Brady takes some heat in Boston

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In sports, at least in the eyes of some, you’re only as good as your last game. And at least in the mind of one Boston sports writer, that means Tom Brady is not very good.

In a column that takes a sneering tone and blames Brady for the Patriots’ Super Bowl XLVI loss, Eric Wilbur of goes after Brady with a vengeance you’d expect from a Jets fan message board.

Words like “hideous” and “embarrassing” are tossed around to describe Brady’s performance, and the responsibility for the Pats’ loss is placed squarely on Brady’s shoulders.

Worse, Wilbur suggests that Brady doesn’t care, that he’ll brush it off quickly because he’ll head down to South America with his Brazilian supermodel wife and live the good life this offseason.

As quarterbacks usually do, Brady got too much credit for the Patriots’ three Super Bowl wins. But now he’s getting too much blame for a loss. Brady wasn’t at his best on Sunday, but he wasn’t as terrible as Wilbur thinks. And the suggestion that he doesn’t care is absurd. For an example of a much better column that describes how much Brady really does care, read Dan Wetzel at Yahoo, who describes a devastated Brady taking a long time to gather himself in the Patriots’ locker room after Sunday night’s loss.

Brady failed to earn his fourth Super Bowl ring on Sunday, but he remains one of the game’s great quarterbacks. If he’s taking heat in Boston today, that just goes to show that even the greatest players can’t please everyone.

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  1. He threw that one wounded duck of an INT, but besides that I thought he played pretty well. 17 completions in a row or something like that.

    It’s a game. Someone has to lose. Right now everyone is 0-0 again.

  2. Wow, I don’t like Brady or the Pats much, but he played great. He makes gold out of flour! His WR’s are awful. Everyone on that corp is nothing before or without Brady. They don’t draft any talent for him. Two 5’8″ guys between the hashmarks, 50 yr old Branch and TE’s who were nothing before Brady (as well as Welker and Woodhead)

    Brady’s pass was behind Branch, but for the most part, too many dropped passes.

  3. I’m not a Patriots fan whatsoever (actually a Jets fan), but that is ridiculous. The man is a Hall of Famer and one of the best Quarterbacks to ever play the game. Sometimes you just don’t win, it happens. There’s no need to blame Brady.

    He’s a first Ballot HOF talent and any publication that questions that is shameful.

  4. While Brady’s game was only about average for his own standards, Welker should be taking the most heat. Dropped a big pass that would have essentially iced the game. I know there were other mistakes, but to me, that is the biggest, and the one that’ll be remembered.

  5. How much can Brady be criticized? He had 16 straight completions in the game (a Super Bowl record). He had numerous drops from receivers.

  6. Its the Edleman’s, Welkers, Woodhead’s, Ninkoviches, Long Snapper draft picks and sub-middle eastern mid-icleandic punters and sterling moore’s and the other 20 undrafted free agents that Bill works into his system.

    They lack any nasty athletes to win physical games against physical teams.

    Bill is a master at getting these south-eatern kent state players to work in the system but at some point you really have to question how is Tom supposed to feel when he has a bunch of 5’8 weapons on offense besdies the 2 TE’s they just drafted.

    Raider fan … Tom is the best ever. but Bill and his ways hurt him against physical teams.

  7. Even a Bengals fan like myself can see that the team didn’t help Brady at all when it mattered most. How about blaming the dropped passes?

  8. Wilbur sounds like a diehard Pats fan who might be just the slightest bit butt-hurt over the loss… Maybe?

  9. The lack of a real running game did in the Patriots. Only way to slow down a pass rush is running, run-action, and screen passes. The Patriots and Packers offenses were one dimensional and the Giants capitalized on that.

  10. i don’t like Brady but give me a break. losing on the biggest game of the year is bad enough without being lambaisted in the media like he was. lets see if this columnist wouldve won in his place?

  11. …that he’ll brush it off quickly because he’ll head down to South America with his Brazilian supermodel wife and live the good life this offseason.
    As if there is a better way to get over losing the super bowl?????

  12. Brady was 16/16 and 2 TDs over a 2 plus quarter stretch. Hardly a hideous performance. Three mistakes do loom large however, the safety, the INT off of a broken play, and the miss to Welker (which did hit him in the hands).

  13. Brady was gunshy during that game. Heard footsteps even when there weren’t any. Made him painfully inaccurate and caused the bad throw that Welker dropped and the underthrown ball to Gronk that was picked off.

    Not a great Brady performance. A shame on a night when the Defense played good enough to win the game.

  14. It’s about time. Some of those throws in the fourth quarter were brutal not to mention that interception. That was a good Bret Favre impersonation.

  15. How can Brady be blamed for the loss? He wasn’t great, but he wasn’t horrible either. If you are someone who has to place blame on one particular play or one individual person then it has to be Wes Welker.

  16. I live in Boston and I have never heard of Eric Wilbur. I would not give him much credence. He certainly is not speaking for the majority of NewEnglanders.

  17. I nearly hate the Patriots and root for them to lose every game, let alone the Super Bowl. But that columnist is an absolute embarrassment and an idiot.

  18. I think Brady found out what his coach knew all along. It is much harder to win when you don’t cheat.

  19. As the only shoulders the Patriots have anymore, Brady’s gotta shoulder it. While I’d have a hard time as a Boston writer talking that much mess to Tom Brady, that was the situation, Brady knew it, and I’m sure Brady is as hard, if not harder on himself for the next… well, forever.

    Everyone knew he had to win it if it was gonna be won, and he got careless a couple times to Eli’s zero times, and that’s that.

  20. Is this tennis? Last time I checked there are about 60 other men on the roster. Brady played well enough to win. His surrounding talent, not so much. Give me a break.

    Yes, he will live the good life with his supermodel gf, u mad bro?

  21. Kudos for providing the contrast to Dan Wetzel’s great piece. The stark difference in class was my first thought upon reading Wilbur.

    Be it sports or politics, the most simplified analysis is often the laziest. I imagine Wilbur not stepping foot into the Patriot locker room after the game; his half-witted drivel was already sputtering before the Indy confetti could drop.

  22. Giants fan here and all I have to say is: WTF?? Be very very careful what you ask for Boston! Classic case of: You don’t know what you have until it’s gone!

  23. what the tuck is he talking about….he should have said the refs tried again, but giants were to much.

  24. Peyton got called a choker just because he went 9-9 in playoff games.

    Hell, the Pats good teams beat him during those years along with San Diego & Pittsburgh.

    Sometimes the better team that day wins. Crap happens.

    On the other hand someone should take this Wilbur douche out to the shed and make him remember that this is a “TEAM” sport.

  25. New England sports fans do not deserve any measure of sports success for their mercenary teams. They whine when they lose and run their mouths when they win. They do not know how to be real fans, only loudmouths.

  26. Boston sports fans are idiots.
    Their never ending inferiority complex with New York is comical and if they really need a reminder about Patriots football you can jolt them back into the real world with just two words….

    Drew Bledsoe.

    Feel free to trade Tom Brady to any team you like and draft a new QB since Belichick is such a genius.
    Every team in the AFC will thank you with a big smile.

  27. The fact is Brady cares too much. About his own personal legacy that is.

    Earlier in his career Brady was more loose and relaxed in Championship Games. Now he’s too tense because he wants to be considered the best of all time and wants badly to be compared to his idol Montana.

    It just seems that lately everything Brady wants to accomplish is becoming more about him and less and less about the team.

    And these are observations of a life long Patriots fan.

  28. That’s OK Tom…just remember that it was the Raven’s Bernard Pollard that tore your ACL and also destroyed Gronkowski’s ankle…Bwaahaahaahaahaa


  29. Boston is one of the greatest town+suburbs in USA- Brady has brought 3 SB wins home- did Boston ever have that before? No. Boston is great place where great manners rule and Mrs.Brady self-degrading tongue-lashing at the team- not good Bostonian manners, not good team support. Boston a place where events are remembered for hundreds of years- looks like The Brady’s need to re-work their public image ’cause Boston+suburbs not in love with The Brady’s-
    weren’t before this SB loss either. Says there in the newspapers Brady (overpaid&over-rated) missed key thows. Believe it. Says there in the news Gronk and Welker weren’t minding their game well enough. Believe it. The blame goes to Belacheat/Belachik- also overpaid and over-rated. Don’t blame Bostonians and the People in Cambridge thereabouts.

