Colt McCoy feeling no “residual effects” from Harrison hit

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The Browns are expected to bring in competition for Colt McCoy at quarterback this offseason. That competition could be a top pick like Robert Griffin III.

McCoy would be an underdog in that scenario, but he’s at least expected to be healthy enough to fight for the job.

Browns President Mike Holmgren told Vic Carucci of that McCoy has been medically cleared after his concussion late in 2011.

“He passed all his tests and he’s feeling fine. He has no residual effects from the play,” Holmgren said.

Holmgren has now been in Cleveland two years. His quarterback depth chart isn’t appreciably better than when he arrived; McCoy hasn’t shown that he’s better than a backup-quality player.

We’d be surprised if McCoy leads the team in starts for another year for Cleveland.

11 responses to “Colt McCoy feeling no “residual effects” from Harrison hit

  1. Glad to see that he wont be affected when he is holding the clip board watching RG3 on the field next season

  2. “He passed all his tests and he’s feeling fine. He has no residual effects from the play,” Holmgren said.

    That’s what he said going into the next game after the concussion.

  3. I think the Browns should take a run at free agent Matt Flynn, and failing that, maybe offer a few picks (2 2nds)to the 49ers for Colin Kaepernick.

    Then use most of their other draft picks to select more then a few players to fill in some serious holes on the team. Don’t matter who plays QB, they still have too many holes to fill before they can compete.

  4. The only residual effect is going to be that there will be some form of QB competition in Cleveland. I don’t see RGIII being that person. I cannot see Holmgren & Heckert making that pick.
    If they can come out of the first round with say Blackmon or Richardson plus Floyd or Mike Adams, I would be pretty happy as a Browns fan.
    I believe the “competition” will be a veteran like Kolb or Flynn. I could envision Ryan Lindley or Kirk Cousins being on the Browns radar also.

  5. @ Trucking ..i agree 100 % with that . they will not take a QB in the first round .if RGIII Is still there at 4 they will trade down . i am all for that . RGIII May turn out great but its going to take at least three years or more for him to adapt to the pro game .i hate the spread offenses as it makes judging a QB that much harder . Nick Foles would also be on the Browns radar in the third round .

    Gooo Browns !

  6. McCoy has had no WRs, Hillis was out for most of this year, and their OL isn’t too good. Griffin III will be very, very good, but McCoy could be good as well. If they are going to sit him, trade him to Dallas, give Romo one, maybe or 2 more years, then hand the reigns to McCoy.

  7. I’m glad to hear it. I expect to see him starting next season baring some unforeseen event. Now, if he just had some players to throw to, he’d be dangerous.

    Where’s that West Coast offense Mr. GM?


  8. @ hound32
    You are right about Nick Foles being someone who they could opt for. I don’t know that he would be around in the 3rd round however. Most mocks have him going late 1st to mid second round. He has good size but how accurate is he say 10-20 yards downfield? He will be interesting to watch@ the combine.

  9. Dear Santa,
    Please have our leadership stick to the plan. Give Colt another year, use the first pick to get the top rated player on Heckert’s board regardless of position. Address receiver with the 21st pick and free agency, then continue to build a team with young depth. Let’s face it, there are too many holes all over this team, If Claiborne, Blackmon or Coples we need talent. To pick anyone but the highest ranked player on your boards with the 4th pick is more of the same. Now with the 21st pick, the talent becomes more even on your boards so you can be more position oriented. Yeah Colt has problems, but so does a lot of other players, give him back half the drops and his completion percentage goes to over 60% right next to Eli. Now what would a running game and receivers who catch and run sharp routes do for him?

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