Peyton Manning expects to meet with Jim Irsay this week

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Eli Manning owned the stage on Sunday night, but it won’t be long before the attention turns back to his older brother.

Peyton Manning’s status with the Colts figures to be the biggest topic in the NFL once the Super Bowl recedes into the rearview mirror and we’re starting to get an idea of when we might get an answer on that front. Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star reports that Colts owner Jim Irsay called Peyton to offer congratulations for Eli’s big night and that the conversation then turned to their future working relationship.

“I told him I would pass that along,” Peyton said. “We talked about getting together and I think it will be this week. He just said, ‘I look forward to sitting down with you soon.’ I told him the same thing. I think it will be this week. One thing he and I are not going to do is give a set date, where it’s like a game. We’ll handle it the way it should be handled and go from there.”

Florio reported Sunday that Peyton is likely to play in 2012, but not for the Colts. The Colts have until March 8th to make up their mind about paying Peyton his $28 million bonus, but the desire for a meeting sooner rather than later would seem to indicate that Peyton would like to know what the Colts are doing well before deadline day.

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  1. As a Colts fan, I’m sad that the end of the Peyton Manning era in Indianapolis appears to be coming sooner than later.

    However, the way that his contract is structured pretty much makes his return impossible. Paying $28 million (then another $7 million in base salary) to a 36-year-old QB coming off three neck surgeries in 19 months is just too big of a risk to take considering all of the salary cap implications. Looking at the numbers, we wouldn’t be able to cut or trade him for at least three years without going into cap hell.

    I might be able to talk myself into the teaming ignoring these facts and going for one last run if Andrew Luck wasn’t sitting there for us, but he is.

  2. Give us Peyton for two more years like Dungy said. Irsay you owe it to the Colts fans, Peyton has made you millions and many more out there. Keep him our man!

  3. Wherever he ends up, I just hope he has the sense to quit when it’s clear that he’s declining. The last thing I want to see is an all-time great go the route of a hanger-on like Brett Favre. Play if you have something to give. Stop when you don’t. That’s all I have to say about that, no matter what time he ends his career with.

  4. From what I heard today on NFL Radio on Sirius– Peyton would like to restructure his contract to be more incentive and performance based. IE, he would get his $28 milllion by earning it along the way through performance. I firmly believe we see Peyton a Colt next season.

  5. im NOT envying Mr.irsays position right now. keep an almost over the hill qb and gamble his neck is healed or let him go and gamble on an unproven qb at nfl level in luck. either way they’ll be critics on both sides of however it turns out good luck colts fans

  6. I hate how the media is acting as though Andrew Luck is a sure bet to be the next Peyton Manning. I’ve rooted against Peyton my whole life (even when he was in college) but he doesn’t deserve the treatment he is getting from Irsay or the colts organization. Time to move on to better pastures Peyton!

  7. It’s about time these two tools got the spotlight back on them. It was a rough 48 hours.

  8. I’m tired of hearing about this.
    It’s this guys own fault, if we were talking a 5 or 10 mill bonus it would be a no brainer and he wouldn’t be in this position.
    He should have expected this, Tom Condon should have expected this
    And the string-puller Archie should have expected it.
    Why do you think teams backload contracts and bonus’ ? Because they have no expectation of paying them.
    Sports is a what have you done for me lately game, and he hasn’t done anything, might not do anything ever again.
    He never should have agreed to such an absurd contract and bonus, so If he gets cut, it’s all on him.

  9. It’s likely that Irsay doesn’t want to shell out the 28 mil but maybe the next step is to keep the “family” together by broaching the partial ownership status. Keep Manning around to help build the next franchise while giving him a piece of the pie.

  10. I really hope fans get their wish and manning stays. then when he has nobody else good to play with because of his salary and the colts suck these same whiney cry babies will be on here talking about how washed up he is and how they should have just let him go. amazing anybody can say he has been underpaid after he has made over 200 million in salary. plus he made 26 million for not playing a down last year.

  11. The only way he stays is if he takes a HUGE paycut and work off a contract that is mostly incentive laden. Not going to happen

  12. As a season ticket holder, i’d hate to be The owner who lets Peyton go only to see him go to AZ or SF or where he can contend for another title end up playing and beating the Colts. Or even winning a couple. Mr. Irsay has said all along that it isn’t about the money. “if Peyton is healthy he will be in a Colts uniform”. He has been cleared to play. Keep him and bring in RG3. He has said he would love to learn under Peyton. Luck on the other hand is iffy at best on that subject. Hmmm if Peyton is willing to play on incentive, let him play on incentive for us! Let him finish his career as a Colt and give him a job on the front office. It worked in Denver.

