Trent Cole: We were inches away from being great

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Watching the Giants win the Super Bowl couldn’t have been easy for an Eagles team that would have taken their spot in the playoffs with a little help from the Jets in Week 16 of the season.

But, then, they wouldn’t have been in that position if they had done a better job of taking care of business before winning their last four games to finish with an 8-8 record. Defensive end Trent Cole spent a little time Tuesday thinking about what might have been and what might be next season.

“We had a bad year. We just couldn’t pull it off at the last minute,” Cole said, via Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News. “We were right there, inches away from being great, being a dominant team. I think some teams are going to be worried about playing us.”

The Eagles’ issues with finishing off games that they lead late should haunt Cole and his teammates because that was the difference between 8-8 and a division title. But when the same problems keep popping up, including the team’s penchant for back-breaking turnovers, it adds up to a bit more than inches away from being dominant. If the Eagles can stop those problems from popping up next season, they probably will have some people worried about playing them but the proof will have to come on the field.

85 responses to “Trent Cole: We were inches away from being great

  1. inches? yeah right! you guys sucked all season. Do you know why you were called the “Dream Team”? Because the only time you guys were great was when you were asleep!

  2. Cole may be on to something. They already have pass rushers and a pro-bowl secondary. If they add LBs and safeties that are physical and can tackle and a true possession WR they should be lethal in 2012.

  3. The inches he was talking about was the difference of 6 ft to 6ft 5 inch players.It’s the midgets the Eagles draft compared to the bigger players everyone else drafts.

  4. Still not sure about this Eagles team… They lack 1.Linebackers, 2. Safeties & 3. good route running Wide Receivers. Not too mention a starting Quarterback who hardly stays healthy.

  5. vick is their QB….they could make the playoffs but they arent winning any championship with him.

    also, there’s no way the giants are as injured…and the eagles remain as healthy….as they were this season.

  6. how would Dallas have helped them? If Dallas beat NY Dallas would have won the division and went to the playoffs, not Philly. An 8-8 team describing itself as being “inches from being great” is a joke, and pretty much sums up why Philly sucks, they believe their own hype.

  7. When giving a season-ending interview to the local paper’s team reporter, asked about the teams future next year, what should he said? Maybe he could have said that they should fire the coach, at least with that, your attempt at creating a story might at least be easier for you.

  8. im sick of these players always running they mouth! people are going to have problems playing us… this is what got us in a bad situation to start with… just play together and take care of business. all hell, i got zero expectations for the up-coming season… After every superbowl, i think about always getting more of the same with this team, no championships…

  9. Trent can console himself that Andy and/or his teammates would have blown it in the playoffs anyway. Time management issues, giving up the run game, Djax taking a moronic penalty, Vick running for 8 yards when Maclin was open for a TD, dropped passes, pick your poison. And if you think SF beat up Eli, imagine what they would have done to Vick in the open field. He would looked like one his dogs that lost a fight after SF finished chewing him up.

  10. Inches, Schminches – your team blew chunks, you lost too many games, your city is a spit hole and the entire organization smells. Other than that, the Eagles are World Champs – Welcome to Disnery World, because thats the only place your mind seems to be!!

  11. Cole’s right. The Eagles were inches away from being great….until they stumbled by bringing back Reid and his merry crew of losers. Can’t wait for the 2013 to start with a whole new coaching staff, FO and QB.

  12. They still have an undersized Running Back playing quarterback! They won’t be a great team until they draft a pocket passer.

    I know everyone loves the Madden 2012 skill set that Mike Vick brings to the table, but it still hasn’t been proven to work long-term, and especially not in the playoffs. He can have a few amazing games and dominate in your fantasy league, but the guy flat-out can’t lead a team into the playoffs and make it out alive.

  13. What are you guys talking about? The Eagles played great down the stretch and if I remember correctly destroyed the last 4 teams they played after losing to Seattle.

