Packers promote McAdoo to quarterbacks coach


Earlier this week, the Packers prevented tight ends coach Ben McAdoo from interviewing with the Bucs for the position of offensive coordinator.  Now, the Packers have given McAdoo a bump up the ladder.

Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports that McAdoo has been promoted to quarterbacks coach.  He’ll be filling the vacancy created when Tom Clements was promoted from quarterbacks coach to offensive coordinator.

And having a quarterback like Aaron Rodgers will make McAdoo look like a damn good quarterbacks coach.  But Rodgers is on the record as saying he’d prefer someone with more experience.

“I think that’s an interesting conversation I hope I’m in the loop for,” Rodgers told ESPN Milwaukee on Tuesday regarding the hiring of his next position coach. “Because going into my eighth season, it’ll be interesting to see what direction [coach Mike McCarthy] wants to go in, if he wants to bring in a former quarterback with experience to kind of help me with my transition into the middle part of my career, being more of an established player in the league now.”

Rodgers specifically expressed a preference for former NFL MVP Rich Gannon.  “We have a very good relationship.  I have a lot of respect for Rich,” Rodgers said.  “That would be something that I was kind of talking about when you look at a guy who’s played in the league for a long time and can help with the transition into kind of the middle stages of a career — as Rich really didn’t become a starter until he was kind of in his sixth, seventh, eighth year and had a lot of success after he turned 30.”

Still, Rodgers ultimately expressed a willingness to accept McAdoo.  “I’m not sure what the dynamic would be with a coach who hasn’t coached the [quarterback] position before,” Rodgers said. “But Ben is a very talented coach and if they do make that decision I’m sure he’ll make a very smooth transition.”

If he doesn’t, things could get interesting for the Packers.

16 responses to “Packers promote McAdoo to quarterbacks coach

  1. Think about it…do you really think McCarthy would make that move if he had any doubts? McCarthy didn’t get there by makeing dumb moves! And I’m a Cowboy fan.

  2. Packer fans used to RIP Favre for publicly stating his desire for free-agents or roster moves. Wonder if they will give Rodgers a pass. Probably will eventhough he has already thrown is QB coach under the bus…

  3. Steelerhypocrite,
    The system still beat your team. There’s 53 parts to that system and rodgers is one of them. It’s a team game buddy.

    We gave favre a pass too when he requested certain things. It wasn’t until he tried to stick it to Packer nation that we had a problem with him. But I wouldn’t expect you to understand that. Until it happens to you, you are in no position to give an opinion on something you know nothing about.

  4. Time to trim down the public comments and keep them in house Aaron. Nothing like public support for your new coach.

  5. steelerhypocrite says: Feb 8, 2012 7:41 PM

    His job is easy, it’s the system…

    ROFL, the absolute ignorance of stiller fans never ceases to amaze me. You call everyone else “Haters” yet you guys hate on everything and everyone that isnt Black and Gold.

    31-25 Remember??? Not to mention Rodgers would own EVERY SB passing record if Jordy Nelson and James Jones could catch considering about 130 yards and 2 TD’s were left on the field.

  6. It looks like Aaron made those comments before the decision was made. If so, he didn’t throw anyone under the bus. Don’t worry about Aaron or the Pack, they will be just fine, you’ll all see.

  7. There is no such thing as a system QB. There are good systems and QBs do benefit from being in good systems with a good cast (Tom Brady in his prime). But every team has a “system.” The question is does our QB execute our system better than any other QB executes their teams system?

  8. Steelerhypocrite, very perceptive. I’m really glad we put in the system where a QB can roll out to his left and throw a strike on the move. And the system where a QB can run, fake out a LB, and pick up a first down with his legs. And the system where a QB can set a passer rating record. That’s a good system.

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