  30. To be honest…its not well deserved heat.He did his job.As far as his TE and WR thats a totally different story.

  31. Everyone is blaming Brady for this loss. What people are forgetting on that last drive in the 4th qt by new england Brady put passes rite on the money that were dropped late in the game by welder Deion branch then Aaron Hernandez so how do I blame that on Brady he did his job by delivering catchable balls the recievers failed to do there’s in crunch time so blame them not Brady

  32. Who’s Wilbur?

    The safety was bad. The off side by Ninkovich on 3rd and 7 was bad. The penalty for 12 men on field when Cruz fumbled was bad. The two Bradshaw fumbles recovered by Giants were bad.

    Mostly the fact that Gronkowski was less than 100% was bad.

    Eli’s pass to Manningham was terrific. Welker and Hernandez dropped a couple. Manningham held on.

    Brady was 10 for 10 on a series right? I hear Eli was pretty good too.

    PS> Weatherford pinned the Patriots inside their 5 yard line twice. That’s old school baby.

  33. Tom “FraidyCat” Brady
    Cindy Brady
    Tom “the fraud” Brady
    Panic Brady

    all the above are accurate aliases for the overrated QB

    He still hasn’t won a legitimate championship.
    Bernard Pollard has permantly put the fear of injury in him, resulting in him always panicking when pressure gets close

  34. There’s plenty of blame to go around. I see the biggest factor as not being aggressive. The game plan was dink and dunk. Neither team challenged the other, so the best grind it out team won. Great game though.

  35. Ridiculous. I’m a Steelers fan and even I wouldn’t jump on that bandwagon. Look, Brady isn’t the deity he was made out to be and he has been shockingly pedestrian in his last twelve playoff games (his career playoff QB rating is a rather middling mid 80s and far below his regular season rating) but I think fans and followers need to lay off and ease up just a bit. TB helped bring respectability to a franchise that was largely a joke up until then (being humbled in the SB prior to then and having your best all time player at the time – John Hannah – call out your QB – Eason – for being less than manly, kind of hangs some shame on an org).

    But that’s media for you. Vipers, leeches, bloodsuckers, roaches. I could go on, but you get the point.

  36. Congrats to the Giants – they won the game.
    This writer is simply trying to sell copy.

    As for Bozoforall, Bobhk, Mr Wright212 and all the other people that incessantly trash NE fans, you people have serious issues. Try getting some fresh air once in a while, maybe you won’t be so bitter.

    Go Bruins!

  37. The Pats fans are spoiled to the point of being babies. I remember a time when the Patriots where the door mats of the NFL. They need to stop it!! Brady and Belicheck has turned the Patriots into perennial playoff participants and now they want to throw stones at their franchise QB??? Let Brady leave the team….then we will see some real crying!!

  38. I get the impression that he doesn’t care as much as he once did too. Still, the fact that they even made it that far was nothing short of a miracle with those scrubs. Maybe he should get some credit for that.

  39. Eric Wilbur better be getting his resume ready. You can question TB12’s performance (which was great leading up to the hit by Tuck) but DO NOT question whether or not he cares. Printing something so idiotic makes me wonder how a “journalist” such as Wilbur ever got a job with the Globe. Have fun reporting sports in Alaska next year…

  40. What a joke.

    Brady has slipped a bit this year, no doubt, some of his throws just don’t go where they used to go, but WTF do you expect?

    The guy is 35 years old.

    Here’s an idea, how about you add some defensive play-makers, who will give him the ball back once in a while, before it’s too late and he retires?

  41. I think it speaks to the sustained success of the franchise that a 91.1 QB rating against a sick Giants defense is considered an embarrassment by a Boston writer.

    The Patriots, a great team, played another great team in the Super Bowl and lost. Take pride in the success of the season, because there’s no shame in that defeat.

  42. Is that Wilbur as in Mr. Ed or Wilbur as in the Pig from Greenacres? Either way, ridiculous column based on a bad conclusion. If Boston is ready to give up on Brady, there are 31 other teams willing to take him off their hands.

  43. Some of these sports writers, who of course never played a down of even flag football in their miserable lives, have a lot of balls insulting a competitor as remarkable as Tom Brady.

    Wilbur’s nothing but a tool and so ignornant of football it’s ridiculous. He should be writing a sewing blog.

  44. The Patriots organization would be next to nothing w/o Tom Brady. They were largely irrelevant before he came there. That Wetzel column was fantastic and displays the depth of passion from the game’s best signal-caller.

    –A Steeler fan

  45. Hyperbole is a funny thing.

    What the heck is It looks like a website made when the internet was born.

    Blaming Tom Brady for the loss is an attention-whoring thing to do.

    The Giants played better. Thats it.

  46. Hey Patriots fans:

    Minnesota will offer you Christian Ponder, Joe Webb, and any defensive back for Tom Brady.

    Shut the hell up and support your 3 time Super Bowl winner and 5 time Super Bowl appearance quarterback.

  47. as a Jets fan i can tell you most of us would never use the word hideous or embarrassing to describe his performance yesterday (and we know hideous), the guy completed 16 straight passes at one point for crying out loud.

    no that’s the turncoats in Boston emerging. classless once the winning ceases, they’ll be back to banging on their Red Sox in a couple months and in three years time won’t even remember they have a football team

  48. As much as it seems like he is getting “skittish” at times in this phase of his career, there are only a handful of other QBs I would want running my team. It’s a disgrace that a Boston columnist would rip him like this, after 3 Super Bowl wins and being within 1 play of 2 more.

    Brady can be criticized for some of his in-game decisions and throws, but he has, and always will be a competitive s.o.b. and I bet nobody wanted this game more than him and Belichick did.

    Wilbur was probably just writing this piece for shock value, but he comes off as in ingrate to the diehard Pats fan who remembers guys like Eason, Millen, Hodson and Bledsoe (yeah, I said Bledsoe) leading this team nowhere during the dark ages.

  49. Well you knew this was coming.

    Sportswriters in Chowderville are abondoning the fraud Patriots.
    They realize the previous titles were only obtained by illegitimate means and that this team will not win another title.

    Soon you will see alot more of the “longtime” Patriot bandwagon fans jumping ship and becoming “longtime” Jets fans, or “longtime” Philly fans.

    Coughlin owns Beichik and ELIte Manning proved he is a better QB than Cindy Brady (twice)

  50. Brady cares, but his team (and his genius of a coach) have not won a ring in seven years. I think a spoiled fanbase is quite capable of, and maybe even justified in, complaining about something like this.

  51. I wouldn’t go so far as to say Brady didn’t care. That’s crazy. But I didn’t see a real sense of urgency in his demeanor. The Pats offense just didn’t seem to have that killer instinct I am used to seeing. Maybe the Giants D had something to do with it. But when a QB has brought your city 5 Super Bowl appearances and 3 championships, saying he doesn’t care is idiotic.

  52. He didn’t play that well in the AFC championship game either and almost didn’t even had the chance to win a fourth superbowl if Lee Evans could catch. Oh well, at least he still has his Uggs.

  53. New England press did the same thing last year after the loss to the Jets. Bashing Brady and Belichick, saying the “run” was over etc.

    By draft day they are back to calling B.B. a Genius after any move he makes, and on Brady’s jock by training camp.

  54. congrats to the NY Lucksacks…. this time, it only took a drop by the league’s leading WR, 2 fumble recoveries, another Eli miracle heave, and a hail mary falling inches out of reach to sew this one up.

    never in the history of sports has there been a team that has gotten every single huge bounce like the giants have in their past 3 NFC champs and SBs.

    Wes Welker, join the ranks of Roger Craig, Scott Norwood, Brett Favre, Asante Samuel, David Tyree, and Kyle Williams.

    In the Giants last 3 games, there have been 10 fumbles. The Giants fell on EIGHT of them.

    You people are morons. If Welker catches that ball, we’re sitting here singing Brady’s virtues.

  55. Brady is not taking heat in Boston. The Giants made more plays and won the game. This Wilbur guy is some nobody, over the top hack that has consistantly embarrassed himself and his newspaper. Did the same thing when TEpstein left town. He’s just trying to make a name for himself by going completely over the top, a la RBorges. If only he did it well.

  56. infectorman says:
    Feb 6, 2012 1:39 PM
    Congrats to the Giants – they won the game.
    This writer is simply trying to sell copy.

