Brandon Jacobs apologizes for Gisele crack


On Tuesday, Giants running back Brandon Jacobs told reporters that Tom Brady’s wife, Gisele Bundchen, should “stay cute and shut up.”  On Wednesday, Jacobs apologized for the remark.

Appearing on ESPN Radio’s Doug Gottlieb Show, Jacobs said that he shouldn’t have said what he said.

“Given the fact that it’s a colleague of mine’s wife, I do apologize for saying that, because I shouldn’t have said that,” Jacobs said.  “It’s his wife and I should respect that just as much as anyone else.”

Jacobs’ contrition possibly was fueled by the fact that he could soon be a free agent, if the Giants opt to release him in lieu of paying a $500,000 roster bonus.  Running his mouth could limit his options.

Of course, not running as hard as he used to is likely the bigger problem that he faces.

43 responses to “Brandon Jacobs apologizes for Gisele crack

  1. The only thing worse than the “tip-toe burglar” saying it in the first place, is apologizing for saying it.

    OMG, a “colleague of mine’s wife” – T.Brady didn’t even look your way, dude.

  2. His comment was about as ignorant, sexist and neanderthal as it gets. I’m sure his agent had to call and explain that to him before he apologized.

  3. the overly PC country and the no words to describe how PC NFL is strike again.No wa6 he should of apologized.Grow a set!

  4. At first I was insulted … but then I looked at the source. And then I looked at Giselle. In the end I was laughing.

    Stuck up supermodels deserve a swat now and then. I just wish she got in a verbal back-and-forth with him. Comedy gold.

  5. Apologize for what, stating the obvious? Yes, Jacobs could have left the cute part out but, the shut up part was correct.

    Bundchen should be the one apologizing for her comments about the wide receivers dropping passes and Brady should be apologizing for the bonehead safety that ultimately made a late field goal attempt futile.

    It’s time to treat Brady the same as any other quarterback. You win, you get the glory. You lose you get to explain what went wrong.

    Brady came up short again, plain and simple. He is one of the best of all time but football is still a team sport and the Patriots, while very good, can be pushed around by physical teams.

  6. Don’t apologize for the comment, she should keep her mouth shut. She can blame the WRs all she wants, but her husband is the one who got the intentional grounding call that gave the Giants 2 points and the momentum from the start of the game. Mr. Brady isn’t perfect either.

  7. I think Jacobs gets a bad rap, he ran hard at times this year, especially in the playoffs, but really the Giants line could’t open holes for anyone.

    but he does need to learn to lower his shoulder and plant some people in the open field again.

  8. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!

    If a good player made those remarks nobody would care.

  9. He apologized because he is about to be another out of work over the hill NFL player and knows he will need a job.

    He will make a good valet at the mansion or can be TB”s Man Friday.

  10. I thought he apologized for her crack…
    Nice headline.

    She said something she shouldn’t have. Maybe the first and last we’ll hear from her.

    He said something he shouldn’t have. Apologized again.

    She’ll likely go home and count her money. He’ll be lookin for work.

  11. LMFAO! Typical of the pillow soft tip-toe burglar! BTW Gisele is still gross and has a horse-face.

  12. cantwaittoleave says:Feb 9, 2012 6:53 AM

    Don’t apologize for the comment, she should keep her mouth shut
    Just curious cantwaittoleave, what communist or backward middle-eastern country is it that you’re from that “she should keep her mouth shut” ? Let me guess, you’re in the US on a student or work visa, taking advantage of what this FREE country has to offer (that your homeland doesn’t), yet you “cant wait to leave”?

  13. Does he know what the word “colleague” means? Nice work, BJ’s pr people on getting him an apology that sounds too smart for him

  14. denverdude7 says:
    Feb 9, 2012 5:27 AM

    It’s time to treat Brady the same as any other quarterback. You win, you get the glory. You lose you get to explain what went wrong.

    And this is one of the fallouts from that moron woman running her mouth in a public place. It reflects badly on TB. People think that what she says is his opinion also and it leads to comments like this from non-Pats fans who don’t realize that TB always takes responsibility for his bad plays. I mean after the Balt game they couldn’t even congratulate him before he was announcing over the PA that he was horrible in that game and the D saved them. Sometimes he’s a big reason they win, sometimes he’s not. Most of us Pats fans are pretty realistic about him. I would say that most non-Pats fans on here are already pretty negative about him, not sure what you are looking for, dude.

  15. You guys need to wake up and look at the context of what happened. This lady, regardless of her looks and profession, was speaking with her friends and family and was unknowingly videoed by some loser who sold it to the media.
    It’s not her responsibility to be unbiased…she’s his wife. Perhaps your wives don’t support you and perhaps that’s where this jealousy comes from but you are acting like she went on Sportscenter and blasted the receivers. That’s not at all what happened.
    Grow up and look at the facts. Jacobs should shut up. He has every right to slam Tom and anyone else that plays the game. The Giants won and played a better game. That’s a fact. Since when are wives and families part of the deal.
    No class from him and no class from most of you.

  16. .

    It’s America. The man can say what he wants. However, I would speculate that the entire Patriots organization found the comments offensive. Also, I would hazard a guess that many players would be uneasy with another player attacking his wife in the media.

    So, in the end Jacobs had his say. The bell can’t be unrung All that’s left is the animosity of Kraft, Brady, Belichick and other members of the Patriots tree, added to the animosity of his fellow players.

    Someday, when he’s looking for a NFL job, he may realize that politically, he should have remained silent.


  17. Jacobs is a one season wonder. Since 07 when the giants last won the superbowl, what has he done? And who was he before that year? Nobody. And still is.

  18. This guy who was one game from being cut last year should bless his SB ring when he gets it.

    What pisses me off about the whole Gissel story, Matt Lauer and others did a hatchet job on her yesterday is: they blaimed her for saying things about the team when in fact she was defending things being said about her husband. As a wife she stood up for him and I applaud that.
    And she was correct, he can’t do it all alone, its a team thing.

  19. it was a pretty sexist comment. he could have said “she should shut up because she isn’t on the team” and then he not be wrong. but he basically said “you shouldn’t have an opinion because you’re an attractive woman”. that’s more what people are annoyed with him for.

  20. Not a fan of Giselle, don’t even understand why people think she’s hot. Putting this in perspective, she didn’t call a press conference to assess blame or discuss x/o’s. After ignoring giant fan taunts, she went on to have a PRIVATE conversation defending her husband and was filmed from behind by the crew of a tabloid TV show, without her knowing it. Seriously, why is she being villified?

  21. I really don’t care if the remark was sexist and mean, I’ve said/heard worse. my problem is that the weakest link the Giants’ offense has is always running his mouth. Can’t someone just deliver a career end hit to the douche tard so we never have to suffer his comments and false brovado again?

  22. Brandon might not be what he used to be.

    But he does have over 60 TDs in his career.

    How many of your tough running backs have that? NOPE.

    Somebody call the waaaaaaaambulance for you crybabies.

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