    One thing I’ve learned, most people that post on here don’t really know football, so I don’t get upset when I read how dumb some people are.

    this team will be good next year, and I’m not even an Eagles fan but I do know a good team when I see one.

  14. Let’s say Jaquan Parker didn’t jump off-side in that game and the Eagles won the division……

    How many people have the confidence in Andy Reid to coach 8 great games in a row? (4 last regular season, 4 playoff). Clock Management, Play-calling,……



    That’s what I thought!

  15. I am sorry but Trent Cole is an ass if he thinks the Eagles were inches away from greatness. I was at the game on Thursday night in Seattle and the Eagles were not close to greatness.

    Its the off-season. Shut your pie hole and let your performance on the field do your talking.

  16. “also, there’s no way the giants are as injured…and the eagles remain as healthy….as they were this season.”

    The giants definitely had a ton of injuries in the beginning of the season, but the eagle had alot of guys miss significant time throughout the season. Vick missed at least four games, Maclin, trent cole, asante, parker, DRC, nate allen, and brandon graham all missed multiple games…

  17. It looks to be a real intriguing OFF -season encounter as the dream team and NY jets prepare their hardest to pursue glory once again for the 4th inaugural 2012 ‘OFF- season’ superbowl.

    The Jets, who in Rex Ryan’s first two years won back to back OFF-season championships, were not able to get that all important three-peat as they lost this year to the 2011 NFC OFF-season champion Philadelphia dream teamers a game in which modern day iron man Michael Vick threw and ran for 1000 yards combined to take MVP honors and a trip to Six Flags.

    In reality land, the NFC East and NFC Conference Champion NY Football Giants are enjoying their parade down the canyon of heroes and around the NY/NJ area after winning their FOURTH Superbowl.

  18. As an Eagles fan who absolutely despises the way this team is run, I took great pleasure watching the Giants win the Bowl. They are everything the Eagles think they are, without actually being it. The Giants draft well, have a great coaching staff that can make in-game adjustments, have an incredible defense and quarterback that plays it’s best in the playoffs. Any Eagle or fan that thinks like Trent Cole is a complete dolt.

  19. Many teams in the NFL were inches away….a play here, a turnover there….a missed FG, bad call by the ref…..parity is really making it possible for a 9-7 team to beat a 13-3 team. They’re just not that far apart like they were 25 years ago.

  20. Vick is the most overrated player in the nfl. Ever since the Giants put the blue print out on him late last year any decent defense has been able to rattle him. They have a great running back in Shady and that’s about it, the rest of the team is overrated. Decent talent but not championship material. Had they made it Green Bay would’ve ended their playoff run 1st round.

  21. The NFL will soon expand the number of playoff berths. Teams like Phillie will get in, and will get hot (meaning winning the turnover margin) in the playoffs. We are on the border of seeing solid mediocre teams, or teams with losing records, consistenlty making the playoffs and in the championship game. The string of Bears, Cardinals, Giants, Panthers, etc in the Super Bowl, and teams like the Seahawks being in at all, shows the future, most of which is here. Can’t wait for the first 8-10 champion a few years down the line (once the 18 game season comes around).

  22. bozo sez:
    Male New England sports fans hear that all the time from their same-sex partners
    Takes one to know one.

  23. As an eagle fan Trent Cole needs to shut up. NO teams feared playing the iggs, nobody thought they were good, and everybody knew when push came to shove they’d fold down the stretch. Mentally weakest team I’ve ever seen

  24. Last season the Eagles declared themselves inevitable champions. The ‘Dream Team’. They painted a huge target on their back, and every team wanted to knock them off.

    Looks like they still haven’t figured out why that’s a bad idea.

  25. I really don’t think the Eagles season was as bad as everyone made it out to be. Vick missed like 5 games because of a concussion and fractured ribs. Heck they were winning by 10 when he had to leave in the Atlanta game, a game they ended up losing.

    If Vick stays healthy, this team really could win the Super Bowl.