    As for Bozoforall, Bobhk, Mr Wright212 and all the other people that incessantly trash NE fans, you people have serious issues. Try getting some fresh air once in a while, maybe you won’t be so bitter.


    Hey infectorman, spot on!

  57. Give me a break. I’m not a Patriot fan by any stretch of the imagination, but Brady is a sure-fire first ballot Hall of Fame QB, and he’s not the reason the Patriots lost yesterday.

    If you want to blame someone for the loss yesterday, blame the Patriot secondary, or blame Belichick for not building a better secondary. They’ve been the team’s weak spot all season long.

    The Patriots organization has played in seven Super Bowls; only Dallas and Pittsburgh have played in more. Five of those appearances have come in the last 11 seasons. Their fans have nothing to hang their heads about.

  58. Tom Brady has been to 6 AFC Championship games in 11 years and won 5 of them. He has 3 rings. Are people nuts? They would trade their qb for Tom Brady any day of the week. Just absurd.

  59. If they can’t win without cheating how do you suppose they got 13 this year and 14 last season. They are good that’s how but they lost yesterday. Get over the spygate people it makes you come off as jealous haters.

  60. Just because some writer pens an article, does not make it true. I never heard of the guy. The Globe probably brought him in to try and help their dying paper.

    Tomorrow they will have a story by Shaughnessy that Boston is still a Red Sox town.

  61. waccoforflacco says:
    Feb 6, 2012 1:37 PM
    That’s OK Tom…just remember that it was the Raven’s Bernard Pollard that tore your ACL and also destroyed Gronkowski’s ankle…Bwaahaahaahaahaa

    Wow, cool story bro. Says more about you than it does anything else. Tool.

    Brady still cares. That guy who wrote that article is an attention seeking tool just like the guy above who I quoted.

    Congrats to the classy NYG fans on here.

  62. What does Brady expect, he lost two Super Bowls in a row., he did not paly well at home against the Ravens. He want to ponce his fists when they win then step up and take some blame for this game.

  63. By the way New England Fans, if you guys are sick of Brady, can you please send him to Philly?
    If you think you have a QB that doesn’t care, you won’t any more if we ship Mike Pick to Beantown…..send Brady to Philly, we are DYING for JUST ONE Superbowl and these pompous, arrogant Bostonians are complaining about Brady?

    You don’t know what you got….til it’s gone!!!

  64. We’re talking about the guy who just set the record for consecutive completions in a Super Bowl?

    Yeah he’s terrible and doesn’t care at all. And here I was thinking I was the biggest crybaby about this loss. Get over it and start working on your draft boards.

  65. I just watched the game again. Brady was scrambling around in the pocket most of the 4th quarter, and let’s be honest…. If the Giants tip that ball back – it gies right to Gronk and the other Patriot and Brady/Gronk are legends.

    Was it Brady’s fault Aaron Hernandez started running before he secured the ball and dropped (about the fifth to last pass). The game came down to the Giants catching difficult passes, and the Patriots not catching them. Just look at Manningham’s catch vs. Welker’s near catch.

  66. “Tom Brady is horrible, how did he loose us that game! He sucks..”

    Tell you what Boston. Since winning matters more than skill to you, you can take our “winningest” QB in college, Colt McCoy and we will HAPPILY take you “hideous” Tom Brady off your hands.



  67. ampats says:
    Dec 30, 2011 9:55 AM
    Seems to me over the past two seasons many jet fans blame Schotty for the jets poor performances.

    My question is when Schottenheimer puts his game plan together what does Rex as a HC have to do with them?

    Maybe Rex doesn’t get a chance to see them as he is busy having a snack ?

    2 more days until the planning for the 44th anniversary begins and the rebuiding begins AGAIN.

    How are those predictions working out for gang green? HAHAHAAHA

  68. ampats says:
    Jan 18, 2012 9:43 PM
    LadyT is speaking from experience since he also threw Phillip Rivers under the bus.

    Based on the above comments jets fans are jumping ship faster than the Captain did on the Italian cruise ship.

    This team has become the laughingstock of the NFL.Looking forward to the 50th anniversary celebration in 2018/2019 !

    PS To all the 28-21 fans HAHAHAHAHA

    How do you like your jests now????????????????

    With the first pick in the 2013 draft the NY jets select ———————

    Thought I would save your last few clippings. See ya in September

  69. Not a stellar day for Brady but overall average. Beautiful drive right before half but it may be overshadowed by his pick and safety.

  70. mistrezzrachael says:
    Jan 27, 2012 12:44 PM
    Ummm,,Am I missing something here??

    Didn’t Brady trash the jets this year???? This sounds like it came from rexy…or cromartie.

    Happy 43rd anniversary jet fans..lets move on to 44!!!

    He who laughs last

  71. not that it matters, but there are only 2 other quarterbacks I would take for either of my teams and that is really based around age.

  72. Without Brady, the Pats would have the Luck pick this year. Belichick needs to start drafting players instead of hoarding picks for the draft in the year 2047. Giants draft JPP, Nicks, Kenny Phillips, Eli Manning. The Pats trade down and end up with the Sterlin Moores of the world.

    Plus, this Giants’ fan loves Brady. He has kept the Jets crying in their corn flakes for the last 12 years and that makes me HAPPY.

  73. Another Toast to Baltimore…The Orioles knocked the Dead Sox out of the playoffs and cost Francona his job…Bwaahaahaahaa

    Ravens Nation

  74. TRADE him, He’s DONE, career’s OVER…
    Who the hell is Wilbur and what rock did he crawl from under?

  75. Eric Wilbur is to the Boston media what Chad Ochocinco was to the New England offense. Much as you’d love to see it, Brady and the Patriots aren’t done. Two 1sts and two 2nds coming up in April.

  76. Forgive me if this goes a little long. As a Patriots season ticket holder for 14 seasons and life-long Boston sports fan, this story and comments caught my eye. Some thoughts:

    1) Congratulations to the Giants and their fans. The G-Men made the big plays in the last 5 minutes and deserved the close win.

    2) Thank you Bob Kraft, Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and the rest of the Patriots for another great season and arguably the greatest 11-year run in pro football history (definitely in the salary cap era) – apologies all great pre Super Bowl era teams, 60’s Packers, 70’s Steelers 80/90’s 49ers. If someone had told me 10-11 years ago that we would play in FIVE Super Bowls, but to get that deal we would win 3 of them by a total of 9 points and we would have to lose 2 in heart breakig fashion, I would have signed up every day and 2X on Sunday.

    3) Hold your heads high Patriots and Patriot fans – no shame in losing valiantly.

    4) Patriots have had best winning % of the 4 majors since 2001. Over this time, they have had the best W/L record in the NFL before and after Spygate.

    5) Brady played a mediocre to poor game by his standards in AFC title game. He played very well, not great last night. He was the victim of some drops and a bad underthrow to Gronk.

    6) Wes Welker can play on my team any day. Same for Brady. Thank you Wes & Tom! ‘

    7) We have had lots of heartbreak last 10 years (SBs 42 & 46, AFC ttiel game in 06, losing game 7 to Lakers in game 7, Sox/Yanks 03 ALCS), but that’s the price you pay when your teams are all contenders. Would any other fan bases trade places? Hell yeah, 95-100% would. I take all the bad to get the really good (SB’s 36/38/39, 18-1, 5-1 in AFC title games, Celts in 07/08, Sox in 04/07, and of course B’s this past season). It’s much better from a Pats’ fan perspective than when we were terrible for most of our team’s first 35 seasons or so.

    Finally, Eric Wilbur’s story is way off base and does not reflect the vast majority of local fans’ opinions – the silent majority. For the Spy Gate folks/haters, that had nothing to do with the thin margin in SB’s 42 and 46. Both games were swung by a key drop by the Pats on a play made 9/10 times (e.g., Asante’s) and great catches by Giants (Manningham in 46 and Tyree in 42) that they would likely make 1/10 times. Credit to them.

  77. infectorman says:
    Feb 6, 2012 1:39 PM
    Congrats to the Giants – they won the game.
    This writer is simply trying to sell copy.

    As for Bozoforall, Bobhk, Mr Wright212 and all the other people that incessantly trash NE fans, you people have serious issues. Try getting some fresh air once in a while, maybe you won’t be so bitter.

    Go Bruins!

    Go screw yourself, AIDSinfectedman.

    I notice that you have already moved on with the “Bruins” cheer. Typical of fickle New England sports “fans”.

