Ihedigbo defends Welker: “You can never point fingers at anyone”

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Every big game apparently needs someone to blame, and Wes Welker has turned into that someone for Super Bowl XLVI.

That’s not particularly fair considering there are many reasons the Patriots lost, but sports isn’t often fair.

“You can never point fingers at anyone,” said safety James Ihedigbo Monday via the Boston Globe. “You look at the plays that [Welker’s] made all year long, how hard he played that game, and how hard he prepared for that game. We wanted it just as bad as [the Giants] did. They just made some key plays at the end and came out on top, so hats off to them.”

“If you look across the board, Wes made amazing plays all year long and even yesterday he did,” Ihedigbo continued. “As a team, guys made numerous plays for us to even be in the position we were in last night. So you wear it as a team.”

The Super Bowl came down to a handful of plays. The Patriots offense didn’t make them. The Giants offense did.

If we are concerned with assigning blame overall, we think it can go to the entire Patriots offense. This is not a team built to win low scoring games. The Patriots defense did enough for the team to win, but they couldn’t handle New England’s O going scoreless the last 26 minutes of the game.

Welker was a part of that, but he was only one part of an offense that ultimately was too inconsistent to become champions on Sunday night.

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  1. I know Tyree caught an impossible ball, Santonio Holmes caught an impossible ball, Manningham caught a nearly impossible ball.

    And Welker let a ball get off both hands.

  2. As a Pats fan, it’s hard to be too disappointed over the loss. The Giants played great, and frankly….I never expected the Pats to make the Super Bowl with their defense.

    Hopefully they can reshape the defense, and put together one more run in the next few years before Brady is done.

  3. The patriots are going to get brandon Lloyd likely I think that we need to go back to the running game more with Ridley and please draft some secondary

  4. justin tuck won the game for the giants when he drove brady into the ground….brady died after that play. jpp was right when he talked about brady earlier in the week….brady got scared when the giants started coming for him. he’s a great QB but he gets shook more easily then he should.

    eli might not be quite as good as tom, but its pretty obvious who has more guts.

    contrary to what everyone is saying about welker…including welker himself….that ball was a 50/50 catch at best, definately not a gimme reception.

  5. Would have been a tough catch. Nobody works harder than Welker it would be unfair to put it all on him. This game should and is about the remarkable plays the Giants made and not the tough ones the Pats didn’t.

  6. Every win comes down to a few plays. Everyone watching knew the game would come down to the final possession.

    In the end, two really good teams played, and one of them won. It couldn’t have ended any other way. Somebody ALWAYS loses.

    Great game and great entertainment! Thanks Guys!!

  7. Yeah, he got two hands on it, but no one responding to this article could have managed to get one hand on that pass! What an effort!

  8. Blaming Welker??? Really??? I hate the Patriots and glad to see them lose but blame Welker???

    How about showing the picture of him in the air moving one direction while stretched out in another trying to catch an BAD PASS from Mr. Brady?

  9. What he did in the regular season is irrelevant diggs. He is a fantastic player and Regaurdless if Brady threw the ball a little off doesn’t erase the fact he had the ball in his hand.

  10. I almost fell down when I saw how open Welker was. When he missed it I did fall down. I’m not a Pats fan ( nor Giants ) but I like Welker and felt sorry for him. He shoulda had it. But, too, the throw was poor, making it unnesarily tricky. So it’s on both of them.

    It was an important point in the game. But to me the real back-breaker was the terrible throw Brady tried to make to Gronkowski. It was shockingly underthrown and the linebacker intercepted it. Brady’s wife must not have seen that one.

  11. Nine times out of ten Welker makes that catch. it wasn’t the best thrown ball all night but it was catchable and if an NFL caliber WR gets two hands on the ball, .. without taking a shot he’s suppose to catch it. If you asked Welker he’s likely say as much.

    That being said, the Pat’s didn’t lose because he dropped that ball. Hell, the offense gave them a lead and their defense couldn’t stop the Giants. That was far more important.

    The bottom line is the Giants are a better more complete team and it showed yesterday. The Pat’s have nothing to hang their heads about, .. they were slugging it out until time ran out. The next best thing to playing and winning is playing and losing.

  12. I think that in reflecting on this season, Welker is really only going to have one serious regret….

    That mustache. Hopefully it’s gone before he gets picked up loitering outside an adult bookstore in a trench coat.

  13. So very true. Not fair to blame Wes Welker. He’s a great player that has been great for the Pats time and time again. In team sports you win as a team and do, you must also lose as a team. On that note, Giselle Bundchen’s comment after the game was way out of line. Maybe she should stick to what she knows best next time, modeling.

  14. I’ll take Welker in the slot on my team anyday. Even if he’s a little snakebit right now, he’ll bounce back. I can’t stand the Patriots, those tuck-rule luckboxes, but they played well enough to win. They just got trumped by Eli. Eli’s got Belichick’s number, and the Giant front 4 has Brady’s number.

    That is all.

  15. That was no “gimme catch” and all the finger pointing at Welker is BS. Brady put him in a situation that required Welker to contort his body like a member of Cirque de Soleil. It wasn’t a horrible throw, but it wasn’t put in a place that absolves the quarterback from blame.

