the Giants apart in the first half. They got out hustled, period. The Giants made adjustments after halftime and Eli Manning was huge. Giants were the better all around team

  2. Brady played fine, but this drops his stock big time. But Belichek’s stock drops more, because he did a horrible job of preparing this team that seemed ready to lose from the coin flip. and these receivers clearly didn’t want to win this game.

    It has become clear that the Patriots have jumped the shark and will not win any other Super Bowls, or likely even appear in one. They certainly don’t deserve too. But they’ll continue to pile regular season wins and clog up the AFC playoffs preventing teams that might actually win from moving on to the Super Bowl.

    Horrible effort by the Patriots roster.

  3. I we heard for two weeks was how Belichick and Brady was going to have a game plan to win this game. They didn’t do jack but for two drives. A bunch of midgets running around on that team. Woodhead and Welker.

    Belichick better starter drafting some playmakers instead of trying to win with undrafted free agents.

  4. Congrats to then Giants. Great win.

    Sorry for the Kraft family. I know they would have wanted this for Mrs Kraft.

    Should have been the Ravens. They are their own worst enemy.

  5. so much for the giants smack talking having any effect on this game. the giants had more starters out injured this year than anybody….if they happen to be healthy next year, like the niners were this year, theyll be gunning for another ring next february.

    as for brady….he has three years left to try again…after that his career will go downhill quickly.

  6. Sorry my Pats lost. Hats off to the Giants for makeing enough plays at the end to win. Could have gone either way last quarter

  7. Brady has plenty of talent. This team went 11-5 without him. They have one of the best o-lines in football and have added Gronkowski and Hernandez (defensive matchup nightmares) to go along with Welker. Plenty of talent, but he just didn’t get it done. No excuses

  8. I don’t know if the Patriots didn’t make enough plays. I think the Giants are a better team, having more talent, especially on defense. However, Brady is a better quarterback than swamp boy.

  9. I don’t want to hear that welker dropped that pass. I’m more focused on the fact that Brady threw it to high to a short Wes Welker. If Brady puts it on Welker, the Pats win the Super Bowl. Period. Welker was wide open.

  10. Brady played a pretty good game, its not his fault the receivers did not make some plays.

    I feel the Pats had more to gain with a win

    -in memory of Myra Kraft
    -tying Montana, Bradshaw

    The Giants win is kind of meh. It puts Eli (NOT Coughlin) in the mix for HOF (not first ballot).

  11. How does Brady’s stock drop? The guy is still one of the best the game has ever seen. As a fan of the sport, I loved watching Montana and Brady. But Tom’s right–it is better to get to the game than not. Brady’s made it five times and Joe only four. Yes, Joe won all four, as Terry Bradshaw did. And yes, losing a Super Bowl is heart-breaking–my Steelers have done that twice. But the argument that it’s better to sit home, out of contention, than to win the conference championship and go to the Super Bowl is idiotic. Win or lose, it’s always better to be in there fighting on the last day than eliminated a game or two short.

  12. patriotinvasion says:Feb 5, 2012 11:09 PM

    Nothing to say other than congrats to the Giants. They got us again. Eli is elite. 2 rings, good for him. Gotta keep grindin’.

    This was a great game. Not just saying that because of who won. I think these two organizations have a lot of respect for one another. Belichek displayed that at the end of the game. This isn’t the same as the yankee/Red Sox rivalry. If the Pats aren’t playing the Giants I root for them.

  13. I guess it’s safe to say the “Gods of Balance” are in full effect on Tom Brady, BB, & The Entire Patriots organization. Nothing better than to see a dynasty that was born on a “Tuck Rule” crumble under a guy named “Tuck’s” watch. What can we really say about Tom Brady now, accept that he’s Eli Manning’s B**ch?

  14. He just needs to go spend a nice quiet evening alone in a Buffalo hotel room and think about his disappointments.

  15. jdandcoke says:
    “Feb 5, 2012 11:17 PM
    so much for the giants smack talking having any effect on this game. the giants had more starters out injured this year than anybody….if they happen to be healthy next year, like the niners were this year, theyll be gunning for another ring next february.”

    Hate to correct you buddy but the 49ers were decimated with injuries, they had their 5th receiver playing the # 2, lost multiple players all season long. But yes, Giants had a ton of injuries as well

  16. That sound you hear?

    It’s the Patriots window closing.

