Eli makes his case for Canton


A day after six men received their invitations to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Eli Manning has laid the foundation to eventually join them.

With two Super Bowl wins, two Super Bowl MVP trophies, and a career still in the front end of his prime, Eli won’t simply be elite — he’ll be immortal.

He has 27,579 passing yards in eight seasons, putting him 51st on the all-time list.  Within two years, he likely will be in the top 20.

As to touchdown passes, Eli ranks 42nd with 185.  If he averages only 20 a year over the next five years, he’ll have more than Joe Montana, Dan Fouts, and Jim Kelly.

And while it would be nice to add a league MVP award to that list of accomplishments, Eli likely doesn’t need it.  If he keeps doing what he’s been doing, even without another Super Bowl title, Eli will make it to the Hall of Fame.

Given the way Eli plays in big moments, he could have another Super Bowl title in him.

Or two.

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  1. Still a little early. Give him 3 or 4 more years of “great stats”. The 2 rings help, but he needs to pad the stats more before he is a lock. Most voters couldn’t overlook last season with the INT’s. But he is definitely making his case.

  2. I understand the desire to be “first”, but this is a story about something that is guaranteed not to happen for 5 years, and most likely closer to 10 years from now. Can we just say Eli is great right now and leave it at that?

  3. This may be true but I still cant stand the way he and his father acted during the draft “wahh wahh I dont want to go to San Diego, Daddy tell em”

  4. He also is showing he deserved that Pro Bowl bid over Stafford, and that’s hard to admit as a Lions fan.

    But the dude really makes it happen when it counts. That pass down the sidelines on the final drive was epic.

  5. I’m a Steelers fan, people are hesitant to call him a Hall of Famer, and he’s consistently put up better numbers than Eli. Eli needs to start being consistently good in the regular season, which he has not.

  6. Top 100’s…
    Offensive POTY…
    NFL MVP….

    Ask every player on that list or whoever won that category…

    Would you rather have that accolade or a Lombardi trophy/Superbowl MVP award?

    Lombardi and SB MVP across the board.
    Bottom line, Eli is ELITE.

  7. Come on — I like Eli I really do but at this point if you’re putting him over the top for having 2 SB titles you need to look at those SBs — he put up 17 and 19 points! 19 points against the worst D in the entire NFL. He is clutch — at least against bad defenses — but I don’t think that alone gets you in, if it does I nominate the entire 2002 Bucs defense who put up 21 points vs Oak in the SB. HOF QBs should dominate really bad defenses, not just figure out a way to win at the end. Eli is very good — just not elite in my mind.

    With that said he’s still young and has many years left and in a few years time you should start bringing it up.

  8. Hard to argue with that. Give him the ball with the season on the line and there’s not a defense in the league that wants to line up across from Eli.

  9. Eli is a better QB than Tom Fraidy and proved it……..again. (2-0 now)

    Cindy Brady is a fraud. Whenever pressure gets too close to him, he crumbles and panics.

    Eli is cool under pressure and thrives in it.

    Oh and BTW……….Tom Coughlin, the REAL coaching genius, outclassed and outcoached the fraudulent “genius” Belicheat………….AGAIN.

  10. Is it possible for QBs to win a Super Bowl, actually have a few minutes to snuggle with the Lombardi on the plane, and maybe even get their rings delivered before someone starts talking about Canton? The time to talk about the Hall is when they retire. Discussing it while they’re still playing is kind of like planning funerals for the living.

  11. Yet, you’ve pick him to lose every postseason game this year and every game the last time NY won it all.

  12. his raw numbers alone—td passes, yardage, completions–will put him top 6-10 all time, assuming he duplicates what he did over the first half of his career in the second half of his career; just those numbers would have a good shot of getting him in. the two rings, with hopefully one more to come, will just be icing on the cake.

  13. He plays in NYC and has won two titles he will get in on the first ballot. The NY media makes legends out of Namath and Parcells, Eli will be a semi-God by the time his career is over.

  14. Jim Plunkett won two Superbowls and he needs to be considered for the HOF of Curtis Martin made it.

  15. How dumb must that Philly fan feel who finds himself in the beginning of all of Eli’s NFL film’s highlights…the guy who says, “I wish I was Peyton, I wish I was Peyton”. What a tool!!

  16. Eli is well on his way, but can we quit with the over-reactions? Sure, Eli could have another two Super Bowl titles left in him but guess what? So could Ben, Rodgers, Brees and Brady. Eli is a GREAT quarterback but this media love affair of late is ridiculous.

