NFL suspends Steelers tight end Weslye Saunders four games

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Weslye Saunders came out of South Carolina last year with the reputation for off-field concerns to go along with his considerable talent.

That’s a large reason why he went undrafted, but his talent was great enough to make the Steelers. He played in 16 games as a rookie, but he won’t play in that many next year.

Aaron Wilson of reports the NFL suspended Saunders four games for an undisclosed violation.

Saunders only caught four passes last year, mostly helping on special teams.

38 responses to “NFL suspends Steelers tight end Weslye Saunders four games

  1. But the Steelers are a class organization. They don’t tolerate bad behavior….you know except, RAPE, DUI, etc.

  2. Ha ! fool… he is history.. you can take that to the ‘bank’.

    as ‘Red’ would say on the 70’s TV Show”, ‘dumb ass

    This should be an interesting off season now with Todd Haley coming in as Offense Coord, very interesting… people saying this is a Rooney II hire !

  3. this has failed drug test writen all over it. then cue the steeler fans crying how goodell always picks on them.

  4. Just another wasted talent. Frigging idiot head cases. Give me your physical gifts…I’ll do something great with them. I was robbed of mine by a distracted driver. I’m paralyzed and in a wheelchair. Thanks in advance Wesley.

  5. The Rooneys wont let him get away with THAT because he isnt instrumental.

    The Rooneys used to NOT put up with anything but we found out that they sell out for CONVICTS that can play=Rapelisberger. They went from CLASS to CLASSLESS over-night. Now watch, the Squealer Apologists will come out and say h”he wasnt convicted of anyth”. Of course he wasnt, he BOUGHT the words outta THEIR (plural) mouths.

  6. First, to my benevolent overlords at PFT: Please get a 12-year-old filter so I don’t have to read any more of the crap above (“Ben the rapist”, “Ray the murderer”, blah blah blah).

    On to a post of actual useful value to the general public: Does anyone know yet what the suspension was for? Kinda bizarre to announce someone getting suspended with nobody knowing what it was for…

  7. This guy has a ton of talent and ability; however, this doesn’t bode well for his long term future with the Steelers or in the NFL for that matter. If you can’t keep your nose clean while playing for the rookie minimum, imagine what it would be like if he received a decent size NFL contract.

    I don’t believe players are suspended for an initial positive for “recreational drugs”, so that means he tested positive a second time.

    I wondered why this guy didn’t see the field more in his rookie year. He showed a lot of promise and looked with the ball after the catch in the few instances he got on the field. I specifically remember a big catch at the back of the end zone for a TD at about the mid-point of the season. I guess we now know why he didn’t continue to develop. Wake and bake will get you a ticket out of town and out of the NFL.

    It’s a shame these guys can’t keep themselves in check.


  8. He needs to remember that he is judged
    by the company he keeps.

    So (if he’s really lucky) he will be released and
    hopefully get signed by another team that doesn’t
    have such bad examples on it for him to follow…

  9. where are all the “he’ll be a bengal next year” jokes??? Seems to me, troubled guys that come to the Bengals, for the most part, have stayed out of trouble…whereas in sh*tsburgh they willfully employ rapists, potheads, brother mouth-kissers, and guys like this chump and nobody seems to care….

  10. cincyorangenblack: does the name “Henry” ring a bell with you?

    To all the haters: when you’re at the top, people will naturally swipe at you. Steelers fans take it all in stride. It doesn’t bother us near as much as it seems to incite you. Enjoy your high blood pressure.

  11. this is an unfortunate situation. Altough he is not an integral part of our offensive gameplans it is still another regualtion hit to our team and reputation. Cant say I am personally indifferent about this, because I do not enjoy seeing our team dragged down by selfishness and irresponsibility. Guess you could say I am getting used to it with the last two years events being played out.

  12. What’s the source on this story, besides a beat reporter for the Ravens? And why has the NFL not reported this?

  13. @naanunaanu

    I was just thinking how the Ravens are gonn be dominant again next year. Theyre simply minus Pagano nothing else has changed. As long as we dont get swept I believe Steelers win the division next year. Barring the Bengals and/or Ravens dont make a huge push in free agency.

  14. Young people these days just do not have the appreciation for a profession and clean living like I had when I was young. When I was growing up in NC and playing college baseball, if I had even thought about drinking a beer, I would have been kicked out of school. Fortunately, I had my head on straight and it helped me to succeed in my professional life, long after college was done.

    You need to wise up, Mr. Saunders.

  15. @vousetesunxxxx says:Feb 7, 2012 10:24 AM
    To all the haters: when you’re at the top, people will naturally swipe at you.
    You are not at the top lil girl.

    Our BP is fine out here so in your own words it doesn’t bother us near as much as it seems to incite you and your fans..

  16. The steelers are a classy organization each indvidual is respondes for himself. Most of you probably don’t have kids you can rise them the right way, but they are going to do what they want to do.

  17. @dexterismyhero …

    It may not bother you, hon, but it obviously interests you a great deal. You’re on every thread talking all Steelers all the time 😆

    @mitchitized …

    If they filtered out the 12-year-olds making “raplisberger” comments, the number of posts on our threads would drop by two-thirds 😉

    Without more info, I can’t say the team should cut Saunders loose. Perhaps the league had good reason to suspend him. But the league suspends people willy-nilly for its own reasons and with little uniformity in the sentencing. He may have done something scandalous that would merit sending him packing. Or he may have done something relatively harmless. Who knows? Whatever he’s done, I’m sure it’s pretty common throughout the league.

  18. painkiller20 says:
    Feb 7, 2012 9:59 AM
    Young guys are a reflection of their leaders (Hines and Ben)

    Am I the only one that sees the tiny bit of irony that on a post about doping a guy whose screen name is painkiller feels it necessary to comment?

  19. Suspension was for violating the performance enhancing substances, with ADD prescription medication being the culprit.

    He (through his agent) notified the NFL before the draft as they knew he was going to fail the test due to the ADD medication, and the NFL isn’t buying it.

    So this brings up another question, how can a prescription medication for ADD (the most common one, at that!) violate an NFL substance restriction?

    So they can’t detect HGH, but ADD medication will trigger like you’re headed for ‘roid rage?

    If this is all true, then I feed bad for the guy, as he’s done nothing wrong; and the NFL deserves a shovel to the face for trashing his image by boneheaded announcements.

    And yes Deb, I’d LOVE the number of comments to drop 66%! Quality, not quantity, PFT!

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