Plaxico wants to play for the Eagles


When receiver Plaxico Burress emerged from prison last year wearing a Phillies hat, many took that gesture to mean he wanted to play for the Eagles.

He didn’t in 2011, but he wants to in 2012.

Howard Eskin of NBC 10 in Philadelphia reports that he ran into Burress at the Super Bowl, and that Burress said he wants to play for the Eagles “badly.”

Eskin says that coach Andy Reid considered bringing Burress to Philly last season, and Eskin believes that the Eagles may make a run at him in 2012.

Burress currently remains under contract with the Jets.  He’ll become a free agent on March 13.

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  1. Wouldn’t be a bad move. As an Eagles fan, I’m hoping for a quieter offseason than last year, but hey, he’s better than Riley Cooper and Chad Hall. 8 touchdowns last year don’t lie.

  2. I can hear it now… is what it is…..the Eagles are what they are…..Michael Vick is who he is…..He is destined to turn himself into a side show. What a surprise…

  3. An old WR that brinsg in baggage and just left one of the most disfunctional locker rooms in the league where he showed no veteran leadership to help out the situation….

    Sounds like a winner!

  4. wow, so he wants to play for the dream team huh. honestly, if i were the Eagles, i dont get him, they would be smarter to either re-sign DeSean Jackson (likely wont happen, hope he goes to Washington though) or sign a 2nd WR like a Robert Meachem and if i were the Eagles i do that, get Meachem.

  5. Burress will look great being overthrown by Vince Young during the requisite seven games that Vick will be out with an injury during the 2012 season.

    This would be yet another sound football decision by the Eagles.

    E-A-G-L-E-S! Losers!

  6. It doesn’t get much better than this!

    Hey, I think he and Vick will really connect, so many common experiences to remember…

  7. @TruthFactory

    What baggage does he have? The guy didn’t make a negative peep last year and was productive with 8 scores. It’s not like he plowed into someone while drunk or murdered someone. He shot himself in the leg. Stupid? Absolutely. Team cancer label worthy? I wouldn’t say so.

  8. He spoke with Trent Cole..

    Funny because Plaxico believes he was inches away also…

    inches away from blowing his manhood off at the Latin club!

  9. Plaxico wants to play for anyone that’ll pay him; good luck. He’ll be the TO of 2012, a washed up has-been begging for a job.

  10. mikewasserson February 8, 2012, 9:36 PM MST

    Wouldn’t be a bad move. As an Eagles fan, I’m hoping for a quieter offseason than last year, but hey, he’s better than Riley Cooper and Chad Hall. 8 touchdowns last year don’t lie.

    must I remind you that 3 of those touchdowns were in one game? with less than 30 receiving yards but hey take him I’m sure you guys won’t shoot yourselves in the leg.. I mean foot if I doesn’t work out?

  11. Smart move for the eagles, big body down in the red zone was a hugeeee hole on the offense this year, plax would give us that and he can still produce! Sign him Reid

  12. timegambit says:
    Feb 8, 2012 11:39 PM
    Philly is becoming the new Oakland.

    A dumping grounds for the leagues mentally challenged.


    Don’t worry, your smackdown is coming soon.


  13. mikewasserson says: Feb 8, 2012 11:54 PM


    What baggage does he have? The guy didn’t make a negative peep last year and was productive with 8 scores. It’s not like he plowed into someone while drunk or murdered someone. He shot himself in the leg. Stupid? Absolutely. Team cancer label worthy? I wouldn’t

    He had a bad reputation before the shooting incident. Constantly late for meetings and not a hard worker at practice. Then throw in an 18 month prison sentance on top of that…. and I’d say that pretty much qualifies as “baggage”.

  14. This title should be followed by: and then noone cared about him, cause he sucks. ANd he retired and everyone was happy. Eagles suck, steelers suck, pats suck. you suck

  15. not a bad for the eagles on a 1 year deal. if he does, when the giants honor the 07 giants, don’t invite plex back

  16. tweeter75 says:
    Feb 9, 2012 12:26 AM
    If Burress ended up in Philly do we call Andy Reid Warden Reid??
    Call him whatever you want, just not late for dinner.

  17. Why is everyone forgetting the obvious here when it comes to this “story”? That its coming from the biggest blowhard in the philadelphia media. Eskin has absolutely zero credibility! Id be willing to bet Eskin never even saw Burress at the Super Bowl, let alone spoke to him. That’s if. IF Eskin was even AT the Super Bowl, which I highly doubt considering the guy got fired from his radio show. He creates these “stories” just so he can try and get his name in Philadelphia headlines, hoping someone reads this and decides to give him a job. He’s a loser and nobody cares what he says!

