So much for the new, relaxed Bill Belichick

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When the Patriots got to Indianapolis last week, our own Gregg Rosenthal introduced us to the “new, relaxed Bill Belichick.”

Belichick was cracking jokes during press conferences, keeping things light around his team and generally coming across nothing like he usually does when placed in front of cameras and microphones. Rosenthal wasn’t the only one remarking about how different Belichick seemed this time around and the only thing odder would be if Rex Ryan showed up at Jets training camp promising that the team will work hard and hope for the best.

In the moments directly after the game ended, it looked like things were continuing on the same line. He and Tom Coughlin had a long hug and said a few things to one another before Belichick sauntered off the field.

A more familiar Belichick popped out of his hooded sweatshirt a short time later. It started when he blew off NBC’s post-game interview altogether and then continued when he arrived at the press conference. He made a brief opening statement congratulating the Giants and bemoaning the fact that the Pats couldn’t make enough plays. Then the questions started.

What did Belichick think about the safety on the first Patriots play? “It’s not my call.”

What plays could have been better? “There was 100 plays you could be talking about and I would take a lot of them.”

Did you let the Giants score? “Right.”

Can you take us through your thought process on that? “No. Ball was inside the 10-yard line, a 90 percent field goal conversion.”

Second-guessing anything? “Sure, could have done a better job in a lot of things.”

Anything specific? “There’s a lot of plays out there.”

Losing a Super Bowl is tough and the last thing anyone would want to do is break it down in painstaking detail moments after everything plays out. That’s why most coaches engage in bland platitudes that fill the air but tell you just as little as Belichick did with his terse answers. Graciousness is all well and good, but honesty is appreciated as well.

Most of all, we’re just glad to have the old Belichick back. That grinning fellow from last week just didn’t sit right.

81 responses to “So much for the new, relaxed Bill Belichick

  1. You lost the biggest game of the year, who wants to be yapping? The NFL shouldn’t force the Super Bowl loser to talk to the media.

  2. Seriously … what do they expect? Right after a gut wrenching loss they grill him. I know it’s mandatory, but how did they think he was going to react? Jokes and smiles? Maybe a little juggling?

  3. What an inane spin here?

    The guy is fresh of a very tough loss in the biggest game in the profession in a season dedicated to the beloved Myra Kraft — and you evidently expect a bubbly, gregarious, cant-stop-his-own giggling Belichick wisecracking and zipping one-liners?????

    Moronic take.

  4. belichick is a great football coach. he is not a true sportsman however. a true sportsman wins with humility and loses with dignity. belichick does neither.

  5. What exactly do you expect him to say? Do you think he should be cracking jokes or all jolly that his team just lost in the championship? He also doesn’t need to be gracious to the Giants in the press conference. His encounter with Coughlin after the game was classy and you can’t ask for much more.

  6. So, as is the norm with the press, he’s damned if does and damned if he doesn’t. What a shock these guys can’t stand any of you.

  7. What I know, most of the world knows, the Hall of Fame voters know and even most Pats fans know deep down inside is the little “dynasty” was a farce. With an edge gained by cheating, knowing their opponants defensive play calls the Pats won more games that they should have and propably would not have made it to those Super Bowls much less won them. The cheaters got what they deserved last night.

  8. Bill… sorry about your loss but one thing people are over looking is that you did not beat one single team with a winning record during the regular season… I think you were lucky to get here…

  9. how many superbowls have the patriots won since they got caught cheating? Oh that’s right, ZERO

  10. why does no reporter have the guts to point out to belichick and brady that their so called “dynasty” should have a big asterisk next to it. its now obvious how they won those superbowls. “clutch” brady showed once again just how good he is without that film at halftime

  11. I know NFL films did that Love Story documentary on him, but its time to take a lot at his legacy. Spygate. What was the depth, impact of it and when did it start. Plus the off the field deal with another man’s wife. There is a serious character flaw there that should be taken in account. The Patriot way doesn’t stand up to the Steelers (70) Niners (80) or Cowboy (90….close) Way of the past.

  12. .

