49ers defensive end McDonald arrested for outstanding warrant


49ers defensive end Ray McDonald was pulled over early Wednesday morning for an apparent traffic violation. Not a huge deal.

Once the police spoke with McDonald and inspected his record, they arrested him because of an outstanding warrant stemming from a 2010 arrest for driving under the influence.  Bigger deal.

McDonald was released from jail later Wednesday morning and no other charges were filed, according to Cam Inman of the San Jose Mercury-News. Police said McDonald was cooperative.

McDonald had perhaps his best season in 2011 after signing a five-year contract to stay with the 49ers. He’s the second 49ers defender to be arrested in the last two weeks. Aldon Smith was arrested on January 28 for suspicion of driving under the influence in Miami.

Since this is McDonald’s second arrest, he risks punishment from the league as a repeat offender of league policies.

37 responses to “49ers defensive end McDonald arrested for outstanding warrant

  1. “McDonald arrested for outstanding warrant”


    Perhaps Ray is Ronald’s evil twin brother?

    If so, maybe Ray was in cahoots with the Hamburglar
    & that’s why there’s an outstanding warrant for him…

  2. No Biggy. I don’t think this is subject to the “second offense” thing either. It was a warrent from the FIRST incident….not a second incident.

  3. I remember the incident when he was arrested for the DUI. I thought it was resolved. 49ers players are not usually in the news for breaking the law(even traffic law), and I hope this will be last one this off-season.

  4. A travesty !!! He should stamp and fume … maybe pull his cap over his eyes and turn away from the arresting officer in disbelief.

  5. This sounds like an honest mistake, he missed a fine or a class or something. This happened to me for a fix-it ticket that I forgot about when I was 18, I had a warrant out for my arrest and had to go turn myself in! The judge ended up laughing about it and ordering me to pay the original $10 fine and dismissed everything else. Still, very uncool experience…

  6. He also may have had his license suspended because of that outstanding warrant in 2010 and so the troubles may continue to escalate in this story.

  7. lilrob10201 says:
    Feb 8, 2012 1:37 PM
    Can we go one year without a NFL player being arrested ?

    Yeah right I have a better chance of being President of the United States…there are guys in the NFL and professional sports as a whole who can be normal law abiding citizens whoever, there are those other athletes who’ve taken the notion that i’m above and beyond and have been given their way for so long that they are untouchable…sad thing is the bad news they bring on themselves outshines the majority of other athletes who live out of sight out of mind…

  8. I guess we are truly in the age of instant gratification.
    I wonder how many people actually read the entire article and associated the arrest from an outstanding warrant, which could be due to many reasons – his lawyer not following up on the paperwork for e.g.

    But no – he was arrested, so he is bad and is guilty.

  9. @raidermick

    Funny a Raider fan using “loser” to describe another franchise…

    Two arrests and the Niners are the new Bengals? This trend wont continue. His arrest stemmed from an incident that happened two years ago. This is a non issue

  10. Athlete’s attorneys are the only ones that understand what their agents’ lives are. A little work behind the scenes every 2-5 years and they make bank based on what their clients actually do.

  11. Two questions:

    Has Oakland finally infected the other side of the bay?

    How did the law not find him sooner? He wasn’t laying low and slinging burgers at In-N-Out, he was playing in the NFL.

  12. always amazing how the bitter Lions, Saints, Raiders and Cards/Hawks/Rams fans come out in DROVES every time there’s a post about the 49ers. you know your team is good when the haters hate so much but have so little to criticize they start calling your players turds for 2 DUI arrests in 3 years.

    besides those two incidents, the rest of the 49ers’ roster is squeaky clean. Baalke is a top GM, Harbaugh is already one of the 5 best coaches in the NFL, and the 49ers are back. so bring the hate, haters – all you’re going to get is frustrated.

  13. lilrob10201 says:
    Feb 8, 2012 1:37 PM
    Can we go one year without a NFL player being arrested ?


    Hell going a month would be an accomplishment………………….

  14. Dont get why this is football news. He’ll get this worked out..it’s not like he repeated the mistake of another DUI.

    People make mistakes. Either most people on here are Mother Theresa or living in a false reality.

    I agree with @alldonesmith 100%, btw.

  15. Can we go one year without a NFL player being arrested ?


    Hell going a month would be an accomplishment………………….


    I’ll take a week or two to start

  16. Update: “the warrant was issued for failure to provide proof of completion of his first-offender program.”

    I stand corrected, the haters were totally right. how sinister is THAT?

  17. Ok just so everybody knows the arrest was from an incident that he has not finalized yet, it could be for a stupid reason like not paying off there fine. Don’t act surprised if it happens.

    Also the 49ers are like any other human being they operate as a business yet acknowledge human error as long as it is not repeated.

    Also maybe you all should have some understanding that nobody is perfect, even our head coach got a DUI in 2002 and all has been well since. So don’t judge harshly on the incident judge on the change that has been seen.

    The only ones that can speak are those who have never driven impaired.

  18. These things tend to come in 3’s so who’s next? Can the next turd plz step forward, get it over with so we can all move on to the usual low character teams.

  19. megatronownsyou says:
    Feb 8, 2012 4:53 PM
    Jim Harbaugh is even angrier than usual

    …still not as angry (or as bad a loser) as rat-boy.

    I mean that pat on the back was TERRIBLE wasn’t it ? Surprised he didn’t sue for assault, coulda broken his…oh I don’t know…inflated sense of self-worth ?

  20. “No new charges were filed” key statement. I’ma guess all the haters on this thread are teams that DIDN’T make it to their conference championship game and are bitter that a team with arguably the best defense in the NFL but little-to-no offense to speak of made it one step from the Superbowl in the “year of the quarterback”.

    Besides, it’s not like his last name is Suh or anything.

  21. This is not a new incident, from what i have read he just didnt finalize the paperwork saying that he finished all the DUI courses that are required after receiving a DUI in CA.

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