  26. Trent, you are a really solid, good player, but not great. I even have your jersey, the expensive one, not the cheap iron-on knockoff. But the Eagles were the definintion of average last season, 8-8. Please just lay low, try to fly under the radar until the team does something worhty of talking about. Please.

  27. I’m a couple inches away from being 6’0, but at the end of the day I am still 5’7.

  28. all you haters can say what you want, but if the Eagles close out either game against the Niners or Cardinals, the Giants don’t even make the playoffs and Coughlin is looking for a job… were the Eagles good enough to win the Super Bowl this year? probably not… were they “that close” to making a HUGE difference in the way this season played out? whether you want to admit it or not, YES THEY WERE…

  29. If the Eagles actually made the playoffs, they still wouldn’t have a single timeout left by the middle any fourth quarter = not winning shizzit.

  30. The Eagles are now as delusional as the Cowboys who look around the ring of honor and think they are part of that era. 8-8 is nowhere NEAR greatness…….

  31. ravensfan4life52 says:
    Feb 7, 2012 4:59 PM
    inches? yeah right! you guys sucked all season. Do you know why you were called the “Dream Team”? Because the only time you guys were great was when you were asleep!

    That’s idiotic. The team did not “suck all year.” The team simply couldn’t finish, until the last four games. Also, you’re a Ravens fan, so shut the eff up.

  32. Yeah, and I’m inches from being a porn star, but that is no more likely than the Eagles winning an SB.

  33. This is why I hate the Eagles. They dont even make the playoffs and brag about how great they are……..Ok Trent…..I m sure there are some teams they are worried about playing… the 2011 2012 playoff teams

  34. I am a huge Eagles fan…but this is a joke. The way the team is run is pathetic. Keep drafting undersized lineman…its worked so well for us in the past. Lets not use Shady and pass 100 times a game…great idea Andy. Piss off DeSean to the point he gives far less than his best…didn’t the whole TO fiasco teach you anything??? I can go on and on but the fact that this team is so delusional to make statements like that is infuriating. If our players had as much heart (SOME may not have any class…admitted) as our fans we would have had 10 Superbowls by now.

  35. tedmurph says:
    Feb 7, 2012 6:09 PM
    bozo sez:
    Male New England sports fans hear that all the time from their same-sex partners
    Takes one to know one.

    Yeah…and I bet you know plenty, teddysmurf.

  36. “I think some teams are going to be worried about playing us.”

    Look, I think the Eagles will be in the hunt for the playoffs next year, but one shouldn’t presume you’re this intimidating force until one plays like an intimidating force…and I mean for a longer stretch than the last four games of the regular season. You went 8-8. Check yourself.

  37. Inches from being great?

    When was the last time the Filthydelphia Iggles won a Super Bowl?

    Great teams win Super Bowls.

    Pretenders measure the distance in inches.

  38. Another weak comeback. As usual, in a battle of wits you show up unarmed. Get someone clever to write you some new material. You’re throwing rocks at a battleship. Also, you might want to look into all these same sex references you keep making. I think you’re projecting.

  39. I love reading stories about the eagles on this website because they always prove just how hypocritical a lot of people are. The same people that talk so much trash on this team, city, and organization are the one’s calling eagles fans classless. Pot, meet kettle

  40. lets, 2 inches away, multiplied by 62 years, that’s about 10 feet away from a championship. Not bad Trent.

  41. They werent inches away from anything. You are what your record says you are. They were 8-8 and didnt win their division or make the playoffs. The Eagles and their fans are always living in the future (which is understandable, since they have no past worth speaking about)

    I would like to think they will be better in 2012, but the NFC east plays the NFC south next year. All in all, the Falcons, Saints, Panthers and Bucs are way tougher than the 49ers, Seahawks, Rams and Cardinals. They will also get Detroit (and Arizona too but who cares) Oh, lets not forget the AFC north. That means they have the Ravens, Steelers and Bengals too (lets ignore Cleveland for now) Throw in their 4 games vs Dallas and NY and thats a very challenging schedule. 8 Games against 2011 playoff teams? Inches aint gonna cut it Cole

  42. @mancave001

    I’m sorry but after being deemed the “Dream Team” and with expectations of winning around 13 games this season 8-8 sucks. And yeah they sucked most of the year. What did they start out at? 1-4? The Eagles were awful! Desean Jackson completely disappeared. Vick couldn’t stay healthy for anything. The only good thing about the Eagles this year was Lesean Mccoy.

