Jets are officially stuck with Santonio

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Before Tuesday, the Jets owed receiver Santonio Holmes $7.75 million in guaranteed base salary in 2012.  They now owe him another $7.5 million in guaranteed base salary in 2013.

A report from Brian Costello of the New York Post prompted a second look at Holmes’ contract.  The $7.75 million for 2012 already was guaranteed.  The contract that we obtained in early January shows that the additional $7.5 million becomes guaranteed if Holmes has a spot on the team’s roster on the second day after the start of the 2012 league year waiver system.

The 2012 league year waiver system started Monday.  The second day after the start of the waiver system is, at the latest, Wednesday.  To prevent Holmes from being on the roster on Wednesday, the Jets would have had to cut Holmes, at the latest, by 4:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday.

He wasn’t cut on Tuesday, or we all would have heard about it by now.  And so the Jets now owe him $15.25 million guaranteed over the next two seasons.

It doesn’t mean they’ll keep him through 2013.  It doesn’t even mean they have to keep him for 2012.  But if they cut him later in the year, they’ll look like idiots for not cutting him before Tuesday.  (To which Giants fans in the crowd are now saying, “They already look like idiots.”)

Moving forward, the challenge will be to surround Holmes with true veteran leadership, like some of the guys who left after the 2010 season (Jason Taylor, Shaun Ellis, Tony Richardson).  As Taylor said last week on NBC SportsTalk, putting a “C” on a guy’s jersey won’t make him a true leader.  Holmes didn’t embrace that role; the Jets desperately need others in the locker room who will.

Otherwise, there will be more trouble in 2012 between Holmes and quarterback Mark Sanchez.

75 responses to “Jets are officially stuck with Santonio

  1. They could trade him and the team that accepts the trade would be picking up his salary. If they want to rid themselves of Holmes and his salary they could simply offer him up to a contender for a 5th, 6th, or 7th rounder.

    When all you paid for the guy is a 5th to begin with, it’s still a low risk move.

    Only way they’re paying that salary is if they out-right cut him. Or, of course, choose to keep him.

  2. I just can’t understand why these pro athletes make themselves out to be idiots thus costing them millions of dollars.

    We get it sometimes don’t go your way, don’t act like a child about it especially when it’s going to cost you sooo much money.

  3. I never understood why the league implemented the “C” patches. this isn’t high school, why do grown men need to be designated captains?

  4. It’s insane that the Jets should have to go out and find veteran leadership to keep Holmes under control. This will be his 7th year in the league. He should, at this point, be the leader, not the follower. Everything is coming apart for the Jets. Ryan’s incessant chest beating, the Manning rumors, Sanchez’s regression, and now Holmes. I don’t have strong feelings one way or the other about the Jets, so don’t accuse me of being a hater when I say that without Manning, I could see this team picking in the top 10 next year. A team can only overcome so much drama.

  5. Maybe they kept Holmes because they are hoping Mark Sanchez won’t be the starting QB next year and they think it is more important to hold onto their receiving weapons.

    A quick scan of the Jets roster shows no one currently wearing the #18 jersey, so no issue there.

  6. If something doesn’t change, Sanchez is toast. This reminds me of Eli and Shockey in the early days. You can’t have a pass catcher defacating on the QB and consistently making the QB look like a deufus. The QB has to be put in a position to flourish and lead. That isn’t going to happen with a destructive senior personality in the lockerroom excrementing all over him.

  7. Re the article headline: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

    And when he throws a tantrum again, Rex won’t have Schotty to tell Holmes he’s benched!

    I’m not a Pats fan and I know this is a childish statement, but I hope The Jerks get bitch slapped in both games next season.

  8. Was this contract an attempt to get away from guarantee money against the salary cap? I mean it sounds guaranteed but not really. Not sure how that works.

  9. Worth noting that this makes no difference to the cap hit that would be incurred by trading him. I don’t see that as likely, but it’s no less likely simply because of this deadline passing.