    I’m usually a Patriots hater, but the blame being leveled on Brady and Welker almost makes me feel sorry for them. How about blaming the defense for giving up eighty yards late in the game?

  16. Brady missed the throw to Welker… High and behind him. Brady underthrew Gronk for an INT. Brady threw behind Branch twice. If Brady hits ONE of those receivers, leading them in stride, he’s an MVP. Instead Giselle has to complain he can’t throw and catch the ball! Had Brady just thrown the ball as he was taught by Martinez all Pats fans like myself would be celebrating today. Brady.. Man up. This game was on you.

  17. This stuff makes me sick. Pats fan. Tough loss. But that’s how these games usually go.

    Welker drops one pass that was behind and high. After playing a terrific game. He’s Pats Season MVP in my opinion. Yes, Gronk was awesome. But right now Gronk is mostly using his athleticism. Welker really exemplifies the franchise. Look at WW’s stats for the last 3-4 years??

    Pay him.

  18. The Patriots are the definition of a team. How many times after tough losses, both regular season and playoffs, do we hear players blaming eachother, the other team, the officials, etc. for the loss? The Patriots stick together, defend eachother the way real teams should. They are examples for young athletes to look up to and emulate.

  19. That was a tough catch for even a good receiver of any size, especially Welker’s. Welker accepted responsibility when he didn’t need to, but that’s what a stand-up guy like Welker does.

    Anyone who makes Welker into the scapegoat over this is the same type of person who blames a kicker for missing a 57yd. FG when the offense stalls at the 40yd. line. Furthermore, this occurred with several minutes left in the game. What about the defense that let Eli Manning, who isn’t exactly elite, take his team on an 88yd. drive to take the lead? What about Sterling Moore and Patrick Chung, who gave up the 38yd. completion to Manningham?

    You can’t pin it on one play or even one player. Welker caught seven of the eight passes thrown his direction for 60yds., in addition to two rushes for 21yds., and a total of four first downs (2 rush, 2 rec.). Not everyone on the Patriots or even the Giants was doing his job that well last night, but Welker was.

  20. Tom Brady lost this game with the bone head intentional grounding penalty and he also lost the game with HIS PASS to Wes Welker its easy to blame welker but thats a very hard catch to make, although i think he woud make that catch 8 out of 10 times. He was wide open you would expect your HOF QB to drop it right in there.

    The real champs should have been my niners.

  21. If Welker were a Boston Bruin (or really any NHL player), he would be a god. Grit, resiliency, dedication, unreal performance/stats, team player and a pretty cool guy.

    He gets 2m+ and Ocho gets 6m in 2011. That’s comes out to very roughly:

    -$18k per catch for Wes Welker
    -$400k for Chad JustGoAway

    Sigh…. I think #85 is actually to blame for the whole thing.

  22. Sorry, don’t blame Welker. Should he have caught it? Probably, he is an NFL receiver. But that’s the worst possible place for Brady to put it-high and behind him. He was wide open. Hit him in the hands. If it’s anywhere close to where it should be, he runs it in for a touchdown. That’s on Brady. Close isnt good enough. Brady missed open receivers all night. And he didn’t even see other open receivers downfield. That safety was a high school qb mistake. Gronk had his man beat by 2 steps and Brady underthrew him. The drop by Branch coming across the middle should have been picked off. And if you want to count 2 drives to put the Pats ahead. Sorry, Giants in a prevent defense got you that. Brady is still a system qb. Largely over rated. That’s 2 Superbowls where he’s choked.

  23. Horrible throw to a wide open receiver. He usually catches those, but there was no reason for him to have been in that position to begin with. A decent throw and he needs to only make one move and he likely scores.

  24. Youve gotta love Welker. That ball DID hit him in the hands and I DO think he makes that grab 8 outta 10 times, but he made a darn good athletic move just to have the CHANCE to make it. Gotta love the team atmosphere in NE.

  25. The choking continues in New England. First the Red Sox choke in August, then the Pats choke in January. The Celtics will choke next, then the Bruins. New England sports “fans” everywhere will crawl under the rocks from whence they came in 2001…oh look, it’s already started. So many New England loudmouths aren’t here today…surprise, surprise.

  26. contrary to what everyone is saying about welker…including welker himself….that ball was a 50/50 catch at best, definately not a gimme reception.
    You’re right…has anybody even mentioned it was a crappy pass?

  27. not sure what was worse, welker dropping the pass or chris collinsworth making the inexplicably horrible comment that he makes that catch 100 out of 100 times…right after he dropped it. that comment made it sound like it was an easy catch when really it wasn’t.

  28. A wide open receiver should never have to jump and twist for a ball. Nobody is placing any blame on the media’s golden boy Brady.

  29. Don’t blame Welker, blame Brady. Brady was 16 for 16 in the 2 drives around half time. He was 11 for 25 the rest of the night. He was thoroughly out played by Eli last night. Don’t talk about dropped passes, talk about inaccurate throws.

