Brett Favre: This retirement was smoother than the last three or four


Today is the first day of the NFL offseason, and it just wouldn’t be the NFL offseason without stories about Brett Favre. So we’ll pass along some comments Favre made in a radio interview today, about how he came to realize he really is done playing football. (We think.)

Favre told 1340 The Fan in Lubbock that the retirement process went smoothly for him this time — unlike the first few times he said he was retiring — because this time he really was mentally finished with football.

It went a lot smoother than the previous three or four years,” Favre said, via “I’d said in years past that I knew. I really knew this time. I got beat up a little bit physically, but I still felt like I could still do it, but I just felt like it was time.”

Favre said that throughout the regular season, he never really missed football. He did allow, however, that at playoff time, and especially during the Super Bowl, there was a part of him that wished he were still playing. Still, Favre insists that he’s comfortable with his retirement.

“Mentally, I was just burned out,” Favre said. “This season, being removed and having a bird’s eye view but not being involved was eye-opening because I didn’t miss it a bit.”

79 responses to “Brett Favre: This retirement was smoother than the last three or four

  1. What part about retirement does he not get? Go AWAY.

    C’mon everyone, don’t feed the Troll.

  2. Thanks Brett for all the great years you entertained us fans – hopefully someday soon you come back to green bay and retire your number and maybe even show up at a game or 2

  3. Wisconsin77 says:
    Feb 6, 2012 7:10 PM
    I don’t care what all the haters want to say, this guy was one of the best football players of all time.
    Agreed. Regardless of what uniform he wore, he was one of the best at his position. Its obvious the only fanbase (Packers) that cant see that and continually trashes the man is the very organization which he helped bring out of that dark corner in the basement. Sure, his interception against the Saints prevented my favorite team (Vikings) from making the SB 2 years ago but you know what, every Viking fan knows that the Vikings would not have been in the playoff hunt, let along SB hunt, if it wasnt for that man.

  4. Brett’s desire to keep playing died when his consecutive starts streak died. He would have kept playing otherwise.

  5. I grew up watching him play, and he is the main reason I am a big Packers fan. I currently live in Minnesota, and his legacy has been greatly increased by the awful season the Vikings have had. People made fun of him last year constantly, talking about having the Packers seconds, but trust me when I say that they missed him a lot this year.

    I wish Brett the best, and hope to see him back with the Packers soon. As an organization they mistreated him, and I hope everything can be rectified. We need to recognize him as the amazing player he was, and what he has meant to the Packers.

  6. Well now that he’s mastered the smooth retirement, expect him to return for a season for one last kick at retirement.

  7. Packers fans were pretty spoiled they had 2 of the greatest football players of all-time at the same time Reggie White & Brett Favre. I’m over the bitter divorce I hope to see #4 retired someday soon at Lambeau.

  8. I saw him play twenty-five times at Soldier Field and Lambeau; best ever, game in game out. He was the kid in each one of us cavorting in a real NFL game.

  9. I used to hate Brett Favre. But then he just kept BALLIN’ right through 2009. I started loving the speculation, the un-retirements, etc. He played the media like a fiddle and made millions. Watching him just about get it all 2009 was amazing.

    I say we need another season of Brett Favre, even if just for entertainment purposes.

  10. This Packers fan hopes he can enjoy his retirement and rebuild his relationship with his wife. I know us Packers fans had a lot to do with the building him up to be and making him feel larger than life. We fed his ego for a long time. Some of it was earned, some of it wasn’t. As for his relationship with the Packers, he and the Packers do not have a relationship. It is what it is. Two entirely separate entities.

    I don’t envy his position of being a “savior of a franchise” and Benedict Arnold rolled into one.

    I do wish him a long happy retirement and hope he goes into the Hall as a Viking. That is the choice he made, and he deserves that.

  11. Can’t blame a guy for playing as long as he wants to, even if its for another team or below standards. If he wants to play its his life.

    People forget these guys are just regular people. If you were worshipped somewhere for all them years, and were immediately forgotten it would be alittle hard, be honest.

