Shed no tears for Tiquan Underwood

Dumped the night before Super Bowl XLVI and re-signed on Tuesday, some of you may think that the Patriots are playing mind games with the Rutgers product.

Think again.

And here’s the part where I could type out my reasoning, or I could refer you to the video from earlier in the day in which I discuss the situation.

This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

34 responses to “Shed no tears for Tiquan Underwood

  1. That’s exactly right Mike. The team was simply adjusting the roster as they saw best fit for the game. They adjust the roster game in and game out every single week to suit the opponent/match up/injuries/situation. Business as usual. Underwood was fully compensated with Super Bowl pay and is still with the team.

  2. Yeah no talented players on the pats. Super bowl 5 times since BB there. Yeah they need talent. Ha

  3. This guy was with the Jaguars for a few seasons and was a no name. He’s now with the Patriots and is still a no name. Hell, everyone one the Patriots is a no name except for Brady. Enough of Underwood already.

  4. I’m not going to shed a tear for the man, but cutting him the night before the biggest game of his career/life wasn’t exactly the classiest move. Whether he was brought back or not, the “Patriot way” in this situation is pretty low. I figure that enough merits some sort of sympathy

  5. We will not. What would he have done if he played? Run another bad route and get Tom Brady and the O coordinator yelling at each other again? He made more money in a game he didn’t play in than a lot of people make in one year. He will be okay.

  6. Gonna avoid watching the video like all the others but, there’s something different about being in the game or even on the sidelines.

  7. He’s still on the team? whew… Now I am hoping he’ll dance shirtless, where a ratty sweatshirt, and get cheered on my a bunch of drunken idiots who’d rather be cheering on the sox.

  8. Swapped out for a defensive lineman who didn’t see a snap. Ahh luckily for BB. he already has 3 Lombardi’s, without those, people would start to question his stupidity!

  9. Write this down on your calendar because it’s the most attention Tiquan Underwood is ever going to see.

    I’m proud of the guy for taking the cut like a man, but look at his stats, watch the snaps he took over the season, use your head. The guy is terrible. He can’t catch anything. He had 1 special teams tackle. He barely had any offensive snaps all year. There is absolutely no way he makes a week 1 roster with the Patriots next year.

  10. @braven4evr says:
    that’s right 5 sb’s; but no wns since spygate…
    yeah bud you’re team has been to how many Super Bowls in the last 10 yrs? = LOSER.

    I’m positive the patriots have THE BEST W-L record in the nfl since spygate (07) as well as 4 post season appearances to boot, you scumbag franchise!! only a handful of quality organizations league-wide, can be put in the parking lot of the arena the pats are in, pre or post spygate you LOSER.. regardless of win loss its been Pats VS “flavor of the year” for the last decade.

  11. Took a free agent off the street, paid him ,coached him, brought him with the team to the Super Bowl when they knew he probably wouldn’t play, because he hadn’t shown enough to deserve to play and you soap opera watching apologists think BB did him wrong by activating the 45 guys he thought gave him the best chance to win the SB? Seriously? You must be kidding. I’m sure Underwood was told he’d be signed to a futures contract the day after the season ended as well. Honest to god. Would have been nice to activate KFaulk as well after all he did for the team. Maybe, to be ‘classy’, they could’ve activated Bledsoe, Bruschi, TLaw and MCGinest too. Just to be fair.

  12. Of course no one feels bad now. They lost, and put up an abysmal offensive performance at that. He clearly wasn’t going to actually play so I don’t think he missed out on much.

  13. iownyou2 says:
    Feb 8, 2012 8:54 PM
    I just want to know how he gets a helmet over that epic flat top.
    He never actually has to put it on. Please, Bill, get us a tall, fast receiver with a brain in his head (and no logo shaved on the back of it.)

