M.I.A. middle finger mars halftime show

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Eight years after the slip of a nipple created a Super Bowl brouhaha, a more commonly exposed body part is causing a commotion.

M.I.A., a guest singer during the Madonna lip-syncing fiesta, shot a middle finger.  The screen blurred after the images made their way into more than 100 million homes.

“The NFL hired the talent and produced the halftime show,” NBC spokesman Christopher McCloskey said, via the Associated Press.  “Our system was late to obscure the inappropriate gesture and we apologize to our viewers.”

“The obscene gesture in the performance was completely inappropriate, very disappointing, and we apologize to our fans,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said.

Though M.I.A. didn’t pull a similar maneuver during rehearsals, acts looking to achieve notoriety or street cred in high-profile moments always will be inclined to do something outlandish.  And so the best system for preventing such incidents comes not from having delays or dump buttons but a strong refusal to take any chances.  At a minimum, the contracts should contain stiff financial penalties for anyone who makes obscene statements or gestures.

Regardless, the NFL should always be leery about the persons who headline the Super Bowl halftime show, and anyone invited to make a cameo appearance.

193 responses to “M.I.A. middle finger mars halftime show

  1. Oh nooo….this means an already old halftime show is going to trend older. Get ready for the Betty White Band joined by Abe Vigoda and the Hot Five.

  2. First off, idc because I didn’t see it actually happen and I doubt most didn’t notice.

    “Regardless, the NFL should always be leery about the persons who headline the Super Bowl halftime show, and anyone invited to make a cameo appearance.”

    I agree when I finally figured out that girl was MIA I was like c’monn mann

  3. They should apologize for having that skank has been Madonna sing. She is nothing but a lip syncing piece of plastic with veins sticking out everywhere. I bet Goodell hand selected her.

  4. Who picks the Super Bowl hafltime acts? Because they’re terrible. Madonna hasn’t been relevant for 15 years. You have the biggest entertainment event of the entire year and that is the best you can get? What a joke.

  5. Funny, I would have written “Madonna mars halftime show by showing up”. I walked away before the alleged incident.

  6. I’m a little surprise that financial penalties or surrendering of performance fees weren’t put into contracts after the Timberlake/Jackson episode.

    I missed the finger but rewound to see it, but I have to say, am I the only one who has no clue who M.I.A. is?

  7. Anyone who is watching a half time show and gets offended by an attention starved pseudo-celebrity flipping the bird needs to get a life.

  8. Maybe the solution is the NFL stops picking such horrible acts for the halftime show. Wasn’t Madonna last relevant in 1990. And how many Football fans even knew who any of the Guest Singers” were?

  9. so get rid of the foolish music, focus on football…talk about the 1st half, or even free agency/draft analysis

  10. Oh wow a middle finger. If they didnt make such a big deal about it most probably would have never noticed. Guess MIA got what she wanted.

  11. its a shame….the only people who care about the halftime show are the clowns who couldnt care less about football to begin with.

    too bad the nfl doesnt cater to football fans.

  12. Tired of classlessness. Can’t we sit in our homes, choose not to watch cruddy TV shows and have to be subjected to idiots in what should be a wholesome environment. This is why I watch sports and not prime time TV.

    Also, can we do without the over the top, retread stars who can’t carry a show but must invite 30 friends to entice us to finish viewing?

  13. I think the real disgrace here is the acts the NFL has been selecting for the halftime show since “NippleGate”. I mean, they could have hired 30 Seconds to Mars or Rise Against for about 1/10 of the cost of the travesty they put on stage tonight, and it actually would have been enjoyable and worth watching.

  14. Funny, I was here on PFT at halftime. Much more entertaining than the trash entertainment that the NFL trotted out this year. What hot garbage. If you want kids to watch, don’t have a “headliner” who was relevant 20 years ago.

  15. Let me get this straight, the actual city of Miami ‘shot a bird’ at the halftime show, Huh!!!……oh wait…….

  16. Oh crap next year we’ll be subjected to something even more vanilla than a 20 year past her prime Madonna, I’m sure they’ll have the kids from Glee singing whatever crap it is they sing.

    Or worse they could have that beyond awful band they had just before last weeks Pro Bowl.

  17. The halftime show will always be a “spectacle” because it makes the ad time surrounding it more valuable. The idea isn’t to entertain football fans, it’s to sell ad time and get people who don’t care about football to watch.

    I seriously doubt many people even noticed the middle finger that “marred” the halftime show, nor did many people have any idea what that rapper was babbling about, either. Even fewer people cared. Who are these people who’ll be scarred or traumatized by a middle finger? Kids? LOL, like they’ve never seen that before, come on now.

  18. Is it safe to assume that we’ll have another few years of inoffensive, over the hill artists performing at halftime due to a completely unjustified moral panic? Look, he shouldn’t have done it, but is it really that big of a deal? Have any children been damaged? Were there people unable to finish their meals or enjoy the rest of the game because they were so offended? Let’s have some perspective here. You will see and hear things far more vulgar in the average elementary school. But I am anticipating one of those hypersensitive family groups to demand apologies and input into future choices. Ugh.

