Vincent Jackson expected to hit open market


The Chargers would have to pay Vincent Jackson a lot of money to use the franchise tag on him — more than $13 million.

That’s why he’s expected to hit the open market, and he’s not expected to stay in San Diego.

“I don’t see any way he’s back [in San Diego]. The Chargers won’t franchise him, they’ve come out and said that,” Jason La Canfora said on NFL Network. “There’s been acrimony between the two sides over the years and there are too many teams that need receiving help, St. Louis, San Francisco and Tampa are some teams off the top of my head. Somebody is going to give him big bucks.”

Kevin Acee of the U-T San Diego reported last month the Chargers would be “comfortable” giving Jackson a long-term deal, but they are unlikely to use the tag on him.

We don’t think you can rule out a return to the Chargers, but Jackson has waited a long time and fought a few battles to get to this point. He only has to wait another month, so he may as well see what free agency has to offer.

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  1. He should have been fighting for the team instead of for himself. The payday might have taken care of itself a little quicker.

  2. Buyer beware. There’s a good reason why the Chargers have refused to give him a long-term deal. I can handle one red-flag, but the DUIs and perpetual unhappiness worry me. He could be a classic “take the money and run” player. If I’m a GM, I’m chasing Dwayne Bowe, not Vincent Jackson. He’ll get paid, though. Talent-wise, he’s a legitimate #1. Those are really tough to find.

  3. I remember the years when a popular player would remain loyal to the team, now it’s about following the money more often than not.

  4. I can see him being with the 49ers and likely being their missing piece on offense. Instantly makes the 49ers favorites next season.

  5. A Browns fan dreaming: Somehow sign Jackson, put a trade package together involving 2nd round pick to acquire Flynn from GB then use the two first rounders on Trent Richardson and the best DE or LB available at 22. Giggitty!!

  6. Not a Bears fan, but what a addition he would be to that team. They need a guy like Jackson.

  7. A.J. Smith made it through this year. I doubt he’ll make it another two years after the fans and ownership look back on what might have been and all the talent that got away. This team was once loaded.

  8. The 49ers are a TE-centric team and aren’t going to overpay for a wideout, especially a me-first guy like Jackson. With Morgan back next year for cheap the biggest splash I see them making in free agency is Bowe. They’ll probably draft a WR in the first round as well.

  9. D.Jackson or V. Jackson, fellow Eagle fans which distraction do you prefer? I’m sure it will be Vincent since a lot of you have a fixation on “size,” (no matter the position) makes one wonder what you guys are trying to compensate for…

  10. VJ is a great receiver whom The Lord of NO Rings personally screwed. He will go somewhere else and continue to be an All-Pro.

  11. The Bears better make a legitimate run at this guy. A true number one WR when healthy, he would make guys like Bennett, knox and maybe even Hester look like NFL WR. And, besides the OL, this is clearly their biggest need. Why buy a BMW (Cutler) if you’re not gonna jazz i up?

    If they don’t make a run at him, then I’m done with this franchise. And by that I mean I’ll still watch every game and root for them to win, I’ll just do while pouting.

    Good day.

  12. giantlucksacks says: Feb 9, 2012 8:48 AM

    He’ll be catching passes from Peyton or RG3 on the Skins next year.

    Redskins fans are seriously on crack if they think RG3 will still be there when they pick. It is getting beyond irritating at this point. Manning, maybe.

  13. I could see him in St. Louis now that Spags and his “four pillars” is gone. Almost every year he had more pillars than wins.

  14. Cleveland could use him. But his attitude would suck. SF could use him since they showed Braylon the door. Harbaugh can handle him.

  15. VJ and Andre in Htown. Jacoby needs to go coach elementary p.e. Kenny Powers style

  16. @braven3ever.

    Please Ozzie…we don’t need him. Better candidate for Ravens is Reggie Wayne. The U connection comes into play again. I’ll take 3 wide sets with Boldin, Smith and Wayne. Much better value, and better hands than Evans!

    I see Patriots biting on this. Welker needs help at WR and being so close this year they will think this is a ley ingrediant. But they need to focus on the other side of the ball.

  17. How about Buffalo?? Ralph Wilson already said he personally wants another big time receiver to go with Stevie Johnson, if not two if they let Stevie walk.. Come on over to Buffalo Vince, the fans will live you there and they’re on the up

  18. I agree that this guy on the bears and a couple of young receivers from the draft and the bears are contenders. At least the playoffs for sure.

  19. @twitter:Chapman_Jamie says:

    You do realize the reason Redskins fans are saying we’ll get RG3 is because there’s this thing you can do in the draft call trading up right? Rumors are swirling that the Skins will trade with Rams for their 2nd pick.. Before making a silly comments please know whats going on in the NFL world..

  20. It’s gonna be kind of hard for Chicago to try and secure the services of Marques Colston from New Orleans, so here is where I officially declare VJ to be the next Chicago Bear – which, as a Packers fan, slightly terrifies me until we can secure a rush end for Matthews to follow to the QB.