    And given that you Boston crybabies have continuously trashed the New York Yankees for most of the last century, your comment is basically the pot calling the kettle black. Methinks that it’s you who needs to get a life.

  78. Boston fans are a joke. Yeah, blame Tom Brady, this team is 2-14 without him. There is not a single wide receiver or running back that would start on any other team, and they go 13-3 with the 31st ranked defense.

    I hate the Patriots as much as anyone, but blaming Tom Brady is ridiculous. He is the ONLY reason the Patriots were a play away from winning the super bowl.

  79. I despise everything about Brady, Belicheat and the Patriots, however that column by Wilbur was a joke. Poorly-written, completely unprofessional. There are so many ways to go after this team of cheaters and smack-talking scumbags, and Wilbur found a way to screw it up.

  80. you guys are a joke to blame brady for that loss. branch and welker dropped how many passes? they don’t have a running game, the giants front got pressure, it wasn’t tom brady who let mario manningham catch that big sideline pass, and it wasn’t brady who let bradshaw walk into the end zone with a minute left.

  81. I actually heard someone on the radio say that with this upcoming draft, maybe Brady will finally get some weapons around him.

    If I hear the “brady has no receivers” argument one more time, I’m gonna puke.

    In today’s NFL, TE’s are receivers. Welker led the league in receptions and was second in yards. Welker, Gronkowski, and Hernandez were all in the top ten for yards after the catch and Gronkowski led the league in receiving TD’s.

    This is an INCREDIBLY talented group that, if nothing else, helped to inflate Brady’s numbers. (YAC are translated into passing yardage).

    Brady played poorly (to Brady standards) and couldn’t get it done in the clutch. For two weeks I heard what a GOD Brady was and maybe it was deserved, but now he deserves the criticism. Take it like a man. And for God sakes man, tell your wife to stop making it worse. JEESH!!

  82. It’s amazing how short-sighted some IDIOT fans are. Tom Brady IS that team and they have the nerve to diss him? What about the receivers actually catch the ball?

    Nice drop Welker!

  83. I always look at the eyes and faces of the players during the star spangled banner to see how nervous they are or if they’re ready to play. Brady looked scared. Eli looked determined and focused.

  84. bigshirk says: Feb 6, 2012 1:25 PM

    0-2 After Spygate.


    I believe you mean 58-20 (including playoffs)

    With the starting QB out a full year and an entire roster rebuilt to a young defense that will grow. With 2, 1st round picks next year.

    Amazing how dumb some fans get as a result of jealousy.

  85. tombradysponytail says:
    Feb 6, 2012 1:31 PM
    It’s a team game. You win as a team and lose as a team. I can think of no team that embodies that concept more than the New England Patriots.

    All the more reason why both Mannings are way better than Brady.

  86. Congratulations to the Giants and fans.

    Tom Brady did not lose the game, the New England Patriots lost the game. It came down to a few plays as most games do and the Giants made them and the Pats didn’t.

    It’s disappointing but it still was a great ride and season the Patriots gave their fans, something 30 other teams didn’t.

    Especially fans of teams like elroyjetsson who based on his past few posts I am willing to bet was not alive the last time his team the jets were last in the SB just over 43 YEARS AGO.

  87. just getting to 5 is hard enough. a lot of the clowns in the league wish they could, and he’s still got a better shot at being right back there next year than most

  88. Who the hell is Eric Wilbur? I read the Boston sports pages every day and I’ve never heard of him. Also, he doesn’t even identify himself in the byline of the column.

    Just some wanker who for some reason the Globe gave an editorial voice to today.

  89. rpiotr01 says: Feb 6, 2012 1:26 PM

    He threw that one wounded duck of an INT, but besides that I thought he played pretty well….

    I guess what matters the most are the plays that change the game. Apparently you missed the bad wide open pass to Wes Welker late in the game. Brady threw that pass to the wrong shoulder; thus forcing Welker to make an acrobatic catch. If Brady throws that ball where it SHOULD have been, he would have hit Welker in stride for a big first down or even and possibly for a touchdown.

  90. For the record I dont see any Patriot fans complaining about Brady. Just because 1 guy wrote an article doesn’t mean the fan base is sick of Brady. So stop with all the “spoiled crybaby whiner” non-sense.

    What planet do you people live on?

    Learn some comprehension skills. The comment boards on this site are littered with the dregs of sports fans.

  91. Everyone is quick to critizise but none of you put in the effort blood sweat or tears of these players. Shut up already. And im not a pats fan at all.

  92. bozosforall says: Feb 6, 2012 2:22 PM

    tombradysponytail says:
    Feb 6, 2012 1:31 PM
    It’s a team game. You win as a team and lose as a team. I can think of no team that embodies that concept more than the New England Patriots.

    All the more reason why both Mannings are way better than Brady.


    Both are great QBs. When Eli has 1 season equal to any of Bradys best 3 maybe he’ll be as good.

  93. I think Brady suffers from Belichick subscribing to Parcell’s philosophy about wr’s – they’re not so important. If you look at the teams that win super bowls (minus the 2000 Ravens) they all have a #1 wr that has size. As good as Welker is he is small and can get out muscled for position on the ball. They need to upgrade height wise. Also I think last nights game would have been a different story had The Gronker been healthy. It would be interesting to have seen if he would have caught the pass Blackburn picked off. If he had, we’d all talking about Brady almost being as good as Joe Cool.

  94. Wilbur should not be confused w/Bob Ryan…
    He writes to get a charge out of everyone…Who cares who Brady is married to or what makes or how wears his hair…The guy is a top 5 QB..5 Super Bowls and a contender every year…Hard to ask for more than that…

  95. That column is laughable. While Brady made a few costly mistakes (the safety and the deep int). Over all he had a ‘good’ game, not great, but he didn’t exactly lose the game. In a game that close one play can make or break the game… the Patriots had too many plays that fall on the side of breaking the game.


    12 men on the field reversing an early turn over

    off sides on a 3 and out play that cost them 20-30 yards of field position.

    Deep interception on 2nd down instead of throwing the ball into the stands.

    Welker drop that would have put them on the twenty with the chance to run down the clock and walk away with at least a field goal.

    The Giants made less mistakes and are celebrating their 2nd title in 5 years. Pats made too many mistakes, but Brady didn’t play nearly as poorly as people are saying.

  96. congrats to the NY Lucksacks…. this time, it only took a drop by the league’s leading WR, 2 fumble recoveries, another Eli miracle heave, and a hail mary falling inches out of reach to sew this one up.

    never in the history of sports has there been a team that has gotten every single huge bounce like the giants have in their past 3 NFC champs and SBs.

    Wes Welker, join the ranks of Roger Craig, Scott Norwood, Brett Favre, Asante Samuel, David Tyree, and Kyle Williams.

    In the Giants last 3 games, there have been 10 fumbles. The Giants fell on EIGHT of them.

  97. In the end, we can all agree that nothing was better than having the Packers lose to the current defending world champs! No other fanbase is more intolerable than that bangwagon stinkpile. Great job Giants!

  98. Very sad for Brady, Love him our hate him his heart is in this game. I just love hearing all the haters give him crap for his Supermodel wife, that doesnt make a whole lot of sense to me, lets just make fun of him for being filfthy rich as well.

  99. I think Tom Brady is an excellent quarterback. He has incredible accuracy, intelligence, and a quick release.

    Spygate or no, he does have three rings….I give him that.

    Tom Brady is NOT the same quarterback when under pressure. Yes, no QB is himself under pressure…but Brady is especially mediocre at best when he’s getting hit and is forced to move. Blame the receivers, blame everyone else if you will. Brady gets all the credit when The Patriots win, he needs to be accountable when they lose as well.

    When he doesn’t have 3-5 seconds in the pocket in the shotgun, Brady is mediocre. If you take away the three titles the stats, he’s mediocre and does NOT rank up the with Montana, Unitas, Elway, Young, and Manning. He doesn’t have the intangibles that put the great quarterbacks in the league with these guys.

    With that said, may lightning strike me down.

  100. Even that being said, he’s STILL the best player on that team and will go down as one of the greatest to have ever played the game. (God I can’t believe I just gave unbiased Brady credit)…I think I need a shower now 🙂

  101. Brady gets all the credit for playoff wins, even when he plays terrible. Threw for 145 yds in a SB win, but he ges ALL the credit. Threw 3 INTs in 2007 AFC Chmpionship game, but they won as a team but he still gets all the credit. He thew for 0 tds and 2 ints 2 weeks ago against Baltimore and “terrific Tom” gets credit for “getting them” to the SB. So he gets credits when they win despite his terrible performances, but shouldnt take blame for losses on an average performance???

