Eli says Peyton is “good to go”


Last week, conflicting reports and accounts emerged regarding the question of whether Colts quarterback Peyton Manning may continue medically playing quarterback for the Colts, or for another team.

Peyton’s brother, Eli, has chimed in during a Monday night appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman.

Everything’s good to go,” Eli said, via the New York Daily News.  “He got a good report from his doctor, said, ‘Hey, you know, if you were my own son, I’d give you the okay to play,’ and so he’ll be ready.  He’s healthy, now it’s just about getting to 100 percent where he can physically make all the throws.

“He’s doing well.  He’s rehabbing.  He was in good spirits all weekend, got to be with him a little bit, and, you know, he’s just trying to get 100 percent.  He wants to play football – and I think he will.”

And so Eli’s comments confirm the educated view of the situation:  Yes, Peyton is healthy enough to play; and, no, he has not yet recovered his full arm strength via the regeneration of nerves that were damaged due to his neck injury.

Eli also cracked a few jokes, explaining that he was in bed by 10:30 p.m. ET in order to get ready for Monday’s trip to Disney World followed by a return to New York.  “I had a big morning,” Eli said. “I had to get ready for this, so I had to get my full sleep.  I’ve been preparing and practicing for this.  Peyton was playing you.”

Letterman also asked Eli if he remembers being told he’s the host’s favorite Manning.   “Yep, many times, many times,” Eli said.  “I get a Christmas gift from you every year.  It’s a jacket.  I don’t think Peyton gets that. . . .  That’s how I knew I was the favorite.”

With his performance in the 2011 season, the postseason, and Super Bowl XLVI, Eli is surely the favorite right now in the eyes of a growing number of football fans.

21 responses to “Eli says Peyton is “good to go”

  1. if he hasnt recovered back to his full arm strength yet than how can you deem him healthy enough to play? Sounds like contridicting statements… I hope we see him somewhere next year

  2. I would not want to be the Colts right now. The way they are dealing with Peyton is just motivating him even more. I wish my Chiefs would trade for him, but that will never happen because that’s not the “Patriot Way”. The Chiefs only sign coaches and players who came from New England. A real genius we have in Pioli here in KC.

  3. Eli just repeated the exact same line Peyton said last week. One person repeating another persons words is not the same thing as confirmation.

  4. Is this the same doctor who cleared him to play last year? Peyton’s “clearance to play” will last one practice so that he can collect whatever huge check some some idiot will pay him. It worked last year. Why not try it again?

  5. Eli wins the Super Bowl (and MVP to boot!) and still has to be in Peyton’s shadow. Still he says all the right things.

    Both those Manning boys are classy guys.

    I’m too young to have watched Archie play and not sure of his personality, but it seems like he raised the 2 QBs right.

  6. Eli’s media face and confidence has improved along with his playing. He was very well spoken and funny too. We will start seeing him in more commercials real soon ! I bet his agent is licking his chops.
    Also noted, Letterman set a record of sorts in having the winning SB QB on first for the last 8 years!

  7. I love Eli as much as the next guy, but when did we start giving QBs ALL the credit for SB wins? He has 8 playoff wins and his defense never allowed more than 20 points in any of those wins. His defense gives up only 15 ppg in their wins. Im sure there are MANY QBs who could have beaten the Pats in 2 Superbowls if their defense held them to 14 points and 17 points respectively.

    The GIANTS won the Superbowl… So congrats to ALL of them

  8. Vols84,

    The way they are treating Peyton? They gave him 24 MILLION dollars last year to stand on the sideline and look serious.

    Now they want to make sure he EARNS the next truckload of hundreds.

    How are the doing anything wrong here?

  9. The Manning spin machine is in full ramp-up mode now. The message? Make Peyton look as good as possible so when he is cut by the Colts, some other team will pick him up so he can fleece money out of ANOTHER organization…….The Mannings are unbelievable!

  10. It isn’t contradicting to say that he is healthy and that he is ready to play.

    He is healthy from the injury, meaning that the injury isn’t a problem anymore.

    He just isn’t in the perfect shape anymore. Anyone that has had surgery on any part of their body in which they couldn’t use that part fully afterwards can tell you that the muscles lose their strength and you can’t fully start to build them again until the “injury” is fully healed.

    So it should be interesting to see how his conditioning goes.

  11. He’s “good to go”, but he can’t make any throws? That really makes alot of sense, Eli. It’s obvious Peyton’s doctor gave him a phony clearance (knowing full well he’s far away from having to actually play any football) to help him leverage the Colts.

    Peyton is a world class douche. He’s the reason the Colts are getting Luck in the first place. He always took the max contract so his team had little cap room to fill out the roster with any quality depth and last season’s result is what happens. he did it to himself.

  12. The Mannings are circling the wagons. And why not? I’ve had two spinal fusion surgeries and am still in a wheelchair. And my nerves haven’t regenerated after 5 years. I’m never going to walk again. Peyton has all the money he will ever need and is already a cinch for the HOF. Why risk another injury that will leave him in a similar situation as mine? Unfortunately, I exist month to month on social security. I don’t have tens of millions sitting in a vault somewhere. Pull up an ez chair Peyton, grab yourself a cold one and relax. Your gold jacket is on it’s way.

  13. Eli just won his second superbowl mvp and he still has to answer questions about peyt-Int-on. Call archie he’ll tell ya whatever you want to know.. And i’m a pats fan

  14. golonger says:
    Feb 7, 2012 9:49 AM
    “I’d take Payton over Brady right now.” – you sir are an idiot!
    @ golonger
    That guy is a troll who always posts whiny stuff on anything remotely Pats related or even when it’s not. Most of us Pats fans just laugh at him and his ilk at this point. Sometimes we point out the silliness, but usually we just laugh. He has a right to say “PM> TB” but he just does stuff like that to get us mad. He’s just a bitter Rams fan.

    I’m a Pats fan, and even I feel bad for Eli always having to talk about his brother so much even when he wins the SB. Insanity. I laughed at Irsay calling PM to congratulate him on Eli’s win. It’s about time those tables got turned a bit.

  15. I m glad for Eli and for Payton. There are no to better men in football today…well Tim Tebow. I hope Payton ends up in Dallas. Romo is good, but a Payton Manning there would be mean the Super Bowl. If he is going to get anymore, he’s got to get to a real team with a chance. Jet’s Eagles will never happen. He wouldn’t play for big mouth Ryan and nobody that has a option wants to be in philly with the biggest back stabing fans in the country.
    Eli has the benifit of playing on a great overall team, something that Payton has not had. The year Payton got the superbowl the colts defense played the best they ever have.

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