  19. Thanks a lot M.I.A now the NFL is gonna keep putting halftime shows with old hasbeens that only people who are 50+ know who they r!!

  20. Geez who hires the halftime groups? Whoever it is should be fired. These halftime shows become more of a thing to laugh at than a good show. The last good halftime show was Prince. I mean c’mon guys, Madonna? That’s the best you can do?

  21. We actually got only one-half of the classic Who: Daltrey and Townshend. Which, if you read The Da Vinci Code, was interpreted by the New Orleans halftime committee as Who: D a T.

    Okay, so I made that up. (Go ahead and sue me, Leonardo.)

  22. Never heard of M.I.A. I can guarantee that anyone who actually cared about the game, didn’t see it.

  23. I personally would like to see Rush granted half time show honors in perpetuity… you wouldn’t have to worry about this stuff then. And you wouldn’t have to worry about having a crappy halftime show either.

  24. domeinate says:
    Feb 6, 2012 12:49 AM
    Can’t we sit in our homes, choose not to watch cruddy TV shows and have to be subjected to idiots in what should be a wholesome environment.

    You have no right to whatever you consider to be a “wholesome environment” anywhere BUT your own property. You can control this by allowing no outside influence. Once you allow this by turning on your TV, you lose the right to control the content that comes in.

    This is why Mormons, Amish, Mennonites and other insular faiths don’t allow broadcast TV in their homes.

    Maybe you should join them.

  25. That half time show was WAY out of place.

    Egyptian-cheerleading-on-bleachers while having people perform that most viewing don’t know…??


    Really think they ought to stick to rock oriented bands. A new age band (+/- 5 years relevant) with a collaboration with a classic rock band seems to be a better suite for that type of venue.

    Chevelle + Red Hot Chili Peppers would be fantastic.

    Jus’ sayin.

  26. – how many superbowls have the patriots won since they got caught cheating? Oh that’s right, ZERO!!!

  27. It never fails to amaze me that people watch the Pro Bowl, the halftime show, ESPN, golf, and bowling. Absolutely NO entertainment value to be found in any of those things.

  28. How about this. No halftime show? Have the NFL make a contest out of halftime. After the end of the 1st half 2.5 minutes of Talking Heads from the network. Then a 15 minute block of commercials that can be voted on via internet/text/phone. with the winner getting a “prize” deemed fit by the NFL. Then 2.5 minutes of Talking Heads from the network. Then 2nd half kickoff…

    Your welcome NBC and NFL.

  29. The finger fit the lyric she just finished singing.
    “And I don’t give a sh1t” bam finger.

    They omitted the “sh1t” and she flipped the bird instead

    Get over it
    It fit the song

  30. Remember when the Doors dared to actually sing, “girl we couldn’t get much higher” on the Ed Sullivan show, rather than the re-write.

    Oh the humanity


  31. M.I.A. would have remained M.I.A. if the media didn’t point out something that probably 1 in 1,000,000 viewers actually picked up on. Media should ignore this like cameras ignore streakers.

    By the way….you 18 yr old Bieber-ites wouldn’t know good music if it hit you over the head. We should be so lucky to get 10 straight years of some classic rockers from the 60s and 70s over these lip synching posers who have as much talent as I do on karoke night.

  32. Can we just get rid of the Pro Bowl and half time shows? Both are awful and no one watches. I’m sure every male walks away and it’s the women behind who watch their only game of the year because its a social party and they wanna see the commercials are the only ones left behind to watch these garbage shows.

    How about something entertaining that doesn’t involve singing?

  33. why not instead of having these worn out acts perform at half time ……bring in midgets from each teams towns and have them race up and down the field ??????

  34. Could care less. You will find me in the kitchen at half time. Made great pigs-in-the-blanket and baby-back ribs today! Mmmm…
    Well done NY! I am just sad that Gronk was hurt. A healthy Gronk would have changed this game.

  35. OMG the middle finger!!!!? How will we ever recover from this? She showed us a finger!! What will we tell the children who weren’t watching?

  36. I wasn’t thrilled about the performance but NBC was smart to headline Madonna w/ younger acts. Everyone knows Madonna but she’s obviously a little dated for the kids. LMFAO, Ceelo, Nikki Minaj & MIA. And for those who don’t know the younger acts, they’re pretty big. The funny thing is MIA is the least known out of the 4. She’s known for singing Paper Planes (the song featured on Pineapple Express w/ the gunshots). And she’s also known for performing at the mtv music awards 8 months pregnant. Red flag. LMFAO is known for stripping naked during there shows. Red flag. The point is, NBC’s formula for mixing an established but dated act w/ younger guest artists is smart. The problem is, a couple of the younger performers were a little edgy.
    thatobnoxiousguy says: Feb 6, 2012 12:40 AM

    When you have those kinds of people performing then you can expect that sort of ghettoish behavior
    MIA is Sri Lankan, Sri Lankans are ghettoish? This girl happens to be pretty out there which she’s shown in prior shows but I don’t think you know anything about her and just made a judgement based on her skin color.