    In 10 years he’ll be celebrated like crazy. (Lions fan)

  12. Easily top ten ever. Top five might be slightly debatable. If he could’ve ever handled playing in a playoff game without crapping his pants, easily top three.

  13. @Wisconsin77 I agree 100% & I understand how brutal things got when he was leaving lol, but most def 1 of the best.

  14. Won the Associated Press Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award three times, all in consecutive years (1995, 1996, and 1997; the last shared with Barry Sanders
    Was selected to play in the Pro Bowl eleven times in his career.
    Was a six-time First- or Second-team All-Pro selection.
    Was named to the NFL 1990s All-Decade Team.
    Records and milestones
    At the start of the 2010 NFL season, Favre owned or shared most of the well-known NFL career records, including:
    Consecutive starts as a quarterback: 285 (309 including playoffs)
    Consecutive starts as a position player: 290
    Career regular-season victories by a starting quarterback: 183 (Regular-season record: 181-104)
    Wins by a starting quarterback in one stadium: 90, Lambeau Field (including once as a Minnesota Viking)
    Consecutive wins, regular season and playoffs, by a starting quarterback in one stadium: 29, Lambeau Field, 1995-1998
    Consecutive wins, regular season, by a starting quarterback in one stadium: 25, Lambeau Field, 1995-1998
    Wins by a starting quarterback against a single opponent: 27, Detroit Lions (18-0 in home games)
    Completions, Attempts, Passing Yards, Touchdown Passes against a single opponent: Detroit Lions: 790 completions, 11,247 attempts, 9,219 passing yards, 60 touchdown passes
    Career passing touchdowns: 503
    Career passing yards: 70,308
    Career pass completions: 6,171
    Career pass attempts: 9,961
    Career games with at least 1 touchdown pass: 243
    Career games with at least 2 touchdown passes: 158
    Career games with at least 3 touchdown passes: 72
    Career games with at least 4 touchdown passes: 23
    Career games with at least one rushing attempt: 231
    Career games with at least one passing attempt: 287
    Career games with at least one completion: 287
    Career games with at least 200 passing yards: 202
    Career games with at least 225 passing yards: 165
    Career games with at least 250 passing yards: 139
    Career games with at least 275 passing yards: 100
    Career games with at least 300 passing yards: 61 (Dan Marino is 1st with 63)
    Tied with 11 other players for the longest pass: 99 yards
    Touchdown passes of 80+ yards: 9
    Touchdown passes of 70+ yards: 15
    Touchdown passes of 20+ yards: 165
    1 yard touchdown passes: 37
    1 yard touchdown passes, passer/receiver combination: 8, Brett Favre/Bubba Franks
    Career games with at least 30 completions: 24 (Peyton Manning is 2nd with 18)
    Career games with at least 20 completions: 185 (Peyton Manning is 2nd with 138)
    Completions in a game played on a Friday: 30; 12/24/2004
    Seasons with at least 20 touchdown passes: 15
    Seasons with at least 30 touchdown passes: 9
    Consecutive seasons with at least 30 touchdown passes: 5
    Seasons with at least 35 touchdown passes: 3
    Consecutive seasons with at least 35 touchdown passes: 3
    Seasons with at least 3,000 passing yards: 18
    Consecutive seasons with at least 3,000 passing yards: 18
    Seasons with at least 300 completions: 18
    Consecutive seasons with at least 300 completions: 18
    Brett Favre & Sterling Sharpe tied Dan Marino & Mark Clayton’s record for most passer/receiver touchdown combinations in a season in 1994: 18-broken by Tom Brady and Randy Moss(23) in 2007.
    Most consecutive AP NFL MVP awards: 3 (1995-1997)
    Career playoff pass completions: 481
    Career playoff pass attempts: 791
    Career playoff passing yards: 5,855
    (2nd) Career playoff passing touchdowns: 44 (Montana, 45)
    (5th) Career playoff wins as starting QB: 13 (Joe Montana, 16; Tom Brady, 14; Terry Bradshaw, 14; John Elway, 14)
    Games played by a starting quarterback against one opponent in a calendar year: 5 games against the Detroit Lions in 1994; 1/2/94(game 16 of the 1993 season), 1/8/94(playoff game), 11/6/94, 12/4/94, 12/31/94(playoff game)
    Longest gap between receptions: 17 years & 4 weeks (275 games)

  15. if you were a seahawk fan who would you rather have, tjack or favre? even at 42/43 he would give that team a better chance to win.

