Scenes from the locker room after Super Bowl XLVI


I went down to the locker rooms and interview area following the Giants Super Bowl victory on Sunday night. So I may as well share some of the random small moments viewed there before moving on to the offseason.

1. Michael Strahan and Eli Manning shared a long embrace and conversation. “Enjoy this,” Strahan said into Manning’s ear. “It’s your time.”

2. Aaron Ross walked down the corridor under the stadium, holding his mother’s hand in one hand and his wife’s hand in the other. He may have been the happiest looking Giants player I saw.

3. Tom Brady stared at his locker with a towel on his head for at least ten minutes. Robert Kraft came over to console Brady, who stayed in a daze.

4. I walked by Gisele, who was waiting for Brady to emerge from the locker room. Lesson here: I’m short.

5. For some reason, Seal was reveling in the Giants win in New York’s locker room. I heard a reporter ask Seal how long he’s been a Giants fan.  “Oh, I’m just a sports fan,” he said.  All right then.

6. Mario Manningham was asked about the pressure on the Giants on the last drive: “Ain’t no pressure. It’s football.”

This seemed to capture the Giants’ attitude about the fourth quarter pretty well.

“It’s Eli Manning,” said defensive end Dave Tollefson. “What did you expect?”

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  1. tom brady just got lucky to win a superbowl in his early career bcoz he got a great kicker like adam vinatere.. Tom Brady is overrated!!!!!

  2. Good game. But you don’t see many examples of a TD being a bad thing. He tried to pull up to the line but wound going a$$ over, lol.

    Congratulations to the NY GIANTS!

  3. This off suubject….the Patriots did not beat one team with a winning record during regular season….

  4. Tollefson said it all “it’s Eli Manning what did you expect?” he’s been doing this all season, as a giants fan it’s gut wrenching and no matter how many times he does it i’ll never get used to it but it got the job done…but next season would it be too much to ask for just 1 or 2 games where we’re winning by like 13 or 14 in the 4th? Lol it would really help my blood pressure.

  5. – how many superbowls have the patriots won since they got caught cheating? Oh that’s right, ZERO

  6. Hey goodell…what the heck were you thinking when you had madonna and m.i.a. do the half time show? how stupid is that? Are you surprised there was another incident? remember janet jackson? you couldn’t get john mellencamp or such? just stupid. Bummer for brady to lose. eh

  7. Congratulations to the New York football Giants. See you on opening night of NFL 2012 season.

    Aaron Rodgers

  8. Perhaps this 21-17 game will help put to rest the erroneous theory that QB and the passing game are the keys to ultimate success. While they’re very important, a balanced attack with excellent defense and an effective running game are critical to championship success.

    While the defensive stats are not great, there was a lot of excellent defense played last night! Don’t forget, there were two great QBs out there and some excellent receivers.

  9. Is the scene for Tommy Boy covering his head because he just heard his wife was opening her mouth to run down the receivers? That showed some class. Lets see safety…interception, threw behind some receivers…yea that was it, the receivers did not catch the ball. Is this the definition of a poor loser or what?

  10. Thrilled to see Brady in a daze….he didn’t deserve to even be there….see Lee Evan’s great effort to secure the ball.

  11. Tom Brady played an unreal game, if you knew what you were watching… Recievers dropped 3 unreal passes in the final drive… Brady went 16/16 in the TD drive, another record to put in his case… Pats forced 4 fumbles, recovered 1 and got taken back by too many men on the field, which NEVER happens. Giants had Paeytons horse shoes in their a$$es… Eli will be deemed better when it isnt ONE catch per game that wins it for him. Mannigham deserves the MVP, not handoff Manning…

  12. As much as we’ve all seen of Brady, my opinion is that he’s simply not as pin point accurate as he used to be. Surely part of that is defensive pressure, but I suspect at times it’s just him. Past his prime? Maybe. Also the Pats defense isn’t nearly what it was when they won Super Bowls, either….and Eli has the touch, put the ball exactly where it had to be,like Brady used to do.

  13. So much for the all the pre game boasting coming back to bite the Giants in the butt! Looks like it gave them the perfect spark

  14. Come out of hiding, Patriot fans. You’ve been mouthing and chest-beating all week, now suddenly you’re nowhere to be seen!

    Come take your lumps like men.

    Come taste the crow.

  15. If someone would have told me that the Pats D would have held the Giants to 13 offensive points and Manning to 222 yards passing with 4:00 minutes to go in the game I would have said that the Pats ran away with this game. The Pats have scored a combined 31 points in 8 Super Bowl quarters against the Giants. That’s mind boggling to even think about. How could they move the ball so well to close the half and so well to open the second half yet not score in the final 26 minutes of the game? Brady is so close to having 5 Super Bowl titles, one undefeated season, and a possible 6th Super Bowl appearance considering they blew a 21-3 lead to the Colts 5 years ago. Congrats to the Giants and their fans…I’ll be trying to get that bitter taste out of my mouth for awhile.

  16. What the heck was Seal doing in the locker room, let alone at the Super Bowl if he’s not even a football fan? That’s exactly what is wrong with the Super Bowl now. The people attending the games are NOT real fans but instead just want to be there because there are lots of cameras. The NFL let the game be taken over by corporate sponsors, other owners, celebrities, politicians, and so-called VIPs.

  17. weeny00 says: Feb 6, 2012 7:53 AM

    tom brady just got lucky to win a superbowl in his early career bcoz he got a great kicker like adam vinatere.. Tom Brady is overrated!!!!!

    He got lucky three times? I’m sure he is overrated, just like those other guys that won at least three Super Bowls. Bradshaw, Aikman and Montana were just carried by their kickers too.

  18. weeny00 says:Feb 6, 2012 7:53 AM
    “tom brady just got lucky to win a superbowl in his early career bcoz he got a great kicker like adam vinatere.. Tom Brady is overrated!!!!!”

    yeah, it wasn’t his accurate passes to nobody recievers when he had jim johnson blitzes in his face or Julius Peppers coming from the edge or having to beat the greatest show on turf in their prime, or having to go into pittsburgh and slice and dice the most consistently good defenses of the last decade again and again… or the fact he’s been carrying the patriots to the playoffs the last couple of years with absolutely no help from the defense…

    Eli & Big Ben haven’t carried a crap defense to the playoffs let alone win without their D getting like 3 sacks a game.

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