Another Bucs coordinator candidate is out of running


Bucs coach Greg Schiano’s first choice for an offensive coordinator, Cardinals assistant John McNulty, was not allowed to interview for the job.

Another choice, Packers tight end coach Ben McAdoo, was similarly denied. Those two men weren’t allowed to meet with the Bucs by their NFL teams.

A third candidate is now no longer in the running. Virginia offensive coordinator Bill Lazor, mentioned by as a candidate Tuesday, will stay at Virginia, according to Jerry Ratcliffe of the Charlottesville Daily Progress.

The only known coach considered for the job that is still in the running is Colts quarterbacks coach Ron Turner.

Florio talked about Schiano’s early struggles for an on-demand segment of PFT Live:

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14 responses to “Another Bucs coordinator candidate is out of running

  1. The Bucs are totally screwed.

    That’s what the soccer-loving Glazers get for being cheap with their football franchise.

  2. What the hell happened to this franchise? Laughing stock of the NFL for their first 20 years except for 1979. Then, they were relevant for the next 10. Now, it looks like they will be the laughing stock again for 20 years. History always repeats itself.

    Maybe Eddie DeBartolo Jr or Jeff Vinik can buy the Bucs from the Glosers. If they don’t, might as well move them to Los Angeles.

  3. @ronswansonsdinner

    I was agreeing with everything you said up to the “move them to Los Angeles” part. What, pray tell, would that solve? You’d still have the same crappy owners, and a fan base that is just as apathetic and fickle as they are in Tampa.

  4. The Glazers, as owners of an NFL team, are toxic. The word has gotten around, that, you don’t want to work for these guys, and most everyone probably knows they’ll get a low-ball offer from the Glazers. The owners have become the teams biggest burdens, preventing future success.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they brought Raheem back for a song, and make him the DC.

  5. In case anyone was wondering why you need to make your coaching decisions early, wonder no longer. This is what happens when the music stops, and you don’t have a chair. Schiano, a rookie NFL head coach, now has to stitch together a patchwork staff, and hope for the best. If the Bucs were going to wait this long to name a head coach, they should have gone with Billick or Schottenheimer, NFL veterans who already had established networks and coaching trees.

  6. you gotta feel for Greg Schiano and Bucs fans. as someone neutral to both, personally it seems like he’s having a much harder time getting permission from other clubs to interview their guys than most other new head coaches. probably has a lot to do with how late he was hired, but it seems like that’s not all that’s going on here.

    and Bucs fans must be getting nervous watching the list of offensive coordinator candidates dwindle from “who is that?” to “will anybody say yes?” hang in there guys… as a 49er fan, I know what it’s like to root for a team whose owners (post Eddie D) seem to screw things up at every turn. don’t worry – you’ll be back.

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