Saints still looking for a receivers coach

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The Saints have made official the arrival of defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo and secondary coach Ken Flajole, who was Spagnuolo’s defensive coordinator in St. Louis.  (Also joining the staff from the Rams is Andre Curtis, who’ll be the assistant secondary coach.)

But the Saints still are looking for a new receivers coach, per a league source.

Curtis Johnson left the team to take the head-coaching job at Tulane.  He finished the season with the Saints before making the in-city move.

The candidates for the job aren’t known.  (Well, someone knows who they are.  Just not us.)  And whoever gets the job could be faced with the challenge of replacing the production of Marques Colston and/or Robert Meachem, both of whom are due to become unrestricted free agents.

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  1. I remember that play in the pic, heck of a throw and catch by Colston. Get used to seeing a lot of Colston at the Stick, he’s one of the guys the 9ers should be going after hard for their huge WR hole.

  2. Give Hue a job already. I’m sure he’d be willing to swallow his pride and be a WR coach on a Super Bowl contender for a couple years to humble himself. He did a good job with Housh and Ocho during ’04-’06.

  3. Agreed jimmygrahamchrisivory! I think Tampa is the only place where an OC job is still available. So it looks likely Hue will most likely have to settle for a position coach.

  4. Saints don’t need to be worrying about receivers or receivers coaches. They need to be worrying about improving their high school defense up to the pro level. It doesn’t matter if brees and all his receivers score a thousand points a game if their high school defense alows 1001. The Saints crushed the Giants at home but couldn’t beat the scrub niners on the road becuse in order to win on the road in the NFL in the post season you better have a good defense or just stay at home. The Saints lost to two inferior teams 2 years in a row on the road in the post season because of their weak defense! Please help us SpagNOLA! Geaux Saints!

  5. @salmen76

    Five turnovers by the offense and special teams but the defense is why they lost? That doesn’t make too much sense. I’ve yet to figure out why Vernon Davis wasn’t double teamed the whole game. That’s a Gregg Williams decision. Yeah, they need to improve on defense, but Drew Brees loves to get interception happy on the road. Putting his “sub-par” defense in horrible positions.

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