    If the Patriots had won, the press conference would have been exactly the same. Dogs bark, cats meow and Belichick has very little to say to the media. His business is coaching, not entertaining.


  13. Anything specific? “There’s a lot of plays out there.”


    Really? I can only name three.

    Your friend,
    Brad Childress

    Ps. I still need a job…..

  14. One team has to win and one has to lose and this game proved that becuase each played their tails off for our enjoyment.

    Had the HM worked then you’d simply crossed out Belechik’s name and inserted Coughlin.

    Buzzards… that’s all PFT is.

  15. Why not start reporting it the way it truly is. Belichick is an A$$. Start holding theis A44 accountable for his comments and his actions. You certainly wouldnt let Terrell owens get away with acting like a jerk, so why let Belichick get away with it.

    Belichick is allowed to get away with it because hes won football games, and wont SB’s. Hes just like any self entitled spoiled athlete. Athlestes get away with this same type of behavior since the time they are in H.S. simply because they are good atheletes. People look the other way or make excuses for their behavior and then we are all shocked and stuffed when they behave this way.

    Step 1. Stop letting Belichick get away with it. It amazes me the media is so afraid of this guy. Rex Ryan acts like a jerk and the media calls him out. I think I’d be more afraid of ol rex and his 350 lbs, then little Belichick.

    If players are held up as role models, then why are coaches allowed to behave like spoiled little children?

    Belichick is a front runner. Behaves semi decent when he wins, and pouts and bullies people when he loses. Dont say its tough to be gracious in defeat at such a big moment, because there are 31 other coaches in the league and somehow they manage to at least appear to be cordial after loss’s.

  16. As a Steelers fan, I give Belicheat a pass here. Losing a Super Bowl is simply crushing. I remember last year just sitting in disbelief because the Steelers actually lost the game. I think I moved from the couch on Tuesday morning. I can’t imagine how the coach of the losing team feels immediately after the game let alone for weeks and weeks to come.

    I DO understand that you need to try and compose yourself, conduct mandated network interviews, etc. but after such a tight game and to come out on the short end is the worst…..especially for a competitive coach as driven as this guy who is known to pretty much sacrifice all aspects of life for football (perspective much?).

    Much better to have a personality of a Bill Cowher than a Bill Belicheat moments and days after a Super Bowl loss…Everyone knows this guy deals w/ the loss worse than probably any coach in history.

  17. He’s smart but getting fined 500,000 bucks? I haven’t even screwed up that bad. ha. and Hey goodell…what the heck were you thinking when you had madonna and m.i.a. do the half time show? how stupid is that? Are you surprised there was another incident? remember janet jackson? you couldn’t get john mellencamp or such? just stupid.

  18. The people who are going to get riled up over Belichick’s tone and demeanor are the same people who are worked up over M.I.A. flipping the bird. Who cares?

  19. It’s nearly impossible for any coach or player to comment after a a loss in a Superbowl. Anyone would have a million thoughts swirling around. How can anyone have any clarity.It must be a huge disappointment.The Patriots should won the game. I don’t know why they had such a weak execution,but they just played way below their ability. missing easy receptions and not shaking up and interfering the giants passes. the defense could have shook up the offense to make them more doubt in their playbook. And force them to change their plays more often.But at the of the day the Giants played a much better game

  20. The same giants fans that rip on bb are the same ones that hopped on the g-men bandwagon 4 years ago. They know nothing about the g-men

  21. Dude is seriously overrated. If it wasn’t for YOUNG Brady and the D from a 5 yrs ago – oh – that’s right – and his KICKER and Video Cheating – wouldn’t have the 3 that he does have.

    I guess your slick hire Josh McDaniels move right before SB didn’t exactly pan out either huh?

    I guess his incredible, greatest of all time coaching wisdom of “DO YOUR JOB” just didn’t work either…

    Dude is seriously overrated.

  22. he showed how classless he really is by blowing off the NBC postgame interview.

