Deion Branch hopes Patriots bring him back


Patriots receiver Deion Branch has lost some mustard off his forty time, turns 33 before next season, and is an impending free agent. But he believes he’s got something left to offer, and wants to stay in New England.

“This is where I want to be, this is where I want to retire,” said Branch after Sunday’s loss to the Giants. “This is why I came back, for the opportunity to play in this game. I’m pretty sure I will be here in this position next year.”

It may be wishful thinking on Branch’s part. The Patriots’ lack of a vertical threat was more apparent than ever in Super Bowl XLVI. Branch is an outside receiver in New England’s offense, but he struggles to get open downfield at this stage of his career.

The Pats may consider bringing Branch back, but it would figure to be on a one-year deal for around the veteran’s minimum. Julian Edelman and Chad Ochocinco are New England’s only receivers under contract for 2012. It’s going to be a position they remake this offseason.

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  1. I love Deion, he would be a great 3rd receiver for this team with Welker in the slot and somebody who can win one-on-one match-ups down the field. Brandon Lloyd comes to mind, he knows the system after his time with Josh so a repeat of the Ocho fiasco is unlikely. Drafting an impact WR isn’t very likely to happen either since Belichick has whiffed on his last 4 attempts (Price, Tate, Jackson, Johnson) while passing on better receivers who were on the board. For some reason, they don’t do a good job evaluating that position.

  2. Bye Deion, Bye Chad. Say hi to Tiquan for us.

    But seriously, Deion…thanks. You’re a great guy and an awesome Patriot. Your time, I’m afraid has run out.

  3. they will 4 new names at WR next year and most of us wont know who they are. then they will produce and we will know them.

  4. I’m not sure about Deion, but Lousy Stinko has to go. He contributed less this year than the waterboy.

  5. Deion’s biggest quote-unquote drop was the pass on the final drive that Deon Grant deflected about four yards in front of him. He had almost no chance to catch it as the ball ended up behind him. The Pats just weren’t good enough last night, so there’s plenty of blame to go around.

  6. If this is where you want to retire then I guess you need to retire. Now. Just like Hines Ward, the game is passing you by and there are few, if any, big moments left for you. It is time to pack it in.

    The only way you spend the rest of your career with the Pats is if you recognize the “rest of your career” ended less than 24 hours ago.

  7. brownsclown says:
    Feb 6, 2012 1:36 PM
    I’m not sure about Deion, but Lousy Stinko has to go. He contributed less this year than the waterboy.

    I’m sure that kid Underwood is somewhere kicking himself right now. He probably would have caught more than one pass for 21 yards.

  8. They have a vertical threat. For some reason, they just didn’t use him, all season. Why pay a player 6 million bucks and not use him. Yeah, I’m talking about Chad. The guy with 11,000 yards in 9 seasons. He would have made a difference in the game if jackbutt Bellicheck would have put him in. Especially on the hail mary.

  9. brownsclown says:Feb 6, 2012 1:36 PM

    I’m not sure about Deion, but Lousy Stinko has to go. He contributed less this year than the waterboy.

    You’re not sure about Deion? Really? Ocho didn’t drop any passes last night (in fact his one catch was the longest play the Pats had from scrimmage). All I keep hearing is that Deion is Tom’s boy and he’s so reliable – and that Ocho doesn’t know the playbook and he’s garbage etc. etc.

    All I know is the ball was bouncing off Pats receivers hands all night and I saw Ocho running free on more than one occasion at the end of the game and Brady (with time) didn’t even look at him. If they had given Ocho the reps they gave Deion last night, I think game would’ve been different. Sometimes just because it’s “the Patriots way” doesn’t mean it’s the right way. I don’t care how cereberal Branch is – he and the rest of the Pats passing game sucked last night and they can’t pretend it was Ocho’s fault.

  10. Even when we had moss welker stalwirth giants still shut us down…..we just cant handle pressure nor can we supply it . Congrats to the giants for showing that determination out rules stats and records anyday. Hope we have a good offseason!

  11. I hope they bring him back, but he’s got to be a #2, and it can’t be for too much money. No one besides Welker is better at cutting off his route / making an adjustment on a play than Branch.

  12. bozosforall says:
    Feb 6, 2012 1:42 PM
    Pats on their way down…just like the Red Sox and Celtics.
    And the Lakers, front-running loser. By the way, who is your NFL team, you purple coward?

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