Chad Ochocinco spends Monday after Super Bowl in court

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What’s the difference between winning and losing the Super Bowl?

If you win, you get engaged amid a wild celebration and then take what looks like the most enjoyable plane ride in the history of plane rides. If you lose, you head to Cincinnati to appear in court for a traffic violation.

That’s where Chad Ochocinco found himself about 12 hours after catching one pass for 21 yards in Indianapolis. Ochocinco appeared on charges of driving with a suspended license and a window tinting violation and wound up pleading guilty to the suspended license charge. He wound up being fined $200 and, as you’d expect, there’s a tweet from Ochocinco about the experience.

Losing the Super Bowl might have actually benefited Ochocinco in court. According to WXIX-TV in Cincinnati, Judge Russell Mock said that the fine could have been larger if the Patriots had won the Super Bowl. It’s a very odd comment from a judge, even if it does fall in line with the last name Mock.

31 responses to “Chad Ochocinco spends Monday after Super Bowl in court

  1. What happened to this guy? yeah, he was an annoying diva and all but he was the bengals for 5 years. Cant believe that NE didnt send him on a couple go routes. They had no deep threat what-so-ever.

  2. Does anyone care. Ocho makes one many plays was in? This guy has done nothing yet he continues to get press from PFT. He couldn’t get the plays or make the plays in New England and they still dressed him and not a couple other players that made plays this year.

  3. Fine him more? Double the fine to $400? I’m sure Ochocinco can afford pretty much any moving violation fine. Dude gets fined $20k for a TD dance. He can afford a suspended license fine.

  4. The only reason winning the SB would have affected this would be if Chad decided to party all night long thus missing his transportation to the court proceedings. Regardless, winning the SB should not have any affect on this.

  5. Yet another judge with poweritis.

    Lesson for the nation: Control judges and control cops or you’ll be sorry.

  6. And all these analysts that said that Chad was going to be the “X” factor in the Super Bowl, where are they today?

  7. Ocho is a good guy, the games about having fun…don’t let someone’s passion for the game or winning ruin who they are… A lot of you jump the bandwagon of T.O and ocho, difference is Owens used his passion for himself and ocho gave his to the game and his team…this guy could of been a champion a long time ago if he really wanted to leave cinnci..I hope Ed given another chance to play, and I hate the pats but I hope it’s with them because I believe this whole season was about making him understand more about himself, the game, and teaam. Big bill is a very smart man, you watch, #85 will come up huge next year, either in a pats uni or somewhere else, but either way this year wasn’t about the pats barely playing him, if he wanted in he would of made it more clear, Chad wanted to sit and have time to grow

  8. Anybody know why he had a suspended license in the first place? More time needed studying the DMV manual and less time on reality shows.

  9. I like Ocho, but without him they may have won. Brady really could have used another receiver out there who was relevant. With Chad basically being a no show all year I can’t help but think other receivers in the same position and a full year with the team would have clicked better than he did.

  10. he made $6.5 million this year to be on the roster bubble and got to be a part of superbowl team and logged one catch in it.

    I’d say thats a great year.

    and don’t forget the free Uggs from Tom.

  11. Ocho if you read this, come put on a Panthers uniform and reunite with ya boy Smitty and let Cam get you the ball. I remeber you saying this 3 or 4 years ago 85+89=Superbowl. Its obvious The Brady Bunchkin is losing his mojo.

  12. Brad Childress are u listening? Sign this guy. Deep threat yu could do worse, plus he’ll want to get back at Bengals. Won’t cost yu much either. Go Browns.

  13. He should go to the Carolina Panthers and revive his career catching passes from Cam Newton. Steve Smith could use the distraction on the opposite side of the field.

  14. Fairly certain the judge was referring to the good possibility Chad would have been a no-show had they won.

    Failure to show would have forced the judge to assess a higher fine.

  15. Judges are regular folks also, and should be allowed to joke around just like you and I would. It can actually be difficult to be a judge because you are always expected to be above reproach and on your Ps and Qs. Let’s not be so quick to judge (pun intended) a judge who made a harmless little joke, even if done while sitting on the bench. If it was obviously a joke, then I don’t see the harm in it.

  16. Saw the video of the judge, he clearly was just joking a little. Seemed like he was basically saying to chad “yeah I know who you are and I watched the game”. No harm intended and obviously the guy couldn’t justify a different ruling based on the outcome of a game.

  17. Will you all just stop it with the Moss comments? I love the guy, but he spent his last games in N.E. causing interceptions, he did nothing when he left, and he’ll be nothing but trouble if they ever get him back (which BB would never be stupid enough to do.) Enough, already.

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