Seattle media makes their case for Peyton Manning


Seattle hasn’t been mentioned a lot as a possible landing spot for Peyton Manning, but it probably should be.

They have a quality defense, salary cap room, a first class facility, and an owner that isn’t afraid to spend. (Or stay out of the way.)

They have a quarterback need, but they are flexible enough to wait for Manning to get healthy if that’s what it takes. The Cardinals can’t necessarily wait because they have to pay Kevin Kolb in March.  The Dolphins or Redskins may not want to wait for fear of missing out on other options.

Brock Huard of ESPN 710 penned an open letter to Manning explaining why Seattle would be such a perfect fit. A lot of it makes sense. A day later, Dave Boling of the Tacoma News Tribune wrote a column saying the Seahawks should push for Manning.

The biggest fly in the ointment here is the offensive talent in Seattle. The offensive line is young and inconsistent at best in pass protection. The receiver group is jumbled and relies too much on Sidney Rice being healthy.

Then again, other likely Manning suitors like the Redskins and Dolphins have their share of offensive issues. Seattle sounds like a realistic candidate to be in the mix.

If nothing else, Pete Carroll has shown he is not afraid to be aggressive.

70 responses to “Seattle media makes their case for Peyton Manning

  1. Didn’t the Seahawks draft Brock Huard as a QB like 10 years ago? Maybe if he panned out there wouldn’t be a need for this “open letter” aka brown-nosing.

  2. Dear Seattle Fans/Media,
    I appreciate you making your case for me to come play for your team however (how can I say this kindly) there’s no flipping way your going to get me to come to Seattle. Who do you want me to throw the ball too? Sidney will get hurt if I throw him the ball too hard, as of now I’m leaning toward the Redskins or Miami but there is no way I’m coming there but thanks for the offer and please put your energy elsewhere..
    Sincerely Peyton Manning

  3. Rice is good (albeit with issues staying on the field). Baldwin is probably the best young slot receiver in the league. And you’ve got got Zach Miller, one heckuva receiving tight end. Add Marshawn Lynch fueling the run game and the Seahawks offense would be well above average with a healthy Peyton Manning.

    But let’s be honest: this ain’t happening.

  4. In their dreams. Never going to happen in Seattle. Just wait and see what Irsay and Manning work out. A lot of folks are going to be very disappointed.

  5. Of course…give us a break will ya, every talking head has spouted something about why Peyton would be a good fit for this team or that team etc., guess when there isn’t much going on they have to come up with something! How about just shutting your traps, drop your pens/layoff the keyboards and find something else to yap up because no matter how much chatter you chat up Peyton will go wherever Peyton feels is best…

  6. If Payton went into that franchise and turned those recievers into reggie wayne and Dallas Clark, his carreer would raise to Kurt Warner like proportions.

  7. If I were Manning.. I’d walk away with what health he still has… nothing more to prove.

    But if the juices are still flowing in his blood, I’d sign with Seattle as my first choice. They have a highly drafted YOUNG o-line, more depth at RB than Peyton’s ever had, and an improving defense. I’d go as far as to say Seattle has better depth at O line, RB, and a much better defense than Indi. The only thing Indi has is more talent/success at is the WR position.. but I can’t help but think a more accurate QB will improve the quality at wr for Seattle.

    You can’t take away the fact that Reggie Wayne is a free agent, and would maybe like to sign with a team with an established QB.. so Seattle could pluck him in FA right with Peyton.

  8. Brock mentioned he backed up peyton in his article. That was a pretty good article, I want to know who wrote it for Brock, there is no way he penned that on his own.

  9. gimme a break and save your ink. Peyton isn’t going to Seattle. You really think he is gonna wanna join the ‘Hawks and try to take on GB, NO, SF, Giants to get to the Super Bowl.

    He’ll go to the dolphins. AFC is weak compared to NFC. He can carve up the NE defense and win the divison. Steelers and Ravens are old. No one else to get by in the AFC.

  10. Money won’t be Peyton’s deciding factor IMO…
    Vengeance will be & a soft spoken person like Peyton’s best way to do that is to win with a team who is ready. Seattle’s receiving core has talent that didn’t thrive to its potential due to the qb. Zach Miller had better years in Oakland, BMW regressed, and Doug Baldwin should have been a 1,000 yard receiver with the injuries we had. Seattle now has an identity of being physical on both sides of the ball now we need a above average qb to run this team before all this young talent is looking for payday’s. It’s simply remarkable & I never imagined the front office making us competitive so fast. I don’t care if its Peyton, yea he would be nice but their would be a change of schemes. We don’t need an elite qb, we just need a Matt Schaub type qb.

