Schiano considers Ron Turner, Bill Lazor for offensive coordinator

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As the last team to hire its head coach, the Buccaneers are behind the curve on getting their coaching staff together. But head coach Greg Schiano is narrowing down his choices for his most important staff position, the offensive coordinator.

Alex Marvez of reports that Ron Turner and Bill Lazor are among the candidates being considered for the offensive coordinator job, which will be a particularly important staff position for Schiano — as a coach with a defensive background — to get right.

Turner is coming off a 2011 season in which he served as the Colts’ quarterbacks coach. He has previously been the Bears’ offensive coordinator and the head coach at Illinois. Lazor is the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Virginia and has had NFL jobs coaching the quarterbacks of the Seahawks and the Redskins.

It’s been tough going for Schiano building his coaching staff, as Packers tight ends coach Ben McAdoo, Florida defensive coordinator Dan Quinn and Cardinals receivers coach John McNulty have been among the assistants Schiano wanted to bring in but couldn’t.

Schiano is expected to bring in four members of his old Rutgers coaching staff to Tampa Bay: P.J. Fleck (receivers), Bob Fraser (linebackers), Brian Angelichio (tight ends) and Jeff Haley (defensive backs).

14 responses to “Schiano considers Ron Turner, Bill Lazor for offensive coordinator

  1. Turner produced some results as Bears offensive coordinator, but couldn’t get half a QB out of the Colts reserves with Manning out. They should make a play at Giants’ Sullivan and should he be blocked, talk to Dennis Green.

  2. “Turner is coming off a 2011 season in which he served as the Colts’ quarterbacks coach.”

    Indy’s QB’s played great last season, besides I thought Manning was the QB coach…

  3. ok buc fans here is the primer for you can expect if they hire turner. run up the middle for little or no gain on first and second down then a wide reciever screen on third. just to mix things up once in while on third down he will call a play that is always 1 yard short of what you need for a first down. and in the unlilely event your team makes it to the superbowl he will take out the starting rb who ran for a 60 yd. touchdown the previous series to put in the rookie back up to fumble on his first carrie the next series.also if he throws to the tight end and he gains yardage do not expect him to see the ball again to the end of the game if at all. see if a play works you can only use it once or the other team might catch on. as a bears fan you have my sympathy should tampa bay hire him.

  4. Nice to see Tampa filling out their coaching staff with a variety of coaches who were unsuccessful in second and third tier college programs.

    That guy they poached out of Northern Illinois is going to instill fear in the NFC South and respect from the players.

  5. I love how people always have to find a reason to hate on the Bucs. Damn. It definitely gets old after a while.

    Obviously its the Bucs fault for all those other coaches being blocked. It has to be it. If the Bucs asking to interview a bunch of candidates and were granted permission, I’m sure the comments would read, “well, if (insert team name here) is willing to let them go, then obviously, they’re not that good.” No matter what happens with this team, everybody always has something negative to say. smh.

    In any event, I’m still holding out hope for Hue Jackson as OC. Not sure who the Giants have as their DL coach, but I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to at least bring him in to hear what he has to say. He has done a pretty good job w/ their line up there…. But, of course, if he’s allowed to interview, that means that he must not be that good…. right???

  6. Am I on the only one that initially misread this headline as “Shiancoe considers Ron Turner, Bill Lazor for offensive coordinator”? Now, that would be awesome haha.

  7. Poor Bucs….almost feel sorry for them. Mabye Man U can supply some coaches. Can’t get a coach,..can’t get fans,…guess their lucky to have a stadium and uniforms.

    Schiano is gone in 2 years. Buc ball has been dead since Alstot retired. ..2010 was the planets aligning for them.

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