  18. He’s just trying to take the shine off the Super Bowl champs….A little disappointed Plax that you chose the Jets over the GMEN & now you have to start crap by saying you want to go to the Eagles “badly”? I used to have a ton of respect for him….and that’s all been lost over the past couple of years.

  19. Why should the eagles sign him? To get a big body in the red zone? He had 8 tds and I think 6 of them was from 5 yards or less. He only got those because the jets decided to NEVER run the ball inside the 5 for whatever reason. The eagles have the best running QB and a top 5 RB, thats enought o get a TD from the 10 yard line and in

  20. Sorry, but he’s older than 32! The Eagles usually prefer younger or not too old!!!

    Again, great job by the media!!! Ignoring something key!!!

    Why was I not THAT surprised after they let Brian Dawkins walk???

  21. As an eagles fan, I was not and never will be a fan of cutting cooper for plax.

    But I gotta say that a guy who scores 8 Tds on a team with a qb that is so bad the other wrs packed it in in week 6. Not to mention he made Sanchez look really good on every single td he had including one against the eagles that may have been top 3 all season.

    If he is willing to stay around 3-4 million and is used as a compliment to Jackson and maclin and a red zone threat we haven’t had since t.o., then I am all for it. If they do that and resign Mathis, sign a back up ( here’s hoping hasselback gets cut and wants a shot at a ring) qb, and find a nice compliment to shady and a kick returner like Rainey in the draft and I would have to say you have a top 3 offense again.

    Combine that with haynesworth ( mark it down now, that man will play and play well in Philly this season). The guy wants to play for wash and I wouldn’t be shocked if he is getting ready to try and get one last shot at another big deal and I think he will see wash and Philly as his best shot) draft a middle backer ( my vote is Hightower, mostly because he looks like a black urlacher to me. I think he will have bad times and could slip out of the first, but I still think he is the best on the field line backer in this draft.

    To me they are set if most of this comes true. I also think we all need to stop hating juan. The guy finished 8th in total defense with some real holes he had to cover up. I think he is going to have a huge year next year and IMO could be a head coach in 2-3 years.

  22. Jesus H. Christ could suit up for Philly and it wouldn’t make a difference. When is this team going to learn?! You can’t buy a championship! Just ask Danny Snyder…

  23. eagles should consider signing peyton manning. they need a qb who can actually utilize all these weapons. with manning at the helm, jackson, celek, jackson would all catch 100 balls and mccoy would win mvp.

  24. This is the most disgraceful assortment of deplorable rubbish imaginable…as in the people who post on here mocking their team when the fans aren’t even professional football players. Geez.

  25. Who cares really,,,,,, I mean really who cares about
    this old clown who reported to another old clown eskin that he wants to play for the dream team !

  26. First off all Eskin is a dope and the sooner you cut ties with him the better, he already lost his radio gig and has lost most of his credibility.

    Honestly Mike, when i see you using him as a source of info I question your other sources of information.

    But as a Giants fan this would be so awesome.

  27. I’m not sure how a Phillies hat indicates he wants to play for the Eagles. It’s quite common for many people to wear certain hats just because its fashionable. Now if he had a GD Eagles hat on then I could understand it but this all seems like media generated BS.

  28. All y’all are crazy. What makes any of you think they works really let djack go? They will franchise him like they wanted to all along then sign him to soon mid level contract during season for abt 5or6 mil a year(with a nice size bonus). Plax would b a good fit bc the eagles need a big wr, Riley cooper is not the answer, nobody on the team makes easy plays for Vick like Eli manning wrs do, plus this was plax first year back give him time to work off the rust and he won’t b a 1st or 2nd option like with the jets he will b a 3rd or 4th depending on avant with no pressure. Easy touchdowns there

  29. Pixelito, if your life is wrapped up in your teams fortunes, then you sir should get a life, and stop living in Momma’s basement like the rest of the trolls on these sites. I enjoy the game, and my team, no matter what, and I learned a long time ago when the games over, it’s over win or lose, it is only entertainment. I question the moves, playcalling, etc., but at the end of the day, they do not pay me to coach, play, or consult on personnel matters, so why invest negative energy over it, and cry when you lose and gloat when you win? Does this help all of you feel like a winner, or a real man now? Pathetic.