  17. Enough. Take two or seven weeks off and rethink this statement. He does have high numbers in INTs, even in his best year. Not hating, only being realistic. 17, 18, 20, 10 (nice number), 14, 25!, 16, and now he’s a hall of famer in the era of QBs?! Again, not hating. I’m truly indifferent. I think people just draw such a thin line and I think this line has been desensitized to the public. SB winners do not get a Waltz to the HOF. The defense of the Giants won that game. Anyone that projected this outcome would have told as much. Eli has had his best year of his career, but be patient in judgment.

  18. Put all of his number together from the last four seasons, average them, and project them out for another 5 or so years, and he looks like a guy that could have a case.

    This was the year of the QB in 2011, but as a long-time GIANTS fan, I can say with a lot of confidence that Eli truly was tremendous, and if he didn’t play like a HOFer, he did play almost the whole season like a SB MVP.

    He didn’t make the big mistake tonight, and he cut down on them by quite a bit this season.

    People will scoff at him being HOF material, but it is starting to shape up that way.

  19. A case? Like I said after they pounded the Falcons before the Packer game, he was going to punch his ticket that next week by putting another “greatest” team out of the playoffs, but then he just followed it up with another win over Tom Brady.

    He has signature moments in both of his Super Bowls and was cooler in the big moments than the guy everyone anointed as Joe Montana Jr., despite him only leading his teams to game winning field goals. Eli leads his guys to TDs with no room for errors, that’s worth a lot. Put on top of it that he plays in the most crippling media situation by far, he’s a shoe in.

    Do you think Charger fans will coo ever again about trading him for Dan Fouts Jr., the long gone Merriman, and their choking kicker that they finally cut this past season? Don’t think so.

  20. Regular season numbers don’t mean crap. The guy has beaten arguably the best QB in NFL history TWICE in the Super Bowl with one of those times coming against the single greatest season put up in NFL history. Smarten up bloggers and open your eyes. Eli is CLUTCH! Most road playoff wins ever and he’s only 30. He should be exempted from waiting until he retires to be put in the HOF, he’s that money!!

  21. Seriously? Canton? Why must everybody freak out about little brother managing to play a decent-but-not-spectacular Superbowl on a team that makes slightly fewer mistakes than the Patriots to eke out a victory, acting as though he has suddenly turned into the next coming of Joe-Montana-Terry-Bradshaw-Tom-Brady-Dan-Marino-Brett-Favre? Eli’s receivers managed to bail him out on many occasions this game and, but for a few fortunate bounces on truly atrocious fumbles, commentators would be backtracking on Eli praise faster than everyone who proclaimed that Peyton Manning’s second SB win would make him the undisputed greatest QB in the history of the universe.

    Let’s see if Eli can keep his “elite” pace up for another few years before we start carving his bust. Right now he’s on the same footing as Jim Plunkett (who won 2 SB’s, didn’t manage to make the Hall and didn’t play in the unmolested-receiver-15-yards-for-looking-askance-at-the-QB-pass-defense-is-for-suckers offensive era) and about 7000 behind Kurt Warner (who is 2-time League MVP, 1-time SB MVP, has been to 3 SB’s and whose Canton credentials are still being hotly disputed).

  22. .
    without a doubt Eli is better than Peyton and Marino combined….
    He not only has 2 rings he has TWO SUPER BOWL MVP’s under his belt…..

  23. Suddenly, Eli is greater than Peyton! I’m continually amazed at people’s shortsightedness.

  24. – how many superbowls have the patriots won since they got caught cheating? Oh that’s right, ZERO!!!

  25. Eli has 25,000 yards, took 7 years to win 2 Superbowls and is in his prime. He is therefore on pace to be a football immortal and is a lock for Canton, per the article.

    Ben Roethlisberger has over 26,000 yards, took 5 years to win two Superbowls and is in his prime. He must therefore be on pace to be an invulnerable football deity and is a lock to have Canton renamed after him.

    Hey, stats and career-long projections based thereupon don’t lie…

  26. Alex Smith could have had a 4 TD 0 INT game and you’d be preaching about a HOF birth just the same. People are so shortsighted. How is Eli better than Ben Roethlisberger? Why hasn’t he gotten this article? People hear what they want to hear.

  27. Whoever posted first on this thread — you’re bugging.

    Legends are made in big games, not in regular seasons based on stats. If that were the case, Kerry Collins would have a good case for the hall based on pass yards alone.

    What a game, what a year, what a performance. I feel proud and lucky to be a Giants fan and watch such a heart pounding season. Jesus…wow.

  28. Every NFL game I watched this year featured at least, according to the broadcasters, 3 or 4 “Future Hall of Famers” or guys that will “be in Dayton one day”. The title/honor now seems diluted.