  43. Wow lots of hateful people posting. Anyway…Anyone who knows the Eagles knows Trent Cole is a really good guy. However, he set himself up for bashing based on his statement. I love the Eagles and the city of Philadelphia (born and raised), but the whole team should just be quiet and play. Action speak louder than words.

  44. Yes, if backup QB John Skelton doesn’t drive the length of the field in the final 3 minutes of the 4th Q and throw a TD pass to Larry Fitzgerald, the Eagles win the game, the division at 9-7, and host the Atlanta Falcons in the 1st round of the playoffs, instead of the Giants doing so.

    Coulda woulda shoulda.

    This is a game of inches, and this season, the Eagles were a day late, a dollar short, and more than a few inches away from glory. Dream team… HA!

    Giants won and did it to Brady again. So great.

  45. Since the Giants won the superbowl they should make the playoffs next year right . Wrong the rest if the teams in the NFC east know Eli can’t take pressure up the middle, and if the storyline didn’t call for Eli to play In Peyton’s house they wouldn’t have had a chance to be in that situation. But hey they won even though the referees were trying to give Brady the game . Take that Mr. Goodell now next year let’s see you get the Giants back to the playoffs anything else will be un civilized.

  46. cruz1014 says:
    Feb 7, 2012 5:46 PM
    Vick is the most overrated player in the nfl. Ever since the Giants put the blue print out on him late last year any decent defense has been able to rattle him. They have a great running back in Shady and that’s about it, the rest of the team is overrated. Decent talent but not championship material. Had they made it Green Bay would’ve ended their playoff run 1st round

    The Giants put the “blue print” out on the Eagles , well I guess that explains how the Eagles kicked the Giants behind once this year and twice last season, including that miraclous comeback at the Meadowlands, yeah they put the blue pring out there alright, funny thing is the Redskins kicked their behinds too. Fact is had the Eagles won just one more game this season, we wouldn’t be having a conversation about the Giants.

    Just last year this time you folks were saying the same thing about Eli that you are now saying about Vick.

  47. If the Cowboys beat the Giants the Eagles would have won the Division.The Eagles beat the Cowboys the previous week.The hot team wins.The Giants were proof of that.The Eagles beat the Giants a couple weeks earlier.Once a team gets into the playoffs you never know what happens.

  48. How in the world does a team that goes 8-8 in the regular season and not even MAKE the playoffs consider themselves “inches away from being great”? You were SPOT-ON with being mediocre!!

  49. 10% of these posts are regular people who follow football and give their opinions

    15% of these posts are Eagle fans responding to Trent..

    Now 75% of these people are just genuine haters/ non-eagle fans

    Anyways eagle fans don’t listen to em Trent was right.. “Time will tell..” #Eagles2013

  50. To fix a problem you have to admit you have one.

    You may have been inches away from a 9-7 record but to to think the Eagles have the heart or will to do what the Giants did is just a blatant lie to yourself and fanbase.

  51. I try to focus more on my team, and not to hate on other teams, but sometimes I cannot resist, and give the Giants credit for finding a way, but damn that was one of the worst played SB’s ever. If the Eagles had gotten in the playoffs, do not tell me they could n’t have won it all, that was some piss poor football by the Pats, especially the D, and the dropped passes. The Giants made some plays, and less mistakes, simple as that, hats off to them. Without Eli, no chance. I thought he had some lucky breaks in 97, but Eli really showed me something the past few yrs., tough, poised, and clutch. Next year the Byrds could be a great team, but I’ve seen and heard that too many times, show me. But I’ll still be here, whether it happens next year or 20 yrs from now, (if I’m still alive) such is the life of a true Byrds phan.

