Titans to fans: Forget Peyton, we’re good with Locker and Hasselbeck


New Titans General Manager Ruston Webster participated in a conference call with season-ticket holders today, and the subject of the fan campaign for Tennessee to acquire Peyton Manning was broached.

But only long enough for Webster to tell the fans that it’s not going to happen.

According to the Associated Press, Webster downplayed the idea that the Titans will acquire Manning or anyone else to start at quarterback in 2012. Webster can’t talk specifically about Manning because he’s under contract to the Colts, but he said the Titans are satisfied heading into the coming season with veteran Matt Hasselbeck and last year’s first-round pick, Jake Locker, as their top two quarterbacks.

The Titans have a lot of cap space and could afford to make a run at Manning if they wanted to, once Manning is released by the Colts. But less than a year after giving Hasselbeck a three-year, $20 million contract and selecting Locker with the eighth overall pick in the NFL draft, the Titans are going to spend that cap space on other positions. Peyton won’t be heading home to Tennessee.

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  1. “Webster can’t talk specifically about Manning because he’s under contract to the Colts, but..”

    * * * * * * *

    No but’s — he can’t say he’s interested so saying he’s not is a NON STORY.

  2. Cannot wait until free agency next month so this story of where’s Peyton gonna end up ends. It’s becoming as tiring as the Brett Favre retiring/not retiring stories.
    If Peyton’s healthy, any team, including The Colts would be lucky to have him. Who would’ve thought there really is an ‘I’ in team? The Colts w/o Peyton proved that. He may not be the 100% Peyton we’re used to seeing, but he can still be dangerous.

  3. The Titans would rather keep Hasselbeck for two more years instead of trying to sign Peyton Manning for 2 or 3? Get real!!!!

    I know Hasselbeck had a decent 2011, but Peyton at 80% is better then Hasselbeck on his best day.

  4. @bigbluedeadhead it IS a story because the GM called them to say they were satisfied with Locker and Hasselback. If he intended to go after Manning there would have been no need for a phone call about it because it would break NFL rules. Maybe if it randomly came up on a phone call about season ticket prices you would have a point of it being a non story but it looks like this was a QB phone call discussion only…

  5. I grew up watching the Titans and currently go to UT, but I really don’t understand why people are calling for Manning. No disrespect, obviously he is hailed as a hero in the state, but we have a pretty good QB in Hasselbeck and I almost think the Peyton Pals out there choose to ignore the fact that from every glimpse we had last year, Jake Locker looks like he has all the potential in the world to be the face of the franchise for years to come.

  6. Locker’s on pace to be the starter
    for good sometime in 2012.

    Bringing in Manning (if healthy) pushes
    Locker back at least 2 more seasons.

    If Tennessee was only a QB away from being in
    the next Super Bowl then maybe they do it.

    But they have a few more holes to fill and using most of
    their available cap space on a QB makes little sense…

  7. I get the feeling that if Manning is truly set free (likely) that it may take as long for him to sign as it is taking Roy Oswalt to sign in baseball. Manning’s idea of his worth post-surgery may be higher than teams are willing to risk paying. I know a few teams would probably like to have him, but can you risk big money without knowing he will be able to withstand the contact, with age also being an issue?

  8. bigbluedeadhead says:
    Feb 7, 2012 3:32 PM
    “Webster can’t talk specifically about Manning because he’s under contract to the Colts, but..”

    * * * * * * *

    No but’s — he can’t say he’s interested so saying he’s not is a NON STORY.

    Which you not only read, but took the time to comment on. Nitwit.

  9. Do you idiots really think Peyton wants to come in and mentor Locker? You honestly think thats how he wants to spend the end of his career? You people are stupid. Hasslebeck is the better option for the Titans because he doesn’t mind working with Locker, who is the future of the franchise. Signing Peyton would do nothing but disprupt a process that is moving pretty smoothly. And its not like this team is just a QB away from a Superbowl victory… hell Peyton couldn’t hardly do it on some good Colts teams, how would he do it here?

    God you people can be stupid.

  10. I think whoever lands Manning is in for a disappointment. He’s been out for a year and he was already regressing before his injury. And now he has to learn a new offense too? I see a mediocre season for the team that gets him.

  11. das14 says:
    Feb 7, 2012 4:26 PM
    Peyton will be on the Texans. That’s my bet, I’m just hoping he has 5-6 more good years


    Did I miss something or isn’t Schaub a pretty good QB? I seriously doubt the Texans want to move on from Schaub for a 1 or 2 year rerntal of Manning.

    Oh, and lets be reasonable… Peyton has 3 good years left at the most… and thats assuming he can even play.

  12. To everybody bitching about the”Wheres Peyton Gonna Go” Story.

    What else do we have right now?
    Combine isn’t for a few weeks.
    Draft isn’t for a couple months.
    How often do we get to see a league icon get moved?

    I personally think it’s a great story and fun to speculate about the whole thing.

    The Favre Story got old cause he wore it out.

    Peyton Manning is not Favre.

  13. To longhornpride05 says:

    Really dude? I was on the call it clearly states the call was for Season Ticket holders. We asked questions about all topics including Manning. He cannot comment on a player under contract, so what would have been more appropriate?

    And if people don’t think Locker could sit, cut Hasselbeck and Manning could come to Titan Town, I think you are mistaken. Ask Aaron Rogers how that situation worked out for him. Peyton doesn’t have to mentor anyone, just play out a two year contract for the Titans. We have the cap space and do have some weapons on his side of the ball.

  14. What are they going to say? “We hate Hasselback and wasted the #8 overall pick on a bum?” (which isn’t really true. I think Locker has moxie and has a real shot to be a good player). Plus, would they really open themselves up for that massive tampering fine?

  15. Peyton has a home in TN, not LA. That is simply a fact. If you don’t count his basement bedroom at Archie’s place. He also has a place in Indy and Miami.

    Just sayin’!

  16. Not a Titans fan, but I live in Tennessee which means I got to see plenty of their games. The Titans ARE fine with Hasselback and Locker, hell Hasselbeck and Britt absolutely lit up my Ravens this year and Matt definitely had a much better season than he did in his last 2 or 3 in Seattle. The Titans have a more than effecient veteran for another year already and Locker looked solid all things considered in his limited outings. No place and most likely no cap space (dunno where the Titans are with that) for Peyton. I still think if he is going to play this year, Miami is one of his best bets: a solid o-line for the most part, Bush in the backfield after showing he actually can shoulder the load, and Marshall, Fasano, and Hartline are 3 big, good targets for him with Bess in the slot.

  17. Wouldnt have to trade you Blaine since the Jags were $35 mil under salary cap last year.

    Actually, the Jags are one of 2-3 teams that need a QB and could afford Peyton. Time to see which owner is crazier – Snyder or Khan.

    Crazy times. Khan loses on the Peyton auction and swaps first rounds and a third for Timmy Tebow, local legend.

  18. Stay where they are and pass on Manning if he becomes available. He’s too much of a risk and Locher has great potential.

  19. QB was least of their concerns last year. Take that $$ and get another WR to go with Kenny Britt. Hasselbeck and Locker were both very good this season.

  20. One quick question concerning Peyton, Would you pay $100.00 for a china tea cup with a cracked handle just knowing that at some time when you are drinking from it , it is gonna come apart?……..Think about it.

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