Redskins want London Fletcher back next season

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Turning 36 didn’t do much to diminish London Fletcher’s play.

The linebacker made the Pro Bowl for the third straight season and was named second team All-Pro for his work with the Redskins. He’s never missed a game in his five years with Washington, a level of commitment that extends off the field where Fletcher was honored with the Bart Starr Award for his work in the community this year.

All of that goes a long way toward explaining why the Redskins would want to see what Fletcher can do after he turns 37. General Manager Bruce Allen told Brian Tinsman of the Redskins website that he wants Fletcher, who can become a free agent next month, back for another year.

“We want to, we want to–and he wants to come back,” Allen said.  “We’re just waiting for the season to finish, and then we’re gonna take care of business. He’s a captain.  We want our captain back.”

Fletcher has said that he wants to come back next season and Mike Shanahan has also expressed his desire to see Fletcher back with the team. With Allen adding his two cents, it seems likely that Fletcher will be staying put this offseason.

25 responses to “Redskins want London Fletcher back next season

  1. dan snyder is cursed

    believe that.

    u dont come to an organization rich in tradition and real fans

    and make it a business and all about money

    suing season tix owners?


    and then u wonder why the skins havent had a home playoff game in how long?

    skins will NEVER win again as long as SNYDER is owner.

    I promise u that.

  2. Come back Fletch! If we had managed to acquire more FA’s like you (not fat albert), we wouldn’t have been as sorry as we’ve been most of the last 20 years.


  3. Skins fans want him back too. Allen will make the right contract signing, just the right amount of time and money. 3 years ago Vinnie would have thrown him some god awful contract killing our salary cap (not that London doesn’t deserve it, but c’mon this is a business too).

    London will serve as a good role model to Perry Riley and continue to be the heart and soul of the defense until another picks up the torch.

  4. L Fletch is an inspiration to the Redskins players and fanbase. This guy gives 100% EVERY game and gives me some hope for my team even though we are horrible. London…..can you throw?

  5. As a Redskins fan, I’ve always, always loved this guy. Great heart and a true leader! We need more London Fletchers on this team!

  6. I think that we should pay him what he wants. He has been either 1st or 2nd in tackles on the team every year with us as well top 5 every year in the league.

    He has been the consummate teammate and class act. He deserves to get what he wants as long as he stays.

    That being said we need to draft someone to learn from him and back him up for a couple years, as he is getting older. It will give the next guy some time to learn.

  7. As an Eagles I would love to have this guy. Total gamer regardless of his age. He’s like BDawk. All heart and never misses a game. Snyder better have some respect and sign him.

  8. good to see Redskins fans thinking with their hearts and not their brains…dude is getting old. Its time to move on to a younger player. he can’t pass defense anyone and every tackle he made was 7 yards down field.

  9. In my opinion the most underrated player of his generation, and its not even close. I’m an Eagles fan so I hope the Redskins pull a Welker and drop the ball and don’t sign him. But the old timer is still a gamer and I doubt he goes anywhere else.

  10. As a Skins fan, I would rather have London back before we go after a QB. Pay him and draft a guy who can play special teams and learn. Two years from now he retires and becomes a REDSKINS coach. HTTR!!

  11. London Fletcher is and always has been one of the best mlbs in the game. Best free agent acquisition of the Dan Snyder era. Thank Gregg Williams for that. We love you London.

  12. He is future HOF. Other than lossing Warner, letting London go was the worst move the Rams ever made. It took them 10 years to find someone who even comes close. Good player, great man.

  13. The Skins need this guy back. End of story. Can’t think of a better person to lead the Skins growing young defense.

    And at this point in his career Brian Cushing isn’t fit to wash Fletcher’s jock. Fletcher hasn’t missed a game in his 13+ year at MLB, nevermind missing 4 games due to suspension. Cushing can’t say the same.

  14. @fittytuckin

    I’m sorry didn’t Cushing get busted for roids? Cushing doesn’t even come close to Fletcher.

  15. Do the right thing Danny and Shanny. Make sure he retires a Redskin and give him a position with the team when he’s done. He’s a class act.

  16. Eagles fan : most underrated MLB ever ! If i fear any redskin player during our games it’s this guy, he’s everywhere, please please please ! Learn from us giving up BDawk thinking he’s to old, you may see a step lost, but you can’t replace the leadership or enthusiasm guys like this bring, drop him ad that defense will go down hill fast ! Players give it 110% when they have a guy like fletch leading them, never underestimate what heart brings to the table

  17. fletcher has been dissed by team after team. I agree rams completely messed up not keeping him and he will end up in HOF. On the bills he was a straight tank in the middle. I rank him right there with Rey lewis. He is faster and stronger. But why does he continue to be released and never resigned before his contract expires .? He said the same thing when the bills had him about wanting to stay with team, key phrase…if they want me. That means who is going to pay me. When buffalo acquired him, this was a team who was going to go out pay the most for freeagents when Gregg Williams took over. Not sure what stage ur team was but Snyder is going to “pay the man his money”.

    Or is it teams think he is too old, seen his best years or Are just stupid. My opinion I would like to see him on the giants (Fewell connection from Bills), jets, ravens. History says he will not resign, but will he go to a team w a chance, or a team with a check.

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