  16. i dont want to see him come back again either but chicago sure could have used him.

    he will go in the hof as a packer so he can upstage rodgers one more time.

  17. jessethegreat said:

    I hope he goes into the Hall as a Viking. That is the choice he made, and he deserves that.
    Players do not enter the HOF affiliated with a team, they only retire with that affiliation. Favre retired as a Viking.

  18. I will never understand why people have an issue with someone changing their mind about retirement. It happens every year in every sport but because it’s a 3 time MVP people make a huge deal of it.

  19. Brett has made mistakes. Gosh, alot of people have in life. His are just well publicized because of being a high profile athlete. We can forgive and forget. He has to repair things with his wife. So let’s just let that aspect be. We are not judge, jury, or executioner.

    On to his football career.. I’m a Vike’s fan. We faced Brett twice a year. Never disliked him. I loved his love for the game, and the way he played like a kid. Gosh, you could see him tossin TD’s and acting and celebrating like a kid. He did have a pretty awesome passion for the game! GB had some long down years, but when he stepped on the field and took over for Majik, GB just went from being irrevelant, to relevant! You can’t say enough about the way he played the game. He could sling that ball into double and triple coverage better than anyone. But, it always seemed he did have a boneheaded play or two in him. He’s only human. I know in 2009, he gave us MN fans one great ride!

    I remember watching the game against Oakland, a couple of nights after his father passed away. That was an amazing game to watch. It wasn’t just Brett that night. His whole team was behind him. That was probably Javon Walkers best game he ever had. That night i even teared up watching that game. He has left us with many memories. Some great, some good, some heartbreaking. But i think he changed alot of the play at QB, and made people look at playing the position differently.

    In a way, i wish he would have walked away before he came to MN… He took a pretty bad beating against the saints, and the 2010 season, he was beat up pretty badly behind our pourous offensive line. Hate to see him suffer long term effects from that, because even though he was a football player, and made millions, he still is just like one of us. So you always wish for good health for the guy. But at the same time, i’m glad he did play for the Vikings. It was nice to cheer for him to win for a change. For all those years, i loved watching the guy, just wish we could have beat him more.

    I hope that the fans of GB realize what he did for them, and at some point forgive the guy. He wanted to play football. There’s no reason to not like him. Even though GB wanted to move on, they just wanted to go a different direction than him. It was a bad divorce. Realize what he did for your organization. He should retire a Packer. It’s how everyone will always associate old #4! He was old school yet, in a new school league. He played hurt, he played damaged, beat up. It didn’t matter, he played. Now, someone get’s a hang nail, and they are in the injury report.

  20. Favre could have handled his first retirement and comeback much better. Same can be said for the Packers. Time for us GB fans to forgive and acknowledge what he did for the franchise.

  21. I’ve been a Packer fan since the days of Starr and Hornung, and I loved having #4 back there. He gave us quite a ride! I was sorry to see the Packers close the gate on him, but I understand that they were afraid of losing Rodgers. Favre was a gunslinger, and when you gamble, sometimes you lose. My only regret is that he wasn’t a better runner; there were so many instances that he could have run for big gains, but he rarely did. Of course, not being inclined to run with the ball probably contributed to his amazing consecutive game streak.

  22. brenenostler says:
    Feb 6, 2012 7:59 PM
    He’s saying this because he got criticized so much for coming back. He’s given in to all the critics so they’ll leave him alone.

    Actually, I think his age, and the fact that he got the s*** kicked out of him in 2010 were bigger factors in his decision to retire for good.