  11. Every team that has a subpar quarterback is secretly making a ply for Manning. They’re just not stupid enough to tell the world about it.

  12. Seattle, the town where quarterbacks and receivers go to die lol. Peyton Manning will never, ever play there. Never.

  13. C’mon Gregg, Doug baldwin is a good receiver. he set the field on fire as an undrafted free agent (last year’s main target for andrew luck at stanford).

    Mike Williams did fine with Matt Hasselbeck throwing him the ball as a large target possession receiver. Tavaris did not develop any trust with him or BMW banged his wife or something because he never threw him 10 passes this whole season. The year before he did really well for our team.

    Rice is a gamer but he is also a bandaid, so your right on 100% with that assessment.

    Zach Miller had to stay in and babysit our young tackle on the strong side, James Carpenter, and that really took away from his numbers by reducing his opportunities right off the bat. Same can be said for John Carlson the year before with Russel Okung. Carlson is a player we need to resign to run our offense properly with a 2 TE set base package.

    Forsett is terrible and doesn’t bring anything to the table anymore besides being the guy who keeps Marshawn even keeled (buddy’s from college at California).

    We need a bruiser RB to back up Marshawn, so i hope we draft Richardson for that. Pick up manning in F.A. and hope to hell we can buy Matt Barkley next year (not going to happen but pete will throw anything against the wall to get that kid).

    Or screw manning, sign mario williams to shore up our defensive line and see what we can do with Jackson again…guh

  14. “They have a quality defense, salary cap room, a first class facility, and an owner that isn’t afraid to spend. (Or stay out of the way.)”

    Yes, but Seattle has an outdoor stadium, and the weather tends to be cold and rainy during football season. I think a team with a dome or in a warm client (Miami) would have a much easier time signing Manning.

  15. Manning playing for the Texans makes the most sense.
    Not only do they have everything else you need but he knows the other divisional team’s defenses better than anyone else.
    He played against the Colts own D every day in practice and he could pick them apart twice a year.

    Houston with a great QB would be the favorite to win the AFC.

  16. I think Miami is the place for him to go. He’ll have Jake Long protecting his blind side and Brandon Marshall and Reggie Bush to sling the ball to. The AFC East would certainly be a very interesting division next year if he goes there. Besides, he does have a condo there.

  17. I’m confident the Seahawks (and the fans) have zero interest in an aging QB thats 1 hit away from retirement.

    They just got rid of one of those last year.

  18. Why do redskins fans act like he’d want to go to Washington. What do they have, a crap team for the past 20 years. I’d rather go to Seattle over Washington if I was Manning.

  19. Football season is over, so sports fans are making the transitional switch to other sports interests. Football dedicated sites like this are desperately trying to stay relevant with far-fetched stories like Peyton should consider Seattle. Bottom line, Ashley and the twins say NO!

  20. redskinspolo says:
    Feb 9, 2012 11:54 AM
    Dear Seattle Fans/Media,
    I appreciate you making your case for me to come play for your team however (how can I say this kindly) there’s no flipping way your going to get me to come to Seattle. Who do you want me to throw the ball too? Sidney will get hurt if I throw him the ball too hard, as of now I’m leaning toward the Redskins or Miami but there is no way I’m coming there but thanks for the offer and please put your energy elsewhere..
    Sincerely Peyton Manning

    Oh yes because the Redskins WR’s are so much better. Give me a break buddy!

  21. Who do you want me to throw the ball too? Sidney will get hurt if I throw him the ball too hard

    Sidney Rice was shutdown by the coaching staff & caught more than a few balls. Washington will be a media mess between him & Eli which I’m sure gets old. Who again are your receivers Fred Davis is a 1 year wonder that shouldn’t be he jus showed promise, Santana isn’t pulling a Steve Smith, & the others don’t deserve my text. Before you talk about balls thrown hurtin ppl look at your own roster how’s Chris Cooley, Jamal Brown, & your great but always hurt safety LaRon Landry? Talk about your own team not ours.