    And seriously he looks rediculous with the 80s cutup sweatshirt

    havent won since cheating, go away till next year loser

  23. What do you expect from a coach who just lost a Super Bowl that his team’s to win? Do you think Lombardi, Noll, etc would be all jovial and in a good mood following such a loss? These guys live to win — and losing, in their eyes, SUCKS. I am glad to have Coach Belichick at the helm of my team and wouldn’t trade him for any other. Thank you, Patriots, for a great run. I look forward to New Orleans next year…

  24. I am sure that losing the Superbowl makes you feel as bad as having your wife stolen from you by a guy who wears a hoddie for a living.

  25. Well at least he did not run off the field before shaking Coughlin’s hand like a little girl this time. Little Bill is the most disgusting CHEATER to disgrace the NFL and the sooner he is out of the game for good the better the NFL brand will be.

  26. He really thought he could ride into the sunset after this one didn’t he ?

    It would have been one of the greatest achievements of his coaching career(along with stopping the 2001 rams) if he managed to win a championship with the scrubs on defense collected by… Belichick himself!

  27. As a life-long Pat’s fan andahardcore Belichick fan, I amvery disappointed by his behavior last night.

    Horrible behavior, Coach.

    I saw a very disgusted look on his face as he walked off the field. I can understand the frustration of losing that Super Bowl, but clearly the Giants have Belichick’s number and he needs to be graceful in defeat.

    Be pissed at YOURSELF, Coach, not the Giants and not the rest of the world, and be pissed BEHIND CLOSED DOORS.

    Very unprofessional, very disappointing.

    Yeah, that safety was chicken$hit, but it wasn’t the difference maker …… the Pat’s lost by four, not two.

    Stand tall at the season you had, shake the hand of the opponent you just can’t quite beat, and look in the mirror for the reasons why.

    THAT is the “Patriot way”.

  28. I’m really glad they lost. I hate the patriots and after the unsportsman like conduct I saw at the coin toss, it confirms my feelings toward that franchise. After the coin toss one of the Giants captains reached out to #32 of the Patriots to shake hands and #32 ignored and turned away from the Giant player. Something must have been said because then #32 turned back and finally gave a hand slap.
    Guys like this don’t deserve to be playing in the pros.

  29. Bill-a-cheat is a world-class pud…

    At least he had enough “class” to actually shake Coughlin’s hand this time.

    I was rooting for the G-men in 07…and last night.

    Shows you how much I disdain Bill-a-cheat…(not the patriots, just Bill-a-cheat)

    Go Eagles.

  30. Like I said…..nobody was buying the Patriots’ phony piety anymore. We’d seen them long enough to know they love strutting when they’re winning and are terrible losers. Tom is the same way. Loves running his mouth when his team is laying on a pounding, but then sits on the bench and pouts when he’s losing. Seeing his dejected face yet again after the big game is just priceless…..every single moment of it.

  31. Not sure what more you wanted him to say. Reporters tend to ask questions that cast such a wide net. When they narrowed it down, he was specific, and honest with his answers.
    Is this just the perceived snub of NBC that has you upset?

  32. It still grates on me that the guy dresses like a hobo and if a coach wants to dress in a suit and tie on the sideline out of respect for other former coaches, they have to beg.

  33. Perhaps he should have said, maybe Im not the second coming of Lombardi if I wasnt shooting squirrels in my back yard & up came a bubbling crude named Tom Brady

  34. Well, wait just a minute. Where is all the hate? I mean he did pull a Jim Harbaugh did he not? Jim was tottally destroyed by the media and the foolish comment-ers. I’m sorry, but from 2006 on, this has been Tom Brady’s team, not BB. He gets way to much credit for nothing. It’s hard to be ready for a SuperBowl when your players are used to going 1-and-done in the Post-Season. Maybe Chad Ochocinco could have helped, but you will never know because he gets paid 1 million dollars a snap. BB is washed up, he is piggybacking off of Tom Brady. Maybe to counter act that he trades Brady for Manning, becuase, you know, he’s a “Genius”.

  35. Oh yea, and btw, Collinsworth said that Bill was “Unorthodox” in taking 2 TE’s in same draft, yet he praised him and saying something like “Only will BB do that”. Ummm, that same draft… THE RAVENS DID THE EXACT SAME THING! Very glad to see somebody who knows what they are talking about.

