Routt adds to deep cornerback market

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Halfway decent cornerbacks are usually difficult to find on the free agent market. 2011 could be an exception.

The release of Stanford Routt on Thursday adds to an already deep group. Routt isn’t a Pro Bowler, but he’s been a decent starter at times in his career. Those guys usually get paid.

Routt wouldn’t crack my top five-cornerbacks slated for the open market. Cortland Finnegan, Brent Grimes, Brandon Carr, Tracy Porter, and Carlos Rogers are all attractive options.

The first three names above are so attractive that they may get stuck with the franchise tag.  After those five names, guys like Routt, Terrell Thomas, Eric Wright, and Aaron Ross figure to attract significant interest.

Most of these players won’t be game-changers. But they are all reasonably young, can start games, and would ugprade plenty of rosters.

With the new television money on the horizon, plenty of players that aren’t household names will get big dollars.

30 responses to “Routt adds to deep cornerback market

  1. The Vikings overpaid for a run down McNabb.

    If they don’t overpay for a young CB, I’ve lost faith in the front office.

    Tracy Porter would be sweet irony, if he happens to be wearing purple for his next Super Bowl interception

  2. Can count my Steelers out on that market cause they don’t have cap space and don’t “buy” free agents often unless of course they are bang for the buck!

  3. please vikes, add 2 of them(at least) or your gonna just be the same crappy secondary. Can ponder cut it? we’ll see and we get to pay the price if HE can’t. uh

  4. Uh, Asomugha, Johnathan Joseph, Rogers, Etc were on the market last year. I’d say that’s a pretty good class.

  5. You can take Carlos Rogers off the list. He will retire a 49er. He earned that this year.


    Didn’t 49er fans say the same thing about Deion Sanders? How’d that work out? 1 year and then signed with the Cowboys….he’s going to ask for a lot of money & some team will give it to him, not SF. San Fran has to focus their money on securing their QB & a solid receiver.

  6. kowboydmac says: Feb 9, 2012 6:32 PM

    The Vikings overpaid for a run down McNabb.

    If they don’t overpay for a young CB, I’ve lost faith in the front office.

    Tracy Porter would be sweet irony, if he happens to be wearing purple for his next Super Bowl interception
    You must be the one Vikes fan who has faith in that coaching staff and front office. Leslie is worse than Singletary bro…

  7. Bucs could use 2 of these guys… My preference would be Finnegan and Routt while drafting Mo Claiborne… won’t happen but isn’t that the point of this time of year to dream?!

  8. Carr won’t see the FA market.

    No way Pioli lets the trio of Berry/Flowers/Carr get away.

    Either Carr gets a long-term deal or he gets franchised but either way he’s a Chief next year.

    One of Bowe or Carr will be tagged/

  9. Dallas needs 2, at least. Newman and Ball need to go, Scandrick is not good, but just signed a new contract. Jenkins played well and through injuries – actually surprised me. We’ll see what Jones decides to do – scary.

  10. I’m praying ATL retains grimes and picks up at least one of these other guys. Tracey Porter would be a nice add considering all the intel he’d bring with him!

  11. Tracey Porter 2 Oakland may be obvious because of the Dennis Allen connection … most of these guys will hit the market though, smart teams dont overpay for corners, their replaceable

  12. there are an unprencedented give ot take 600 UFA this. Almost half of the starters from the pro bowl this year are UFA’s. If there was ever a year not to have draft picks or unload big contracts, this would be the year.


  13. San Francisco, is going to be the new Patriots. They aren’t going to overpay free agents, but will always be competitive. Harbaugh is the second coming…

  14. Gregg Rosenthal isn’t sold on a Raiders player? The sky is still blue, water is still wet…

  15. Would love to see the Pats snag one of these guys and throw the house at Mario Williams if he hits the market. Would garuntee us another superbowl run.

  16. Dear Vikings,
    Please take at least one of these guys.
    Every Vikes Fan On The Planet.

  17. “bospat says: Feb 9, 2012 8:51 PM

    Pats fan here, we’ll take 2 please!”

    Pats…hmmm…didn’t you guys used to be good or something? Must have been last decade…

  18. Most likely you can add Asante Samuel to the market. I don’t see the Eagles being able to trade him in this CB market.

  19. well, I can see the #rams getting Cortland Finnegan since he doesn’t like the titans and Jeff Fischer, now in STL, was his old coach. it makes sense since the rams are aiming for $20 million dollars in cap room by draft time. the #rams need a good secondary.

  20. Carlos Rogers isn’t going anywhere. He is staying in Frisco. He has shown that he CAN be consistent and be a great cover guy, unlike Clements whom the 49ers gave the bank to. Rogers has silenced his critics. The only db from the 49ers that will be a free agent is probably Shawntae Spencer.

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