Tom Coughlin reiterates that he isn’t retiring


Tom Coughlin is coming back for the 2012 season.

Coughlin put any lingering doubt to rest about that during his press conference on Monday morning, reiterating the point he’s made several times when the issue has come up over the last two weeks. The idea that he’d ride off into the sunset had some dramatic flair, but it was clear this season that Coughlin has lost none of his passion for coaching.

At this point, it seems hard to imagine anyone but Coughlin will decide when he’s done coaching. While it would be silly to suggest that there aren’t going to be those who conjure up some reason Coughlin should be fired in the years to come — New York’s just that kind of town — Coughlin has the full support of Giants ownership and he’ll soon have a contract extension that reflects that support. At 65 with two Super Bowl rings under his belt, it feels like Coughlin will call the shots on when he wants to hang up the whistle for good.

For now, all we know is that it won’t be this year.

11 responses to “Tom Coughlin reiterates that he isn’t retiring

  1. What better way to go out? Belichick should retire too, now that the league has caught on to his cheating, he can’t win the big one.

  2. Thats a shame.. hey Coughlin hope you are ready for your so called loyal fans and owner to threaten your job again next year; when you start to suck.. Wait I must be wrong from looking at the post [ on all the other articles] the bangwagoners claim Coughlin and Eli are going to be inducted into the HOF next year; I guess they broke their pitch forks and doused the flames on their torches for now. What loyal fans you have watching your back all I can say is make sure you have a some kind of protection on your back; so when they stab it next year it wont hurt as much..jb from norfolk

  3. Coughlin’s done a great job everywhere he’s gone and he deserves to be mentioned among the greats in the business. It’s a sad commentary on the world of sports journalism that some NY papers were calling for his head earlier this year. But now I guess they ‘ll stop doing that … until the next time the Giants lose a game.

  4. If Belichick is one of the all-time greats and a first ballot HOFer, and I do agree with those sentiments, what does that make Coughlin since he’s now beaten Bill twice in the biggest game of the season? Especially since all the “experts” told us the first time there was “no way” NY could win and told us this time that Belichick was “so loose” and “relaxed” that he HAD to have something up his sleeve? I won’t even go into the nonsense that was spewed about Belichick keeping Ocho “under wraps” to catch the Giants off guard and how important it was that Bill gave his team a half hour break during practice to simulate the halftime delay. Seems like a LOT of pundits have a LOT of egg on their face this morning and no one is owning up to it.

  5. Tom has a pass for life in New York, there will be no more talk about firing. You never heard it with Joe Torre and you won’t hear it now with Tom.

    If Girardi wins another this year, he’ll have a pass (although only for a few years, because the Yanks have to win at least one WS per decade or you’re failing ha).

  6. The way giants win is just astonishing. They take what the coach is selling and even its tough this team was tough. I am not a Giants fan but you have to give credit here. What made the G- Men tough in was Coughlin and the players emulated his toughness now they are the champs.
    If the Jaguars weren’t crying he was to tough after he got them to the AFC championship oh well.
    Coughlin is a better fit in NY anyways.

    Congratz to all the Giants fans but please do not take this win and Gloat like all the packer fans that went silent when the Gmen went to cheese land.

  7. Hey, Mr. Wright…where, oh where, are all the loudmouthed Pats fans today?

    I can still remember back after SB42…they disappeared for a solid month after their team lost. If only that could happen once again…

  8. bozosforall says:
    Feb 6, 2012 1:41 PM
    Hey, Mr. Wright…where, oh where, are all the loudmouthed Pats fans today?

    I can still remember back after SB42…they disappeared for a solid month after their team lost. If only that could happen once again…

    6 1
    The only ones here are the ones you see making excuses, killing us with if/then nonsense and issuing backhanded “compliments” in our direction.


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