49ers extend G.M. Trent Baalke through 2016


It wasn’t so long ago that Trent Baalke suddenly emerged as San Francisco’s personnel leader in the wake of Scot McCloughan’s controversial, sudden departure from the team.

Two years later, Baalke is now among the most entrenched general managers in the season. The 49ers announced Friday that Baalke signed a three-year extension through 2016.

Baalke was named Executive of the Year by the Pro Football Writers Association for the 2011 season, which was Baalke’s first official year as G.M.  In 2010, he essentially had the role on an interim basis.

The 49ers’ success this last season can more directly be attributed to Jim Harbaugh and McCloughan’s draft picks, but Baalke had a magic touch in free agency last year.

Dashon Goldson, David Akers, Carlos Rodgers, Ray McDonald, and Donte Whitner will all crucial signings for the team last year.

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  1. Goldson and McDonald were previously on the team and resigned. Rodgers and Whitner are both former 1st Round picks. I think Navarro Bowman and Aldon Smith he can certainly take credit for. Bowman was a 2010 pick, but if I remember correctly Balke ran that draft.

  2. I think this off season will tell the tale about the success of Trent Baalke. He already has a great core of a team. If he can keep that defense together and add the pieces on offense, look out!

  3. One of the best in the business. Found first team All-Pro Novorro Bowman in the 2nd round and grabbed defensive ROTY candidate Aldon Smith at no. 7 overall.

    He can draft for my team any day of the week.

  4. Baalke has had his fingerprints on every draft since he’s been here, he was previously the head of scouting and personnel.

  5. Right now he has the golden touch…don’t lose it! I admit that I wasn’t thrilled before the season with their draft picks or FA signings, but obviously I was wrong.

    Congrats to Funkhouser, I mean Baalke. Anyone who has heard him speak and watches Curb will get the reference.

  6. goldrush4949 says: Feb 10, 2012 5:44 PM

    One of the best in the business. Found first team All-Pro Novorro Bowman in the 2nd round and grabbed defensive ROTY candidate Aldon Smith at no. 7 overall.

    He can draft for my team any day of the week.
    Don’t forget Chris Culliver, another important piece who might be covering Rogers next year (if they can’t keep him, although I imagine they will sign a FA CB if Rogers leaves), Kendall Hunter, Bruce Miller, and Colin Jones. Oh yeah, jury is still out on Kaep, but he has huge potential.

    This class will be talked about for a while…until the 2012 one blows it away! Go 9ers!

  7. @PunkMonkeyFaces….. Taylor Mays was part of Baalke first draft class in 2010…. When he drafted Anthony Davis and Lutui in first round…. Mays in second…. But Baalke has done a Hell of a job, let’s see what he does this off season and draft. Keep up the good work !

  8. @9erfan818…Baalke was the person who drafted Taylor Mays but if you watched the actual draft footage right before the 49ers made their selection, their draft room was being viewed and Singletary and Baalke were having a heated discussion. It turns out Singletary wanted Mays and Ballke did not. So Mays was NOT Baalke’s guy.

    And also, who is Lutui??? You mean Iupati?

  9. @punkmonkeyfaces

    Actually Mays was a Baalke pick, but it was pretty clear on draft day that he was a Singletary guy. Baalke wanted Nate Allan, but he was snatched up by the Eagles just a few picks before.

    A previous poster is correct tho…Baalke has his fingerprints on the McGloughan drafts as well as he was the right-hand man to McGloughan.

    Frank Gore. Vernon Davis. Patrick Willis. Aldon Smith. Navorro Bowman. Kendall Hunter. Bruce Miller. Dashon Goldson. Delanie Walker. Michael Crabtree. Joe Staley. Mike Iupati. Anthony Davis. Alex Smith. Ray McDonald.

    All of those guys were key contributors last year and were DRAFTED since Baalke walked in the door. Don’t think that the drunken GM McGloughan didn’t push alot of the talent evaluation to Baalke.

    Lets also not forget that Jim Harbaugh was the first coach on Baalke’s radar and he went out and made it happen.

    In addition to those drafts he also signed Donte Whitner, Carlos Rogers, and David Akers and made a trade last year for Ted Ginn who was one of the best return men in the league this year.

    The extension is well deserved.

  10. And any time you hear Baalke speak, he always, always immediately gives praise to the coaching staff, the players, the fans…even just the way he told Alex Smith he had never been happier for an individual in his life watching him have that success in the divisional game. He seem like a true team player who doesn’t need credit or attention, but good work ethic and also shows strong leadership and authority without the ego. Good for him, Harbaugh and the 49ers. They clearly have strong communication and a good coaching/front office dynamic going on. It was amazing to watch a team turn around like that in just one season….and not just because of one individual but b/c of the synergy of different personalities coming together and seeming to actually really like working together. I wish my job was like that!

  11. Niners are a powerhouse in the making, they might already be there. Baalke will lead us to the promise land. SB number 6, and 6-0 unlike the other teams who choke when it matters (Boys and Steelers).

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