  29. I honestly dont think he cares about this type of discussion right now. This is a fanboy discussion

  30. As far as I know the HOF isn’t a post season award — so it takes more than winning in the post season to get in the club. Based on his current stats he’s clearly not a HOFer — but of course he’s probably got another 6 or more productive years left.

    Also his Super Bowl performances are more of a game manager than a game changer — I can’t get past the fact he’s been the QB for the winning team that scored 17 & 19 points. That is not very productive — but he does have a nack for making a big play — however in most years 17 & 19 points doesn’t get the job done.

    You all in NY need to really give you defense a lot more credit. I have nothing against Eli, I always liked him and thought he got a bad rap in his early days in NY — however to talk about the HOF is just stupid at this point. Your defense played an awesome post season and was much much much more important to your Super Bowl victory than Eli.

  31. Going back to the 2004 NFL Draft, I’d still go with Roethlisberger every time. Ben will be dangerous paired with Wallace, Brown, Sanders, Heath Miller, and the soon to be emergence of Weslye Saunders. Not to mention a new OC… Steelers Super Bowl Champions next year, write it down.

  32. He probably will pass Montana, Fouts ect but Eli played in a passing era with many rules benefiting the passing game. Eli is a good qb with s couple more solid years he will be a HOzf

  33. I really used to be on the fence about the guy, but the more I see him play, the more respect I have for him. If his last name was Smith instead of Manning he would be regarded much higher I think.

    Playing QB in NY is a pressure cooker and seems like he handles it quite well-puts in the work and obviously wins when it really counts then goes home without much of the crap/attention seeking that other QB’s may bring (see Sanchez, Mark). If he goes his career with the whole “elite” thing being the biggest controversy/hubbub he has caused then my hats off to him.

  34. A lot of ‘objective’ non-giants fans like to bring up the INTs but conveniently forget his road playoff record, playoff stats, and 4th qtr comebacks. He’s led his team to victory on the road knocking out 1 and 2 seeds and the untouchable Pats twice.

  35. I love the oversimplified reactions by the simple minds. Why don’t we name the QB of winning team of next year’s Super Bowl the MVP and lets make a case for him to be HOFer!

  36. 7thlombardiontheway says:
    Feb 6, 2012 1:13 AM
    Alex Smith could have had a 4 TD 0 INT game and you’d be preaching about a HOF birth just the same. People are so shortsighted. How is Eli better than Ben Roethlisberger? Why hasn’t he gotten this article? People hear what they want to hear.

    Because Ben is 2-1 in superbowls and one of them was a gift.
    Other that both need work to do before they get near canton.

  37. I hate Manning with a passion, but he played like a hall of famer and SB MVP in this game.

    On the other hand, his 1st SB winning drive was honestly very shaky (3 near picks and a fumble on a poor decision to scramble), and the MVP was due to a lack of other viable options.

    I still don’t see him as “in”, but another 4-5 seasons with stats in the same ball park and it’s a done deal with two Superbowl wins and the fact that he plays in New York.

    Still to me he feels kind of overrated since he seems to have a couple terrible games every December. However, the Giants by some hook or crook can sometimes pull out a win in those games.

  38. Eli is Super . The Giants won 5 big games in a row . Dallas , Atlanta , Green Bay , San Francisco and New England .
    That $ 10 parlay in Vegas would have won you $ 56.000 .

  39. I think Eli has proved many of the doubters wrong. I was one of them. But I don’t understand how the Giants D Line gets so little love. I am a Steelers fan, but damn, this Giants D has done a job no inferior to what the Steelers D has done in the last few SBs. The Giants wins were not remotely the Eli show. While the Giants offense sputtered in the second half of the 49ers game and the first half of the SB(4Qs of mediocre offense), it was the Giants D and Giants Special teams that kept the team in the game.

    THe Giants D under two different coordinators has beaten offensive powerhouses in SB 42 and SB 46. If there was a true MVP in those games, it should be the entire Giants D Line.

  40. People need to take a step back on this. Let the guy finish his career before you make him a lock for the HOF. Remember, it’s the writers who vote guys in, not the fans. Look at Parcells. Everyone said he’d be first ballot and he didn’t get in. Look at Charles Haley, 5 Super Bowl rings and is he in the HOF? No. Let’s have some perspective here. Remember this is a “what have you done for me lately” league. Let’s see how his entire career plays out first.