    Suddenly its the “teams” fault and not Bradys?? IThe same team thats bailed his a$$ out so many times before.

    12-2 postseason record with spygate, 4-4 without

  102. Being a patriots fan congrats to the giants but I’m proud of this team all I hear is our d sucks well we just gave up 19 to the giants I think we will win 1 more sb with Brady

  103. The Patriots lost the Super Bowl the Patriot way – as a team. In tennis they call it unforced errors,
    and the list is too long to overcome. Each one of these 6 unforced errors was a potential game
    changer. Let’s run them down:

    1. The safety – this is THE Tom Brady, supposedly one of the greatest, not a high school or college QB.
    He knows better. This Brady panic moment was in essence a 9 point turnover to start the game,
    with the ensuing change of possession that yielded a Giants TD.
    2. Mayo out of position on the Cruz TD, back completely turned away from Manning. If he gets any
    eyeball on that pass. he is so close that he at least knocks it down, at best picks it off.
    3. Brady pickoff – a nasty habit he developed after Moss arrived, taking chances heaving the ball downfield.
    A skill he has always been bad at, he got a big head when he could heave it up and Moss could
    go get it. Newsflash Tom, it was Moss, not you. When he began to wind up, I screamed NOOOOO
    at the top of my lungs, scaring the crap out of the 20 people I was watching the game with. Three
    seconds later, Giants ball.
    4. Ninkovich offsides – we teach our kids playing defense from day one to go on the sight of the ball
    being snapped, not on the sound of the quarterbacks voice. This is even more critical in the biggest
    game, in a loud stadium. The Giants get a new set of downs, basically a Pats turnover. Inexcusable.
    5. 12 men on the field, negating a game changing turnover. Granted, the extra man may have contributed
    to the fumble, but the coaching staff screwed this one up.
    6. The Welker dropped pass – a tough catch, but one he should make. Brady had him wide open and
    could have thrown the ball a little better, so he will take some blame on this one.

    If any ONE of these six plays had gone the other way, the Pats may have very well been the ones
    hoisting the Lombardi trophy. 16 for 16 doesn’t mean bleep when you commit 9 point turnovers and
    throw stupid picks. There were other mistakes, dropped balls by Hernandez and Branch,
    and many other things that could have been done better offensively and defensively. So long and good
    riddance to Billy O’Brien – THE most overrated coordinator in the NFL today. I’ve said time and time again
    that any OC could look good with this offense against mediocre teams. O’Brien consistently fails to make
    proper adjustments against good defenses even though he has one of the most talented offenses in the NFL.
    Just in the last two years, his offense completely faltered in big games against the Jets, Steelers, Giants, Ravens
    and Giants again. Please bring back Charlie Weis.

    While a larger percentage of the loss will almost always fall to the QB, they did it the Patriot Way – they lost as a team.

  104. when he doesn’t have 3 seconds in the pocket? i dunno i could swear montana lost some games in his career, as well as elway losing what 3 super bowls? What do you attribute that too? I’m pretty sure they were getting pressured during those loses. I am a pats fan but I can say #12 is one of the best qb’s to ever play this game. If he won this super bowl there might be an argument he is the best period. 4 rings, the touchdown record and 5000+ yards passing would be tough to beat.

    Still a loss is a loss. The giants were the better team yesterday. I guess what we should ask ourselves now is is it really fair of us as pat’s fans to put everything on Brady? Get him a deep threat, and maybe a pass rusher or two so he doesn’t have to be perfect every snap. Every QB makes mistakes. Here’s hoping kraft and bb realize the window is closing and open up the check books.

  105. bozo sez:
    I notice that you have already moved on with the “Bruins” cheer. Typical of fickle New England sports “fans”.
    What a ‘real’ fan does when his team is eliminated is cry for awhile, then go trolling sites of winning teams to trash their fans. ‘Methinks ‘(nice word Shakespeare) out of jealosy and rage.
    All the more reason why both Mannings are way better than Brady
    That doesn’t even make any sense.

  106. I think you’ll find that the vast majority of Boston fans feel very lucky to have Tom Brady as QB. He worked his way to where he is, didn’t have anything handed to him. He doesn’t cause trouble and is a model citizen. His life, success, and wealth bring out hatred from people who have never even met the man and have no logical reason to dislike him besides jealousy. Eric Wilbur is always writes inflammatory garbage, he in no way represents the Boston fan base.

  107. Brady and Belichick took THAT team to a SB over every other AFC team and all you idiots can come up with is, 0-2 after spygate.

    Please. See you in the postseason again next year.

  108. “That is the beauty of the NFL. Everybody is so close, and everyone has a good football team in the NFL. The margin of error between winning and losing is really tiny, and the ball can bounce your way, or the ball can go off somebody’s fingertips, and it changes the whole outlook of careers — not just games, careers. We had some balls go our way. We have got to have a little luck in some games to get to the Super Bowl and win this game. You have to have some good players and good coaches, and we had a little bit of all of that.”

    — Giants GM Jerry Reese.
    so lets not predict 86 years or anything like that, it can happen to anyone even Giants who have been on the luckier side so far, when your Luck changes you will not even know so If i am Giants fan , I will be very careful.

  109. While we are all busy not putting too much of the blame on Brady, can we have we have the Media pundits (Peter King, Both Michalels and collinsworth, and pretty much everyone at ESPN) stop giving ELI too much of the credit. Micheals and Collinsworth made it sound as if both these QB’s came up with the game plans and were calling all the plays. Why have an OC?

  110. Maybe it’s my ‘rich’ bias showing, but I don’t really buy that he is that dejected about losing, I guess given his real life circumstances.
    I have competed a lot. And to me, his on field and sideline emotion just doesn’t seem genuine. It’s like he’s trying too hard to look like he cares.
    It might just be my bias though.

  111. The 60 yard throw that was an INT was a dumb decision, but no one was getting open on the underneath and Brady was tired of drives stalling out. It was a low risk, high reward play. Sadly, it didn’t work out.

    Anyone who watches that game and really thinks Brady played badly is an idiot. A number of plays in that game could have closed the deal for NE. Almost none of them were Tom Brady’s fault for going badly.

  112. Look, you know it was gonna be either “Eli sucks, not elite!” and “Fire Coughlin!” or “Brady Sucks!” and “Spygate!” depending on the outcome. Thing is, football is a team game and the Patriots had opportunities as well and the TEAM couldn’t cash them in. Welker dropped the pass, Gronk didn’t get the hail mary, Brady threw a gross interception, the defense wasn’t very good, ect. The Giants simply did what they did throughout the playoffs, minimized their mistakes and did just enough to win by capitalizing off the mistakes of the other team. This writer needs a good dose of reality.

  113. bigshirk says:
    Feb 6, 2012 1:25 PM
    0-2 After Spygate.


    I am not even a fan but how many teams are 0-0 since their Spygate. You attempt at trying to make them look bad fails miserably.

  114. Sorry but when a writer or anyone tries to criticize Brady than brings up the fact his wife is a super model is just jealous and petty. You really don’t think he cares because his personal life doesn’t suck like yours? He wouldn’t have gotten where he did today if it wasn’t for his drive. He cares more than you.

  115. I’m with Giselle, you can’t throw it AND catch it. I was watching that last drive, Brady was on the money and his boys kept dropping the ball!!! End of story.The safety and the pick were on Tom, but they were in position to win at the end. Welker is in deep pain, I assure you. Eli touched the sky…

  116. Give me a break about the “cheating.” Giants fans should avoid youtubing for clips of their D faking cramps whenever they’re getting beaten, like the notorious Rams (!) game this season where two players both fell to the ground on a prearranged signal at their goal line, with one then sheepishly getting back up once he realized someone else had already flopped.

    Seriously, not only is it a pot/kettle thing, but you do realize you diminish your own SB victories if you suggest the Patriots are only any good if they’re “cheating”.

  117. First Brady got all hot and bothered by the two point fiasco. Then he got over that and drove the team downfield brilliantly.

    For some reason though all of a sudden no one was open and they were all over him like the Giants changed the defense and it confused him.