  52. Haters gonna hate. I love it. PFT is definitely the most anti-philly sports news site out there. Next year, when the eagles take it all the way, I’ll be here. I’ll be waiting for all you sorry sacks of crap to come up with an excuse for why YOUR team couldn’t stop them. 🙂

  53. I guess we’re never going to hear the end of “woulda,” coulda,” and “shoulda’s” until next years Super Bowl champ is crowned. What Cole said is nothing new, but like someone mentioned here, these types of comments lend themselves to ridicule and scrutiny easily.

    You can see that most posts here, from Eagles fans, no doubt, include the word IF. I understand that that somehow makes people feel better at the end of the day…. IF only they won one more game and had a better record than the Cowboys and the Giants then they WOULDA been the ones who COULDA beat Atlanta, Green Bay, San Fransisco and then New England for the title. IF only they didn’t call themselves Dream Team before even a game was played. Don’t get me wrong, the same applies to every team. Heck, Rolle just couldn’t shut his yap all season long.

    But I have been saying it all along, in my opinion, of course, American Football is the only sports out there that is the total team sports. You can have a Hall Of Fame caliber QB but if you don’t have a good O line, a good receiving corps, and a decent running back, you’re essentially a mediocre QB. Let’s not even discuss defense. And again, this applies to every single team.

    Bottom line, there is 16 weeks in the season. Not plenty, specially if you dig yourself in a hole. That is exactly what the Eagles did, and unfortunately, for them and their fans, hard as they did, and even as they climbed themselves out, it was just a tad late.

  54. tweeter75 says:
    Feb 8, 2012 12:39 AM
    Who’s the leader in that locker room??? Michael Vick?? Enough said!!


    Which is one of the reasons the Eagles have a very good chance of making it into the playoffs and hopefully win the Superbowl. Now what’s your point??

  55. WHYYYYY!! WHHYYY after last season would ANY EAGLE EVER TALK TO THE PRESS AGAIN???? No matter what they say, good, bad, indifferent, it will be a controversy and picked apart to the point of insanity. VY made one stupid comment in passing, and hes a BACKUP and the entire season was branded on those comments.

    Even though Trent is RIGHT…..for those of you who disagree, the eagles were 5-1 in the division, and considering the Giants were a couple of RIDICULOUSLY LUCKY plays away from not making the playoffs, let alone the superbowl (They are officially the luckiest team on the planet) The Eagles were inches away… were A LOT of other teams….so don’t bother giving the Philly (or national) media what they want.

    After the “Dream-Team” BS that went on last year, I would call for a media blackout if I were the Eagles. NOTHING they say will ever go well for them, the press hates Reid’s answers (or lack thereof) anyway, just don’t bother with the press and go play ball.

  56. Don’t think the Giants were lucky? Run that linebacker (Chase Blackburn) 40 yds downfield on Gronkowski again, and see the results! Or just ask David Tyree if the Giants are the luckiest team on the planet.

  57. 1-4 in games where Vick didn’t play in the 4th quarter. They win one of those games (Atlanta, Giants 1, New England, and Seattle). They win the division.

  58. WOW!!! Talk about real hate and jealousy. Not just “lucky,” but “RIDICULOUSLY LUCKY” at that. I really, really do wish the Eagles would someday be “lucky” enough to have a QB that can really make some plays, some wide receivers that can, not only catch, but also make some plays, some special teams players that can, not only cover, but also cause the opponent to fumble…. heck let’s wish that the Eagles someday are lucky enough to have a team that plays AND NOT TALK to the point that they actually win it all.

    I’m sorry but Super Bowl wins, unfortunately for you, don’t come with asterisk to note things such as “Brady didn’t have enough time to stage a comeback so the Giants won” or “Giants are SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS because the Eagles did not even make the playoffs.”

    You do make a very good case at making yourself look like a sore loser though!!!

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