  14. braven4evr says:
    Feb 8, 2012 9:54 PM
    that’s right 5 sb’s; but no wns since spygate…

    Dude…you act like the Pats have to win the SB every year to “prove” something you and whoever else. Look at their body of work post spygate and it’s pretty friggin impressive. A couple bounces here and there and maybe they win another SB who knows…but they didn’t. Dont pretend they are going 2-14 every year or losing 45-3 in the SB apperances.

  15. I can’t stand the Patriots or their fans (after I witnessed over a dozen -I lost count after 4 days- Pat fans smack talk Sean Taylor’s death up in Boston and after BB ran up the score on Joe Gibbs who would have clubbed a seal before returning the favor) and this Spygate point about Super Bowl wins is interesting and an obvious barb that pisses off most PATS fans.

    The more interesting and much more relevant point though is the Pats haven’t had a 1000 yard rusher since then. I think that -instead of some mythical Karmic curse- is more responsible for their Championship and big game woes. Their defense being a shadow of it’s former self has a lot to do with it too. Brady’s first two rings -especially the 1st- came on the backs of their D.

    As to Diquan….sorry not buying the excuses about it happening every week. Every week doesn’t inspire one to shave a logo in his head, spend thousands bringing your family to see you only to get basically screwed the night before. Don’t tell me the Pats had an epiphany the night before that Gronk was going to be limited and they might need some extra depth there or at the DE position, they knew all week they were going to make that move and what their injury issues were going to be Gronk was nowhere near 100% he was 50% if he was lucky. There is absolutely no reasonable justification for waiting till the night before to make the move. That was just low down and classless, whether the kid ever saw a snap or not is beside the point.

  16. Hilarious that pats fans try to include 2007 in the post aspirate era. That was the year you were caught cheating. That season had the mark on it also.

    Keep it real. Now playoff wins since 2007 other than beating Tebow, and being gifted a game by Le Evans and billy cundiff s

  17. “They haven’t made it to the SB since spygate.” They make it to the superbowl, so the troll’s change it to, “They haven’t WON a superbowl since spygate.” What’s next, “Ya they won a SB but haven’t blown out their opponent in one since spygate”???

  18. Bellacheat would do anythign to win, and thus he loses. He is 100% worthless as a human and as a coach. People are starting to figure the cheater out.

  19. So, instead of this guy, they ran Ochocinco and Gronk-with-a-busted-stick out there?

    Yeah, that worked out well.

    At least there was some good shirtless dancing at the end of the night. Vince Young would have been proud.

  20. The more interesting and much more relevant point though is the Pats haven’t had a 1000 yard rusher since then. I think that -instead of some mythical Karmic curse- is more responsible for their Championship and big game woes.


    Green Ellis had 1000 yards and 10 TD’s last year… just saying

    As to the ‘classless’ comments. Would you have been happier if they cut him just after the AFC Championship? Which would have still kept him out of the game but also prevented him from getting the 44K payday (88K if they won). The Pats actually gave him the Super Bowl week experience and a paycheck by making the heartless, classless move.

  21. @flaccotoboldin:
    Mangini blew the whistle on the Pats during the first quarter of the first game of 2007 against the jets. Even if you believe this fantasy that Pat’s SBowls are tainted, 2007 is clean. Glad you have a sense of humor though, you’ll need it if you keep believing Flacco is a franchise QB.

  22. oranjellojones says:
    BB ran up the score on Joe Gibbs.
    Poor Joe, hired even though the game had passed him by 10 yrs before. The evil Pats ran up the score. Here’s an idea, get some players and stop it.


    I love the whole” wha wha wha you ran the score up on my team”, after questioning the patriots saying we have to cheat to beat people… after criticism like that… yeah were gonna put up 45pts on you because we can.. think we have to cheat to beat your team, were gonna crush you’re team. and every other team in the league.

    No better way to falsify you’re conspiracy theory than by blowing out every team in the league!!(except one fluke team). think you’re team would have a chip on their shoulder? Tarnished because you filmed the strike zone from left center instead of dead center.. what a joke…

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