    They’ve got a couple more years with Brady, but that team without him will be a mess.

  17. Brady is still a first ballot HOF Player. it was a great game. 3 forced fumbles that the Giants recovered made a big difference. Giants fans, Welker makes that catch its a different story. always will be next year. just hope 9-7 is good enough to get in the playoffs again.

  18. Brady played outstanding. NE played a physical, tough game, and it could have easily gone the other way. Hats off to the Pats. Now that that has been said, I hope some of the so-called “experts” who picked against the Giants in EVERY game this postseason and one who picked against them in EVERY game last time they won it all, as well, will FINALLY own up to their bias and acknowledge that Eli, Coughlin, and the Giants have beaten a first ballot HOF QB and Head Coach twice. Time to pay some respect!

  19. The Patriots are short a few playmakers. Branch can’t get open, Ocho can’t learn the offense, and Welker is a great slot receiver, but not a huge playmaker. RB’s are average. Their most explosive offensive playmaker is a tight end, and he was hurt. The Pats have definitely lost the scouting battle vs the Giants. Brady can carry the team when he’s perfect, but he made two big errors (safety and pick) and the throw to Welker could have been a lot more catchable.

  20. It just goes to show what we always knew — Brady was never the reason the Patriots won those Super Bowls. Vrabel, McGinest and Bruschi were. Tommy is a Tuck Rule away from being Joe Flacco.

    Speaking of Flacco, the Ravens announced today they will NEVER get to the Bowl with Joe as their QB.

  21. The Pats played well and they are more talented than the New England teams that supposedly won 3 superbowls but it goes to show in New England with no cameras………… no championships!!!!

  22. Pats/Brady/Belichick have nothing to be ashamed of. Envy of the league. I hate them. But I’m wildly jealous of them.

  23. Tom Brady played well. Unfortunately football is a team game. His #1 TE was hurt, his receivers are average and dropped balls. They havent had a run game since an old Corey Dillon was there and the defense is terrible. Giants should have been the favorites in this game and they performed like it. Great QB, good run game, impressive Wrs, and a stellar D-line.

    Congrats Giants Fans,

    Draft Time!

  24. i think the undrafted free agent thing finally caught up to them – Julian Edelman and Matthew Slater werent going to be doing anything on Cruz, Nicks and Manningham – Chung seemed to be in position to make plays , but Kyle Arrington was eventually torched.

    Time to hit free agency and hit it hard.

  25. I think Brady did far more with this team then any other quarterback would have been able to. Lets face it, this Patriots team really wasn’t a Super Bowl quality team aside from Brady. He played a really solid game, and if not for the Wes Welker drop everyone would be talking about how great Brady was and asking questions about Manning.

    To that point, I think the football media is definatlly too bias towrds the winning quarterback. While they might be the key to the team, they are not the whole team… and even the best quarterback in the world can’t win if the team around him doesn’t play good. I would say Brady played better then Manning, especially since the Giant’s had the better defense… but Manning will the the hero because the team around him played better then the Patriot’s did for Brady.

    But I guess thats just life, and lifes not fair…

  26. They made enough plays, the refs didn’t make enough plays to help them win. They helped them with quite a few, but they needed more. If this were a regular season game against the Dolphins, the Bills, the Redskins, with not near as much inspection of the refs, then the Patriots would have won that game.

  27. OK, one more time you ignorant Cheatriot pukes. Tom “Bitch”Brady was not and will never, and I mean EVER, be a better big time QB than JOE MONTANA.

    Joe knew Super Bowls. He didn’t need a cheating coach or to be bailed out by his kicker!! Get it through to your thick skulls, bitches!

  28. Brady is officially trade bait. Love the guy but he blew it tonight. Threw behind at critical times. Lost his nerve. time to move on. sorry fellow Pats fans. It is what it is.

  29. Before everyoe drills down to the reason the Pats lost yet another post-season game, perhaps they should question what impact or influence the presence of Jizz L. (“Send Tommy your love . . .) or Linda Pizzuti have had on their beloved teams.

    Perhaps Tommy Boy should have stuck with Tara Reid . . .

