Raiders avoided $5 million guaranteed by cutting Routt now


So why did the Raiders dump cornerback Stanford Routt today?

Per a source with knowledge of his contract, Routt’s $5 million base salary for 2012 would have become fully guaranteed if he had been on the roster five days after the start of the 2012 waiver period.

Though Routt loses the $5 million, he gets more than a fair crack at free agency, hitting the market more than a month before the official launch of the spending spree.

Thus, either way, tying guaranteed payments to presence on the roster early in the waiver period provides maximum protection.  Either the team keeps the player and incurs the full guarantee (as the Jets did with receiver Santonio Holmes) or the team cuts the cord and the player walks away free and clear.

In Routt’s case, he carries with him $10 million paid out in 2011, the first — and ultimately only — year of his contract.  (And he’ll also get another $5 million roster bonus, which the Raiders won’t be able to avoid.)

30 responses to “Raiders avoided $5 million guaranteed by cutting Routt now

  1. I would say the Lions should sign him but after what Calvin Johnson did to him in Oakland he probably doesn’t wana be around CJ.

  2. I like it. Routt was the most penilized player on the team and I’m not sorry at all to see him go…

    I’m curious to see if Allen and Tarver are going to convert Huff to CB and if he’ll be able to cut it.

    Go Raiders!

  3. Just one of many big contract under performing players who will be shown the door. I just hope they give DMC one more shot, I know his injury situation but the guy was the best back in the league when he got hurt. Looks like Reggie is freeing up money for some free agents !

  4. the lions should send a message for all the dbs in free agency. either you sign with the lions or else megatron might be your worse nightmare next year where ever you may land.

  5. Yeah, Routt was a flag machine, but the officials had a habit of picking on him with a lot of bogus calls too.

    Sometimes I couldn’t even get mad at him, the calls were so “tuck-rule”-ish.

  6. Hard to argue with any personnel move made by the organization that got taken to school by the Bengals front office.

    The Bengals were voted the worst professional sports franchise last year and they still held you down and took your lunch money.

  7. Good move here looks like McKenzie margin for error is very tight.

    No how about Mclain depending on his contract he does not stupid moves both on and off the field.

    We need a hard hitting LB core guys that know their gappin assignments and don’t over pursue.

  8. I guess we’ll get a better look at how good our former corners(Nnamdi and Routt) really are next year. Nnamdi was injured this year so I’ll give him a moligin.

  9. tebowspeech says:
    Feb 9, 2012 11:34 PM
    This should clear up some cap space for the Raiders to acquire someone past their prime.

    Yeah. You wouldn’t want McFadden to drop another 165 yards on you.

    (The Running back, not the ex-Steeler corner)

  10. His 2011 performace certainly didn’t warrant 5 mil guarenteed this year and with no draft picks the Raiders only hope to improve the defense is through FA and that will take lots of money. Money Al Davis paid out last year.

    Probably won’t be the last of Al’s “scholarship players” to go.

    Looks like a fairly amicable partying…He now has head start on finding a new team. Glad the team handled it with class and let him go earlier than later so he could move on with his career.

    He is still young enough to sign a one year, incentive laden contract in 2012, show he can perform at a high level and then clean house with a longer term deal.

    Sure someone like Belicheck will snap him up and try and build on his natural God given skills.

  11. This has got to be good news for re-signing Tyvon Branch. Branch is a pro bowl caliber player that despite putting up great numbers has managed to fly under the national radar.
    Go RAIDERS!!

  12. Hard to argue with any personnel move made by the organization that got taken to school by the Bengals front office.

    The Bengals were voted the worst professional sports franchise last year and they still held you down and took your lunch money.

    Do you not understand it is a different regime in place? Those days are over.

  13. You keep thinking that trading away all of your picks, cutting players to make room to pick up FA’s, and paying for another teams trash is a recipe for success. (See the Washington Redskins……) Been a skins fan for a long time, and have been down this road before, and now we are trying to get out of this 20 year disaster, to actually rebuild our roster with draft picks. Good luck Raider Fan!

  14. Raidernation!! We are a now beginning to trim the roster spots where we need the upgrade, we have coaches and a GM that can now attract solid FA”s thru free agency that would like to play for Coach Allen again ex: (Grimes, Porter) these 2 would probably play for what we paid Routt in 1 season, if we signed both..thats where we need to look at!! the smaller scale scenarios and possibilities that can snowball into our laps, being able to attract these solid players thru FA with the extra $$ to sign them is needed. We need to only bolster our LB, DL, CB, and WR spots..I love the coaches we signed and i believe we will have the needed discipline that we needed to instill years ago come 2012!! i am excited Go RAIDERS!!!

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