    However, to me the changing point of the game, the deal breaker, was that idiodic run play on first and ten that went nowhere and fooled no one. Now Brady had only two chances to get the first down not three. My take is had he gotten three shots at it they would have gotten the ball on the twenty, first down with under three minutes left. That run play was the game.

  118. To imply that Brady doesn’t care is a joke. This is one of the most competitive men on the face of the earth.

  119. Wow, Boston…Hey, if you no longer want Brady, send him down to South Beach…You guys will find out soon what life is like in the post-Brady era…good luck…

    The thing is, football, unlike most any other pro sport is a TEAM sport and the pasties lost to a better team…not because Brady wasn’t any good.

    You guys in NE mark my words…you will rue the day you spoke badly of Brady when he’s no longer there…

  120. He did his part,welker,branch,both tes all dropped passes they should have easily caught! the OC is also at fault for only call 3 plays for grankowski.yesterday’s loss,ain’t on brady!

  121. What about the last Giants-Patriots Superbowl back in 2008 – the refs rigged it for the Giants

    What about the Steelers-Seahawks Superbowl – rigged also!

  122. Even as a Giants fan I couldn’t use words like “embarrassing” to describe Brady’s performance. Yeah he had 3 bad plays (safety, bad throw to Welker, Blackburn interception). But he did set a record for completions and I think his shoulder bothered him more than he let on. Plus the Giants Defense did finally get around to adjusting.

  123. maybe if his receivers should have caught a ball or two in the fourth quarter. Love to see Brady and Pats lose, but this surely wasn’t his fault

  124. you can tell that all the patriots are pretty tore up about losing the game..i mean they where pretty much just trying to win the game not just for them selfs but also for mr.kraft..i mean thats gotta hurt alot..this guy is the person who pays you..employs you..and takes cares of his players and gets to know his players unlike other owners and they really wanted to win one for him and his late wife..i can understand how this hurts more than last time just because it had more emotional connection to it…im a cowboys fan i was hoping the pats could pull it out just for mr.kraft….but its just a reminder that the world isnt a fairy tale and happy endings dont always happen

  125. Brady is clearly not what he once was…I have hesitated in saying that, because how do you say that about a guy who had such a statistically great year…but watching his last 2 games…and the Bills & Dolphins games at season’s end…he’s clearly not the all-world QB he once was. It’s called aging. He’s still one of the top 5 who ever played the position, probably…but it is a joy to see the Manning/Brady eras hopefully coming to an end!!!

  126. Speaking as a football fan, and not as a Pats fan, because I don’t like the Pats at all, I have to say, that article was so beneath the standards of any newspaper, even a high school newspaper, that the writer should be fired. Seriously. The Boston Globe? Seriously? That’s incredible.

  127. I’m not a Patriots fan (Go Raiders!) but after seeing the game last night and reading that tripe someone gave us a link to (the Eric Wilbur Story) I will offer up this:

    There is no freakin’ way you can pin the loss on Brady. I don’t like the guy (I do appreciate the visual his wifey gives me, but it would only go better if she learned to keep her yap shut) but I will say he is definitely one of the better QBs in the NFL. No, we cannot include him in any conversation that involves the greatest QBs of the modern era, or of all time for that matter. When, or if, he can pull off another Super Bowl win, only then can we toss his name about like a Montana or a Bradshaw. His receivers blew it badly last night, in addition that 1st play from scrimmage was disastrous and set the tone for the entire day. Brady wasn’t all that perfect either, but it is what it is – the better team won and that’s what matters.

    Secondly, where did this hump Wilbur come from, and what possessed this paper to hire this guy? I read the article, and as disturbing as it was, I couldn’t help but think “Hey this guy was a copy editor with serious and pronounced anger issues” is what I got anyway. I honestly don’t think Patriots fans are on the same page with this clown, and I hope I’m right. Sure, go ahead and trade your QB away – we got a guy here in Denver that throws dead ducks as passes and openly worships a Deity we have no evidence that it even exists (I’m not a Broncos fan anyway LOL) that’d love to have his j0b. Somehow, I seriously doubt it would happen and I flog myself for even bringing it up (LOL) Anyway, hats off to the New York Football Giants, and we’ll do this again next year.

  128. For all controversy about ‘cheating’, Belichick needed this win to put that controversy to bed for good. The Pats lost. They haven’t won a SB since the Spygate bust. Goodell destroyed all tapes prior to 2007, so the suspicion will always exist that the league covered up a deeper conspiracy involving Matt Walsh ( who has disappeared since then).

  129. Brady deserves all the crap he’s getting for this one. Everyone’s blaming Welker for that ball that he SHOULD have caught, but people seem to be forgetting the inaccurate throw to Branch on the very next play that would have picked up a first down.

    That said, the Wilbur article is WAY over the top and misses by a mile on one major point: The suggestion that the losses don’t hit Brady as hard anymore, “and maybe that’s the problem,” is simply absurd. In fact, if anything, maybe they hit him too hard. Dude never got over ’07, but somehow got one last chance for redemption. I don’t see him getting another one.

  130. If people are going to render final judgements on Tom Brady’s legacy based on these two Super Bowl losses, then so be it.

    However, perhaps greatness isn’t just a measure of how many wins or how much a player has won, but also how well they lose. And Tom Brady loses like a champion as much as he wins like one. He rushed to the defense of his fallen and shamed teammate Wes Welker and said “He’s a hell of a player and I will keep throwing him the ball as long as I possibly can. He’s a phenomenal teammate and player and I love that guy.”

    This is a guy that never loses faith in his team and has put team above himself his entire career. And all he’s ever done is win. He fell short yesterday, but the guy is a winner. And, by my measure, one of the greatest ever.

  131. Brady was in the Superbowl..

    My teams QB (VICK)

    Was Terrible..

    My team lost to Brady in the Big Dance and I still think Brady Is the man.. He shouldnt take heat.. He brought 3 rings to Boston.. be proud you’ve at least won before

  132. Tough to lose at any time. At least, he and Welker won’t get classless death threats like the player did in SF. The whole Pats team has a lot to be proud of; they fought it out until the end and that is all you can ask.

  133. Brady moved on when he quit getting the Patriot “Workout Warrior” (or whatever it’s called) award and the primo parking space that goes with it and started hanging out in L.A. pretending to box.

  134. Thank goodness we get some truth finally on Brady.

    Brady can not throw a deep ball effectively. He looks like Sanchez. The ball that he threw was intercepted was a jump ball.

  135. Everyone is ripping Brady over this, when realistically one dropped pass was the difference in the game. Welker makes the catch, the drive gets extended and they kick a field goal at worst.

    Eli orchestrated another 4th quarter comeback, my hat’s off to him for that and being clutch when it counted.

    The real is regardless of what Brady did, there are at least 25 other teams in the NFL that fans would be dying to have him quarterback for right now. Boston media can rip him all they want, but honestly if they rip him for this, what would they do if Rex Grossman or Curtis Painter was their QB.

  136. But you know..Lets go with Brady is best ever. Brady is Brady Island. That works out better for the rest of NFL because then the Patriots have to pay max dollars for a QB that can’t throw a deep ball.

    I much prefer Flacco who the Ravens can sign for bargain dollars because he is underhyped, but that throws a great deep ball.

  137. The rush to find a goat for a narrow loss is unseemly. They made it there as a team and lost as a team. Plenty of guys could have done just a little more, but plenty of guys also played quite well, overall.

    But, if you absolutely had to pick a goat, Brady certainly deserves it more than Welker. Brady’s safety ended up being the difference between needing a TD on the last drive or just a field goal. His INT was where the momentum turned to the Giants (even though they didn’t get points off of it) and if his pass to Welker had been on target, it would have been a far easier catch to make.

    Bottom line is that Brady’s wife left him wide open to blowback like this with her completely stupid comments. If you’re going to start throwing stones, you better make sure you don’t live in a glass house.

  138. So swagger52 you would rather have a guy who has never been to the SB over the guy who has been to five of them and won three? Yeah, that’s smart.

    Anyway, let’s talk Spygate if only to dive Pats fans batty – it really is such good sport. Yeah, yeah, regular season record looks good and all but what about Tom Terrific in the playoffs pre and post Spygate?

    Pre? He was 12 and 2 with 3 for 3 in the SB. His QB rating wasn’t great – a rather pedestrian 86.25 – however he tended to play well under pressure, only once having one of his worst three games of the season in the playoffs (in 2006). During that run he threw for 20 TDs and 9 INTs.

