T.O. still thinks he can play in the NFL

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Terrell Owens may be one of the most disliked athletes in America, but he isn’t quitting.

Owens was introduced as a member of the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League on Wednesday night, and he said it’s a step toward getting back into the NFL.

I have no answers as for why I’m here,” Owens told the Star-Telegram. “I know God works in mysterious ways. It was an opportunity for myself and my family. It’s a way for myself to keep in shape. I haven’t retired from the NFL. I want to play a couple more years. I know I’m physically fit to play the game still.”

Owens says it still bothers him that the Cowboys released him after saying they were committed to having him as part of their future.

“It was very disappointing,” Owens said. “It was one of those things where again, it’s a lot of lip service, people saying they’re going to do one thing and do another. I’ve learned a lot within the last three to five years about life in general and even people in general.”

And Owens is hoping he can apply what he learned to a future in the NFL.

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  1. Its pretty simple TO. You might have the skill to play in the NFL but not at a consistent dominating level and your baggage isn’t worth the talent right now. Sorry buddy, its the price of being a pain in the ass.

  2. He’s there because he is 36 year olds, had a history of being a bad teammate and had a major injury to his wheels. If he could retire he would, but he is broke and can’t retire. That’s why he’s playing in the clown league. Get ya stale popcorn ready…….

  3. TO is the only person affiliated with the NFL that thinks so.The funny part is that he says he’s learned alot about life and people in general. Maybe he should have learned about not being an A hole on a team.

  4. TO, Canseco, and Rodman all living together in a dumpy apartment Reality Show – with perhaps a little Jeff George and maybe Iverson thrown in for good measure….

    “Whose turn is it to take out the trash guys?”

  5. i bet he still has the skillset to play a #2 on a mediocre team but there are too many bridges smoldering in the background for anyone to take a chance…

  6. One person, in general, that T.O. hasn’t learned about is himself. Don’t blame the Cowboys – try looking past your six-pack abs the next time you look in the mirror.

  7. TO probably could still be playing in the NFL, if he wasn’t such a head case. Remember, before he got hurt with the Bengals he had 72 receptions, 986 yards, and 9 touchdowns in 13 games. He kind of reminded me of Anquan Boldin in that season. Hell, even with the Bills, where he had a horrendous QB and team around him, he still hauled in 55 receptions for 829 yards and 5 touchdowns.

    Regardless, as I said before, when your physical tools are starting to diminish and your resume includes calling your QB gay, calling your next QB a quitter, and then attempting suicide twice and being a complete prima donna, teams pass you up.

  8. Amazing how ol Drew never takes any blame for the downfall of this guys career. If he didn’t orchestrate the whole Philly fiasco T.O. would have put up career numbers for 2 or 3 years, possibly won a Super Bowl, and be considered one of the greatest receiver of the modern era….and ultimately GET a new deal from Philly. Instead he has become a walking joke who has bounced around from team to team. Hey, at least no one ever signed him to a long enough deal that he needed to demand be restructured after a year again. You won Terrell! Great representation.

  9. Nothing to really add. Owens needs to learn the difference between ‘can play’ and ‘will play’. He has the physical ability but lacks the discipline to run routes properly or any of the other skills needed by vets to pass on to younger players. He is the only one who is surprised that his career has been cut short. Nobody cares how much he needs the money because he seemingly does not have any friends in the league.

  10. Good football player and want’s to be in the spot light. Well articles like this keep him in the spot light. Everybody just needs to let it go. And let him go.

  11. Well, his only way of getting back in is by catching for 2,000 yards in the IFL, firing Drew Rosenhaus (it helps because Javon Walker and Anquan Boldin got better contracts after doing the same thing), and helping his team win!!!!

    It is a shame when Jeff Garcia gets to be back when he was bad in the UFL!!!

    Owens better not screw this up!!!

  12. @vickadelphiaphreedom

    just remember that T.O.’s agent WORKS FOR T.O. He has control over any stupid stunt his agent orchestrates. T.O. was too busy being a cancer to himself and teammates to make his agent/employee act in his best interest.

  13. If T.O. wants to dress on Sundays, he’s going to have to play special teams. Give that baby this news and watch him stomp and kick out of the room.

  14. I know TO has done a few stupid things, but people rip him more than guys get ripped for doing BAD things OFF the field, TO never gets into any run-ins with the law at least. I wish he never left Philly and he was RIGHT about McWORM BURNER.

  15. I absolutely agree with TO that he COULD still play in the NFL. What TO fails to grasp is WHY no NFL team wants him despite his skills.

    If he could have kept his big mouth shut and checked his ego at the door, he’d still be playing in the NFL.

  16. It’s the same in any business, TO. Risk/Reward…Once, your exceptional skillset (reward) was worth the risk of your being a locker room diva. Now it isn’t…simple math. Risk/reward…Welcome to the real world.

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