  23. @rrrobertson
    I have a strange feeling you live at home with your parents and you’re in your forties…

  24. Some people here just don’t realize that Farve threw hella TD passes, but his total interception is almost equal to his total TD passes. His ass needs to stay retired to quit throwing int game ending passes

  25. What short memories people have. Favre will go down as ONE of the best football players ever, but he tainted his legacy with the way treated his teammates, his coaches, and the management who bent over backwards to accommodate his selfish ways. He NEVER helped mentor his backups, notably Aaron Rodgers, whose only crime was to be drafted. Other backups confirmed his selfish ways to his own parking spot, his own dressing room, the need for a personal entourage and escort on a private plane to training camp. Favre caused a lot of resentment on teams to how he demanded to be treated special.

  26. “My Way”. Courtesy of Frank Sinatra. Nobody has ever done it their way their entire career. He was his man and fought for his team every day, every year.

  27. Easily top ten ever. Top five might be slightly debatable. If he could’ve ever handled playing in a playoff game without crapping his pants, easily top three.

    Easily, hmm might want to rethink:

    1. Johnny Unitas
    2. John Elway
    3. Joe Montana
    4. Dan Marino
    5. Tom Brady
    6. Terry Bradshaw (4 rings and somebody made Stallworth and Swan HOFers)
    7. Drew Brees (only man with two 5,000 yard seasons)
    8. Otto Graham
    9. Peyton Manning
    10. Let the debate begin.

    Bret Farve is the most durable quarterback ever but, that doesn’t make you the best.
    Does anyone consider Cal Ripken Jr. the best shortstop

  28. I love the Vikings fans obsession with pointing fingers at Packers fans as if we’re terrible fans or something…like even though he whined his way out and eventually played for the rival, we’re still suppose to worship this guy who quite frankly hadn’t done much for us lately…in post season anyway…for awhile now. This Packer fan will always be grateful for what he did for my team…1996…MVP’s awards..lots of great memories…but summer of 2008 was pretty tough to deal with for a die hard Packer fan.

    People in Green Bay and Packer Nation are really over it. The whole drama goes both ways…lets not forget how Brett treated and put us through hell each offseason, holding the franchise emotionally hostage basically. The pic of of Deanna Favre next to some chaunce wearing a Vikings lame custom “ThanksTed” #4 jersey…smiling away. The jabs went both ways. Things have definitely changed in 3-4 years.

    Today, most of us simply don’t care. In 4 years since #4’s departure, we’ve won a Super Bowl, have a new QB who was the MVP of that Super Bowl…MVP of the regular season this year…we had a franchise best 15-1 record…getting back to the Super Bowl next year is what we care about, not future plans for some statue of Brett outside Lambeau…or retiring his number. If it happens, great. Probably gonna be some time though…probably when Ted and McCarthy are long gone. If/when it happens, great.

  29. Love him or hate him, you couldn’t question this guy’s passion for football, his team, and teammates .. There will never be anyone else like this guy. Yeah he would throw picks but that style of play lead to some plays that only he could do.

  30. I like and respect Farve’s career in football, but the dude has some major insecurity issues. He is just starving to see his name pop up at the top of the google news feed. Reminds me of my step-daughter who is always starving for attention.

  31. granadafan absolutely and positively nailed it….Favre was a talented but self-serving diva who had no regard whatsoever for others. A great athlete, but a loser in life. So sad.

  32. If Houston called, he would have answered the bell.

    He’s retired beacuse he’s no longer wanted. Same as 99% of the guys that have suited up.

  33. granadafan, were you as easily fooled by Ari Fleshier’s “WMD in Iraq” PR campaign as you were by his “Favre is evil” PR campaign?

    They only proof I needed that his former players loved him were the warm embrasses he shared with almost all his former teammates after each time he played the Packers. As far as what a couple Jets players may have said about him, I think they have proven that they throw every former player under the bus.

  34. One day, when you punks grow up a little bit, you’ll appreciate the fact that you got to watch one of the all time greats.

    Then, you’ll wish you weren’t such a tool at the time.

  35. If he retired after the NFC championship game loss to the Giants, and never went to NY or Minnesota this guy would have been regarded as highly as Bart Starr. Respected like Dan Marino. A hero, fan favorite and media darling. He hurt his reputation in NY and Minn., but hey- I think he made about another 40 million bucks in 3 years!!!