    Post? He is only 4 and 4 and 0 for 2 in the SB. His QB rating has actually improved, up to 90.14, however he has had two monster games in there including this year’s game against Denver. Drop the Denver game and his rating is a mere 81.83, which is Rex Grossman like territory. Drop both great games and his rating is 73.56 in the other six games. Yikes!

    In those games he has thrown for 18 TDs and 11 INTs but bear in mind he threw for 6 TDs against the Broncs (and 1 INT). Not so good. But here is where it really starts to get nutty. Tom has had one of this worst three games of the year in every playoff year since Spygate, except for 2010 (a year in which he had his fourth worst game of the year in the playoffs). In 2007 he had his second worst game of the year in the playoffs. In 2009 he had his worst game. In 2011 he again had his worst game in the playoffs.

    So is it Spygate? Maybe, maybe not. But what is telling is Tom is playing poorly at a time when you need your star player to play better. The facts are there. You can spin them any way you want, but you can’t deny he has struggled in the playoffs the last four years they have made them (although you could argue he has struggled the last six years they made the playoffs, which negates some of the Spygate argument)

  139. Who’s Eric Wilbur? I purposely read about 7 articles from great Boston sports writers today for therapeutic reasons & I don’t know who Eric Wilbur is. Reiss MacMullen Shaunessy Ryan Bedard Borges RapSheet. Am I missing something?

  140. a few weeks ago, brady threw a five yard pass to wes, who runs it like 93 yards for a td and brady gets praised for the 98 td pass and how great of a qb he is. wes drops a pass that he has to twist his whole body around because the ball is thrown to the wrong side and all of a sudden he is an undersized rec????? hernadez and gronk were great all year but now they are not weapons???? brady did not suck in the game but should take the blame for the loss as he gets all the credit for the wins. read any article about the pats and it was tom terrific, hof’r brady, ect ect ect ….. and as far as his wife goes, it is just like archie and lucks dad. they aren’t playing the game, shut up!!!!

  141. Maybe Brady didn’t play a great game, but he played a very good game. He didn’t drop 3 passes during the last drive and they were good passes. Wilber is like every other media type (especially ESPN) they jump on the bandwagon when are going and the first off when not. I don’t see ANY of tem quitting their job to get into coaching Or having been a player and have to get out there and make those decisions at the time, however they always seem to make the right one the day after. Brady and the Pats have nothing to be ashamed about!

  142. Enough with Spygate already. Say what you want to about the Pats’ pre-Spygate record, and I’m not saying there isn’t a legitimate gripe there, but they’re something like 67-19 since.

    Clearly, the playoff losses are more about a lack of grace under pressure than they are about the inability to cheat. So harp on something else. After all, what worse? Being a choker or being a cheater? I think it’s a tossup.

  143. deathspiralx – Can you name the six Super Bowls Tom Brady has taken the Patriots to? With a 3-2 record in the big game, I think you might struggle to come up with 6. Although, if that were the case, NE would lead the NFL with the most SB losses. But alas, they are only tied at 4 losses with the Bills, Vikings, and Broncos.

  144. He can’t throw and catch his own passes. Receivers dropped some critical passes they should have held on to.

  145. While Brady didn’t have one of his best games he had a very solid game overall. At one point he completed 16 passes in a row (even Ocho caught one of those). As Gisele noted, Brady’s receivers both literally and figuratively dropped the ball. He made a couple of bad mistakes (the safety & the under throw on the interception) but played well enough to win. His receivers and defense let him down in the end. If the receivers from the teams were switched I bet the Patriots would have won the game. To suggest he doesn’t care is even more ridiculous than saying his play was “hideous”.

  146. Belicheck(spelling) is to blame for the loses. Although I believe he is a genius at coaching, I also believe he has been woefully inept when it comes to drafting help for Brady. 1 top notch receiver would have made a big difference when their TE couldn’t produce. How about better DB’s? In a pass happy NFL you can’t invest 1 maybe two picks on decent cornerbacks? The Patriots have made a legacy out of taking serviceable players and getting the most out of them but it will ultimately be there undoing. No offense to Woodhead, Welker, et. al but we all know Belicheck is the only one that can get that type of production out of them.

  147. Dunno about the states, but from where I’m from you’re only as good as the rest of the team. Sure, Brady made mistakes like giving up an early safety, but so did a lot of other players. Admittedly, I am not a Pats fan (Go Dallas!) but having said that, I think that both Tom and New England played well and simply lost to a team that made less mistakes in the long run. All credit to the victorious team, but no single player from the losing side should be blamed, and neither should all the credit go to say, Manning for a GIANTS win. It’s all teamwork baby.

  148. Easy there, Wilbur.

    We don’t want to go back to the Victor Kiam owned Patriot days…now do we?

    Be thankful you got there…the window is closing, too.

  149. Love it when any team from the Boston area loses. Your “what have you done for me lately is pathetic”. Writers are only good for one thing “writing”. Good way make up for for your lack of athletic ability. Can’t throw a football, baseball or shoot a basket. Was the one in high school on Friday nights wishing they were playing so they can impress the ladies. Writers, you know who you are. Brady is a winner regardless of what you say.

  150. Dear TB,

    Now you know what it feels like to carry your entire team on your shoulders to the Super Bowl with no running game, pedestrian wide receivers and a suspect defense and lose.


    John Elway

  151. “Brady takes some heat in Boston”


    This is par for the course for Boston.

    They make excuses for their players when they
    do stupid things, if the player is putting up great
    numbers. (Remember “Manny being Manny”?)

    But as soon as the guy isn’t playing fantastic or if he’s
    leaving town, the fans trash said player mercilessly.

    I remember talking to 1 Sox fan who swore that Ted
    Williams was a “loser” because he never won a title.


  152. Enough about manningham. What about the noncall on pass interference that could have cost the Giants the Super Bowl?

  153. LOl…..only absolute buffoons would try and minimalize a QB that has been to 5 SBs..winning three…and 2 other AFC championships, and 2 other playoff appearances……..LOL…… a ten year span. Brady proved he can at least take a team with no defense to within a hair’s breath of winning the Super Bowl……something these other so called “great” QBs just cannot do (aka.Peyton Manning)……

  154. bozosforall says:
    Feb 6, 2012 1:37 PM
    New England sports fans do not deserve any measure of sports success for their mercenary teams. They whine when they lose and run their mouths when they win. They do not know how to be real fans, only loudmouths.
    It’s you who is the loudmouth, spending more time hating than just supporting your own team. Who’s your NFL team, loser?

    There are no more “mercenary” teams than the Lakers and Yankees, your heroes, troll.

    Read the comments… I see just about every Pats fan that’s been on here all year (6ball, infectorman, ampats, etc.) on these boards with coherent comments, even congratulating the Giants fans, etc. after what was a tough loss. The only whiner is YOU, and I suspect we’ll have more of it next year, as the Pats likely have another solid season.

  155. I’m not a Pats fan. However….

    What an idiotic tool like Wilbur doesn’t grasp is that if he were half the writer that Brady is a QB, he’d have won a couple of Pulitzer’s by now. I feel pretty safe in saying Wilbur’s trophy case is empty.

    Hey Wilbur – if he’s that damn bad of a QB, I’ll give you Grossman, Beck and one of the Shannahans for him. Hell, I’ll even throw in one slightly used owner.

    Wilbur = tool.

  156. Just spotted this article. That guy Wilbur sounds like someone who’d sell his sole to get attention for his pitiful column. What an idiot. Brady’s one of the most competitive guys in the league, and he wasn’t dropping passes all over the field. As we say in the South, Wilbur just needs to be slapped. And if he’s now saying this column was a “joke” … he just needs to be fired.

  157. azwildcats96 says:
    Feb 7, 2012 5:15 AM
    Dear TB,

    Now you know what it feels like to carry your entire team on your shoulders to the Super Bowl with no running game, pedestrian wide receivers and a suspect defense and lose.


    John Elway


    I think you know why you REALLY got those two rings, John.


    Terrell Davis

  158. If you look at Brady’s season, it was based on a chyt load of luck. Second to worst defense but 15th in points allowed. Turnovers and lucky breaks, you need them to win and the Pats didn’t get them like they have in the past.

    Packers made the playoffs last year only after Desean Jackson ran back that punt return vs. Giants. This year, the Just Giants were that team.