  41. Some weak arguments going around.
    High number of interceptions. So? Brett Favre is probably a lock and he set the record for picks in a career.
    Low number of points in Super Bowls. Again, so? He was only playing what many say is the best team ever, maybe the best defensive coach ever. So he wasn’t playing a team that goes 3 and out alot. Not to mention only 1 pick in 2 Super Bowls and that was totally on Steve Smith for volleying the ball up.
    3 less Super Bowls than Brady, but right now only 1 less win and Brady’s last win came in Eli’s rookie season.

  42. This win put him in the hall of fame. If people think big Ben is a hall of fame qb. Eli is there also. Compare Elis numbers in the super bowl to big bend and they aren’t even comparable. Eli two super bowl mvps. Only 4 other qbs can say that. Big Ben hasn’t even been the best qb in the three super bowls he played in.

  43. Who do you want with two minutes left, down by 6 – a healthy Peyton or Eli. I think Eli has proven to me that he would be the right call. The kid is clutch and is way tougher than he looks.

  44. If he’s in Canton, it’s become the hall of very good. His team as one two rings, not Eli alone. If anyone on that deserves HOF consideration, it’s Jerry Reese and Tom Coughlin. Boyh SB runs were triggered by their defense, not Eli. He played well, yes, but they won because of their defense, period.

  45. So much posting from the iPad with all the auto-corrects and typos.

    If he’s in Canton, it’s become the Hall of Very Good. His team has won two rings, not Eli alone. If anyone on that team deserves HOF consideration, it’s Jerry Reese and Tom Coughlin. Both SB runs were triggered by their defense (which was outstanding throughout the playoffs both times), not Eli. Yes, Eli played well, but they won because of their defense…period.

    HOF voters will look at where a player was compared to their peers during the era in which they played, and for that reason, Eli shouldn’t be considered at HOF player. He’s a very good player, that’s not in question. But is he great? No.

  46. jakek2 says:
    Feb 6, 2012 12:27 AM
    If an unnamed player didn’t wear sweats into a club, we’d be talking about the culmination of a dynasty.


    That’s what I’m saying. No one was beating us in 2008 if he didn’t do that. NO ONE.

    That would have been 3 in 5 years WITH NO ASTERISKS.

  47. as far as eli vs ben it pretty much comes down to two things: first off, depite both winning the big one twice, eli did it twice as an underdog….with one of those times coming against the team that was considered the best of all time. eli won both games, ben only “won” the second one….he was basically useless vs seattle.

    secondly….ben wont be in this league much longer; he gets beat up constantly and the abuse is taking its toll. eli never misses time and never gets hurt…he’ll be effective a LOT longer than ben will.

  48. I lobby for Big Ben’s enshrinement every day. WHen he retires, I’m sure he’ll make it. But this isn’t about Eli. At this point, he has a slightly stronger case than Ben, as he has two SB MVP’s to Ben’s 0. At this point, I think they will both be locks for Canton once they finish up their careers. Two SB wins as the starting qb allow you to pretty much get a free pass over the stats. But really, by the time they retire, they’ll have some pretty elite stats anyway. Rings+stats=Canton. Which is why Rivers, barring a Marino-like career, will fall short unless he wins at least 1.

  49. niceh11 says: Feb 6, 2012 1:15 AM

    Whoever posted first on this thread — you’re bugging.

    Legends are made in big games, not in regular seasons based on stats. If that were the case, Kerry Collins would have a good case for the hall based on pass yards alone.

    What a game, what a year, what a performance. I feel proud and lucky to be a Giants fan and watch such a heart pounding season. Jesus…wow.

    I posted first, and I don’t think I’m “bugging”. My point was this…HOF voters (not the general public) DO look at career stats as part of the criteria for getting into the HOF. The general public (and Giants fans) don’t vote for the Hall of Fame. If you read what I said, “he is definitely making his case.” He just needs to pad his stats a little more, and he should do that EASILY over the next 3-4 years.

    I’m a huge Giants fan on this site, and I have a lot of Eagles and Skins fans who hate me to prove it. I would never slam Eli, I have been among his biggest supporters his whole career. But I am also the voice of reason. Eli SHOULD get in…he just needs the stats to make it a “slam dunk”.

  50. 7thlombardiontheway says: Feb 6, 2012 1:13 AM

    Alex Smith could have had a 4 TD 0 INT game and you’d be preaching about a HOF birth just the same. People are so shortsighted. How is Eli better than Ben Roethlisberger? Why hasn’t he gotten this article? People hear what they want to hear.
    What were Ben’s #s in his first SB? Was he the 2 time SB MVP? If you want to talk about winning DESPITE your QB, that 5th Steelers SB victory is a prime example.

  51. Only if on his plaque it says, “..came into the league whining like a baby because he did not want to play for the San Diego Chargers.” Watching that last night I keep thinking that should be Rivers with those Super Bowls and Eli should be sitting in San Diego with 0.