  37. shouldn’t you actually be singing before being referred to as a singer of any kind backup or otherwise? since when does lip synching count as singing? probably the same people who coined the term boy bands to guys who could not play a instrument if their life depended on it. wish I could say I was offended by it but that would mean I would have had to have been watching and since I prefer the music I like to have actual talent and do more than lip synch and dance I wasn’t.

  38. I had no idea that was M.I.A. I knew her song “Paper Planes” back in 2009 but as far as knowing what she looked like? Not so much. Looks like the “Paper Planes” money is running out and she needed to try and make a name for herself again. FAIL!

  39. My children saw this abomination. Their innocence will be forever scarred by this act. Grown men running full speed into each other with intent to inflict pain is one thing, but showing such an obscene gesture with a part of the body GOD gave you is inexcusable. I will certainly be protesting NBC and their related companies because they let this tragedy occur. I hope everyone else does too! This is what happens in an Obama presidency!

  40. themightywhitey says: Feb 6, 2012 1:24 AM

    why not instead of having these worn out acts perform at half time ……bring in midgets from each teams towns and have them race up and down the field ??????
    screw that and my previous idea. ‘Little’ Person Halftime. Play an entire football game made up of little people from the area surrounding the two cities.. but allow one ringer who must be under 5’4″. There wouldn’t even need to be an increase of time with a 50 yd field.

  41. man what would it take for the nfl to have metallica to do the halftime show..i think it would be sick…lights go out..then all of a sudden you hear the bells from “for whom the bell tolls” go off and then they just go off from all there hits from kill em’ all to the black album…that would be awesome thats a halftime show i would wait around to see…iron maiden is another one…just a simple stage..nothing crazy..no dancers..no lip-synching…just people rocking to some legends of metal and forgetting your at a halftime show….

  42. I never noticed the middle finger. I did however notice the 15 minutes of lip syncing. I’m 23, madonna hasnt been relevant in my generation. Why not get someone like Bon Jovi who everyoneeeee likes.

  43. I was hoping Madonna would show those titties like Janet did. But at her age, I guess she’d have had to pull down her socks.

  44. How is the NFL shocked by this? They continue to follow the pattern of bringing in attention whoring pop stars, then being shocked that they did something controversial, then bringing in people who were relevant 20 years ago and wondering why people complain about that. It’s because they’re old and irrelevant, NFL. And this time you combined both. Congrats.

    They really just need to bring in rock bands that aren’t controversial, but also don’t suck horribly. Get a band like Mutemath, The Black Keys, or Muse. All of them put on a great live show, none of them will do anything ridiculous, and virtually no one will complain because they’re actually good bands yet are also accessible as well.

  45. That’s nothing. Every last player in the Puppy Bowl peed on the field during the game. WTF?!?!

  46. I think they’d be better off having some kind of skills competition or something like that instead of these ridiculous “performances.” That’s something I’d actually want to watch.

  47. At what point do us 24-40 year old crowd have to stop seeing/listening to the “past your prime” musicians?

    Bring JayZ & Kanye out there next year.
    Good “grown man music”

    The regular season commercials are catered to my “24-40” age demographic, why does the Super Bowl cater to a “has-been” demographic??

    GO BIG BLUE!!!

  48. I was more offended by Madonna shaking her 50-something behind like she was 22. I’m sorry but someone my grandma’s age shaking their butt and strutting around is not sexy. Quite the opposite actually.

  49. Instead of some bad musical act that the majority of people don’t care about, play the pro-bowl at half time! Each squad gets an A-Team, a B-Team, and a C-Team. Each offense starts at the 20, gets a two minute drill, one timeout. Whoever scores the most points wins!

    I bet the players would play a lot harder knowing 100+ million are watching too.

    Kill two birds with one stone.

  50. I’d rather the NFL showcase dwarf tossing at half time then bring back another geriatric act, or even worse, has-been or never was rap artists.

  51. This disgusting kip-synched halftime shows that we need two things:

    1. Congressional investigation; and

    2. Tony Bennett

  52. We turned right to the Puppy Bowl. Maybe next year the NFL will choose Underworld or Orbital for the halftime show. Serves them right for allowing this garbage to pollute our screens during the halftime show.

    Goodell knows what LMFAO stands for right??

    What a clown.

  53. If I have to watch Viagra and Cialisis commercials during 5:30 pm ctl time World News with my daughter you all can deal with a middle finger.

  54. crefan says:Feb 6, 2012 12:46 AM

    Next year we’ll have John Denver videos.
    With Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos in the Superbowl that is a GREAT idea !!!!!!!