    Cruz 99 yard td vs. Jets
    Romo overthrowing Austin on 1st Sunday night game
    Hail Mary to Nicks vs. Packers
    Non fumble by Bradshaw vs. Packers.
    2 game changing fumbles by Williams vs. Niners
    3 fumbles, 0 lost vs Pats

    Bottom line is there is so much parity in the league you need lucky breaks to win.

  159. Instead of throwing that Hail Mary to Gronk he had a friggin’ prairie of open space ahead of him…could’ve just run for as long as he could and stepped out of bounds….smh.

  160. patsfiend says:
    Feb 7, 2012 12:43 PM
    bozosforall says:
    Feb 6, 2012 1:37 PM
    New England sports fans do not deserve any measure of sports success for their mercenary teams. They whine when they lose and run their mouths when they win. They do not know how to be real fans, only loudmouths.
    It’s you who is the loudmouth, spending more time hating than just supporting your own team. Who’s your NFL team, loser?

    There are no more “mercenary” teams than the Lakers and Yankees, your heroes, troll.

    Read the comments… I see just about every Pats fan that’s been on here all year (6ball, infectorman, ampats, etc.) on these boards with coherent comments, even congratulating the Giants fans, etc. after what was a tough loss. The only whiner is YOU, and I suspect we’ll have more of it next year, as the Pats likely have another solid season.

    No whining here…I’m laughing my ass off at you excusemaking losers. But keep on fooling yourself, patsfool.

    And FYI…they are ALL “mercenary” teams…the point that I was making is that absent the successes of the paid teams in your area, you guys have NOTHING sports-wise that is originally from your area…making your region the least-athletic in the US…which means that you guys are the most sports-obsessed geeks in the US. Get it now, moron? You and your compadres are a bunch of geeks.

  161. tedmurph says:
    Feb 6, 2012 2:46 PM
    bozo sez:
    I notice that you have already moved on with the “Bruins” cheer. Typical of fickle New England sports “fans”.
    What a ‘real’ fan does when his team is eliminated is cry for awhile, then go trolling sites of winning teams to trash their fans. ‘Methinks ‘(nice word Shakespeare) out of jealosy and rage.
    All the more reason why both Mannings are way better than Brady
    That doesn’t even make any sense.

    Makes more sense than any of the drivel that you crybaby Pats fans post on the Internet…particularly you, “Smallspear”.

  162. Brady was a bit off the mark, down the stretch. The Giants made a few more plays and won by a narrow margin, so be it. Congrats to them. The Pats won’t be going away any time soon; we have a great team here, in New England, and it’s nice. See ya next year.

  163. bozo sez:
    Makes more sense than any of the drivel that you crybaby Pats fans post on the Internet…particularly you, “Smallspear”.
    Another magic response from the phallically obsessed, two days later on a dead thread. nice work

  164. Deb says:
    Feb 7, 2012 9:51 PM
    Oh good grief … I do know how to spell “soul.” Sure wish you guys had an edit button … sigh.


    Why would you need one? Just doublecheck before hitting submit,no?

  165. tedmurph says:
    Feb 8, 2012 2:29 PM
    bozo sez:
    Makes more sense than any of the drivel that you crybaby Pats fans post on the Internet…particularly you, “Smallspear”.
    Another magic response from the phallically obsessed, two days later on a dead thread. nice work
    And yet you are here trolling on the same thread….

    Thanks for once again proving what hypocrites you New England sports fans are.

  166. That 4th SB WIN- not in the books for Brady- Bellacheat had everything poised for a “pre-determined” win- Kraft on SI where Giants Coach belongs…the last minute game calls- BUT Pats lost…Just have Gronk dance shirtless after every game and millions of girls won’t care.

  167. How can you blame Brady? All he did was hit on 16 consecutive passes (a SB record btw). He took a mediocre team and got them to a SB and if the defense didn’t have 12 men on the field when Victor Cruz fumbles near the goal line, the Pats win. If you want to blame someone, blame your defensive coordinator. I’m a Giants fan and you Pat fans trashing Brady are a-hole fair weather fans and don’t deserve a first round HOF qb. The top QB of his era and possibly, of any era. It’s like Yankee fans trashing Jeter. If you’re a real fan, it shouldn’t happen.

  168. Diehard Steeler fan here…..This Wilbur guy should never be allowed to write about Football again, ever!..If thats the game he saw ,and this is his opinion of what Tom Brady is all about..then he insults the intelligence of any fan who follows the NFL..

    Everyone is titled to an long as it is reasonable, and based on some logic and objectivity.This does not qualify as an opinion,it qualifies as GARBAGE! It reeks of stupidity,jealousy,and a total lack of football knowledge.

    I have spent the last 11 years as a diehard Steeler fan rooting for Brady to get knocked on his ass every time he drops back to pass..and during that time have also acquired a genuine respect for the guys talent,competitiveness and passion in which he approaches every game… For this clown to degrade him like he has…just exposes him as a complete jackass who should not be writing about Pro Football.

  169. dinkydow:

    Someone has to be held accountable for the fact that the team played poorly – which they did – against a far from perfect Giants team – and the Giants have PLENTY of holes, apart from Manning, the 3 WRs, and the pass rushers there isn’t a whole lot there – and lost. No reason to exclude Brady from the responsibility. I hate it when everyone blames everybody else BUT the guy making the most money AND the guy who gets virtually ALL the credit and publicity when the team LOSES.

    And sorry. Brady didn’t play well in the first half. He disappeared after that big hit from Tuck. Yes, there were dropped passes (and actually balls thrown too low like the Hernandez pass and behind people like the Welker pass shouldn’t be counted as “drops”) but the fact remains that UNLIKE MANNING, when the TEAM needed their STAR the most, he couldn’t deliver.

    Maybe the Patriots will finally go out and get a real running game, which they haven’t had since their last Super Bowl win. But it is past time to quit pretending that Brady can carry them to victory. The first Super Bowl Brady win just rode the defense and great special teams, and the last Super Bowl win they don’t even get to in the first place without Dillon rushing for 1600 yards.

  170. As a Jets fan, I obviously despise Brady and Belichek, but I respect the hell out of them both as players and as men, and I enjoy this rivalry tremendously. Obviously wish we could have won more of the recent matchups than we have, but I’ll take the wins we did get because it’s a well-run, well-coached and well-QB’d franchise. I look forward to playing them twice each year. But both those guys, and indeed their entire team, really came through this year, even more so than in previous seasons, remaining incredibly competitive despite numerous injuries (same with the Giants) that would have doomed most squads right out of the gate. And they did it with quite a few former Jets for whom, as painful as that was, I’m very happy for. But the Pats made it all the way to the big game while being something like $20 mil under the cap! This SB was one of the better games in its history, and the final outcome certainly wasn’t Brady’s fault, nor the receivers. Eli and the Giants were great too but they were extremely concerned (some might say terrified) to keep it out of Brady’s hands with ANY time left, even to the point of instructing Bradshaw not to score in THE ultra-championship game. To me, that says it all. Wilbur should be ashamed.

  171. The mere mention of the word SpyGate is grounds for disqualification. Brady is 0-2 since the videotaping for the following reason: defense. In fact in 2008 the Patriots finally turned over an aging core of veterans that had evolved incrementally with the team since losing the SB to the Packers a LITTLE BEFORE ITS PRIME, winning 3 Championships IN ITS PRIME, and losing in 2007 PAST ITS PRIME. That 2007 defense was, as described by many opposing players, “old and slow” and the Patriots have not been able to find the right group of players since the changing of the guard. THIS year’s team is amazing in that it consisted of 18 undrafted free agents including 12 guys signed off the street throughout the season. The team switched to a base 4-3 for the first time ever prior to the season due to the lockout and released its two leading safeties Merriweather and Sanders followed by leading sack specialist Tully Banta-Cain and first rounder and Pro Bowler Ty Warren. Leigh Bodden and Devin McCourty for some reason had huge drops in performance, the former being let go midseason and the latter being converted into a mediocre safety. Molden and Moore were signed midseason, with Moore — a castoff from the Raiders practice squad — being cut by the Patriots December 10 before being resigned and making the play on Evans to spring the Pats into the SuperBowl. Chung and Spikes returned to action in the playoffs but after having missed significant playing time to midseason injuries. So the defense played well considering, but no one expected them to stop the Giants when it counted in the end where the 2001-2004 defenses would have. Even the comment from the ref “well, that’s game” in response to Welker’s drop said it best.

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