  52. IF he keeps playing like he did this past season, he will top Roethlisberger as the best in that class.

    Eli was money in the 4th quarter this year, but he has to erase a few mediocre seasons from his past still.

    But he should have no problem getting into the hall if he plays like this from now on.

  53. The Hall is starting to lose some meaning for me. We’re now seriously talking about a guy making the Hall of Fame when he has a career 82.1 passer rating and has only ever led the league in one passing stat…interceptions (and he’s done that twice). At some point we have to take the whole “football is a team game” thing seriously and not talk Hall of Fame whenever a QB has some team success.

  54. 7thlombardiontheway,

    Hate to break it to you, but Eli is.

    The offensive output of Peyton’s teams is significantly worse in the post-season after racking up unbelievable regular season numbers.

    What exactly do you want from your QB, to break records or win championships?

    Eli has delivered in much tougher spots than Peyton ever did during the post-season. You can blame who ever you want for that, but those are the facts. Just look at their comparable situations during their second Super Bowls, Eli drove his team for the winning score, Peyton threw a pick 6 against a pretty weak defensive squad.

    Eli’s beaten the two “greatest” teams of this generation, while Peyton’s managed to lose playoff games to Jay Fiedler, Mark Sanchez, and an 8-8 San Diego team during his playoff exploits.

    Open your eyes and realize that playing in New York’s unforgiving market is a pretty big deal as well. Eli is simply more clutch, plays in a fish bowl compared to Indianapolis, and I would even venture to day that he’s never had near the talent on offense that Peyton enjoyed early in his career when he had Marvin Harrison, Edge, Dallas Clark, and a host of other greats to help him.

  55. If winning two Super Bowl rings were all it took for a QB to be a shoe-in for Canton, Plunkett would already be in the Hall, and you’d be unanimous in your agreement that Roethlisberger will make the cut. I’m a diehard Steelers fan and even I’m not sure Roethlisberger will make the cut. Nor am I sure about Eli. But I have no doubt about Favre or Peyton, who’ve each earned only one Lombardi.

    The trophies are one thing … the Hall is another. And this conversation regarding either Eli or Ben is premature.

  56. realfootballfan

    Dude, seriously? Eli had one great season. Peyton had 11 in a row.

    I think Eli has a bright future, but I’ll never say that he’s better than his brother.

    Eli got shutout but the Panthers in his first playoff appearance. Delhomme was the QB.

    So what if Manning has lost to average QB’s. So has Eli. So has Tom Brady for that matter! They lost to the Ravens a few years ago.

    Eli has a chance to be one of the best in the league. He does not have a chance to be one of the best in history, which Peyton has already done.

  57. Holy cripes, slow your roll on the HOF talk. It wasn’t 2 years ago that Giants fans were lamenting whether Eli was the better choice over Phillip Rivers and he had won them a Super Bowl already. Dude has had two great seasons – out of 8 years. He’s got a career QB rating of 82.1 – and that’s after the 110 rating from this year. 185 TD to 129 INTs, that’s not a great ratio. If you include the fumbles, he’s past a 1 to 1 ratio TD to TO – 185 to 196. Give me a break.

  58. I just go back to Eli putting up 19 points against an all-time worst Super Bowl defense — you’d expect more out of a HOFer. If you just remove that HOF from the discussion then I can be free to praise him, he’s done well in the clutch against bad NE defenses, he’s a very good QB — but he’s not a HOFer. If you switched roles and had Tom Brady playing against that awful NE defense I’m certain you’d say he would had had an off day if he had only lead his offense to 19 points — yet because you’re expectations of Eli are soo low you’re talking HOF. Give the credit to the Giants defense for keeping the game close enough for Eli to only have to make one play — but save the HOF talk. In another 5-6 years maybe — but certainly not at this point.

  59. johntonioholmes,

    Like I said, do you want your QB to break records or win championships?

    Peyton is the model of regular season consistency, to the extent that I’ve never seen at QB, but his brother simply is better in big spots. Peyton’s offenses have shrunk in the playoffs, while Eli has won on the road en route to a couple of Super Bowl wins.

    I know some people have problems taking their heroes off of a pedestal, but I’m speaking from a completely objective perspective because I have no team, I’m simply a football fan. Game on the line with two minutes left in the playoffs,

    give me Eli over his brother, Brady, Rodgers, Roethlisberger, any of them. The only guy I might give you is Brees.

    That’s the problem with this generation though. These Madden numbers which have been perpetuated by the changes to the rules have warped people’s minds.

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