    How about Rocky Mountain High ???

  55. How about giving Franklin Graham 30 minutes next year ? He would have the biggest viewing audience in the history of the Super Bowl .

  56. M.I.A. middle finger mars halftime show
    The finger was meant for the Patriots.


  57. Ban ALL rap from ALL sporting events, especially the Superbowl. It has no place on a family oriented show or in society at all for that matter.

  58. funkydunkleman says:Feb 6, 2012 1:50 AM

    My children saw this abomination. Their innocence will be forever scarred by this act. Grown men running full speed into each other with intent to inflict pain is one thing, but showing such an obscene gesture with a part of the body GOD gave you is inexcusable. I will certainly be protesting NBC and their related companies because they let this tragedy occur. I hope everyone else does too! This is what happens in an Obama presidency!
    But it’s OK to have a Repugnantican candidate like the Newt leave his cancer stricken wife and get booted out as Speaker of the House by his own party?

    That’s what I call scarring someone for life !!!


  59. Give me a break. MIA is a damn good act. I wanted to see Madonna make herself look foolish because she is full of it, but I gotta hand it to her. This was a one of the better half time shows. Look at last year’s awkward amatuerish Black Eyed Peas show(though Madonna had the benefit of backing tracks to not sound as off tune as Fergie).

    If you are a family person, those stupid juvenile Go Daddy ads are more embarrassing to watch. When the MIA and Janet Jackson acts happened live, most people barely even noticed them live. It was when the media kept slomoing and overplaying them that people focused on them.

  60. next year in new orleans they should have two marching bands Grambling & Southern. They would put on a show that everyone would like.

  61. I think it’s hilarious that some people here think someone loosely affiliated with the Tamil Tigers cares about or needs controversy.

  62. If I were MIA I’d watch my back. If Ben Roethlesberger suddenly starts showing up at her favourite clubs somethings up and it aint good.

  63. Seems to a lot of hate for one of the greatest entertainers of all time. Madonna did just fine. And if you listen to music at all, she’s still very relevant. For those of you saying she hasn’t done much in 10 or 20 years. You couldn’t be more wrong.

  64. It’s also funny that most readers here don’t have much of an idea about the most political significant and best critically received of all the artists (with the possible exception of Ceelo, who doesn’t get as much props for his solo work) over the last several years.

  65. Halftime shows are stupid to I can’t believe people actually watch it. They should just run all of those commercials and cut the break down from 30 min to 20 min. What really are the choices, watching and listening to washed up players and coaches tell you what you just saw, with your own eyes or semiretired entertainer getting pulled out of mothballs accompanied by someone just trying to get the 15 min. I remember being at a pro basketball game and the halftime show was a guy with 4 mannequins attached together by poles to look like they were dancing in sequence, now that entertainment!


  66. hire some real musicians playing live music and forget the fake recorded broadway fluff.

  67. vincentbojackson says:
    Feb 6, 2012 1:20 AM

    Career about to be M I A.

    She’a re-imagining herself as “Persona non Grata”…beyotch

  68. Not a country music fan, but hasn’t it been a while since a country act has played the halftime show? I suppose too many people would complain about the NFL going NASCAR or something like that.

  69. And yet another example of good ol’ American “Freedom”…. Sheesh the middle finger gesture is as American as Apple Pie. Heck, what elementary student doesn’t know the meaning? This is truly pathetic. Just hire the Partridge Family next time. This stuff is really goofy. These performers are Americans that are successful because their acts appeal to Americans. The very athletes on the field, announcers in the booth, owners of the team, fans in the stands and the TV viewing audience use the same gestures and language. Quit trying to show the world an image that is so far from truth that it is an extremely obvious attempt to deceive. Go back to High School Bands that only play ‘God Bless America’, ‘America the Beautiful’ and the national anthem at halftime.

  70. Packer fans loved the halftime show……..Madonna is juuuust hitting her peak of popularity in Wisconsin. Also, them seeing LMFAO is like a glimpse into the future. Someday, 10 years or so from now, they’ll love them too.

  71. Thats what happens when you let some no-talent never-was piece of trash get near the biggest stage in the world. I didn’t even notice it happen, but then again, I tuned out 99% of the entire performance.

    I took offense to the people chosen to play, not the middle finger of someone who has no business on a stage, unless that stage has a pole in the middle of it, and the spectators are drunk enough to find her attractive.

  72. At a minimum, the contracts should contain stiff financial penalties for anyone who makes obscene statements or gestures. Yes … please protect our eyes … Please.
    What was really obscene was MAdonna. “I’m sixty and I know it. Uh huh.”

  73. I thought this was a great halftime show; the best in a long time. The visuals were awesome, i could care less whether it was lip synced, or simply back tracks were supporting the songs(as is this case with most concerts).