  36. All of his career success is tied to Brady. With Brady in decline you can expect Belichick’s future teams to follow suit.

  37. This was BB’s way of doing the Hue Jackson: He’s pissed at his team for blowing the Super Bowl and just knows how to bury his feelings so he doesn’t get a million replays on ESPN.

  38. Low class coach, for a low class organization, with low class fans

    Tom Coughlin the GENIUS schooled the FRAUD who STILL doesnt have a legitimate championship

    Coughlin has now outcoached and outclassed the so-called “genius” twice now

  39. It really ticks me off these coaches that act like babies when they lose. You make millions of dollars and you can’t answer a few questions to the media…they have a job too. If Coughlin would have lost you would have answers to the questions. They weren’t even stupid questions…just his thoughts on the game. But to blow off a post game interview and act like that at the press conference….get over yourself and act like an adult. Pretty much not a role model for the young adult.

  40. Someone should have said, “Hey Bill, those Superbowls are a lot easier to win when you know what the other team is going to do, huh? Too bad you got caught cheating or you might have won a couple of more.”

  41. everyone wants to forget this is the guy who keeps passing into the endzone when his team is winning 40-7 and says stuff like “suck my d1ck” about his opponents after winning games.

    he’s been a great coach, but a lowlife for 55 years. everything he does is purely calculating. why would that ever change?

  42. And I submit this petty, little unprovoked snipe (kick a guy when he’s down) as a perfect example of why it is that Belichick detests dealing with the media.

  43. thatobnoxiousguy says:
    Feb 6, 2012 11:12 AM
    Low class coach, for a low class organization, with low class fans

    Tom Coughlin the GENIUS schooled the FRAUD who STILL doesnt have a legitimate championship

    Coughlin has now outcoached and outclassed the so-called “genius” twice now

    After a post like that, you have no business calling anyone low class.

  44. I understand the comments so full of hatred for the man. He wins & wins often. Sure, he lost a Superbowl again, but 90% of the NFL hasn’t even been to a Superbowl in the past 10 years. Any coach is going to be disappointed and emotional after such a loss – the man’s a human being. Jump on him because he’s cranky after losing the biggest game of the year? Please. As a fan I’ll take the good with the bad. I’m a Pats fan, but the Giants deserved to win – they made the plays, the Pats didn’t. They were there to be made, but they didn’t execute.

    I don’t think the Pats have any more of an arrogant fan base than would any other organization which wins on a regular basis. Reading the hate-filled comments on here doesn’t exactly show to me that any other teams fan base would react differently if their team had success. As a fan, win with class, lose with class. Congrats to the Giants!

  45. Win or lose, the post-game press conference is part of being an NFL head coach. The reporters questioning him are just trying to do their jobs.

    Why should Belichick be treated any different?

  46. Love the losers with the “zero rings since Spygate” refrain. 95% of teams would love to have the “lack of success” the Pats have had the last 5 years. Except for Brady, the team has had to turn the whole roster over since first SB win and still win double digit games every year. The ’80s-’90s 49ers are the only team I can think of that have remained this good for this long. They have a good young nucleus, two 1st round picks, and Brady still playing at a high level. They’ll have a good shot as long as Belichick keeps coaching.

  47. Theres nothing wrong with Belichick’s press conference. He just watched his team choke off a very winnable Super Bowl… hes simply not going to be nice and happy about that.

    Its not like he didn’t congradulate the Giants, and he didn’t blow off the press conference. He stood their and took his jabs from the media, who really expects him to do it with a smile on his face? After all, if your not really pissed after a game like that… you didn’t want it enough in the first place.

  48. 1) Bill Belichik is not known for his friendliness or accessability to the press, nor is he known for his fondness for them. They all know that and about 95% of them take it out on him when they write about him.

    2) It is a well-known fact that the standard for shoddy journalism is set every year during Super Bowl week.

    add 1 + 2 and you get this article and about 95% of the other articles written this week.

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