  30. jetzman says:
    Feb 9, 2012 6:40 AM
    Don’t let the door hit your in the ass!! Another legend in his own mind…..

    Caught the winning pass in the Super Bowl, bouncing out the then undefeated Patriots – the upset of this decade in any sport.

    what the hell did you do? Who cares if he shot himself….

    Did he throw his team under a bus like “Super Bowl hero” Santonio Holmes?

  31. truthfactory says:
    Feb 8, 2012 11:43 PM
    An old WR that brinsg in baggage and just left one of the most disfunctional locker rooms in the league where he showed no veteran leadership to help out the situation….

    Sounds like a winner!
    He played, kept his damn mouth shut and PRODUCED when called upon – let the third string QB show “leadership”. At some point, people have to be self-starters , right?

  32. @andyreidisfat

    Your post was so ridiculous I’m half wonder if it was sarcasm. Because if it was, it was hilarious. But if you actually meant that stuff, thats …… also hilarious

  33. For a receiver core with no red zone receiver he probably would be a target inside the 20 as a 4th receiver. Of course Andy would never use him that way because it makes too much sense. He’ll most likely be their new back up qb.

  34. the eagles need a big red zone receiver,the last few years macklin and jackson are good but they are so small i call them the smurfs……bring in a big guy for once andy

  35. starfan79 says:
    Feb 9, 2012 8:33 AM
    What the hell is this? “The longest yard” starring Mike Vick and company?

    0 0 i

    Rate This

    What’s wrong you mad because they didn’t offer you a role??

  36. Plax isn’t an every down receiver anymore, but he could be useful in the red zone for the Eagles, who always seem to have trouble punching it in from short yardage. I’d have to say he’d be an upgrade over Riley Cooper, anyway.

  37. It’s really no surprise at all that Plax wants to play in Philly if you think about it.

    1. What’s the one NFL franchise outside of NY that’s within commutable distance of his current home? That would be Philly.

    2. Andy Reid routinely forgets he has a running game, so receivers tend to do well there (well, except for Steve Smith). Plax might be a headcase off the field, but he’s still an upgrade for them as a #2 or #3 receiver.

    3. Since the Eagles haven’t resigned De”T.O.” Jackson, Plax represents fairly inexpensive insurance if they don’t resign Jackson.

    4. Lurie has already shown he’s willing to spend big money on free agents, so why shouldn’t he try to cash in.

  38. @ andyreidisfat…I too am an Eagles fan. What you said makes NO sense. Shut up your making all of us look bad…as for the rest of you….we get it. Longest Yard. It was a prison movie. The fact that 98% of you decided to say the same exact thing makes it irrelevent. And please stop with the Dream Team…VY IS GONE. He was a clown..and so was I for believing the hype (see some Philly fans can admit to their misgivings)..but I’ll ALWAYS have faith, so do what you gotta do to bring Philly a ring…

  39. It really dont matter who we get in philly,only bad teams win superbowls these day.8-8,9-7.Hope the giants go 7-9 next year and wins the superbowl again.The Nfl is nothing but a joke league.9-7 teams shouldnt make play-offs ,but yet they win superbowls.saying that the regular season doesnt count any more it who wins in the playoffs.just like the seahawks got lucky last year at 7-9 and beat the saints…NFL>big joke.Giants are not even that good in the conference or division.but they can sure win a lombardi.Of course the NY fans think they are will be funny when again they dont make the play-offs.just like they didnt the last time they won the superbowl.once again proving that this year was nothing more than a fluke once again..and goodell justs keeps it going.

  40. I’m about 98% sure that he thinks the P on his hat stands for “Plaxico.” He told Eskin that he’d love to play for the Eagles because Eskin works in the Philly media. He would have said the same thing about any team in any city in the country.

  41. If he’s willing to sign a 1-year deal and accept being a #3 receiver (big ifs), why not? The Eagles’ offense races up and down the field between the 20s, but they stink in the red zone. Plax would fill a specific need.

  42. LOOK im tired of see all these bad Comments about the EAGLES if your not an EAGLE fan dont Comment and if your tired of being a EAGLE fan go pick be a giants fan and stop posting bad comments you making all EAGLES fan look bad

    GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. As others have mentioned it may be a SHOT in the dark, Plaxico would like another SHOT at a ring, and he may have a SHOT of catching 5 – 8 td’s or so, who knows.

    Plaxico, almost feeling sorry for you, you are like TO only you were never as good. Next year you will be a year older, a year slower, and if the past is any indication, a year dumber.

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