    As for the middle finger, why does anyone care? We are way too sensitive of a society. When someone extending a middle finger is cause for an uproar and formal apology, it is proof our country has its priorities all screwed up.

  74. Didn’t even notice.

    I did catch that Madonna video somewhere & just knew we were in for torture after the 2nd quarter.

    Truth be told, I can’t think of an act I’d like to see at halftime. Arena shows are dead.

  75. I personally could care less and don’t get “offended” but I just don’t understand why you would do that. Is there extra entertainment value there?

    Screams “Look at me, look at me, I’m controversial!!!” to me. Please, someone tell her she’s special, she’s apparently needs to hear it…

  76. angrydungbeetle says:
    Feb 6, 2012 12:50 AM
    Sweet baby Jesus does this mean another 8 years of Tom Petty and The Who?

    I would be very happy to have Tom Petty do it EVERY YEAR.

  77. NBC feels the need to apologize for a wayward finger but their family time sit coms are full of p#$^s and va@&#a jokes. Somebody needs a reality check.

  78. Who cares? It was trash anyway. If I wanted to see a bunch of dogs prance around I would have turned on Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl.

    Bring back The Boss, Stones or bring in Personify, I don’t care just please stop with this god awful trash we have had to endure during the recent halftime shows.

  79. The reason we get older people for the halftime show is the NFL is scared. They tried to get a little younger flavor back into it, and M.I.A (whoever that is) pulled this stunt. I am more offended that she thought it was ok to do this to the world rather than the act itself. It goes to show the lack of respect she has for people not named M.I.A (again, whoever that is). Give a inch and she took a mile! By the way, I didn’t really care for the lip sync. And the Spartacus costume really fit the Super Bowl atmosphere. FAIL STAMP all around!

    Back to a halftime of dogs catching frisbees….

  80. Everyone is complaining about Madonna not being sexy, while the league is apologizing for M.I.A. making an obscene gesture. Isn’t this a paradox?

    The league looks in the mirror and sees a fun game where families can gather around the boob-tube and bond while they slop down Papa-John’s Pizza! The fans look in the mirror to see a bunch of spectators wishing to see a modern version of Gladiator! Even Madonna recognized this with her Cleopatra like entrance!

    Give us Maximus! Give us the bone crushing contact that is unparalleled by any other sport. Give us two well disciplined army’s in a near fatal struggle for supremacy, glory and wealth! Commissioner Godell! Give the mob the circus of the Coliseum!

  81. NFL should release the next seasons schedule during halftime. Then actual football fans would have something to watch. They could have everything decided and have both teams in the Super Bowl playing home games week 1. Then the winner gets moved to Thursday night.

  82. Man I am getting old….Madonna used to be the lightning rod of controversy…”Like a Prayer” caused a huge uproar with the religious community (the music video w/ Jesus crying, then coming to life)…Her book about sex, Papa Don’t Preach (about pre-marital pregnancy)…She was always getting roasted for being so controversial. Now, she’s just old…and this MIA chick needs to know her place. NO ONE CARES about you anymore. You had a few hits, no go back to Sri Lanka…stop with your whole “Rage Against the Machine” political crap. That’s what the middle finger was really about; she’s all “defiant” and “anti-establishment” (yet she does the Super Bowl)…LMFAO are funny to me b/c they sort of lampoon themselves and other rappers, they are very tongue-in-cheek….

    But it was still better than the Black Eyed Peas!!!

  83. I was in the head doing what I usually do @ halftime. Missed the whole thing but whoever plans SB halftimes needs a brain transplant. Madonna? Really?

  84. Hey goodell…what the heck were you thinking when you had madonna and m.i.a. do the half time show? how stupid is that? Are you surprised there was another incident? remember janet jackson? you couldn’t get john mellencamp or such? just stupid. 10 million bucks a year to make these kind of decisions? my kid could pick a better musical guest. blondie? ac/dc medey? geez.

  85. The producers really dropped the ball this year. Minaj and MIA are probably the last two people you want performing at halftime. Just last summer Niki Minaj had her own “wardrobe malfunction” while performing live on Good Morning America (TMZ has the full story, I’m not going to link to it). They are lucky the middle finger is all they got.

  86. The middle finger antic is exactly why the NFL has to go back to the 80’s to get entertainment. These antics are almost as bad as today’s music.

  87. NFL halftime shows just keep getting worse. Last night’s joke of a show was overproduced and unwatchable, even without M.I.A.’s little birdie.

    Shame on you, NFL. You’ve got the money to provide the best entertainment in the world, but this is the best you can come up with? smh

  88. Tiki Barber is available for the halftime show, or clean up crew, or anything, please, help a brother out.

  89. If the NFL is going to go the vintage talent route, I just don’t get why they can’t get someone like Metallica. They’re old, reliable, and won’t cause any media problems. Plus how awesome would halftime be for everyone if For Whom the Bell Tolls came on.