  30. I don’t blame Wes Welker. But his non-catch cost the Pats the Super Bowl.

    I don’t blame Brady either. But he didn’t play well enough to win, although the shoulder injury might’ve played some part in that. (I’m a Panthers fan but Brady’s my favorite QB).

    I don’t blame Antwaun Molden. But he got smoked by Hakeem Nicks constantly and his penalty for being the 12th man on the field after the Brady safety cost his team 7 points.

    I don’t blame Rob Gronkowski. But you shouldn’t have played if you really couldn’t; letting Chase Blackburn outjump you for that interception was embarrassing to watch.

    So I’ll just blame all of you. Because the Giants were the better team at the end of the day.

  31. I don’t blame Welker for the loss. It was only 1 play among many others, despite the fact he had two hands on the pass.

    That said, I wonder if Wes dropped it because he was daydreaming about playing for the Giants? He’s admitted similar behavior in the past, and he’s watched the G-men win both Championships he’s had a chance at in his career….

  32. GIANTS fan here and my hats off to Pat’s and Pat’s fans – its always a great game against you and generally speaking classy comments from players and fans.

    That being said the idea of pinning blame on any one player on the Pats especially Welker – I would kill to have a possession receiver like that on my team and so would most of the teams in the league.

    Ppl who want to let this guy walk are insane.

  33. BigBird, I mean Collinsworth, was the worst NFL SB commentator I’ve heard in awhile as far as blind favoritism. He clearly made a point of it, rather than being aloof. Most try to at least try to cover it up.

  34. I beg to differ enx31. I think he’s pretty fair especially compaired to Joe Buck and Aikman who are consistantly and ridiculously biased to borderline functionally retarded in their commentary.

  35. Please do not point a finger at any players. It was Belichick’s fault; He should have played Kevin Faulk. Faulk has been the most dependable Patriot over the years and would have caughtpasses in the fourth quarter when it mattered.

  36. The hard truth is that Tom Brady missed Welker on what would normally have been an easy pass to Welker’s right and then straight up the seam. Tom missed Welker, plain and simple.

    If the pass was where it should have been, on Welker’s right side and in stride, he runs straight into the end zone. Game over.

    Instead, the pass went to Welker’s left, behind him. Most times, Welker spins around and still catches the bad pass anyway for at least a first down.

    I feel bad for both Brady and Welker. It happens.

    Unfortunately, this is one of those plays to which we can point as a game-changer and back breaker. Just like Samuels’ dropped INT four years ago on the Giants’ final drive.

  37. The Giants were the better team last night.
    The team that lost????
    They lost as a team!
    Please no blame.
    Kids blame!

  38. nobody even mentions the bad throw to Branch on 1st down. He had miles to run, may have scored, definitely would have been way into Giant’s territory. Bad throw by Brady…he’s like Mariano Rivera-still great, but he’s not as good as he used to be.

  39. The Patriots get to the Super Bowl was largely helped by a Lee Evans dropped pass.

    The Patriots lose the Super Bowl was largely helped by a Wes Welker dropped pass.

    I won’t be shedding any tears for good ol’ Wes.

  40. It was a bad pass to a wide open Welker. That ball may have been caught by a few of the 6’4″ WR’s in the NFL today, but not many. Jumping and twisting 180 degrees while in a full on sprint? Nah, the blame goes to Tom Fraidy for throwing the ball so badly.

  41. @bozosforall:
    The choking continues in New England. First the Red Sox choke in August, then the Pats choke in January. The Celtics will choke next, then the Bruins. New England sports “fans” everywhere will crawl under the rocks from whence they came in 2001…oh look, it’s already started. So many New England loudmouths aren’t here today…surprise, surprise.

    “go screw yourself AIDSinfectedman”

    You should really see professional help for your “Chronic Negativity Syndrome” and your “People are only true fans if they troll websites and spew venom at other fanbases” disease.

    It’s clear to everyone on PFT that you equate “Fandom” with one’s ability/propensity to hurl insults at other fans via Internet Protocol.
    Like I said before: SERIOUS ISSUES
    Never a positive thing to say on this site.
    Why can’t you be a nice person like you used to be when you were 5 yrs old in 1st grade?
    A concerned citizen from NE…

  42. I think Welker is getting too much flack for his drop. It’s not like Queen Brady threw the greatest pass to him, and deserves some of the blame if not most of it. Sure, a pro should catch a ball when he gets his hands on it, but on the flip side, pretty boy Brady is “supposed” to be one of the best, so he should have thrown a better pass and hit him in stride.

    The Pats played a good game for the most part, so it’s a team loss, not an individuals.

  43. “The Super Bowl came down to a handful of plays. The Patriots offense didn’t make them. The Giants offense did.”

    That’s the truth, Ruth. Welker made enough catches (and took enough hits) during the game and the season. Yeah, he may have caught this one… but Gronk could have knocked out that INT and Brady could have thrown it in someone’s direction from the end zone… either of those two fumbles could have taken a little bit of a different bounce, etc. etc.

    No way anyone should be throwing Welker under any busses (nor Brady, who got it to him)… I hope they re-sign Welker and pay him. He’s a warrior, and makes that catch more often than not.

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