  10. When Sanchez actually gets him the ball he’s a top receiver in this league. You can’t deny all the huge, crunch time catches this guys made.

    Then again, like most receivers, if he doesn’t get 100 balls a game he causes a stink.

  11. “The Jets look like idiots.”? Dont ya’ll mean, “The Jets CONTINUE to look like idiots.”? Remember Ryan saying The Jets were THE You Dork, I mean THE New York Team? What’s Ryan saying now that The Gs won it all and showed NY who THE NY team IS ? Time for an interview.

  12. I find it amazing that two attorneys can look at that clause and find nothing wrong with it. Use a specific date and time, or hours for such a short period (48 hours). That clause opens the parties up to two reasonable minds disagreeing over a full 24 hour period.

  13. My coach runs his mouth so why shouldn’t I? It was obvious this guy was trouble before they traded for him. What did they see that made them think it would be any different? Maybe a different coach is what he needs. Someone that will hold him accountable for his mouth.

  14. Sneaky PFT – pretty low holding onto this lawerly knowledge until AFTER it’s too late. I’m sure the Jet’s owner did a big Homer Simpson “doh” as soon as he read your article.

  15. If there was any doubt where the differences lie between the 2 NY teams, this pretty much screams it.

    The trouble with the Jets starts at the top.

  16. A. They just got seriously cap screwed.
    B. He doesnt want to be there from the looks of it, so I expect him to continue to disrupt the locker room and undermine “Sanchize”.

    Sounds like they live with the problem, or throw away 15.25 mil to go away… Sounds like a serious lose-lose, I bet Sexy Rexy guarantees that.

  17. Don’t worry about signing Manning there. He doesn’t want to end up with these type of people.

    He’ll end up in Arizona throwing to class-act Larry Fitzgerald.

  18. jenniferxxx says:
    Feb 8, 2012 9:43 AM
    Excellent. Well played Jets. And you can forget about Peyton Manning now too.

    How so?

    Holmes is an extremely talented reciever.

    You think Peyton Manning is concerned about Santonio Holmes’ attitude? Have you not seen him getting in his recievers’ faces when they screwed up in Indy?

    I think PM will be more interested in going to teams that are holding on their weapons rather than jettisoning them.

    If anything, I think this shows that the Jets have picked their winner in the Sanchez-Holmes battle and shows they plan on going hard after Manning to replace Sanchez.

  19. heh.. that’s like the doctor informing you you’ve got an inoperable malignant tumor in your gut that if caught a few months ago, could have been removed.

  20. The Jets didn’t give up a whole lot to get him so even getting a lower round draft pick on the trading block seems like the best option here..

    Plenty of teams need a receiver, and lets face it he’s pretty damn good.

    With VJax and DJax looking like they could be on the way out of their respective ball clubs as well as teams like Washington and St. Louis needing a marquee receiver don’t be surprised to see him traded away.

    I’m sure with a head coach with better personality traits (and a team with a better qube) Holmes could be calmed down!

  21. peytonwantsaflag says:
    Feb 8, 2012 9:57 AM
    Sneaky PFT – pretty low holding onto this lawerly knowledge until AFTER it’s too late. I’m sure the Jet’s owner did a big Homer Simpson “doh” as soon as he read your article.

    You can’t possibly believe that the Jets weren’t aware of this clause or somehow “forgot” to cut him?

    Please tell me you don’t believe that.

    You can criticize them because you think it’s a mistake to keep him, but the idea that they didn’t read the contract THAT THEY WROTE is a little silly.

    The Jets deliberately kept him past the cut off date because they either want to keep him or they believe they can get something for him.

  22. I can’t believe Jets are giving this turd another $7 million plus after last year. I find this hilarious. Rex Ryan is out after next year, the Jets don’t have ANYTHING on offense, they aren’t getting to .500.

  23. Trade him to the Redskins for a 7th rd pick contingent on him agreeing to renegotiate the contract. The ‘Skins might offer him less money, but 2-3 years, plus performance-based incentives.