  13. As a Colts fan I hate to see PM go, but keeping him would put the TEAMS ba**s in a cap vise.
    Manning deserves a better shot at another title than what the Colts are going to be able to provide within the few years he MIGHT have left.
    If the F.O. had done better in the draft the past 5-6 years I would say pay him if healthy or even close to it, but there it is.

  14. What I’ve read on this website is that Peyton is willing to offer some other team an incentive and performance laden contract. He hasn’t offered that to the Colts. He just wants that $28m from them if he can get it, like he got the $25m for not playing last year, a total contract that he and his agent procured by not being forthcoming about his neck injury and resulting nerve degeneration.

    He needs to meet with Irsay and (1) tell Irsay exactly what his physical condition is so that Irsay will have accurate information on which to make a decision, (Peyton knows exactly what is is, and the doctors don’t) and (2) if he truly doesn’t know if he can play at his best he should offer to renegotiate his contract to reflect his diminished skills and leave the Colts room to pay their first choice in the draft.

    Honor and integrity demand this of Peyton, in my opinion. Otherwise, he’s Brett.

  15. I believe there is a total win-win resolution available, especially considering the precarious nature of Peyton’s long term health if he has to go to another team that does not already have a franchise QB. From what I’ve seen, the O-lines of these teams may not be good enough to really protect Peyton and keep him upright. I think Mr. Irsay should offer Peyton a small ownership interest in the Colts in exchange for his retirement. They could use the value of the $28 M payment as a factor in determining the percentage ownership interest. If this could be done before the deadline, they could avoid any potential salary cap issues. For Mr. Irsay, this would keep Peyton a Colt for life and free up $35 million in salary cap for the rebuilding process. It would also keep Peyton healthy. Assuming Mr. Irsay would allow Peyton to transfer his interest to his Dad or Cooper, the door could remain open for Peyton “unretire” ala #4 if his nerve fully regenerates. It’s also a win for Peyton because he would join the most exclusive club in sport, NFL owners. He’ll then have something that no other QB has. Also, his long term health would not be jeopardized playing for a rebuilding Colts team or starting over with a new team. As a lock for a first ballot HOF enshrinement, he won’t tarnish his legacy with an inferior team. Instead, he can be an architect of future Colts championships as an owner for years to come.

  16. Peyton had a great career in Indy and the fans should be grateful of their success. The fans should also be grateful for Luck to be falling into their arms. I think the fans would be ok either way this pans out—but having one great QB morphing into another—-I am envious (a Dolphin fan).

  17. dolfan1 says:
    Feb 6, 2012 7:20 PM

    Let him go already! Peyton can’t wait to get to Miami where it’s 75 degrees

    75 degrees late December to early March…
    95 degrees and 100% humidity the rest of the year.

  18. a true statesman for the NFL belongs in the nation’s capitol…..welcome to Washington Peyton. Like Elway, once you have Shanahan,a running game and good defense, you’re really going to win championships…..

  19. Washington? no WR’s no OL no running game , have to play his brother twice a year, probably lose to his brother twice a year, and crappy cold windy weather……. I thinking NO!

  20. Manning’s gonna be a Jet next year. Foot-Lover will finally have a QB he can actually yell about.

  21. PM’s current contract is actually front end loaded, not back end. Also, his current contract was mutually agreed upon by himself and Colt’s Management, there was no coersion involved on his part, he didn’t put a gun to anybody’s head. In fact when his current contract was redone several years ago he agreed to less money than what he could have gotten so the Colt’s could sign other players. PM has gotten his and the Colts have gotten theirs. It has been a wonderful BUSINESS PARTNERSHIP that could be coming to a close.

  22. So he’ll work a hometown discount with any team except the one that just paid him $23 mill to be a cheerleader? I’m not sure I’m liking this guy anymore.

  23. @ grninerfan

    The Colts can opt out of his contract after one year. Which is exactly what they’ll do. So not only will the Colts get to start Luck as a rookie, but they’ll have plenty of cap room to re-sign Wayne and Saturday and any other veterans that want to stay.

  24. Trade the first pick to Cleveland for Colt McCoy and the 3rd & 35th draft pick & Colt McCoy and take RGIII and develop him for two years and he can be better than Luck and you get a high 2nd round to re-build with.

    Pitch that to Manning and he will restructure where he gets a guaranteed 3 years at least as long as he meets performance requirements or has another cut deadline next off-season.

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