  90. She got what she wanted, people talking about her.

    “At a minimum, the contracts should contain stiff financial penalties for anyone who makes obscene statements or gestures.”

    Agreed. make the penalty way more expensive than whatever they would hope to gain from the publicity.

  91. Jeez, so many people complaining about a halftime show. Just count yourselves lucky that the game is big enough to get such big names to contribute. Who really cares who slipped what, or who flashed what, if you don’t see anything interesting, no one is forcing you to watch. Down in Aussie we don’t even get that stuff in our Grand Finals. Our ads are nowhere near as entertaining as the Superbowl ones and we namely have to rely on the Internet to get it. Sure in a perfect world it would be all football, but that would discourage the casual fans (such as myself) from watching such a great game. Remember, not everyone who is a fan really cares about who’s being drafted next year or what coaches are going to have to do to win, but from what I saw they did that anyway. It’s a balancing act, and I hope next years halftime show will be a spectacle to accompany such a huge game.

  92. larrydavid815 says: Feb 6, 2012 12:44 AM

    Chris Johnson gives the same to his fantasy football fans. Loser

    Who is the bigger loser… Chris Johnson or the dorks that play fantasy football?

  93. Frankly, didnt watch grandma Madonna or that other idiot who gave the “Im #1” sign. And who cares? And who said that the finger was a vulgar sign? What book do you get this stuff from? Its only vulgar in your wee brain. And who invites the half time show? I mean, come on man. The last good half time show was Witney Houston, how many yrs ago? And if uncle Rodger wants someone to sing the National Anthem, get the Coast Guard chour, those folks know how to sing the National Anthem. Check’em out on Utube.

  94. fumblenuts says:
    Feb 6, 2012 1:58 AM
    I would like to see a Guns-N-Roses half time show….

    Why? So, they could flake and refuse to go on? Don’t complain about has-beens and then suggest this washed up group of losers….

    I had no idea who MIA was, and still don’t. I was otherwise fine with the show, as I recognized a few of the songs, though not a Madonna fan.

    I would be happy if they just scrapped the entire halftime show and donated the money they didn’t spend on that to charity.

  95. Hell, they could of had a better show with some of the bands that played outside then what they got from Madonna and whomever those other idiots were.

    Money grubbing is all it is.

    Bunch of sad sack lip synching no talents.

  96. davikes says:Feb 6, 2012 12:49 AM

    Sorry, but that game was so boring it made a 53 year old blond seem exciting
    This would be one of those rare times i have to agree with a Vike’s fan, with me being a Pack fan.

  97. Interesting really..

    I can’t imagine Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra,
    Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Bobby Vinton, or any others of that ilk acting like these humanoids.

    Remember when people were responsible, considerate, unselfish and full of respect?

    Now everything has to be a cesspool. I feel bad for children.

  98. “fancyleague says:
    Feb 6, 2012 2:21 AM
    That’s nothing. Every last player in the Puppy Bowl peed on the field during the game. WTF?!?!”


    But did they at least get coaches to hold up towels to partially block the view while the TV cameras insisted on showing us that they were peeing?

  99. DonRSD says: Feb 6, 2012 2:30 AM

    At what point do us 24-40 year old crowd have to stop seeing/listening to the “past your prime” musicians?

    Bring JayZ & Kanye out there next year.
    Good “grown man music”

    The regular season commercials are catered to my “24-40″ age demographic, why does the Super Bowl cater to a “has-been” demographic??

    JayZ & Kanye is “grown man music”?
    They tried to cater to “your” demographic by having crappy acts like Nickelback and Justin Timberlake perform.

    It is going to suck no matter who you drag out there so why not just watch the damn football game and you can go to Youtube to get your fix of stupid Rap music during halftime.

  100. That’s what happens when you invite a talentless act who doesn’t really want to be there to the Super Bowl.

  101. MIA is selfish & immature. Because of her actions, the NFL will go back to raiding nursing homes for super bowl halftime shows. Shooting the bird may not seem like a big deal to adults (especially after seeing Janet Jackson’s boob), but lots of kids watch this & I can understand parents being upset.
    To be honest, I didn’t even notice the middle finger because it blended in with her horrible wig and costume.

  102. What’s so hard about getting the Foo Fighters, Chili Peppers or maybe a less commercial, but still trendy and popular band like the Black Keys to play?

  103. The NFL just needs to leave pop influenced hip-hop out of the halftime show. It’s a bastardized version of real true hip-hop, and it’s not even real music. The halftime show should be reserved for rock bands, funk bands, and lesser known talent. Also, why fill the sage with all those terrible performers anyhow? I thought it was supposed to be Madonna, not Madonna and a slew of irrelevant one hit wonders.

    I’m not a fan of Prince, but I thought his performance along with U2’s, were the best halftime shows the NFL has ever put on. The only way to top those two, would be to get Rush or Iron Maiden and team them up with Rick James.