  24. .


    ” a quick scan of the roster shows #18 still available for Jets ”

    ESPN would pay Peyton’s salary to get him on the Jets. Think of the manufactured news possibilities ;

    Peyton v Eli
    Peyton v Brady
    Peyton v Rex
    Peyton v Santonio

    Mike and Mike could each get their own time slot ….although having two programs each called, “The Mike Show ” could be confusing to viewers .

    ESPN will have a special 3 hour edition of “outside the lines ” tonight at 8 to discuss what many are now calling “remotely inevitable “.


  25. Well now I know why you guys aren’t GM’s. His talent is of more value to the Jets than what they could get if they dumped him. NYJ is already limited by a tight cap, so getting rid of him and 3M worth of cap space isn’t a smart football move.

    As far as his attitude goes, it’s rotten but if the Jets keep winning it won’t be a story.

  26. The only reason they kept him is because if Bill can turn a player around Rex can ……….. never mind

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  28. God Bless SH and his agent. 15 + million GUARANTEED over the next 2 years. That is some high quality negotiating. However, don’t know if he’s worth it. My lasting impression of him is being kicked off the field by his own teammates in the last game of the season against the Fins. Then he sat on the bench and pouted completely ignoring the end of the game. PRICELESS. I wonder if he would get away with those shananagans if Ray Lewis were on the team. I think not.

  29. Maybe They Wanted Him (DUH)

    “Man Baby” Sanchez does need some help afterall being one of the most Overrrated Qbs in the league with the most overrated Coach!

  30. @6ball:

    “remotely inevitable”.

    Love it.

    Can you honestly think of a scenario that gives ESPN execs wood more than Peyton and Eli in the same city?

  31. The team has to address Holmes’ status in the locker room. After publicly quitting on the field in the last game, there were many unhappy Jets with Holmes. If they don’t put it to bed, then the cancer in the locker room will just fester.

  32. @jbcommonsense

    Dude, read the article. This guarantees another 7.5 million, this half to be paid in 2013. Now if you’re Santonio Holmes, you have a guaranteed $15 million coming to you over the next two years – why on earth would you renegotiate for LOWER PAY!! If he sucks and gets cut, he gets his $15 million plus he gets to sign a new contract with a different team and get paid by them too. The contract is absolutely not tradeable, nobody but the Jets would want to pay this jerk that kind of cash.

    This certainly seems like the Jets have chosen Holmes over Sanchez – Mark just isn’t the type of strong QB personality that will thrive in that environment. Let the Manning watch begin….

  33. I know the Jets only traded a 5th for Holmes, but it must sting a bit more to know the Steelers dealt that pick to Arizona for their 6th rounder – which turned into Antonio Brown – a receiver who’s arguably already better than Holmes at less than 1/10th the cost.

  34. What happened to the jets being geniuses for getting Holmes for only a 5th round pick? The Steelers look like the geniuses now..

  35. How are the Jets, who are essentially financially handcuffed right now, going to afford Peyton Manning? I’m not trying to be a smart-azz…’s a serious inquiry. Is it even financially feasible?

  36. For all those that are saying oh a veteran player needs another veteran player to keep him in check-isn’t that what a QB supposed to do. He’s supposed to LEAD his team-he can’t lead himself out onto the field how is going to lead his team to the Super Bowl? Holmes is a great player-he made great catches that weren’t easy ones. Sanchez lacks the leadership, & it’s like he has ADD-he’s focused for a little while & then he’s off to something else. The other thing that he improved on this past season was not being intercepted as much as he was in the past-so does that make him a great QB? No because he didn’t improve on anything else. Next you’ll all be like Giselle(sic) Brady’s wife saying-he can’t throw the ball & then run & catch it too.

  37. Putting your faith in Holmes and Sanchez could make for an umemployed Rex after this season. I guess Rex always has his movie, youtube, and writing career to fall back on.

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