  22. I do hope and pray, the Dolphin pass rather quickly on Manning. Mannings injury is not worth betting millions of dollars and 2-3 wasted yrs. Philpin/Sherman would have to learns Mannings offense instead of the other way around. Philpin/Sherman run a varied form of a west coast offense. Manning doesnt so there lys the problem. Second of all Manning is will be 36 yr old when season starts. Miami doesn need a another stop gap, short term solution, they need long term. I believe Matt Flynn knows Philpins offense rather well. And the Dolphins have proven they can win with Matt Moore, who needs a supporting cast, ie OLmen.

  23. Everytime I read PFT comments on teams that are relatively obscure, I cringe. I follow ALL teams and can tell you that Peyton would have an easier path to the Superbowl with the ‘Hawks than the Dolphins/Skins/Jets. Look at the division that the Dolphins/Jets are in for one. That’s a top 3 division as far as potential playoff teams. Same thing in regards to the ‘Skins. The Seahawks are in a division that has had a different winner pretty much each year. San Fran looks like they will be a good team for years to come – but we don’t know for sure.

    As for the offensive talent is Seattle – what are you guys watching? Doug Baldwin was easily a top 5 rookie – even with being injured. Mike Williams had a good year 2 years ago with Hasselbeck. Sidney Rice at times this year looked really good, and is still really young. Golden Tate made improvements and has a ton of talent. John Carlson missed the season b/c of injury – he’s the truth. Zach Robinson is the truth as well – T jax just struggled to get in rhythm. The run game is legit. They should be able to resign Marshawn Lynch. Leon Washington is looking good as well as Forsett. These guys have a ton of talent on offense.

    Peyton would easily make them an NFC west contender. All you have to do is win your division to have a shot.

  24. Poor Tavaris. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

    Jackson drops back, looks left, looks right, and he tucks the ball and runs for a one yard gain.

  25. Everyone that says Manning won’t go there because of no offensive weapons need to remember Reggie Wayne will probably follow wherever Manning goes.
    Not to mention the Deal will be done before free agency starts so they will have time to plan weapons around Manning.

    Looking forward to another offseason of suprises!

  26. Brock Huard from ESPN radio hardly qualifies as Seattle Media. Ask any real Seattle sports fan or Journalist about adding an Peyton Manning and they’ll probably tell you its the best idea since the Sonics signed Patrick Ewing or the M’s signing Richie Sexton

  27. Seattle or Miami make more since than any other teams. 49ers maybe if they they let Smith go FA, but he’s top 10 passer rating this year, knows the system, and is ten years younger than Peyton. Cards are on the hook with Kolb. Peyton won’t go to the Skins because of his brother in NY. Same for the Jets, who also have no cap space and are contractually (and cap hit) committed to Sanchez.

  28. Quality of Life issues for his family will probably drive Manning’s considerations. His wife Ashley has her own fashion career as well as raising relatively new twins. Money is not important to Peyton now. In order to enhance his legacy, it is best if Peyton seems he is putting his family concerns ahead of his own. It probably will significantly uncomplicate his life if doctors inform him that he will not recover significantly to play professional football again. There is also the risk of reinjury at his position. IMO Peyton will renegotiate his contract with the Colts to delay a decision on his football future. Irsay could be both clever and magnaminous and offer Peyton an equity postion in the Colts should Peyton decide to hang up his cleats.

  29. Zero chance Manning goes to a low-profile NFL city like Seattle.

    After watching him ruthlessly and repeatedly steal the spotlight of his well-deserving brother during Super Bowl week I fully expect him to go for the biggest combination of chance to win/publicity he can get.

    This media hound will probably end up a Jet.

  30. Uh, Matt Moore is a young quarterback. He’s only been in the league for 5 years and his 13 games played in last season are the most of his career.

  31. Been saying this one for the last 3 months. Manning and Reggie Wayne (not sure what Seattle’s cap situation is) both to Seattle and this team is in next year’s playoffs. SF will be getting a first place schedule so who knows what can happen within the division.

  32. mnfan1 says:
    Feb 9, 2012 12:47 PM
    Why do redskins fans act like he’d want to go to Washington. What do they have, a crap team for the past 20 years. I’d rather go to Seattle over Washington if I was Manning.

    What a jokester you are here’s a little hint Seattle is in WASHINGTON booyah!!! Ok seriously mnfan1 what is that Minnesota Fan if so please get real how many Lombardi’s are sitting in Minnesota or Seattle for that fact…what has your team done in the last 20 years???