  30. Randy Brady disagreement with OC O’Brien..Obrien is gone.

    Tom Brady otherthrows Wes Welker to win the game….Welker is gone because he dropped the catch.

  31. Most of the posts on PFT are either hateful, ignorant, or people just trolling. ESPN has helped breed a culture of hate and it has ruined pretty much every sports message board I can think of.

    The Giants were the better team today. Congrats to the G-Men.

    Its just unfortunate that this page is filled with snide remarks and hateful posts.

  32. Gotta hand it to the Pats’ D, they still played way better than anyone expected. They were laying guys out all night. Only so much you can do, though. Gotta score more than 17.

  33. “Lets face it, this Patriots team really wasn’t a Super Bowl quality team aside from Brady.”

    Steve Young? Is that you??

    The Patriots were/are severely unbalanced, but there’s plenty of quality on that offense. Gronk, Welker, Gonzalez.. Those guys could play for any team. And Brady has his self proclaimed best O-line too.

  34. Too high to Welker and wrong shoulder. Underthrew Gronk for INT. Both throws to Branch behind him; he leads Branch, he could have run for days. Brady could have avoided two of those sacks, and injury, by throwing it away. When camera flashes to Brady with a minute left on sideline and he was getting the ball, you could see the fear, the lack if confidence. The arrogant resolve was not there. It looked as if he were about to cry. Brady’s done.

    And I’m a Pats fan.

  35. Bernard Pollard sure has wreaked havoc with Brady’s career. He wiped out Toms knee in 2008, Welkers knee in 2009, and Gronks ankle in 2012. The Mannings send their regards.

  36. No way in hell that was a drop by Welker, Brady threw it high and behind him while he was crossing.

    That’s a bad throw, period.

  37. Funny how according to many Pats fans its not Bradys fault they lost….

    Lets be real here, in 2007, they had tye #1 offense in the league, but in the SB he only put up 14 points and his D did their job and held the Giants to 17….. Thats on Brady.

    This year they were a top 3 offense, but again his D holds the Gmen to 19 points (not counting the 2 pts Tom gave them) and he only puts up 17!

    Funny how he puts up good numbers playin the easiest schedule in the NFL, but when it matters, he chokes again.

  38. Obviously, this is all part of Coach Belichick’s master plan. He was able to keep Ochocinco hidden from the league the entire regular season and post season. Just wait until he unleashes him in the off season. #genius.

  39. Starting off the game with your first from scrimmage giving up a safety doesn’t exactly help. Has anyone considered that Brady might not be that smart?

  40. Was a great game and I am glad my giants won,tough, hard fought game, both sides making good plays.And brady’s statement about not making enough plays? an understatement.

  41. Elite Manning took away the patriots undefeated season 4 years ago (as 14 pt underdogs). This year, Brady and Belicheat fall again to Elite Manning. Brady is going backwards. Elite, well, he’s going to Canton, off of bradys back.

  42. Seems like the last couple of years, Brady’s accuracy is not as pinpoint as it used to be. He played a good game but even his completions seemed to be a bit off the mark.

    Having said that, the Giants played great and Eli was sick…… I mean 30/40 with at least 3 intentional throw aways out of bounds. Gotta give him the props he deserves.

  43. ynot1381 says:
    Feb 6, 2012 1:58 AM
    Most of the posts on PFT are either hateful, ignorant, or people just trolling. ESPN has helped breed a culture of hate and it has ruined pretty much every sports message board I can think of.


    ESPN hasn’t helped breed a culture of hate, AMERICA itself, has.

    Win at any cost, right? Don’t just assign it to a Network, we live in a culture of humiliation. From South Park, to Daily Show to SNL.

    What really breeds trolling?

    Running up the score. Showboating. Celebrating First downs. Dances after sacks. Showing up your opponent. It all filters right down to fans talking smack after victories.

    Does “winning” really make you a winner?

  44. “It’s a referee’s judgment call,” Brady said.


    Umm, you were clearly a) in the pocket, b) in the end zone, and worst of all, c) replays showed there was nobody but Giants players within a mile of where that pass went. That’s *textbook* intentional grounding, even if you didn’t mean it.

  45. waxedagain says:

    Joe Montana’s friends and family cheered about Joe holding off Brady in 2012. Brady may never get back.

    Well, tell them Terry Bradshaw says hello. 🙄

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