Manningham heads to free agency with momentum

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So I’m back in New York City after taking a nice 30 minute snooze in Naptown after filing this column and heading to the airport.

Florio, meanwhile, is in the VW Bus on the way back from West Virginia. He taped a two hour NBC SportsTalk at 7. a.m. with Peter King, which just seems insane. King did the show off no sleep.

I bring this all up to explain away anything crazy said in the video below. King and Florio go over Mario Manningham’s future as a free agent after his remarkable fourth quarter against the Patriots.

Manningham, for one, doesn’t know what will happen.

“I don’t know where I’m going to end up,” Manningham said to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer before the Super Bowl.

He should have plenty of options.

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27 responses to “Manningham heads to free agency with momentum

  1. I would love to see Mario come back to NY. But someone is going to pay him #1 WR money (Skins, Raiders?) and he’s not worth it. Plus, the Giants don’t have the room under the cap. Thanks for the Super Bowl highlight, Mario, and best of luck to you on your new team. You’re a solid WR, but Nicks and Cruz are significantly better and your 4th quarter heroics just put you out of NY’s price range.

  2. It was a nice catch…congrats. However, he still makes far too many mistakes to garner a huge pay day. Giants fans know this. As a 9er fan who knows my team needs a true #1 WR, please stay away from Manningham. At the right price he has value, but he isn’t going to solve the glaring hole my 9ers have at that position. Let someone else overpay him on the back of that catch…

  3. Manningham had a great catch and is a decent WR, no doubt, but the defender who was matched up on him was Jones – the backup safety for the Pats. When it looked like the matchup would stick, I told my brother in law – a Giant fan – that they should throw to Manningham every time, which they started to do in the 3rd and 4th. He will get a decent contract, but it shouldn’t be over the top. I think he should stay as a Giant, though as a Cowboy fan, I wouldn’t mind seeing him move on.

  4. Good for Mario. I honestly don’t see him back with the Giants next year. He is a good (at heart) guy, and has a flair for the dramatic catch. But SOMEONE is going to pay him #1 WR money, and he is currently #3 on the Giants depth chart. But he got (and earned) his ring, so now he gets his money.

    Hopes he’s back with the Giants, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he went elsewhere.

  5. I’m gonna guess the Pats will come calling. Super Mario will always be remembered for that catch, but he’s far too injury prone and otherwise inconsistent to warrant a big money deal. He’s also kinda not so smart.

  6. Why the continuous love affair with Peter King? He flat out sucks. He is a hack. He is a liar. He should never, ever be seen on television. He should never, ever be heard on radio.

    I hope this has been helpful.

  7. I hope MM recognizes how great he has it in NY and how bright a future he can have if he takes a little less to keep their fantastic WR nucleus intact. It will be a bad move if he takes the money and heads to a team with a QB that can’t get him the ball (like Holmes did)

  8. I don’t know…he made two good catches in the 4th, but how many drops did he have to go with those? Four? Two?

  9. Al Davis does run the Raiders anymore slim. Manningham isn’t going to get #1 money from Reggie. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go down to JAX or some other locale that actually needs help at the position. Congrats Mario.

  10. Wow – thanx for the warning Folks-in-the-know. I was all set to start Blogging my hynnie off for my Niners to go after Manningham – Ooops! Oh, and Big Congrats Giants fans. Your guys earned it and deserve it (Wow – was that ever painful). Hope you guys are: A. Not bitter when you do not repeat next season, and B. just as magnaminous when my Niners take it all. Enjoy.

  11. Manningham will not get the best offer from the Giants because Cruz will be getting a lot more money. Can’t see Reese spending all that cash on 3 WRs. What the Giants need at WR is a real speedster to help stretch the field for Nicks and Cruz to work.

  12. emmac13 says:
    Feb 6, 2012 1:35 PM
    Come to Cleveland. After all the Plain Dealer stated you have ties to the area and your grandfather is a Browns fan.
    If the Brownies can get to #2 and get RGIII, sure.

    If they stay at #4 and get Blackmon, they should spend their free agent dollars elsewhere, IMO.

  13. He’s a good player but makes a lot of mental mistakes. Drops the ball way too much for a guy with his ability.

    People here are right, someone will give him borderline #1 WR money so that prices us out of resigning him. He’s a #3 guy so it’s prudent to let him walk. Thanks for the memories Mario. It was a good run. We’ll always remember you.

  14. Mario is a solid #3 who is made out to look good because he plays in the shadows of a good #1&2. He is not a stud #1 WR but some stupid team who’s idea of doing their homework is watching the Super Bowl will overpay him to be a #1. He will then suck, get cut in 3 years and find himself out of the league with plenty of cash. You can ask Desmond Howard how that works.

  15. I don’t think Mario will be that expensive to sign, it seems like the FA pool at WR will be fairly deep. I’d say 2 or 3 years at 3.75M will be the neighborhood that he takes.

    I just look at James Jones last year coming off a Super Bowl win and decent numbers for a #3/#4 WR and there were no takers. He came back to GB for $3M per.

    I think the choice for Mario will be to take a hair less than $4M/yr to play for the Giants, or to take maybe a bit more than $5M/yr to play for a middle of the road team & QB. So I think he’ll be back with the Giants with a slight discount, and if he does well he can still cash in on another contract before he’s 30.

  16. Momentum? It was a great catch, but he is far too inconsistent and often lacks body control and sideline awareness.

    There was a reason that Chris Collingsworth was ready with the graphic after he faded out of bounds.

  17. Thanks for the heads-up from fans that watch Manningham. As a 49er fan we don’t need another receiever that drops as many as he catches…we already have Crabtree.

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