Rams seek permission to interview Omar Khan for G.M. job

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The Rams continue to look for a new G.M.  And they’ve now set their sights on a guy who almost became the G.M. of the Seahawks.

According to Scott Brown of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Rams have requested permission to interview Steelers director of business and administration Omar Khan.  In St. Louis, Khan would be paired with new coach Jeff Fisher (pictured).

Khan has long been linked to former Steelers coach Bill Cowher, with a widespread belief in league circles that if/when Cowher returns to coaching, his first call will be to Khan.

The question of whether Khan goes to the Rams could depend on whether the Rams give Khan final say over the roster.  If Khan isn’t getting final say (at least in writing, Parcells/Ireland-style), the Steelers could block the move.

18 responses to “Rams seek permission to interview Omar Khan for G.M. job

  1. Khan is a cap wizard. He is a major reason the Steelers won’t have any issue getting out from under the 22 mil. they were over by for next season. He knows his football too, but that guy knows how to structure contracts. Would be a tremenous addition to any team.

  2. I can’t believe that GM candidates aren’t falling over themselves for the opportunity to work with the greatest coaching prospect of the century.

    I mean what could be more enticing than being GM for a team where you have to run all of your decisions past a coach with a mediocre record who has never had personnel input before?

    Sounds like a dream job to me.

  3. Soon, there will be a league of Khans and nobody will stop us! KKKHHHHHHAAAAANNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The Steelers probably won’t deny permission, but I hope Omar decides to stay in Pittsburgh. There’s much to be said for job security in this profession and this economy. He has it with the Steelers. The Rams would be a gamble.

  5. ramcountry says:
    Feb 8, 2012 10:25 PM
    Rams can’t offer him anything he wouldn’t get in Pittsburgh.
    Oh, like 75 today and sunny, girls at the beaches, everyone in t-shirts and shorts in LA???

    That or stay in Pittsville and freeze your ass off half the year except for when you’re shoveling snow or driving on ice…

  6. I’m blowing off work today to help Rams with their GM and I can’t figure out their criteria just yet. Has anyone looked at cast of characters being brought in?! Are you kidding? Well, at least the guy from Minnesota has been to the Supe…oh’ that’s right, they went like 3-13 this year. Well, they did bring in guy from Dolphins. I mean come on, they went 13-0 in 1823 – that organization is the model! Let me make it easy, I am not spending money next year at Ram’s game if they don’t bring in Khan or someone else like him who knows what a winning organization does. Any team can be turned around in 1 year with the right culture. The niners did it in 1 year by bringing in a winner, and the steelers have done it for 40 years. Fisher is step in right direction inside the white lines, but entire Rams front office needs culture change too. Go Rams Go! Ramming speeeed!!

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