  104. I see “Up with People” in our future. For those of you not old enough to know of what I speak – be afraid. Be very afraid.

  105. jumpov says: Feb 6, 2012 10:02 AM

    What’s so hard about getting the Foo Fighters, Chili Peppers or maybe a less commercial, but still trendy and popular band like the Black Keys to play?

    I love the Black Keys.
    I really don’t want to see guys in their 70s or idiots that just walk back and forth saying “Uuuh huu… yeah”

    If you are going to have someone famous flash her boob then at least make it Jessica Alba.

  106. Ok, if they did get one of those bands, someone would say “What’s so hard about getting Madonna, Nicki Manaj or maybe a less commercial, but still trendy and popular person like MIA to play?”

    You can’t please everyone.

  107. How about having a standard 12 minute halftime with no stupid show with people nobody watches anyway? That could fix it…and the biggest football game of the year could actually replicate…a football game…

  108. First of all, this has nothing to do with Madonna. Yes, she lip-synced the entire performance, but she had nothing to do with a no talent hack throwing up the middle finger for millions of people to see. I’m sorry, but this is what seems to be a trend when you put classless hip-hop acts on the halftime show. Now people want the likes of Jay-z and Kanye?? Never happen.

  109. steeelfann says:
    Feb 6, 2012 9:37 AM
    Interesting really..

    I can’t imagine Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra,
    Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Bobby Vinton, or any others of that ilk acting like these humanoids.

    Remember when people were responsible, considerate, unselfish and full of respect?

    Now everything has to be a cesspool. I feel bad for children.



    Exactly. The fact that ‘steeelfann’ lists artists from a bygone era doesn’t mean that those values that he lists above should disappear along with them. It seems that nowadays entertainment is seeking to appeal to the lowest values in our society…. and to actually promote low values and standards. How can this be in any way, shape or form a good thing?

  110. To me, the biggest travesty is the “hush-hush” deal that keeps Viacom (owners of CBS and MTV) from doing Celebrity Death Matches during the halftime show. I remember when Celebrity Death Matches pummeled the half-time show?

    It wasn’t the middle finger that offended me as much as it was the narcissism in the music. The one song was so much “I love me some me” that I actually began to think they dressed T.O. up as some old blond has-been and had him lip sync. Can you imagine U2, Bruce Stringbean, the Who, or the Stones, singing a song about themselves?

    To those asking for the Chili Peppers… how quickly we forget the socks and “rock out with your cok out”.

  111. Summation of this non-event:

    No-talent loser tries to get attention by doing something childish. Media obliges. End of a very sad story.

  112. When you have no talent, you can’t expect talent. Whe people realize its all about the media, maybe they will be more selective in the star screening.

  113. Was scouring PFT during the half-time show, glancing up only occasionally–and certainly not for anyone as irrelevant as M.I.A. Talented adult performers get attention with their singing; they don’t need to act out like a 12-year-old mooning the camera during a class photo. Her career will be M.I.A. soon enough.

    The real question is why the NFL doesn’t hire stadium rockers like Bon Jovi who don’t have to lip sync, wear Egyptian costumes, or bring in no-name guests to get the crowd singing. Seriously … “Vogue” … for a football game???

  114. Hey damnyoulinelliot,

    I got news for you. Bruce wasn’t lip-syncing, but his ENTIRE BAND WASN’T PLAYING. The entire halftime show was pre-recorded, except for Bruce’s voice.

    You can’t have a performance like that pulled up & put down in such a short amount of time.

    That’s rock and roll for you today.

  115. bleed4philly says:
    – how many superbowls have the patriots won since they got caught cheating? Oh that’s right, ZERO!!!

    How many years have they been better than the Eagles since they were caught filming from an illegal part of the field?

    ALL OF EM!

    Keep hating, hater. Like it or not, we’ll be back next year.

  116. What did the NFL expect to get from a greasy ghetto biatch like that anyway???

    Pop music sucks anyway. Put AC/DC up there or some other classic rock group. This hip/hop pop shiz is for the birds!

  117. Let’s make sure the real crime is not missed here. The loyal fans of the NFL were subjected to a plastic faced, veiny grandmother parading around stage in her underwear.

  118. I may be alone in this opinion, but that “plastic faced, veiny grandmother” was the most entertaining halftime show since Prince.

    Enough with the safe irrelevant grandfather “rock” acts already!

  119. No doubt the FCC will fine NBC after numerous form letter complaints from the ultra conservatives and far right wing groups such as the Parents TV group. God forbid we should see a part of the human body but violence, murder, and guns are perfectly acceptable.

  120. Here’s a great idea for a Superbowl halftime show:

    Lets take a pop icon, say, Madonna and put a bunch of talent-less modern pop ‘artists’ on stage with her and see what happens…


  121. Whats MIA are her looks. Eww.

    Whats funny is how many nikki minaj lookalikes they had dancing, i didnt know there were That many unattractive dancers. We couldnt stop laughing, between that and that MIA person, it looked pretty bad.