  33. Doug Baldwin and Golden Tate are two great reasons for any QB to like Seattle. Zach Miller, who, as someone else noted, spent most of this last season blocking, is another.

    The line made some significant improvement as the year went on, and had enough depth that they were able to play well even after 60% of the starters were on IR.

    Not to take anything away from Edgerrin James, but did Manning ever have the kind of physical presence at RB like Lynch to turn around and hand to 20-25 times a game?

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m a Seahawks fan and not really in favor of getting Manning, for a few reasons: He may still be hurt and never play the same way again, he’s probably going to want a ton of money, and even if he is healthy, he’d only be good for another year or two.

    We’ll see how it breaks down once the Colts decide to release him…if they do. If Seattle can sign him as a free agent, that’s one thing; if Indy thinks they can get something in a trade, they’re dreaming.

  34. Huard sure dismissed the Chiefs, Cards, and the Titans quickly in his letter didn’t he? Didn’t really give a true reason as to why the would not be a good fit. That’s very telling.

    Holding my breath in AZ.

  35. You can tell which posters are Seahawks fans cause they talk about each player in hypotheticals and a “shoulda/coulda/woulda” fashion.

    No doubt the Seahawks become instantly better if they sign Manning – he has the ability to make WRs better then they are. The Seahawks do have a decent running game in Lynch and a good defense and in the NFC West (because the division is so bad) they are always contenders. Manning would have an easier time going to the NFC West and making it to the playoffs BUT once he is there (in the playoffs), it’ll be tough.

    The decision for Seattle to make is if they want a short term solution/gamble in Manning

  36. They should really be focused on somthing possible. Like a new arena to bring the NHL in and NBA back to Seattle.

  37. As much as people like to fantasize about Peyton Manning playing on a different team, these are the realities that this guy is going to deal with.

    The only teams that are actually in the market for Peyton are teams that aren’t very good. There are no 2009 Vikings for Manning to join in 2012. The most he’s going to get is a mid-level team like the Dolphins, Seahawks, or the skanky Redskins. Sorry Peyton fans …

  38. Poor Tarvaris Jackson, everywhere he goes they keep bringing in these old HOFers to take his place!

  39. Well obviously T-Jack(off) is not the long term answer and no chance at one of the top QB’s in the draft why not take a chance on an incentive laden contract, no way i would give him 26m though. If he tanks then we are right back where we are.

  40. Peyton Manning and the Chiefs make sense. Chiefs have a strong D, decent receivers, and a strong run game. The biggest problem is the front office probably want go for it.

  41. What a lethargic way to end such a storied career… In a Seahwaks Uniform? As a Colts fan, that just seems wrong. Seahwaks or Cardinals would be a mistake for such a legend like Manning.

  42. Peyton can only play for the AFC. Daddy must have 2 chances per year at a SB ring. He will not stand to see one of his two boys eliminate the other from the playoffs!

  43. I don’t care what Ruston Weber said last week. If Indy doesn’t re-sign Manning Tennessee’s gotta go after him; they dump Hasselbeck; we re-sign him; and take a young QB in the draft.

    Then we would have an arm (Tarvaris), the brains (Hasselbeck), and youth at the QB position.

  44. OK, I’m a homer but this article mentions the receiving group as if it was there fault the QB didn’t throw to them. Tarvaris only throws to guys who are either wide open (except Mike Williams) or named Sydney Rice. The group is actually really good and deep. Big targets, fast targets, and many targets for Peyton to throw to.

  45. we arleady got an underrated tj why do we need soon to be injury-prone peyton manning seahawks is making the playoffs with or without manning next year so we dont need him

  46. This isn’t news until we’ve heard from Archie.

    Poor Tavaris. He’s always getting pushed aside by older QBs.

  47. If the hawks wanted a legit vet qb they would have kept matt. they will stay young . i see 3 options, tjack,flynn or tannehill.

  48. I don’t want the hawks to overpay for a QB at the end of his career. He may never play again, to high a risk. We just got rid of a QB at the end of his career. We got a temp. Journeyman QB Tjack until our young OLine gets experience. They will be great. No Manning please.

  49. er than fans, and that says a lot.

    nyj69 February 9, 2012, 10:51 AM CST

    Why would Peyton want to play with that o-line and those receivers?

    yes he would, in fact we have a better o line and receivers than your over rated team.

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