  21. twitter:Chapman_Jamie says:
    Feb 9, 2012 9:16 AM
    giantlucksacks says: Feb 9, 2012 8:48 AM

    He’ll be catching passes from Peyton or RG3 on the Skins next year.

    Redskins fans are seriously on crack if they think RG3 will still be there when they pick. It is getting beyond irritating at this point. Manning, maybe.
    Becuase the possibility of trading up hasn’t been discussed ad nauseam already. What’s getting beyond irritating is your commitment to posting the great Jamie Chapman’s all-knowing take on everything PFT posts. An admitted ‘boys fan’s opinion on what the ‘skins may or may not do on draft day is about as meaningful as your worthless twitter account.

  22. IF you can get him to buy into the team system you’ll be getting a pretty good WR. I’d personally rather welcome Bowe, but VJax is a close 2nd.

  23. The guy isn’t worth the big payout. More and more, you’re seeing a greater value placed in having two or three solid if unspectacular receivers. Particularly, when the QB (such as Rivers) is a perennial top ten or even five passer.

    Don’t forget, the year he held out Rivers had spectacular numbers, throwing to a multitude of other capable hands.

    But more fundamentally, he’s got a poor attitude that you can see when watching the games. He’s extremely quick to gloat, and throw his arms out to be awed by the crowd, yet when it comes to make the big plays when it really counts, he’s conspicuously absent. Malcolm Floyd has proven to be a better go-to guy when it really counts.

    If a team WERE going to throw big money at a receiver, it would really need to be at the tight end position. With Gates coming to the end of his career, it’s high time that SD find a suitable replacement.

  24. Well considering the fact that the Patriots tried to trade for him last year after trading Moss, I believe they are immediate favorites to get him… especially after Welker’s choke job in the super bowl. Vincent Jackson makes that catch every time… and that’s all Bill will be thinking about when he locks down V-Jax. You thought the 2007 Patriots offense was good? Just imagine what Brady could do with V-Jax, Welker, Branch and the Boston TE Party (Gronk & Hernandez).

  25. Vincent Jackson is a good receiver. He does not have an attitude problem either, but he’s a bit of an introvert. He marches to the beat of a different drummer…
    Plus, he’s NEVER been a true #1 receiver, since it’s always been Gates’ primary job.

    …who ever signs him, will get a solid 70 catch reciever. He has TWO dui’s, so any new trouble, he’ll be done for the year (RED FLAG).

    70 catches (estimated per year) divided by $12 million (per year) = $171,428 per catch. …that makes me like Malcolm Floyd even MORE!!!

    …and Malcolm Floyd is nearly identical to Vincent Jackson…

    I can see Vincent going to St. Louis…

  26. latenightroach says: Feb 9, 2012 8:48 AM

    I remember the years when a popular player would remain loyal to the team, now it’s about following the money more often than not.

    Tell that to Peyton Manning.

  27. Bears need to get both Jackson AND Bowe in the worst way.
    Hell… Marques Colston or DeSean Jackson would also be a big improvement over the WRs that have right now.
    Even drafting Michael Floyd would be a big step in the right direction.

    I am tired of short guys that are average at best and desperation moves like signing Roy Williams.
    I want to see real playmakers for Cutler to throw to and a system that plays to his strengths as a QB.

  28. come on bill belichick, show us all how committed you are to winning one or two more titles.

  29. Are we talking about Andre Johnson? Calvin Johnson? We are talking about Vincent Jackson like he is the end-all of WRs. I think he is decent at best. Sure he’s an upgrade from a lot of WRs on the 9ers roster, but don’t mortgage the farm for a “character issue” guy that only cares about himself. We don’t need any more DUIs in SF either.

    As Coach of the year, you should draft and teach, not sign and pray. See Braylon Edwards. Didn’t work out very well.

  30. Anybody who doesn’t think Vincent Jackson is not one of the top receivers in the NFL is just plain ignorant about football. Is that strong enough for you? 🙂

    6’5″ 230 lbs and fast – can jump well – with very good hands and can run hard after the catch. And he had a good attitude on the field – even if he was immature off it – but no off field problems for well over 2 years now.

    He will make any team a lot better.

  31. Now he gets to see what Free agency can do.

    As a Redskins fan, I would rather see them pass on Jackson make a run at Bowe. Since we have Trent Williams and it seems that we will franchise Davis (stupid move) we will already have 2 key offensive players on the cusp of a year long suspension. I don’t think you can chance a 3rd.

    In the draft, trade back a few slots get Alshon Jeffrey (Bigger & Faster than Blackmon which is what the Skins need), then get Nick Foles in the early 2nd round.

    If they want to get Peyton go for it, just be careful about getting too many overpriced free agents. I liked that novelty of having cap room last year.

  32. Not a bears fan, but Cutler worked well w Marshall, both big egos. Might work out, but just so used to Chi not putting out any real $ for skill players on the offensive side of the ball, w Cutler exception.

  33. Please Coach Rivera make another call to your old team and this time get a player who has some damn skill.

    Jackson Smith Olsen and shockey = field day for cam and the best 2 backs in the game!

    On a good note if he runs his mouth to much smithy will just sucker punch him in the face to shut him up

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