    Just as the host of the party said he thinks madonna might not be lip syncing, ceelo pulls the mic way to the side and closes his mouth and his voice magically stayed strong! Hahahah, no thank you very much.

    NFL, you want me to not watch at all one year, then you pull this crap again one more time. No excuses, billion dollars corporations dont get excuses, because they are the ONLY ones in a position to literally do ANYTHING. Talk about disrespect.

  122. I am more of a rock guy. But it is laughable how so many people like to revel in the “just hire an old rocker” sentiment. Bon Jovi is a terrible singer these days. He sounds like the male rocker equivalent of Rihanna with his vocals resembling a dying cat wail.

    Madonna was there for the middle aged people. LMFAO was there for the kids. CeeLo appeals to a lot of age groups. MIA is there for anyone who listens to music outside your tired old radio playlists. She is not even that obscure. Nicki Minaj is there for the teen audience. It covered all bases except for the 50 something white male who lives in perpetual narrowminded view of what is good music. I thought Madonna did a good job of getting all the acts together. It was better than the weird mishmash of Aerosmith , Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and others from a few years ago.

  123. What halftime show? I was watching the puppy bowl! Rather watch those dogs, then the dogs on NBC’s halftime show. I agree with what someone else said…get rid of the shows. None of them will appeal to everyone. But to the guy who didn’t like the Who…don’ t see them with a wardrobe malfunction or flipping the bird. At least they have some class, which Madonna and company have none!

  124. @pravin68 …

    I’d have rather seen Bon Jovi 10 or 15 years ago, but his voice hasn’t gone. For some reason, the NFL can’t bring in rockers when they’re still charting. They have to wait until they’re over the hill to book them. I’m just trying to think of someone who can rock the house. Madonna did a good job on “Like a Prayer.” I like Cee Lo, LMFAO, and Nicki Minaj. But when you have an audience that size, you don’t need a bunch of costume changes; you need a raise-the-roof act like Springsteen in his prime. He’s lost some of his vocal power, but he still did a great job for SBXLIII.

  125. Sorry Deb. I just cant stand Bon Jovi. No offense. Just consider them a band for middled aged women. Loved the Springsteen selection. I thought the TB outdoor stadium was conducive to the atmosphere with the good firework display in synch with the band’s peformance even if his voice was not as powerful as it once was(they should have miked him up more to compensate).

    The Rolling Stones were good too, but they trotted out some of their overplayed songs.

    The Who was a huge disappointment. I have never seen them that pitiful.

    I did get a kick out of seeing Madonna trip at one point inthe song. She seemed a little cautious when walking on those steps. It was entertaining and funny to watch her arthritic movements even though she is clearly in great shape with all that yoga and stuff.

  126. Maybe I’m just too old but like to think I know a little about music and, again just one person’s opinion but I didn’t see the finger in all the production and found the music all around upbeat and enjoyable and the visual presentation spectacular. They have a lot of people to try to please and I thought it was very entertaining. But do agree U2 was the best show in memory.

  127. @pravin68 …

    Apparently she had a pulled hamstring. Like you, I thought she was being very cautious in her movements. But I just don’t think the Super Bowl lends itself to that type act.

    I agree on The Who, but Daltrey and Townshend did an incredible accoustic set at the pre-SB press conference. Pity that wouldn’t have worked in the stadium. It’s just hard to think who would work in a stadium. The real stadium rock bands are all too old now, and few other acts are engineered for venues that large. The only reason I mention Bon Jovi is because they’re stadium rockers and not yet using canes.

  128. How stupid are we as a country to care about a finger showing on TV?

    Fire the old religious white guys and hire some normal people to run the FCC. What a joke.

  129. I personally think Pink is up for the challenge. She can sing both rock and R&Bish stuff in a pop mode. BUt is she big enough name? So you might want to combine her with another band. Plus, I thought he SNF theme song rendition was better than Faith Hill’s even Faith is better looking.

  130. @pravin68 …

    I love Pink!!!! That would be right up my alley. And I’m always on board for U2. It wouldn’t hurt one year to do a set with some of the big country acts like Tim McGraw, Miranda Lambert, and Rascal Flats. Has Beyonce ever done the halftime show?

    Monkeys riding dogs are good!

  131. i’m proud to say that outside of modanna, i had absolutely no idea who the other “singers” were at the halftime show, and i’m in my twenties. should i know who those people are? after hearing them sing, i’m glad i don’t.

    Foo Fighters for the next halftime show!

  132. Here’s what the NFL needs to do. For Super Bowl halftime shows every year, Country Music & nothing but Country Music. It is the only genre of music that you will not find anything offensive.

  133. Middle finger = “street cred”….????

    Ok, I guess I’ll try to get some “street cred” by throwing it a bunch during rush hour tonight…..

    I’ll let you know if my “street cred” goes up….


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