  36. Hi Brett,

    Each of us out here, all of us NFL fans far and wide, we’ve each chipped in one dollar. That’s a lot of money- it’s more than you’ve ever made in a season. We’re giving it to you, right now. And all we ask in return is this:

    GO AWAY.

    No more un-retirements. No more ‘maybe next year’s. No more ‘I could still play’s. No more anything. Just stop showing up. Please.

    Go ride your tractor and count your wads of money, and let us watch football in peace.


    The NFL fans.

  37. Haters gonna hate. His life is golden and yours probably isn’t. LOL. Typical internet.

  38. Contra: provide one shred of evidence that the Packers have trashed Favre. One shred. There isn’t any.
    The Packers fans HAVE trashed Favre and for good reason. Without going over it all, at one point he was said to have called the Lions players before a Packers game to give them advice. This was a couple years after the divorce. Here’s another tidbit: during the leadup to the Super Bowl, Aaron Rodgers said Favre has never called him. Not once, not even when the Packers won the Super Bowl.
    Fact is I think the team is waiting for him to go into the Hall of Fame to retire his number and put him in the Packers Hall of Fame. Four years from now things will cool off.
    Bart Starr was kicked out of Green Bay as head coach but came back to unanimous approval when he was honored as a player.

  39. There were not many bigger Favre fans than me and I used to relish his toughness and grit. I’ll never forget the way he used to go toe to toe with Warren Sapp after a play. He was one of the toughest warriors to ever put on a helmet.
    With that said, much of his “fall” is self-inflicted. His ego got the better of him. It’s not the Packers fault when HE chooses to retire so the Pack goes with Rodgers (a move which turned out pretty good).
    This would have been a perfect time to start the healing process and congratulate Rodgers on his MVP.

  40. justbhouse2 says:
    Feb 6, 2012 10:57 PM
    ___________________________________Easily, hmm might want to rethink:

    1. Johnny Unitas
    2. John Elway
    3. Joe Montana
    4. Dan Marino
    5. Tom Brady
    6. Terry Bradshaw (4 rings and somebody made Stallworth and Swan HOFers)
    7. Drew Brees (only man with two 5,000 yard seasons)
    8. Otto Graham
    9. Peyton Manning
    10. Let the debate begin.

    Bret Farve is the most durable quarterback ever but, that doesn’t make you the best.

    Well, your number 6 thinks he is the best that ever played!
    With garbage players that Green Bay had around him for most of his career Bradshaw is right.
    Ron Wolf’s statement that his biggest regret was not surrounding Favre with the quality of receivers that he deserved.

  41. hodag54501 says:
    Feb 7, 2012 8:26 AM
    Contra: provide one shred of evidence that the Packers have trashed Favre. One shred. There isn’t any.
    The Packers fans HAVE trashed Favre and for good reason. Without going over it all, at one point he was said to have called the Lions players before a Packers game to give them advice. This was a couple years after the divorce.
    Not only did you just answer your own question but you actually answered it in a way that contradicted the argument you were trying to get across. Good one packer fan.

  42. Brett Favre,

    this person doesn’t speak for ALL NFL fans. I could care less if you retire-unretire 100 times. That’s your business and not anyone else’s. Funny thing is, in order to retire you have to have played football in the NFL. And to unretire you have to have a team that wants to pay you for your services. I’m pretty sure both occurred each time. Great run Brett

  43. He is a self-centered egomaniac that orchestrated his own departure for greener pastures. It has always been about him. Yes, he’s been as durable as anyone that ever played the game. But all that means is he has been a jackass longer than anyone that ever played the game.

    I cannot separate the man from the player. Ray Lewis was involved in a murder cover-up and I think he is a jerk as well.

    Great players? Who cares?

  44. He made a total fool of himself, he could have gone out like Warner with class, just please go away…..

  45. He made an absolute fool of himself, he could have gone out with class like Warner did but he chose to be an ass. Please no more stories about this clown, just go away.

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